Willow Hale

Willow Hale Filmography

movie 2014 Fragile World as Gladys
movie 2014 Juke Box Hero as Gail
movie 2014 Legend as Ms. Mae
movie 2014 The Case of Conrad Cooper as Sweet
tv series 2014 Jewvangelist as Mrs. Klein 6
tv series 2014 Pills as Celia
movie 2013 A Single Moment as Willow
movie 2013 Haitian Nights as Wedding Guest
movie 2013 Mary as Eliza Van Lew
movie 2013 Never Alone as Production Assistant
movie 2013 Savaged as Woman
movie 2013 Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School as Steven's Mother
movie 2013 The Burden as Nurse #1
movie 2013 The Equation of Life as Mother
movie 2013 The Routine as Helen
movie 2013 Two-Bit Waltz as Granny
movie 2013 Vanga as Vanga
movie 2013 When Life Keeps Getting In The Way as Geena
movie 2013 Wini + George as Voice Work
movie 2012 Assisted Fishing as Luann
movie 2012 Boner as Esther
movie 2012 Born to Bully as Mother
movie 2012 Empress Vampire as Gypsy
movie 2012 Going for Broke as Chris' Mom
movie 2012 Hollywood Blvd as Sylvia
movie 2012 I Will Follow You Into the Dark as Ghost Woman
movie 2012 Shooting Sophie as Gam
movie 2012 The Hippo as Grandma
movie 2012 The Undershepherd as Doctor
movie 2012 Tragedy of a Mother and Son as Mrs. White
movie 2012 Venge as Mom
movie 2011 A Drunken Man's Tale as Maria
video movie 2011 A Made Man as Mrs. Councilman
movie 2011 Absence as Mom
movie 2011 Backseat as Viv
video movie 2011 Beverly Hillbillies XXX: A XXX Parody as Granny
movie 2011 If I Did It as Church Lady
movie 2011 Keeping Amy as Woman in the Salon
movie 2011 L.A. Nights as Jack's mother
movie 2011 Love Carries as Joy Givens
movie 2011 Mad Mad Michael as Doris
video movie 2011 St. Lorraine as Lorraine
movie 2011 The Chicago 8 as Juror #7
movie 2011 The Locket as Emma's Grandmother
movie 2011 The Tribe as Woman
movie 2010 Bold Native as Marian
movie 2010 L.A. Harmony as Mom
movie 2010 The Binds That Tie Us as Choir Member #1
movie 2010 The Perfect Gentleman as Jonathan's Mother
movie 2010 This Distant Sea as Mother
movie 2010 This Is Who We Are as Sally McGuffin
movie 2010 Trying to Revive You (Silent Noise Pulse) as Herself
movie 2009 Absolution as Agnes
movie 2009 James Warwick as James' Mother
movie 2009 Kiss from Calcutta as Chestor's Mom
movie 2009 Natasha Meet Janice as Janice
movie 2009 Peace No War as Mother
movie 2009 Shooting Puppies as Mom
movie 2009 The Sirens as Caretaker 4
movie 2008 False Awakening as Dr. Wright
video movie 2008 KinShip as Amanda Holloway
movie 2008 The Sun Is Black as Karen
movie 2008 The Watermelon as Mother
movie 2008 Touch as Old Lady
movie 2007 Devil Girl as Priscilla
movie 2007 Lesson in Humility as Kate Markovitz
movie 2006 Dead Ronnie as Aunt Rachel
tv movie 2005 Presidential Prophecies as Joan Quigley
movie 2004 The Trojan Women as Hecuba
movie 2003 Banana Moon as Edna Evans
movie 1986 Wise Guys as Race Track Bettor
movie 1984 Ghost Busters as Student at Columbia University
movie 1982 The Verdict
movie 1981 They All Laughed as Western Dancer in Bar

Willow Hale on Youtube

A young woman born into slavery in Virginia just before the War Between the States is freed and given a college education by two prominent White sisters the ...

Willow Hale and Bruce Cervi and Patrick Gorman kinship- short film wanting to make into tv pilot.

Older couple in When Life Keep Getting in the way (audition)

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