Zeffie Tilbury

Zeffie Agnes Lydia Tilbury (20 November 1863 - 24 July 1950) was an English actress ... more on Wikipedia

Zeffie Tilbury Filmography

movie 1942 Flying with Music as Fortune Teller
movie 1941 Sheriff of Tombstone as Granny Carson
movie 1941 Tobacco Road as Grandma Lester
movie 1940 Comin' Round the Mountain as Granny Stokes
movie 1940 Emergency Squad as Mrs. Cobb
movie 1940 She Couldn't Say No as Ma Hawkins
movie 1940 The Earl of Chicago as Miss Nana
movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as Grandma
movie 1939 Arrest Bulldog Drummond as Aunt Meg
movie 1939 Balalaika as Princess Natalya Petrovna
movie 1939 Boy Trouble as Mrs. Jepson
movie 1939 Lady of the Tropics as Woman Congratulating Manon
movie 1939 Tell No Tales as Miss Mary
movie 1939 The Story of Alexander Graham Bell as Mrs. Sanders
movie 1938 Block-Heads as Dowager Seated Near Stairs
movie 1938 Bulldog Drummond's Peril as Mrs. Weevens
movie 1938 Hunted Men as Flower Woman
movie 1938 Kidnapped as Old Woman
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Dowager at Birth of Dauphin
movie 1938 Woman Against Woman as Grandma
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back as Zeffie
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond Escapes as Jail Cell Background Extra
movie 1937 Federal Bullets as Mrs. Crippen
movie 1937 Fit for a King as Duchess Louise - Reception Guest
movie 1937 Hideaway as Mrs. Beamish
movie 1937 It Happened in Hollywood as Miss Gordon
movie 1937 Maid of Salem as Goody Hodgers
movie 1937 Midnight Taxi as Mrs. Lane
movie 1937 Parnell as Old Lady
movie 1937 Rhythm in the Clouds as Maggie Conway, the Duchess de Lovely
movie 1937 The King Without a Crown as Dying Duchess Marie
movie 1937 Under Cover of Night as Mrs. Nash
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Aunt Lucy
movie 1936 Anthony Adverse as Old Woman at Chalet
movie 1936 Camille as Old Duchess Bidding 3750 Francs
movie 1936 Desire as Aunt Olga
movie 1936 Give Me Your Heart as Esther Warren
movie 1936 Grandma's Bouys as Grandma
movie 1936 Old Hutch as Elderly Woman in Bank
movie 1936 Parole! as Molly Smith
movie 1936 Second Childhood as Grandma
movie 1936 The Bohemian Girl as Gypsy Queen
movie 1936 The Gorgeous Hussy as Mrs. Daniel Beall
movie 1936 The White Angel as Woman Donating Sheets
movie 1936 Vamp Till Ready
movie 1935 Alice Adams as Mrs. Dresser
movie 1935 Bad Boy as Deaf Woman
movie 1935 Mystery of Edwin Drood as The Opium Woman
movie 1935 Navy Wife as Bridge Player
movie 1935 Public Hero #1 as Deaf Woman in Scottsdale Bar
movie 1935 Stranded as Old Hag
movie 1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife as Old Townswoman
movie 1935 The Last Days of Pompeii as The Wise Woman
movie 1935 Werewolf of London as Mrs. Moncaster
movie 1935 Women Must Dress as Peg Martin
movie 1934 Bachelor Bait as Miss Turner - a Chaperone
movie 1934 Mystery Liner as Granny Plimpton
movie 1934 Ocean Swells
movie 1934 The Fuller Gush Man as Grandma
movie 1934 Two Alone as Rogers' Neighbor
movie 1933 Blind Adventure
movie 1933 Made on Broadway as Aunt Ada
movie 1931 Charlie Chan Carries On as Mrs. Luce
movie 1930 The Ship from Shanghai as Lady Daley
movie 1929 The Single Standard as Mrs. Handley
movie 1927 The Night of Love as Lady in Waiting
movie 1924 Another Scandal as Brownie
movie 1921 Big Game
movie 1921 Camille as Prudence
movie 1921 The Marriage of William Ashe as Lady Tranmore
movie 1920 Clothes as Mrs. Cathcart
movie 1920 Mothers of Men as Mrs. De La Motte
movie 1919 A Society Exile as Mrs. Stanley Shelby
movie 1919 The Avalanche as Mrs. Ruyler
movie 1917 Blind Man's Luck as Mrs. Guerton

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