Winifred Greenwood

Winifred Greenwood (1 January 1885, Geneseo, New York?23 November 1961, Woodland Hills, California) was an American silent film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Winifred Greenwood Filmography

movie 1936 The Music Goes 'Round
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1926 The Flame of the Yukon as Dolly
movie 1924 Leap Year as Mrs. Travis
movie 1923 To the Last Man as Mrs. Guy
movie 1921 Don't Call Me Little Girl as Harriet Doubleday
movie 1921 Love Never Dies as Jane Holder
movie 1921 Sacred and Profane Love as Mary Ispenlove
movie 1921 The Dollar-a-Year Man as Kate Connelly
movie 1921 The Faith Healer as A Mother
movie 1920 Are All Men Alike? as Mrs. Hayden
movie 1920 Life of the Party as Mrs. Carraway
movie 1920 Sick Abed as Constance Weems
movie 1920 Young Mrs. Winthrop as Mrs. Dick Chetwyn
movie 1919 An Adventure in Hearts as Countess Fieramondi
movie 1919 Come Again Smith as Anne Stevens
movie 1919 Maggie Pepper as Ada Darkin
movie 1919 Men, Women, and Money as Noel Parkton
movie 1919 Putting It Over as Miss June Peeler
movie 1919 The Lottery Man as Hewig Jensen
movie 1918 Believe Me, Xantippe as Violette
movie 1918 Danger Within as Grace Paulton
movie 1918 M'Liss as Clara Peterson
movie 1918 The Deciding Kiss as Beulah Page
movie 1918 The Goat as Molly O'Connors
movie 1918 Too Many Millions as Waitress
movie 1917 Lorelei of the Sea as Sea Lorelei
movie 1917 The Alien Blood
movie 1917 The Crystal Gazer as Belle
movie 1917 The Inspirations of Harry Larrabee as Madame Batonyi
movie 1916 A Modern Sphinx as Asa & Zaida Grant
movie 1916 A Woman's Daring as Claire Black
movie 1916 Bonds of Deception
movie 1916 Citizens All
movie 1916 Dust as Marion Moore
movie 1916 In the Shuffle as Sharlee Evans
movie 1916 Lying Lips as Emily Arden
movie 1916 Spider Barlow Meets Competition as Peggy Dale
movie 1916 The Franchise
movie 1916 The Happy Masquerader as Elsa Dean
movie 1916 The Inner Struggle as Myra Hamilton
movie 1916 The Profligate
movie 1916 The Reclamation as Louise MacLeod
movie 1916 The Suppressed Order as Jasmine Phillips
movie 1916 The Trail of the Thief
movie 1916 The Voice of Love as Marie Clark, aka Madame Thebe
movie 1915 Alice of Hudson Bay as Alice Gale
movie 1915 Ancestry as Anna de Voe
movie 1915 By Whose Hand? as Lottie Toby
movie 1915 Comrades Three as Ginger
movie 1915 Detective Blinn as Adele Page
movie 1915 Drifting as Gladys Manners
movie 1915 His Brother's Debt as Clara Myers
movie 1915 His Mysterious Neighbor
movie 1915 His Obligation as Mary - the Country Girl
movie 1915 Imitations as Ruth
movie 1915 It Was Like This as Mary the Maid
movie 1915 Justified as Mrs. Tom Allen
movie 1915 Mixed Wires as Mrs. John Smith - His Wife
movie 1915 On Secret Service as Nell - the Marshal's Daughter
movie 1915 One Summer's Sequel as Dorothy Moore
movie 1915 Out of the Ashes as Madge Turner
movie 1915 Reformation as The Burglar's Sister
movie 1915 Reprisal as Edna Green
movie 1915 Restitution as Helen Ward
movie 1915 Saints and Sinners as The Unfortunate One
movie 1915 Senor's Silver Buckle as Alice - the Settler's Daughter
movie 1915 Silence as The Doctor's Daughter
movie 1915 Spider Barlow Cuts In as Rita Morey - the Millionaire's Daughter
movie 1915 Spider Barlow's Soft Spot as Mrs. Perry
movie 1915 The Alarm of Angelon as Edna Lane
movie 1915 The Broken Window as The Servant
movie 1915 The Castle Ranch as Sally Dunn - Wells' Daughter
movie 1915 The Clean-Up as Miriam Barker
movie 1915 The Crucifixion of Al Brady as Stella Dean
movie 1915 The Deception as Violet Day
movie 1915 The Decision as Ida Prince
movie 1915 The Derelict as Louise Wilke
movie 1915 The Divine Decree as Dora Darby
movie 1915 The Forecast as Violet
movie 1915 The Greater Strength as The School Teacher
movie 1915 The Guiding Light as Anna - Robert's Wife
movie 1915 The High Cost of Flirting as Ethel Dunne
movie 1915 The Jilt as Marie Thompson
movie 1915 The Key to the Past as Bess Stockton
movie 1915 The Problem as Edith Shanlon
movie 1915 The Resolve as Nell
movie 1915 The Sting of It as Pauline
movie 1915 The Truth of Fiction as Margaret Terry
movie 1915 The Water Carrier of San Juan as Juanita
movie 1915 The Wishing Stone as Barbara Moore
movie 1915 The Zaca Lake Mystery as Nell
movie 1915 Visitors and Visitees as Ruth Martin
movie 1915 Wait and See as Beth Manners
movie 1915 Wife Wanted as Ruth Moore
movie 1914 A Modern Free-Lance as Mary Rollins
movie 1914 A Slice of Life as Betty Morse
movie 1914 A Soul Astray as Edith Sands
movie 1914 At the End of a Perfect Day as Dorothy Preston
movie 1914 Beppo as Mrs. Lyons
movie 1914 Blue Knot, King of Polo as Beatrice Beneful
movie 1914 Business Versus Love
movie 1914 Calamity Anne in Society
movie 1914 Daphnia as Julia Mathews
movie 1914 Daylight as Marie Evanturel - a Mountain Girl
movie 1914 Down by the Sea as Nell
movie 1914 False Gods as Mary Kirk
movie 1914 Her Fighting Chance as Nell Dare
movie 1914 In the Footprints of Mozart as Ruth, Stanton's Sweetheart
movie 1914 In the Moonlight as Mary Langton
movie 1914 In Tune as Ida Drew
movie 1914 Jim as Beatrice Brandon
movie 1914 Like Father, Like Son as Mrs. Edward Longley
movie 1914 Lola as Lola, the Prima Donna
movie 1914 Sheltering an Ingrate as Nona Cole - the Rancher's Daughter
movie 1914 The Archeologist as Mary Devon
movie 1914 The Beggar Child as Lycia, a Child Model
movie 1914 The Broken Barrier as Eunice Cosgrove
movie 1914 The Butterfly as Marie - the Butterfly
movie 1914 The Carbon Copy as Agnes - Grey's Stenographer
movie 1914 The Dream Child as Vivian Reynolds
movie 1914 The Final Impulse as Marian - the Foreman's Daughter
movie 1914 The Hermit as Lillian Bliss - John's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Independence of Susan as Susan Miller
movie 1914 The Ingrate as The Fisherman's Wife
movie 1914 The Little House in the Valley as Laura - Mrs. Vernon Prentiss
movie 1914 The Lost Treasure as Ann Steadfast
movie 1914 The Lure of the Sawdust as Annette
movie 1914 The Mirror
movie 1914 The Miser's Policy as Katy
movie 1914 The Money Lender as Edward's Wife
movie 1914 The Pursuer Pursued as Florence Stanley
movie 1914 The Redemption of a Pal as Dora
movie 1914 The Return of Helen Redmond as Helen Redmond
movie 1914 The Ruin of Manley as Mary - Manley's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Second Clue as Mabel Garden
movie 1914 The Silent Way as Della
movie 1914 The Stolen Masterpiece as Alice Walsh
movie 1914 The Tin Can Shack as Olga
movie 1914 The Town of Nazareth as Mary
movie 1914 The Widow as The Widow
movie 1914 When a Woman Waits as Agnes Graham
movie 1914 When the Road Parts as Laura
movie 1914 Youth and Art as Dora Grey aka Lady Golden
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Confederacy
movie 1913 A Divorce Scandal as Bettina - Billy's Fiancée
movie 1913 A Husband Won by Election as Edna Dusenberry - the Senator's Daughter
movie 1913 A Spartan Girl of the West as Molly
movie 1913 Armed Intervention as Betty Newton
movie 1913 Belle Boyd, a Confederate Spy as Belle Boyd
movie 1913 Dixieland as Belle
movie 1913 Fate's Round-Up as Cynthia Wright - John's Wife
movie 1913 Follies of a Day and a Night as Mrs. Black
movie 1913 Granny's Old Armchair
movie 1913 In Three Hours as Bessie Ames
movie 1913 Love, the Winner as Mabel Cosgrove - Jack's Sister
movie 1913 Martha's Decision as Martha Bradley
movie 1913 Pauline Cushman, the Federal Spy as Pauline Cushman - the Federal Spy
movie 1913 Put to the Test as Gertrude Grey
movie 1913 Taming a Cowboy as Dr. Jessie Houghton
movie 1913 The Devil and Tom Walker
movie 1913 The Drummer's Honeymoon as Mrs. Harry Sellgood
movie 1913 The End of Black Bart as The Actress
movie 1913 The False Order as The Young Engineer's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Finger Print as Nellie Wilson
movie 1913 The Ghost of the Hacienda as Enid Hale
movie 1913 The Lesson as Rosie Lee
movie 1913 The Making of a Woman as Gladys Blake
movie 1913 The Man Who Might Have Been
movie 1913 The Millionaire Cowboy as Mrs. Bud Noble
movie 1913 The Post-Impressionists as Dorothy Wilton
movie 1913 The Sands of Time as The Wayward Daughter
movie 1913 The Shriner's Daughter as Helen Lambert
movie 1913 The Step Brothers as Jane Samuels
movie 1913 The Suwanee River as Nell Burke
movie 1913 The Ten Thousand Dollar Toe as Jane
movie 1913 The Trail of the Lost Chord as Marie
movie 1913 The Understudy as Grace Thornton - the Understudy
movie 1913 What Her Diary Told as Janet Warren
movie 1913 Where the Road Forks as Miriam Howell
movie 1912 A Citizen in the Making as Esther - Itze's Sweetheart
movie 1912 A Detective's Strategy as Mrs. Randall - the Detective's Wife
movie 1912 A Freight Train Drama as Mrs. Mogroity
movie 1912 A Persistent Suitor as Mildred
movie 1912 An International Romance as Lena
movie 1912 Cinderella as Cinderella's Mother
movie 1912 His Chance to Make Good
movie 1912 Hypnotized as The Editor's Stenographer
movie 1912 Into the Genuine as Nellie Morgan - the Trapper's Daughter
movie 1912 Murray the Masher
movie 1912 Officer Murray
movie 1912 Tempted by Necessity as Mrs. Jim Rogers
movie 1912 The Adopted Son
movie 1912 The Hypnotic Detective as Widow Morton
movie 1912 The Last Dance as Mignon
movie 1912 The Little Match Seller
movie 1912 The Lost Inheritance as Molly
movie 1912 The Mystery of Room 29
movie 1912 The Other Woman as Dorothy Kent - Smythe's Assistant
movie 1912 The Prosecuting Attorney as Mary Moore
movie 1912 The Slip
movie 1912 The Tree of Knowledge as Mother Watkins
movie 1912 The Vagabonds
movie 1912 Two Gay Dogs
movie 1912 Under Suspicion as Mrs. Weston - the Foster Mother
movie 1912 When Memory Calls
movie 1912 Where Love Is, There God Is Also as The Poor Woman
movie 1911 A Fair Exchange as Madge Norman
movie 1911 A Novel Experiment
movie 1911 A Tennessee Love Story as Pearl May
movie 1911 Brown of Harvard as Evelyn Kenyon
movie 1911 Getting Married
movie 1911 His Better Self
movie 1911 His First Long Trousers as Mrs. Graham - Jimmy's Mother
movie 1911 How They Stopped the Run on the Bank
movie 1911 Maud Muller
movie 1911 The Mission Worker as Helen Maitland
movie 1911 The Plumber
movie 1911 The Tale of a Soldier's Ring as Marion Dunlap
movie 1911 The Two Orphans as Louise
movie 1911 The Visiting Nurse as Grace Langdon
movie 1910 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as Momba

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a 1910 American silent fantasy film, directed by Otis Turner (unconfirmed) and is the earliest surviving film version of L. Fra...

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a 1910 silent fantasy film and the earliest surviving film version of L. Frank Baum's 1900 novel, made by the Selig Polyscope C...