Zoe Dahmen

Zoe Dahmen Filmography

movie 2013 Fernando the Grenade Vigilante as Roxy
movie 2012 Nick and the Ne'er-Do-Wells
movie 2011 Yesterday's News as Girl 2

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Originally in production as Little Debbies, Yesterday's News is based on the book, Front Page Face-Off by Jo Whittemore, Yesterday's News takes Whittemore's .

Blisters on the ceiling are not healthy.

Dialogue experiment. Scene 1 shot without breaking the axis of action Scene 2 shot breaking the axis of action Dialogue written by: Baxter Smith Shot by: Ade...

After their 3rd. Album in 2011 finally a new livesign in form of a 11minutes 7"EP, including 2 new studio recorded songs, an appetizer for their upcoming 4th...