Zip Monberg

Zip Monberg Filmography

movie 1923 Hee! Haw! as Zip - the Hotel Proprietor
movie 1923 Monkeying Around
movie 1922 Apartment Wanted
movie 1922 Shipwrecked Among Animals as The Englishman
movie 1922 Upper and Lower as The Other Man
movie 1921 A Family Affair
movie 1921 Cupid's Last Word
movie 1921 Custard's Last Stand
movie 1921 The Adventures of Tarzan as Monsieur Gernot
movie 1921 Vamps and Scamps
movie 1920 A Fishy Story
movie 1920 A He-Male Vamp
movie 1920 All for the Dough Bag
movie 1920 Bear Skinned Beauties
movie 1920 Hot Dog
movie 1920 Light Hearts and Leaking Pipes
movie 1920 Tails Win
movie 1920 The Jazzy Janitor
movie 1920 Trouble Bubbles
movie 1920 Uncle Tom's Caboose
movie 1920 Wild Lions and Ferocious Cheese
movie 1920 You Tell 'Em, Lions, I Roar
movie 1919 A Roof Garden Rough House
movie 1919 Dainty Damsels and Bogus Counts
movie 1919 The Flirts as Casper Catnip - the hotel detective
movie 1917 Sticky Fingers