Zhen Luo

Zhen Luo (Chinese:??, other name:Zhen Mi, ??) (183-221), formally Empress Wenzhao (????, literally, "the civil and diligent empress") was the first wife of Cao Wei's first emperor, Cao Pi -- although she was never empress while she was alive. She was posthumously honored as an empress because her son Cao Rui later became emperor. ... more on Wikipedia

Zhen Luo Filmography

movie 1982 Shou xin
movie 1979 Ai qing pair-pair dui
movie 1979 Leng dao ran hong ying xiong xue
movie 1977 Dong fu yan wan
movie 1976 Se xiang wei
movie 1976 She wang zi
movie 1975 Aai xin jian wan wan
movie 1974 Wei ji si fu
movie 1973 Lian qing san qiang li
movie 1972 Pi li shen shun
movie 1972 Zong heng tian xia
movie 1971 Feng kuang sha shou
movie 1971 Ye he hua
movie 1970 Chun huo
movie 1970 Yi chi chun shui
movie 1969 Luo xie
movie 1969 Yiu yan kuang liu
movie 1968 Hong
movie 1967 Chui si tian e
movie 1967 Feng huo wan li qing
movie 1966 Kuai lo qing chun
movie 1965 Hong ling lei
movie 1964 Qiao tai shou ran dian yuan yang pu
movie 1964 Shan ge lian
movie 1964 Xin ti xiao yin yuan
movie 1963 Zi mei qing chou
movie 1963 Di er chun
movie 1961 Xia ri de mei gui
movie 1961 Mai wen ji
movie 1960 Yu huo fen shen
movie 1956 Huan le nian nian
movie 1956 Xian mu dan
movie 1956 Yi dai mo shuai.

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