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1 (2004)

De La Salle is the #1 high school football team in the nation and has been for 5 years. Having won 151 straight games an...

Director: Tim O'Hara  
#1 (2005)
Director: James Breen  
Actors: Myers Clark   Anthony D'Amato   Nicholas J. Giordano  
1/ (1993)
Director: Tom Sanders  
Actors: Gert Lahousse   Jan Schelstraete   Alain Van Goethem  
1 (2013)
Director: Paul Crowder  
Actors: Mario Andretti   John Barnard   Herbie Blash  
1 (2009)

A bookshop renowned for its rare works is mysteriously and completely filled with copies of a book entitled 1, which doe...

Director: Pater Sparrow  
Actors: Zoltán Mucsi   László Sinkó   Pál Mácsai  
+1 (2013)
Director: Dennis Iliadis  
Actors: Rhys Wakefield   Logan Miller   Ashley Hinshaw  
#1 (2010)
Director: Zack Mason  
Actors: Michael Carey   Daniel Waldrop   Josh Lewis  
-1 (2007)
Director: Mathieu Rouquette  
Actors: Laurent Battist   François Rimbau   Erik Seillier  
10 (1979)

On the night of his 42nd birthday, George Webber, a popular songwriter, begins showing symptoms of "middle-age crisis." ...

Director: Blake Edwards  
Actors: Dudley Moore   Julie Andrews   Bo Derek  
10 (2014)
Director: Derek Price  
Actors: Johnny Bautista   Scott Esquibel   Haylea Mitchell  
10 (2011)

For full time gambler Diggs Tyler, Freddie O'Keefe's fight school is the promised land, legendary for their high stakes ...

Director: Paul Knight  
Actors: Jamie O'Keefe   Andre Samson   Shawn Birch  
10 (2011)
Director: Daniel Nickson  
Actors: Pj Sobota   Ryan Genualdi   Philip Rossi  
10 (2012)

10 friends set together a 10-day vacation plan at an isolated location. But, the location, an old burned down asylum now...

Director: William Ayers   William J. Ayers  
Actors: Arthur Wahlberg   Arthur Wahlberg   Scott Davis  
10 (2011)
Director: Mario Lizondo  
Actors: Sergio González   Rubén Hernández Llorente   José Lifante  
10% (2013)
Director: Nathan Stone  
Actors: Nick McAfee   Alex Robinson   Christine Gatlin  
1:0 (2012)
Director: Mazzuchi Claudio  
Actors: Claudio Mazzuchi   Damian Sansone   Ana Giovanni  
1:0 (2009)
Director: Jonathan Geva  
Actors: Doron Aaronsohn   Isam Abu Sahab   Meir Asraf  
10 (2012)
Director: Jerod MacDonald-Evoy  
Actors: Chris Acosta   Conner Blake   William Burkhart  
100 (2012)
Director: Jeroen Wolf  
100 (2008)

100 chronicles the last three months of a cancer stricken woman who has a list of things to do before she dies. Her list...

Director: Chris Martinez  
Actors: Mylene Dizon   Eugene Domingo   Tessie Tomas  
100% (2008)
Director: Zoran Margetic  
100 (1973)
Director: Mircea Saucan  
Actors: Ion Dichiseanu   Ileana Popovici   Violeta Andrei  
1000 (2011)
Director: Dan Wedeking  
Actors: JJ Holoubek  
100,000 (2010)
Director: Juan Agustin Marquez  
100.000 (2012)
Director: Andressa Back  
Actors: Levy Mota   Loreta Dialla  
$100,000 (1915)
Director: Frank Lloyd  
Actors: Frank Lloyd   Helen Leslie   Mildred Adams  
1 000 000 $ (2010)
Director: Janusz Kondratiuk  
Actors: Krzysztof Bien   Grzegorz Brzezinski   Wladyslaw Cylke  
100,000 Cobbers (1942)
Director: Ken G. Hall  
Actors: Ron Randell   Grant Taylor   Ann Richards  
100.000 dollari per Lassiter (1966)
Director: Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent  
Actors: Claudio Undari   Pamela Tudor   José Bódalo  
100.000 razones (2004)
Director: Mark Agote  
Actors: Miriam Cabeza   Xabat Santamaría  
100000 unter roten Fahnen (1929)
Director: Phil Jutzi  
100,000 Zombie Heads (2012)
Director: Jose Figueora   Jose Figueroa  
Actors: Aaron Craven   Jeffrey Doornbos   Sebastian C-Bazz Fort  
10,000 Apologies (2006)
Director: Kenzo Lee   May Wang  
Actors: May Wang   Kenzo Lee   Genevieve Adell  
10,000 BC (2008)

A prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter named D'Leh's journey through uncharted territory to secure the f...

Director: Roland Emmerich  
Actors: Steven Strait   Camilla Belle   Cliff Curtis  
10,000 Copyrighted Images (2008)
Director: Richard Wright  
10,000 Delusions (1999)
Director: Julia Kwan  
Actors: Jude Lee  
10,000 dollari per un massacro (1967)
Director: Romolo Guerrieri  
Actors: Gianni Garko   Fidel Gonzáles   Loredana Nusciak  
10,000 Dollars (1915)
Director: Frank Lloyd  
10,000 Hearts (2010)

A quiet and painfully shy sophomore, Nate Carson is forced into artistic servitude by his overbearing half-sister, Heath...

Director: Lisa Lodico  
Actors: Jesse Damiani   Miles Derwick   Kristen Barkuloo  
10,000 Hours (2013)
Director: Joyce Bernal  
Actors: Robin Padilla  
10,000 Kids and a Cop (1948)

A documentary showing the constructive approach taken by the Lou Costello, Jr. Youth Foundation in Los Angeles toward pr...

Director: Charles Barton  
Actors: Bud Abbott   Lou Costello   William Bendix  
10.000 Km (2014)
Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet  
Actors: David Verdaguer   Natalia Tena  
10000 malchikov (1963)
Director: Boris Buneyev   I. Okada  
Actors: Rovshan Agdamov   Jenny Desire   S. Kozhevnikova  
10.000 noches en ninguna parte (2013)

The story of a son who is afraid of everything. Overwhelmed by his dull life, one day he decides to flee. He starts a jo...

Director: Ramón Salazar  
Actors: Manuel Castillo   Andrés Gertrúdix   Rikar Gil  
10 000 timmar (2014)

Eric, an ordinary man in his mid 30's with an ordinary job wins a large sum of money playing the lottery. Despite his to...

Director: Joachim Hedén  
Actors: Peter Magnusson   Karin Lithman   Özz Nûjen  
10000 Trees (2011)
Director: Sarah Berkovich   Sarah Ginsburg  
Actors: Ken Kaufmann   Victor Kaufmann  
$10,000 Under a Pillow (1921)
Director: Frank Moser  
$1000 a Touchdown (1939)
Director: James P. Hogan  
Actors: Joe E. Brown   Martha Raye   Eric Blore  
1000 Blisters (2011)
Director: Tim Glover  
Actors: Brett Cooper   Greg Savage   Melissa Rainey  
1000 Boomerangs (1995)
Director: Mariano Galperin  
Actors: Alejandro Kuropatwa   Fernando Margenet   James Murray  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 1 - Crimson Rage (2011)

Years ago in the vicious South American jungles a savage general has fortified himself in a stronghold. He was once a so...

Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Joseph Shawkat   Mac McClure   Dan Beck  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 2 - Stray Bullets (2012)

Jonah Jagger is released from prison and ready to reclaim what is rightfully his...Money, Power, and Revenge. But when t...

Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Jeremiah H. Jones   Matthew L. Acosta   John Dillion Flannagan  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 3 - The Fall of Jonah Jagger (2014)
Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Dan Beck   Dan Beck  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 4 - The Kristofer (2014)
Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Tre' Davis   Bradley Lynch   Anthony R. Page  
1000 Cranes (2013)
Director: Kaz Cai  
Actors: Toby K   Yick Lam Wong  
1000 Cumshots (2003)
Director: Wayne Yung  
1000 Days of Rage and Hope
Director: Xan Cassavetes  
1000 DM (2004)
Director: Zoran Zekanovic  
Actors: Patricia Joza   Joey Zimmermann   Denirko Dux  
1000 Dollar Belohnung (1923)
Director: Dosio Koffler  
Actors: Henry Bender  
1000 Dollar Doubt (2012)
Director: Greg Blakey   Mateusz Michalik  
Actors: Daniel Cookson   Francisco Lopez   Sarah Roberts  
1000 dollarov v odnu storonu (1991)
Director: Aleksandr Surin  
Actors: Irina Byakova   Sergey Gabrielyan   Natalya Gundareva  
1,000 Dollars a Minute (1935)

A down-on-his luck newspaperman finds himself the center of an experiment being conducted by two daffy millionaires--to ...

Director: Aubrey Scotto  
Actors: Roger Pryor   Leila Hyams   Edward Brophy  
1000 Feet (2000)
Director: Gerda Johanna Cammaer  
Actors: Alfredo Binda   Filimone Meigos   Sue Langley  
1000 Frames (1966)
Director: George Maciunas  
1000 Friends (2011)
Actors: Tobias Kappert  
1000 godina Pazina (1983)
Director: Bogdan Zizic  
1000 Gramm (2011)
Director: Tom Bewilogua  
Actors: Catrin Striebeck   Guntbert Warns   Milos Kostic  
1000 Grams (2011)

A film about Flesh. Flesh in all of its meanings! A story of two tragically colliding Worlds. Poor and Rich! The film re...

Director: Tom Bewilogua  
1000 Journals (2007)

1000 Journals is a film about people whose lives are touched by 1000 traveling journals. These blank journals were relea...

Director: Andrea Kreuzhage  
Actors: Nathan Blaney  
1000 Könige (2014)

In a distant future, mankind has transformed into a society completely reduced to the intellect. Living in an obscure sy...

Director: Bidzina Kanchaveli  
Actors: Christian Backhauß   Robert Baron   Andreas Borucki  
1000 langkah (1961)
Director: Turino Junaidy  
Actors: Farida Arriany   Hadisjam Tahax  
1000 Li (2012)
Director: Eugene Park  
Actors: Queree Kim   Jay Shin  
1,000 Lux (2009)

1,000 Lux is a three channel video and audio work that explores light as an emotional and architectural determinate by u...

Director: Symmes Gardner  
1000 Marys (2001)

1000 Marys is an exploration of iconography of the Virgin Mary from Early Christian to Modern painting. The way your eye...

Director: Christina Gruppuso  
1000 Meilen von Taschkent (2009)
Director: Katharina Wyss  
Actors: Janina Rudenska   Thomas Papst   Jan Braun  
1000 Miles from Nowhere (1998)

In a small, rural town in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Razz and Jezebel dream of escaping to a better lif...

Director: Igor Kovacevich  
Actors: Hans Frank   Michelle Murrey   Charlie Lewis  
1000 Miles of Parkour (2011)

In May 2010, Johnny 'Sticky' Budden embarked upon a journey that would push the entire sport of parkour to its utmost li...

Director: Adam Baroukh  
1000 Months (2013)

What happens when you remove yourself from the monotonous routine of conventional living? This short-film follows a day ...

Director: Claire Byrne  
Actors: Philip Bruce   Baxter Hogan  
1000-nen kizami no hidokei (1987)
Director: Shinsuke Ogawa  
Actors: Tatsumi Hijikata   Junko Miyashita   Takahiro Tamura  
1000 nen no yamakoshi (2009)
Director: Shin'ichi Hashimoto  
Actors: Hatsunori Hasegawa  
1000 pesos colombianos (2005)

A forged 1000 pesos coin travels throughout society, then comes back to the counterfeiter who forged it and finally unve...

Director: David Aristizabal Mora  
Actors: Julián Díaz   Sergio Gonzalez   Walter Luengas  
$1,000 Reward (1923)
Director: Charles R. Seeling  
Actors: Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams  
$1,000 Reward (1913)
Actors: Crane Wilbur   Betty Gray   Charles Bennett  
$1,000 Reward (1915)
Director: Jack Harvey  
Actors: Madeline Fairbanks   Marion Fairbanks   Jane Fairbanks  
£1,000 Reward (1913)
Director: Harold Heath  
Actors: Harold Heath  
1000 Rosen (1994)
Director: Theu Boermans  
Actors: Marieke Heebink   Jaap Spijkers   Tessa Lilly Wyndham  
1,000 Shapes of a Female (1963)
Director: Barry Mahon  
Actors: Bob Bensen   Daniel Craig   Marty Devine  
1000 Tage (2006)
Director: Christoph Steinau  
Actors: Katerina Zemankova   Holger Stockhaus   Stefan A. Vilner  
1000 Thalaivangi Apoorva Chintamani (1947)
Director: T.P. Sundaram  
Actors: M.R. Swaminathan   Varalakshmi S.  
1000 Things (2011)
Director: Bryce Bladon  
Actors: Simon Basch   Joseph McDougall   Debs Howard  
1000 to 1 (2014)
Director: Michael Levine  
Actors: David Henrie   Beau Bridges   Jean Louisa Kelly  
1000 Voices (2009)
Director: Tim Travers Hawkins  
Actors: Adam Buxton   Tamsin Clarke  
1000 Women and a Dream (2005)

There was an extraordinary nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005: 1000 women, working for peace without official rec...

Director: Gabriela Neuhaus   Angelo Scudeletti  
1000 Words (2012)
Director: Caleb Wall  
Actors: Ty Fanning   Kristin Phillips  
1000 Words (2003)
Director: Dustin Voigt  
1000 Words (2011)
Director: David Hulbert  
Actors: David Hulbert   George Kopecky   Markus Lamberts  
1000 Worte deutsch (1930)
Director: Georg Jacoby  
Actors: Carl Schenstrøm   Harald Madsen   Paul Westermeier  
1000 Year Sleep (2007)

Samantha, Lydia, Isabella, and Lisa. These four young women are about to learn that humanity is just an irrelevant flame...

Director: Adam Wingard  
Actors: Hannah Hughes   Olivia Motley   Karla Jean Davis  
100-1 (2009)
Director: Xander Goode  
Actors: Xander Goode  
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