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In Your Mind (2016)
Director: Carol M. Cardenas  
Orphans (2016)
Director: Mikkel Egelund  
Vietnam (2016)
Director: Ken Burns  
A vida e a morte de Osmar (2015)
Director: Alex Sander Silva  
Actors: Marco Aurélio Taffuri   André Lugli   Renata Zago  
Art House (2015)
Director: Don Freeman  
Actors: Alastair Gordon  
A Brand New You (2015)
Actors: Anna Marais  
A Thousand Splendid Suns (2015)
Director: Steven Zaillian  
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (2016)

In the 1980s, Rayona, 15, half-black, half-Native American, struggles to fit in after her alcoholic mother, Christine, d...

Director: Sarah Knight  
Actors: Q'orianka Kilcher   Misty Upham  
4 Days from Nowhere (2015)
Director: Eliot Aether  
Always Another Mountain (2015)

Gene David Foster had a dream. He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 1960. And as he always said, I just cough a litt...

Allegiant (2016)
Actors: Theo James   Shailene Woodley  
Automaton Transfusion 2 (2015)
Director: Steven C. Miller  
Actors: Garrett Jones   Juliet Reeves  
Armenia Commedia (2016)
Director: Anna Condo  
Actors: Alexandra Stewart   Antony Langdon   Liana Avetisyan  
Alayka (2015)
Director: Franklin Alex Fuentes  
Actors: Jeremy Parise   Katherine Cronyn   LeeAnn Powers  
3X Hero (2015)
Actors: Brian Quattrocchi  
Astronomy Walkers (2016)

Taylor Murdoch (BronweN), a thirty-something Broadway actress, has struggled throughout her career. With the help of her...

Director: Reno Anastasio  
Actors: Aaron Smolinski   Debbie Rochon   Shawn Doucette  
Acrotalk (2016)
Director: Craig Jacobson   Cassandra Sechler  
Actors: Cassandra Sechler  
A Time for Us (2015)

An obsessive fan stalks and kidnaps a famous actress, determined to transform her character and art. Meanwhile, in Holly...

A Sexual Thriller (2015)
Director: Joël Colburn  
A Fighting Chance II (2015)

Frank Kramer continues teaching the teenagers "Melodious Angels" along with Bob through unconventional methods, never se...

Director: Shaun T. Benjamin  
Actors: Shaun T. Benjamin   Mike Coleman   Melody Angel  
2B Afraid (2015)
Director: Alex Verner  
Bakers Dozen (2016)
Director: Betsan Morris Evans  
A Life Less Empty (2015)
Director: Rueben Martell  
Actors: James Jones   Rueben Martell   Shannon Baker  
Ant-Man (2015)
Director: Edgar Wright  
Actors: Michael Douglas   Michael Peña   Paul Rudd  
3 (2015)
Director: Andrés Spinova  
Actors: Robinson Díaz   Santiago Rodríguez   Noëlle Schonwald  
10-13 (2015)
Director: David Zayas  
A World Without Boundaries (2016)
Director: Chris Chaos  
At 2:15 (2015)
Director: Maria De Kannon Cle  
Actors: Nick Nolte   Ángela Molina  
Annabelle (2015)
Director: John R. Leonetti  
Actors: Ward Horton   Brian Howe   Eric Ladin  
A House in the Hamptons (2015)
Director: Nathaniel Kramer  
Actors: Billy Zane  
24 Hours (2015)
Director: Ranjeet S. Marwa  
Actors: Marc Baylis   Mark Braun   David Lamont  
A Great and Terrible Beauty (2015)

The film A Great and Terrible Beauty is an adaptation of the first novel in Libba Bray's trilogy, and is set up at Mel G...

Director: Charles Sturridge  
Annihilate (2015)

Annihilate is a coming of age story about a young man named Justin who accepts a job as a house sitter for a few months....

Director: Andy Santos  
Actors: Jack Bair   Jonathon Booker   Marcantonie Caban  
Avatar 2 (2016)
Director: James Cameron  
Actors: Stephen Lang   Sam Worthington   Zoe Saldana  
Angel (2015)
Director: Kortnee Simmons  
Assembly of Dreams (2015)

In 1954 a fearful teenager abandoned his dream of transforming his brutally strict school. Now over seventy he is invite...

Director: Zane Casablanca   Svenja Quazzani   Zane Quazzani  
Actors: Zane Casablanca   Steven M. Smith   Svenja Quazzani  
Autumn Moon (2015)
Director: Randy R. Fabert  
Actors: Sonny Burnette   Larry Combs   Randy R. Fabert  
Alicia's Dream (2015)
Director: Pedro Araneda  
Actors: Kyle Colton   Paige Sturges  
Assassin's Creed (2015)
Actors: Michael Fassbender  
8 minut (2015)

The film's title is inspired by the reality that an ambulance to get to instead of an average of 8 minutes. The film wil...

Director: Michal Chadima  
Actors: Jiri Cernohorsky   Ivan Franek   Martin Kotouc  
Back to the Saddle (2016)

A teenager has been planning to rob the engraving and printing but gets side tracked but the chief of polices daughter a...

Director: Jaylen Davis  
Actors: Jaylen Davis  
A Man of His Word (2015)

Two close friends (Blake and Buddy) since their childhood are tasked to work together on an assignment and a wrong turn ...

Director: Josh L. Davis  
A Christmas Wedding (2015)

When a Catholic Girl marries a Jewish boy what is the worst day of the year to get married? Christmas Day of course! No ...

A Death in Sicily (2015)
Director: Anthony Caldarella  
Actors: Marco Leonardi  
1066 (2015)

October 14th, 1066 is the most famous date in English history. It is the year of TWO invasions of England, and in which ...

Director: Robin Jacob  
Actors: Giles Alderson   John Altman   Lee Arenberg  
1/1 (2015)
Director: Jeremy Philips  
Actors: James P. Engel   John E. Tremba   Leland Alexander Wheeler  
Agency (2015)
Director: Nathan Lawrence  
Baahubali (2015)
Director: S.S. Rajamouli  
Actors: Rana Daggubati   Nasser   Prabhas  
911 Project (2015)
Director: Jack Lindauer  
Actors: Perrine Gilbert  
8th Day (2015)
Director: Gregory Mackenzie  
An Affair (2015)
Director: Antonia Dauphin  
Actors: Dan Stevens   Maria Bello   Zosia Mamet  
Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 (2015)
Director: Raja Gosnell  
Actors: Ross Bagdasarian Jr.   David Cross   Matthew Gray Gubler  
...Into the Cave (2015)
Director: Jennifer Elster  
Actors: Kent Cullers   Jørgen Leth   Mouchette Bell  
Aether (2015)
Director: Drew Hall  
Apofenija (2015)
Director: Marin Malesevic  
Actors: Aleksandar Djurica   Ljubomir Bandovic   Boris Komnenic  
A Noble Profession (2015)

A young lieutenant is determined to come out of the Second World War a hero to the Allies, however his loyalty to the ca...

Barcelona Twenty Thirteen (2015)
Director: Ananta Ponzi Mulyana  
Actors: Marc   Jaimy Perkamentoe   Martijn Smeele  
A Second Chance (2015)
Director: Susanne Bier  
Actors: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau  
Adam's Perfection (2015)

Adam had everything: the looks of a movie star, the mind of a genius, a seven-figure salary, a brilliant career - everyt...

Author: Unknown (2015)

A fading Writer loses his brother to an abduction after being injured at work. During his search to find him, he falls d...

Director: Vincent Bonfanti   Sean LeeRoy  
Actors: Sean LeeRoy  
After Exile (2015)
Actors: Trever O'Brien   Anthony Thorne  
A Lovely Place (2015)
Director: Jayant R. Harnam  
Actors: Vincent van Ommen  
America's Venice (2015)
Director: Cle Shaheed Sloan  
Actors: Cle Shaheed Sloan  
Actual Reality (2015)

Actual Reality is set in the not too distant future where "going online" means entering a full submersion virtual realit...

Director: Ian Stout   Robin Vada  
Actors: Jennifer Brian   Willow Finney   Michael Patrick Connolly  
Australie (2016)
Director: Laurent Boulanger  
A Ghost Tail (2015)

Set in a small town on the island of Oahu, this family comedy follows the harrowing and hilarious adventures of a little...

Director: Jenni Gold  
Actors: Kuma  
Attack! of the Killer Thong (2015)

Julie and her friends plan a surprise birthday party for Alex (Rebecca Ambrosino), complete with a Leopard Lady video-gr...

Director: Reno Anastasio  
Actors: Shawn Doucette   Lalesha Railsback   Rebecca Ambrosino  
All Hail the Squash Blossom Queen (2015)
Director: Adrian Cervantes  
Actors: Cameron Monaghan   Eiza González   Bonnie Wright  
A Belly for Me, a Baby for You (2015)

A Belly For Me a Baby For You is a documentary film following two mothers, one is the surrogate mother, the other is the...

Director: Sean Patrick Burke  
Actors: Tiffany Burke  
Apocalypse (2015)
Director: Tony Jopia  
Actors: Kristofer Dayne   Stu Jopia   Fabien Muller  
Amukan (2015)
Director: Francisco Toro  
Angel of Death (2015)
Director: Karen Lam  
Almost Dead (2016)
Director: Jack Skyyler   Alex Zinzopoulos  
Bachchan 2 (2015)
Director: Shashank  
Actors: Sudeep  
Amnesiac (2015)
Director: Thomas Christian Eichtinger  
Actors: Sabrina Reiter  
Amityville Homicide (2015)
Actors: Yannick Joseph Boulanger   Sylvain b Boulanger  
Afterlife with Archie (2015)
Director: Jason Moore