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Accident (1997)

A solitary car is parked by a meadow where a young couple frolic with their toddler son. Seated on the car's trunk is th...

Director: Peter Besson  
Actors: Tomorrow Shea   Josh Berry   Laurence Maher  
A Child's Room (1997)
Director: Eric Torvi  
A ciegas (1997)

Marrubi works at a dry cleaners and suffers unwanted advances from her boss, Clemente. She's also an ETA commando. And s...

Director: Daniel Calparsoro  
Actors: Najwa Nimri   Alfredo Villa   Ramón Barea  
Aci reale, aci irreale (1997)
Director: Alex Ferrara  
Acélhang (1997)
Director: Sándor Silló  
Acne (1997)
Director: Robert Cosentino  
Actors: Eric Engstrom   Michelle Courtney  
Acquiring a Taste for Raffaella (1997)

Raphaella's first period comes at the same time as her first crush, on Shaun, a cook's assistant and the brother of her ...

Director: Sandra Lepore  
Actors: Sarah Vaccaro   Anna Taranto   Alexandra Jarrold  
Across (1997)
Director: Cara Morton  
Actors: Julie Hess   Melanie Smith  
Across the Sea (1997)
Director: Vlas Parlapanides  
Actors: Vlas Parlapanides  
Acústico - La telenovela de hoy (1997)
Director: Gustavo Charif   Pablo Cristofanetti  
Actors: Marcelo Acevedo   Pablo Cristofanetti  
Action League Now!!: Rock-A-Big-Baby (1997)
Director: Tim Hill  
Actors: Harry Connick Jr.   Peter Criss   Ace Frehley  
Active Eight (1997)

The title character and his seven existential puppets come to a fuller understanding of their meaninglessness as they at...

Director: Richard P. Miller  
Actors: Steve Marquez   Matt Farmer   Rachel Poarch  
Actos Recíprocos (1997)
Director: Albert Rodriguez  
Actors: Enrique García   Daniel Iborra  
Actrius (1997)

In order to prepare the role of an important old actress, a theatre student ('Mercè Pons' (qv)) interviews three actres...

Director: Ventura Pons  
Actors: Núria Espert   Rosa Maria Sardà   Anna Lizaran  
Acts of Betrayal (1997)

FBI agents attempt to protect a woman who is testifying against her gangster boy friend. However, an army of assassins a...

Director: Jack Ersgard  
Actors: Maria Conchita Alonso   Matt McColm   Muse Watson  
A Cure for Serpents (1997)

Lucy's mother spends her time keeping their apartment antiseptic and spotlessly clean, but her germ-free lifestyle is st...

Director: Elise MacAdam  
Actors: Caitlin Clarke   Gina Scianni   Charlotte Thompson  
A Cut in the Rates (1997)

What lengths would YOU go to to avoid paying your bills? When a debt collector shows up at a suburban townhouse, she enc...

Director: Adrian Hayward  
Actors: Jacqueline McKenzie   Barry Otto  
Adaggisimo (1997)
Director: Christian Fuma  
Adam (1997)
Director: Andrea Stoops  
Actors: Chillie Mo  
Adam & Eva (1997)

Adam and Eva have been married for four years. But the romance has disappeared from their relationship and has been repl...

Director: Måns Herngren   Hannes Holm  
Actors: Björn Kjellman   Josefin Nilsson   Tintin Anderzon  
Adarna: The Mythical Bird (1997)
Director: Gerry A. Garcia  
Actors: Jolina Magdangal   Marvin Agustin  
Adavilo Anna (1997)
Director: Gopal B.  
Actors: Mohan Babu   Tanikella Bharani   Brahmanandam  
A Day in the Life of Mia (1997)
Director: Betty A. Bridges  
Actors: Betty A. Bridges  
Addicted to Love (1997)

Good-natured astronomer Sam is devastated when the love of his life, Linda, leaves him for a suave Frenchman named Anton...

Director: Griffin Dunne  
Actors: Meg Ryan   Matthew Broderick   Kelly Preston  
Addo' sta Rossellini? (1997)
Director: Alberto Grifi   Michele Schiavino  
Actors: Alberto Grifi   Alfonsino Pasca   Roberto Rossellini  
Address Unknown (1997)

A 16 year old boy who had thought that his father's death was an accident, suspects otherwise when he receives a 10-year...

Director: Shawn Levy  
Actors: Kyle Howard   Johna Stewart-Bowden   Patrick Renna  
Adela despierta despierta (1997)
Director: Erika Grediaga  
Actors: Macrosfilio Amilcar   Myrna Brianda   Diego Jáuregui  
A Devil Disguised (1997)

A black kid dates a white girl against her fathers wishes. When the white girl turns up dead the black kid gets arrested...

Director: Jimmy Bridges  
Actors: Todd Bridges   Denver Dowridge   Barry Eisen  
Adiemus (1997)
Director: Giorgos Hatzikyriakos  
Actors: Argyris Tsepelikas   Angeliki Gaitani  
Adios! (1997)
Director: Nicolas Joffrin  
Actors: Pascal Demolon   Frédéric Pellegeay   Pierre-Olivier Krepper  
Adiós comandante Che (1997)
Director: Edgardo Cabeza  
Adiós mamá (1997)
Director: Ariel Gordon  
Actors: Daniel Giménez Cacho   Dolores Beristáin   Patricia Aguirre  
Adivaram (1997)
Director: Jose Thomas  
Adivasi Queen (1997)

An 8-year-old girl is raped, and abandoned in the jungle. She survives with the help of her only friends - the jungle an...

Director: Yvonne Lal  
Actors: Mahendra Kumar   Roja   Bindu  
A.D.N. (1997)
Director: Giorgio Valenti  
A Doll in the Dark (1997)

While visiting L.A., a Japanese tourist named Ryoko is drugged and kidnapped by a young man who believes her to be a rei...

Director: Phil Scarpaci  
Actors: Billy Drago   Joe Ho  
Adrienne Clarkson Presents: Infused with Light: A Journey with Mary Pratt (1997)
Director: Patricia Smith-Strom  
Actors: Adrienne Clarkson   Adrienne Clarkson   Mary Pratt  
A Drop of Blood (1997)
Director: Ken Piaskowski  
Actors: Dale Brisson   Michael Brisson   Spencer Brisson  
Advising Michael (1997)
Director: Chris Stearns  
Actors: Lee Coleman  
A Entrada na Vida (1997)
Director: Pedro Caldas   Jorge Silva Melo  
A Family of Orphans (1997)
Director: Jhon Doria  
Actors: Jhon Doria   Kevin Pinassi   Ed Swidey  
A Família Barata (1997)
Director: Rui Cardoso   Humberto Santana  
Actors: Luís Lucas   Carlos Macedo   Peter Michael  
Affaire classée (1997)
Director: Luc Gallissaires  
Actors: Marion Cotillard   Bernard Lanneau   Alexandre Brasseur  
Affairs (1997)
Director: Zeke Zelker  
Actors: Stewart Brodian   Pat Wilson   Lorelei Sands  
Affliction (1997)

Wade Whitehouse is a sheriff of a small New Hampshire town who achieved nothing in life in the opinion of his ex-wife Li...

Director: Paul Schrader  
Actors: Nick Nolte   Brigid Tierney   Holmes Osborne  
Aflatoon (1997)

Mistakenly appointed as a college professor, happy-go-lucky Raja finds the rich girl of his dreams - but must confront a...

Director: Guddu Dhanoa  
Actors: Akshay Kumar   Akshay Kumar   Akshay Kumar  
A Friend (1997)
Director: Christopher Flynn  
Actors: Jim Flynn   Robert Lataille  
Afro Lisboa (1997)
Director: Ariel de Bigault  
Actors: Miguel Hurst   Kussondulola   António Tavares  
Afro Promo (1997)
Director: Jenni Olson  
Afscheid (1997)
Director: Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse  
Actors: Hilbert Dijkstra   Daan van Rijssel   Tim van Peppe  
After (1997)
Director: Edward Rey  
Actors: Brian O'Hare   Timothy McCuen Piggee   James Garver  
Afterglow (1997)

Two families are unhappy with their respective relationships: first of ambitious businessman Jeffrey Byron and sexually ...

Director: Alan Rudolph  
Actors: Nick Nolte   Julie Christie   Lara Flynn Boyle  
After the Game (1997)
Director: Brewster MacWilliams  
Actors: Robert Dubac   Hudson Leick   Stanley DeSantis  
Afula Express (1997)

David is a garage electrician, who dreamt all of his life of becoming a magician, but had no luck in it. His girlfriend ...

Director: Julie Shles  
Actors: Zvika Hadar   Esti Zakheim   Aryeh Moskona  
A Full Cup (1997)
Director: Jodie B. Myers  
Actors: Stephen Guarino   Tony Pacheco   Julie Oshins  
A Further Gesture (1997)

Dowd, who's IRA, escapes an Irish prison in a bloody jailbreak, making his way to New York City where he lives alone, av...

Director: Robert Dornhelm  
Actors: Stephen Rea   Alfred Molina   Rosana Pastor  
Afyory, muzyka, lyubov... (1997)
Director: Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich  
Actors: Aleksandr Pankratov-Chyornyy   Nadira Mirzayeva   Andrei Ankudinov  
Agadati: Screen of an Artist (1997)
Director: Hillel Tryster  
Against the Law (1997)

Headed towards Hollywood, Rex is the "fastest fun in the West" --before long, he has a trail of dead policemen in his wa...

Director: Jim Wynorski  
Actors: Richard Grieco   Nancy Allen   Nick Mancuso  
Against the Ropes (1997)
Director: Carolina Vila  
Against the Tide (1997)
Director: Will Berliner  
Actors: Ted Arabian   Kelly Lawman  
Agir roman (1997)
Director: Mustafa Altioklar  
Actors: Okan Bayülgen   Müjde Ar   Savas Dinçel  
Agnichakra (1997)

Amar lives a middle-class life with his Police Inspector brother, Suryaveer, and sister-in-law, Beena. Suryaveer is assi...

Director: Amit Suryavanshi  
Actors: Naseeruddin Shah   Govinda   Dimple Kapadia  
Agni IPS (1997)
Director: Anand P. Raju  
Actors: Saroja Devi B.   Saikumar   Ranjitha  
Agni Morcha (1997)
Director: Raju Chutani  
Actors: Birbal   Charlie   Dharmendra  
Agnus Gay (1997)
Director: Wagner Silvestrin de Andrade   Clayson Pretti   Zeca Soares  
A Good Day to Be George (1997)
Director: Ellen Maguire  
Actors: Jerry Rockwood   Tonye Patano   Milton J. Carney  
A Grade (1997)
Director: Philippe Barcinski  
Actors: Elias Andreato   Luciano Chirolli   Carlos Evelyn  
A Grande Noitada (1997)
Director: Denoy de Oliveira  
Actors: Othon Bastos   Renato Borghi   Júlio Calasso  
A Gun, a Car, a Blonde (1997)

A wheelchair bound (Jim Metzler) paraplegic fantasizes about the new blonde (Andrea Thompson), who moves into the house ...

Director: Stefani Ames  
Actors: Jim Metzler   Jim Metzler   Victor Love  
A Gun for Jennifer (1997)
Director: Todd Morris  
Actors: Deborah Twiss   Deborah Twiss   Benja Kay  
A Guy Walks Into a Bar (1997)
Director: Carmen Elly  
Actors: Fred Savage   Alison Moir   Terrence Evans  
A Gypsy Emperor Heads East (1997)
Director: Wayne Derrick  
Actors: Vassile Ionescu   Julian Radulescu  
A hal (1997)
Director: György Pálfi  
Actors: Ferenc Elek   Gyula Bodrogi   Judit Hernádi  
A Hard Day's Work (1997)
Director: Koen Mortier  
Actors: Norman Baert   François Beukelaers   Jack La Man  
A Healing (1997)
Director: Connie Stevens  
A Healthy Baby Girl (1997)
Director: Judith Helfand  
Actors: Judith Helfand  
A Hero's Welcome (1997)
Director: Matthew M. Ross  
Aimless Walk - Alexander Hammid (1997)
Director: Martina Kudlácek  
Actors: Alexander Hammid  
Ainoa oikea Jumala (1997)
Director: Rauni Järvilehto  
Ai no mokushiroku (1997)
Director: Soo-yong Kim  
Actors: Eri Ishida   Kir Yong-u   Li Zhun  
Ainsi va l'amour... (1997)
Director: Renaud Ducoing  
Ai qing amoeba (1997)

May lives with her three male friends, and when they are all separately fired from their jobs, she suggests they open up...

Director: Kei Shu  
Actors: Eric Kot   Amanda Lee   Andy Hui Chi-On  
Aiqing mala tang (1997)

'Aiqing mala tang' ('Spicy Love Soup') starts with a young couple eating sweet (or sour) and spicy soup from a two-sided...

Director: Yang Zhang  
Actors: Emil Chau   Tao Guo   Cunxin Pu  
Airbag (1997)

Mommy's boy Juantxo is engaged. Dragged to the party by his friends Konradin and Paco, he loses his expensive wedding ri...

Director: Juanma Bajo Ulloa  
Actors: Fernando Guillén Cuervo   Karra Elejalde   Alberto San Juan  
Airboss (1997)

Hidden at a desolate air base in a former Soviet Republic is an awesome weapon, the only working prototype of the MIG 35...

Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen  
Actors: Frank Zagarino   Kayle Watson   J. Christian Ingvordsen  
Air Bud (1997)

A young boy and a talented stray dog with an amazing basketball playing ability become instant friends. Rebounding from ...

Director: Charles Martin Smith  
Actors: Michael Jeter   Kevin Zegers   Wendy Makkena  
Air Force One (1997)

The President of the USA goes to Moscow and gives a stirring speech outlining the USA's new "Zero-tolerance" policy with...

Director: Wolfgang Petersen  
Actors: Harrison Ford   Gary Oldman   Glenn Close  
Ai shang 100% ying xiong (1997)

Plane is a troubled cop who hits the skids when his girlfriend Carrie gets killed by a stoic hitman named Angel. One yea...

Director: Jing Wong  
Actors: Ekin Cheng   Jordan Chan   Gigi Leung  
Aisuru (1997)
Director: Kei Kumai  
Actors: Miki Sakai   Atsurô Watabe   Jô Shishido  
A Janela Não É a Paisagem (1997)
Director: Edgar Pêra  
Actors: Miguel Borges   João Didelet   Nuno Melo  
A Jewish Christmas Story (1997)
Director: Rob Meltzer  
Actors: Louisette Geiss  
A Jilted Generation (1997)
Director: Nick Gear  
Actors: Mark Leadbetter  
Ajker Santan (1997)
Director: Haranath Chakraborty  
Actors: Ranjit Mullik   Tanuja   Tapas Pal  
Ak-47 temible cuerno de chivo (1997)
Actors: Alejandro Alcondez   Luis Alvarez   Alfredo Gutiérrez  
Akh, zachem eta noch... (1997)
Director: Boris Blank  
Actors: Mikhail Efremov   Oksana Arbuzova   Oleg Efremov  
Akin ka lamang (1997)
Director: Tata Esteban  
Actors: Aya Medel  
Ako ba ang nasa puso mo? (1997)
Director: Jose Javier Reyes  
Actors: Judy Ann Santos   Mark Anthony Fernandez   Juan Rodrigo  
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