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A Man Called Sarge (1990)

In the midst of WWII, a group of half-witted soldiers lead by a slightly smarter sergeant, battle the Germans and especi...

Director: Stuart Gillard  
Actors: Gary Kroeger   Gretchen German   Marc Singer  
A Matter of Degrees (1990)
Director: W.T. Morgan  
Actors: Za Za Dupre   Arye Gross   Tom Sizemore  
Amavas Ki Raat (1990)

Amawas Ki Raat revolves around Tantrik who best tows his knowledge to his wife Nanda hoping that she wiliest it for the ...

Director: Mohan Bhakri  
Actors: Rakesh Bedi   Sunil Dhawan   Manik Irani  
Amazon (1990)

Widowed and broke Finnish businessman Kari takes his two teenage daughters with him to Brazil. A bush pilot introduces h...

Director: Mika Kaurismäki  
Actors: Kari Väänänen   Robert Davi   Rae Dawn Chong  
Amazonia (1990)
Director: Faith Hubley  
Actors: Dizzy Gillespie  
Amba (1990)

Prabha lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Thakur Jasbir Singh and brother Kunwar Ranvir. She receives a mar...

Director: Mohan Kumar  
Actors: Shabana Azmi   Anil Kapoor   Meenakshi Sheshadri  
Ambasador je ubijen u Stokholmu (1990)
Director: Ratko Ilic  
Actors: Miodrag Zdravkovic  
Ambushed (1990)
Director: John T. Bone  
Actors: T.T. Boy   Ron Jeremy   Biff Malibu  
Amchyasarkhe Aamich (1990)
Director: Sachin  
Actors: Sudhir Joshi   Viju Khote   Jairam Kulkarni  
Ame no chikumori tokidoki modae (1990)
Director: Kosuke Fujiwara  
Actors: Kinichi Kusumi   Yû Okamura   Shinobu Kawana  
American Born (1990)
Director: Raymond Martino  
Actors: Joey Travolta   Andrew Zeller   Robert Gallo  
American Dream (1990)

Chronicles the six-month strike at Hormel in Austin, Minnesota, in 1985-86. The local union, P-9 of the Food and Commerc...

Director: Cathy Caplan   Thomas Haneke   Barbara Kopple   Lawrence Silk  
Actors: Jesse Jackson   Mike Kinney   Juan Munoz  
American Hunter (1990)

Jake Carver, lethal hunter of bad guys, tries to retrieve a microfilm containing information which would cause a Wall St...

Director: Arizal  
Actors: Christopher Mitchum   Bill Wallace   Ida Iasha  
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990)

CIA agent Sean Davidson and his sidekick Carl are sent into the stronghold of sadistic British ex-soldier Mulgrew to res...

Director: Cedric Sundstrom  
Actors: Michael Dudikoff   David Bradley   James Booth  
American risciò (1990)
Director: Sergio Martino  
Actors: Mitchell Gaylord   Daniel Greene   Victoria Prouty  
Ameriikan raitti (1990)
Director: Lauri Törhönen  
Actors: Kari Sorvali   Mari Rantasila   Jari Järvimaa  
Amiri Garibi (1990)

A wealthy Bombay-based industrialist, Kedarnath, travels to a small town where his childhood friend, Narayan, resides. H...

Director: Harmesh Malhotra  
Actors: Jeetendra   Rekha   Rishi Kapoor  
A mis cuatro abuelos (1990)
Director: Aaron Yelin  
Actors: Dalia R. Blumenkranstz   Viera Hoffmann   Sara Tilchín  
Amnesia (1990)
Director: Max Linder  
Amor ampuu ohi (1990)
Director: Marjo Valve  
Actors: Sanna-Kaisa Palo   Kaija Pakarinen   Pertti Sveholm  
Amor conservador (1990)
Director: Erwin Neumaier  
Actors: Miguel Ángel Fuentes   Darío T. Pie   José Carlos Rodríguez  
Amore asimmetrico (1990)
Director: Ursula Ferrara  
Amore di bambola (1990)
Director: Alessandro Ninchi  
Actors: François Guétary   Maria Vittoria Felli   Stefania Orsola Garello  
Amore, non uccidermi (1990)
Director: Pietro Nardi  
Actors: Silli Togni   Paolo Proietti   Emy Valentino  
Amor und Psyche (1990)
Director: Robert-Adrian Pejo  
Anadromes (1990)
Director: Margarita Manda  
Actors: Michele Valley   Antonis Alexiou  
An African Affair (1990)
Director: Anthony Bond  
Anakh Jattan Dee (1990)
Director: Ravinder Ravi  
Actors: Palvinder Dhami   Gugu Gill   Mehar Mittal  
Anak ni Baby Ama (1990)
Director: Deo Fajardo Jr.  
Actors: Robin Padilla   Amy Perez   Ilonah Jean  
Anal Annie's All-Girl Escort Service (1990)
Director: Charles Webb  
Actors: Nina Hartley  
Anal Commander (1990)
Director: Jane Waters  
Actors: Avalon   Flame   Rachel Ryan  
Anal Heat (1990)
Actors: Cal Jammer   Peter Lawrence   Wayne Summers  
Anal Nation (1990)

Two female aliens land on earth and want to find out about anal sex, so they can go back to their planet and teach it to...

Director: William Black  
Actors: Cal Jammer   Rocco Siffredi   Wayne Summers  
An Angel at My Table (1990)

In 1920s and 1930s New Zealand, Janet Frame grows up in a poor family with lots of brothers and sisters. Already at an e...

Director: Jane Campion  
Actors: Kerry Fox   Alexia Keogh   Karen Fergusson  
Anantha Vruthantham (1990)
Director: P. Anil  
Actors: Saikumar   Renjini   Innocent  
Ana o nerae (1990)
Director: Sakae Nitta  
Actors: Shinobu Kawana   Yoshimi Shirato   Masato Kudô  
Anazitisi (1990)
Director: Stelios Doulgerakis  
Actors: Kostas Kazakos   Vakis Sideridis  
And a Fire Engine to go with the Dog (1990)
Director: Ian Watson  
Actors: Paul Chubb   Jo Kennedy  
And Another Honkytonk Girl Says She Will (1990)
Director: Michelle Paymar  
Actors: Dan Bell   Randy Oglesby   Rainbow Harvest  
An der Grenze (1990)
Director: Max Linder  
Andha Diganta (1990)
Director: Manmohan Mahapatra  
Actors: Madhu Kar   Arun Nanda   Sarat Pujari  
Andher Gardi (1990)
Director: Ashok Tyagi  
Actors: Raj Babbar   Shafi Inamdar   Shakti Kapoor  
Andrea, paano ba ang maging isang ina? (1990)

Andrea is a communist insurgent who fights the government in an armed conflict. When it is time for her to give birth, s...

Director: Gil Portes  
Actors: Nora Aunor   Gina Alajar   Lloyd Samartino  
And You're So Special? (1990)

An apartment dweller overhears a neighbor down the hall refer to him as a "poor miserable wretch". He complains to his w...

Director: Paul Kazee  
Actors: James Peak   Barbara Sanders   Lisa Weeks  
Anekdoty (1990)
Director: Viktor Titov  
Actors: Aleksandr Abdulov   Armen Dzhigarkhanyan   Nina Usatova  
An Empty Bed (1990)

In his twilight, a lonely gay man reflects on his life and the three loves of his long-lost youth one woman and two men....

Director: Mark Gasper  
Actors: Thomas Bevins   Larry Bockius   Henry Bogle  
Anexitila hromata (1990)

The clash with rival gypsy street musicians and the chance encounter with a roving peeping Tom will enable a young boy t...

Director: Nikos Sekeris  
Actors: Ilias Logothetis   Kostas Seretis   Nikos Papakonstantinou  
Angel Molave (1990)
Director: Augusto Salvador  
Actors: Phillip Salvador   Monica Herrera   Lani Lobangco  
Angels Are Wired (1990)
Director: Daryush Shokof  
Angels Bi Day, Devils Bi Night (1990)
Director: Lynn Ray  
Actors: Rod Garetto   Jake Larkin   Tim Lowe  
Angel Square (1990)
Director: Anne Wheeler  
Actors: Jeremy Radick   Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge   Marie-Stéphane Gaudry  
Angel Town (1990)

A graduate student and martial-arts expert rents a room in a house owned by a single mother who lives there with her son...

Director: Eric Karson  
Actors: Olivier Gruner   Peter Kwong   Theresa Saldana  
Animación de 3 cuentos purepechas (1990)
Director: Dominique Jonard  
Animation Is Fun (1990)
Director: Bart Haesevoets  
Animation Sexitation (1990)
Director: Tung Lu  
Anjali (1990)

Chitra, her husband, Shekar, and two children, Arjun and Anu live in a rural area in India. When Chitra is expecting her...

Director: Mani Ratnam  
Actors: Revathy   Raghuvaran   Prabhu  
Ankusham (1990)
Director: Kodi Ramakrishna  
Actors: Rajasekhar   Jeevitha   Rami Reddy  
Anna Thamudu (1990)
Director: Krishna Ghattamaneni  
Actors: Giri Babu   Mahesh Babu   Krishna Ghattamaneni  
A Norman McLaren (1990)
Director: Manuel Marcel  
Actors: Pepe Forte   Manuel Marcel   Eduardo Marín  
Another 48 Hrs. (1990)

For the past four years, San Francisco cop Jack Cates has been after an unidentified drug kingpin who calls himself the ...

Director: Walter Hill  
Actors: Eddie Murphy   Nick Nolte   Brion James  
Another Damaging Day (1990)
Director: Stacy Cochran  
Actors: Matthew Shields  
Another Rear View (1990)
Director: Scotty Fox  
Actors: Randy West  
Another Secret (1990)
Director: Henri Pachard  
Actors: Jon Dough   Peter North   Joey Silvera  
An Owl Is an Owl Is an Owl (1990)
Director: Chris Marker  
Ansuyeh Atash (1990)
Director: Kianoush Ayari  
Actors: Siamak Atlassi   Khosrow Shojazadeh   Atefeh Razavi  
Answer a Virgin's Prayer (1990)
Director: Peter Sempel  
Anthropos sti thalassa (1990)
Director: Thodoros Koulouris  
Actors: Eleni Levidi   Argyris Arhaniotis  
Anti Glamour (1990)
Director: Bruno de Almeida  
Actors: Pepe Diniz  
Antigone (1990)
Director: Gary Popovich  
Antigone/Rites of Passion (1990)
Director: Amy Greenfield  
Actors: Bertram Ross   Bertram Ross   Janet Eilber  
Anti-materie (1990)
Director: Erik Lint  
Actors: Gijs de Lange  
Antonio Saura: Confessions (1990)

Antonio Saura is considered one of the most important Spanish painters of the post-Picasso generation. From his studio i...

Director: Jean-Claude Rousseau  
Actors: Antonio Saura  
Antraks (1990)
Director: Stanislava Kalcheva  
Actors: Petar Slabakov   Daniela Goranova   Nikola Dobrev  
Antri dong (1990)
Director: Arizal  
Actors: Kadir   Deddy Mizwar   Doyok Sudarmadji  
Anuraag (1990)
Director: Jahar Biswas  
Actors: Tapas Pal   Subhendu Chatterjee   Anup Kumar  
Any Man's Death (1990)
Director: Tom Clegg  
Actors: John Savage   William Hickey   William Hickey  
A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990)
Director: Brett Piper  
Actors: Paul Guzzi   Paul Guzzi   Linda Corwin  
Any Time, Any Play (1990)

When her ex-lover takes a job at her club as a dealer, a beautiful but bitter casino singer avenges herself by conspicuo...

Director: Joe D'Amato  
Actors: Ruth Collins   Robert LaBrosse   Louie Elias  
Aoi tesuri no aru ishidan (1990)
Director: Tomohiro Nishimura  
Apeili (1990)
Director: Antonis Kokkinos  
Actors: Vangelis Kazan   Ersi Malikenzou  
A Play for Saulie (1990)
Director: Serge Rodnunsky  
Apmaan Ki Aag (1990)

Living in a Chawl in Dongri, Bombay, Vikrant Narayan Singh dreams of being wealthy, romances Mona, the only child of wid...

Director: Talukdars  
Actors: Adil Amaan   Rakesh Bedi   Dasharat  
APO: Kingpin ng Maynila (1990)
Director: Marlon Bautista  
Actors: Ramon Revilla   Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr.   Lani Mercado  
Apokleietai (1990)
Director: Alkiviadis Ritsonis  
Actors: Takis Moschos   Loukia Stergiou   Maximos Karamanavis  
A pomáhal jen bùh (1990)
Director: Vladislav Kvasnicka  
Apon (1990)
Director: Vassilis Loules  
Actors: Konstantina Andriopoulou   Giorgos Makris  
Apon Amar Apon (1990)
Director: Tarun Majumdar  
Actors: Tapas Pal   Prasenjit Chatterjee   Soumitra Chatterjee  
Apoorva Sangamam (1990)
Director: Sasi Mohan  
Actors: Jagathi Sreekumar  
Apo tin alosi ston xesikomo (1990)
Director: Stavros Ioannou  
Actors: Haris Sozos  
Apoy sa lupang hinirang (1990)
Director: Mauro Gia Samonte  
Actors: Jestoni Alarcon   Rina Reyes   Bernard Bonnin  
Apprendre... ou à laisser (1990)
Director: Diane Beaudry  
Appu (1990)
Director: Dennis Joseph  
Actors: Mohanlal   Murali   Sunitha  
Appuntamento in nero (1990)

Gianni is a political man with a good career waiting for him. Angela is his wife and she fakes an assault and a rape in ...

Director: Antonio Bonifacio  
Actors: Mirella Banti   Andy J. Forest   Mary Lindstrom  
Aprile (1990)
Director: Andrea Gropplero  
Actors: Enrico Lo Verso  
Après après-demain (1990)
Director: Gérard Frot-Coutaz  
Actors: Anémone   Simon de La Brosse   Agnès Soral  
Apsarassu (1990)
Director: K.S. Gopalakrishnan  
Aquí huele a muerto... (¡pues yo no he sido!) (1990)
Director: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia  
Actors: Josema Yuste   Millán Salcedo   Ana Álvarez  
Arachnophobia (1990)

A large spider from the jungles of South America is accidently transported in a crate with a dead body to America where ...

Director: Frank Marshall  
Actors: Jeff Daniels   Harley Jane Kozak   John Goodman  
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