Yankie Grant

Yankie Grant Filmography

movie 2015 Project Pangea: Dinosaurs Unleashed! as Col. Dr. Petrova
movie 2015 The Sick and Twisted Tale of Frankenstein as Dr. Joan Polidori
movie 2014 Helen Alone as Woman 1
movie 2014 The Deadliest Gun as Maltilda
movie 2014 The Prodigal as Sprocket - the loud mouthed biker
movie 2014 Sacrifice
movie 2013 A Little Christmas Business as Flora Collier
movie 2013 Divorce Texas Style as Stella Douglas
tv movie 2013 The Preacher's Daughter as Betty - the Waitress
movie 2012 Return to Vengeance as Rusty
movie 2011 Burned Soul as Louise Benson
movie 2011 The Texas Triangle as Daisy
movie 2011 Backstabber
movie 2010 Apparition as Riot Patient #1
movie 2010 Renfield the Undead as D.A. Sally Branch
movie 2009 Cook County as Aunt Sally
movie 2009 Divorce Texas Style as Stella Douglas
movie 2009 Mexican Gold as Mrs. Brown
movie 2008 The Man Who Came Back
video movie 2007 Blue Eyes as Laura Beasley
movie 2007 The Bracelet of Bordeaux as Sprout Master
movie 1996 From Nowheresville as Pearl Landry

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2nd interview at waymore f.m 2012 Raju Cimatree Productions - Raju Bossplaya Mafia ent. - Kilo Cue.

Meet one of the memorable characters from Philip L. Nichols, Jr's hilarious play, "Murder For Dummies". Actress Yankie Grant brings Vera to life in the world...


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