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Babangon ang huling patak ng dugo (1997)
Actors: Bong Villafuerte   Judy Ann Santos   Sunshine Cruz  
Babasaging kristal (1997)
Actors: Ramona Revilla   Rey 'PJ' Abellana  
Babe, He Calls Me (1997)
Director: Ralph Bakshi  
Actors: Craig Marin   Craig Marin   Craig Marin  
Babes in Toyland (1997)

It's 2 days before Christmas, and the Toyland Toy Factory has just received its biggest order ever. But the evil Barnaby...

Director: Toby Bluth   Charles Grosvenor   Paul Sabella  
Actors: Charles Nelson Reilly   Lacey Chabert   Joseph Ashton  
Babette (1997)

Babette is a collage made of pictures, talks, sounds, poems and music. A video of confrontation, war and art, fiction an...

Director: Fränzi Madörin   Muda Mathis   Sus Zwick  
Actors: Babette Zaugg  
Babies for Babies (1997)
Director: Pavlina Solo  
Babiole (1997)
Director: Bruno Daniault  
Actors: Daniel Delabesse   Didier Flamand  
Babushka (1997)
Director: Andrey Zolotukhin  
Bach at the Pagoda (1997)

Swiss pediatrician Beat Richner lives since 1991 in Cambodia where he provides medical help to poor and sick children. H...

Director: Georges Gachot  
Actors: Beat Richner  
Bach Cello Suite #1: The Music Garden (1997)
Director: Kevin McMahon  
Actors: Yo-Yo Ma   Julie Moir Messervy  
Bach Cello Suite #2: The Sound of Carceri (1997)
Director: François Girard  
Actors: Steven Epstein   Yo-Yo Ma   Moshe Safdie  
Bach Cello Suite #3: Falling Down Stairs (1997)

Renowned cello virtuoso Yo-Yo Ma embarks on an intense year long collaboration with choreographer Mark Morris, which cul...

Director: Barbara Willis Sweete  
Actors: Mark Morris   Yo-Yo Ma  
Bach Cello Suite #4: Sarabande (1997)
Director: Atom Egoyan  
Actors: Lori Singer   Yo-Yo Ma   Don McKellar  
Bach Cello Suite #5: Struggle for Hope (1997)
Director: Niv Fichman  
Actors: Tamasaburo Bando   Yo-Yo Ma  
Bach Cello Suite #6: Six Gestures (1997)
Director: Patricia Rozema  
Actors: Christopher Dean   Yo-Yo Ma   Tom McCamus  
Bacheha-Ye aseman (1997)

Zohre's shoes are gone; her older brother Ali lost them. They are poor, there are no shoes for Zohre until they come up ...

Director: Majid Majidi  
Actors: Mohammad Amir Naji   Amir Farrokh Hashemian   Bahare Seddiqi  
Back in Business (1997)

An ex-cop gets pulled back in an undercover mission for the FBI by his former partner. The mission is to catch drug runn...

Director: Philippe Mora  
Actors: Brian Bosworth   Joe Torry   Dara Tomanovich  
Back in Trouble (1997)

Unsuccessful Luxembourg bank robber Johnny Chicago is released from prison and immediately and incompetently attempts to...

Director: Andy Bausch  
Actors: Thierry van Werveke   Ender Frings   Oscar Ortega Sánchez  
Back to Life (1997)
Director: Chico Ejiro   Mike Nliam  
Actors: Bimbo Akintola   Gloria Anozie   Liz Benson  
Back to One (1997)
Director: Tiffany Yates  
Actors: Richard LeMay   Tiffany Yates   Andrew Hamrick  
Back-Up (1997)
Actors: Sean Carlsen   Robin Cattani   Mike Eastman  
Baco (1997)
Director: Ouemema Mamadali  
Bacplus (1997)

After brilliant studies a young man has applied for an executive job. Now he is having an employment interview and it is...

Director: Antoine Laurain  
Actors: Denis Blaise   Bertrand Humbert  
Badalkaran (1997)
Director: Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh  
Actors: Akbar Abdi   Afsaneh Bayegan   Firuz  
Bad Baby (1997)

Approaching his second birthday, Baby is still quite a handful for his long-suffering sister and parents. He's very dema...

Director: Tom Burton  
Actors: James Belushi   Kathleen Turner  
Bad Bosses Go to Hell (1997)

It seems like an abundance of possibilities. After screening the newspaper, there are five interesting job openings. Sur...

Director: Erin Cramer  
Actors: James Bulleit   David Rakoff   Becky Ann Baker  
Bad Business (1997)

Gary and Clyde are two small gangsters. One day, they accept a job through a newspaper advertisement. Their job is to ro...

Director: Ian Todary  
Actors: Christophe Auboin   Cedric Peney   Ian Todary  
Bad Chemistry (1997)
Director: Jason Bailey  
Actors: Megan Upton   Monte Wheeler   Tiffany Zeigler  
Bad Day on the Block (1997)

A decorated firefighter has his wife and son leave him because of his violent tendencies, including playing a game of Ru...

Director: Craig R. Baxley  
Actors: Charlie Sheen   Mare Winningham   David Andrews  
Bad Manners (1997)

Wes and Nancy are a married academics couple. One day they host Nancy's long-ago lover Matt and his current sexy girlfri...

Director: Jonathan Kaufer  
Actors: David Strathairn   Bonnie Bedelia   Saul Rubinek  
Bad Thoughts (1997)
Director: Jacqueline Levitin  
Baeksu story (1997)

Dal-ho spends three years after graduating college living at his parents house with no job. His family treats him like a...

Director: Jun-seob Jeong  
Actors: Jong-hyeon Park   Ho-kyeong Jeong   Yong-woon Kwon  
Bagamundo (1997)
Actors: Chuck Perez   Cristina Gonzales   Priscilla Almeda  
Baggage (1997)
Director: Cara Buono  
Actors: Juan Carlos Malpeli   Liev Schreiber   Jonathan Stewart  
Baginda (1997)
Director: Aziz M. Osman  
Actors: Azean Irdawaty   Jalaluddin Hassan   Jalil Hamid  
Bagsik ng kamao (1997)
Actors: Edu Manzano   Luisito Espinosa   Sharmaine Suarez  
Bagu (1997)
Director: Yoshinari Nishikôri  
Actors: Gô Awazu   Tanaka Gikun   Hidehiko Ishizuka  
Bahurupa (1997)
Director: D.S. Sultania  
Actors: Kaushik Banerjee   Tito Banerjee   Shambhu Bhattacharya  
Baile Perfumado (1997)
Director: Paulo Caldas   Lírio Ferreira  
Actors: Duda Mamberti   Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos   Aramis Trindade  
Bajo bandera (1997)
Director: Juan José Jusid  
Actors: Miguel Ángel Solá   Federico Luppi   Omero Antonutti  
Bakhit wa Adeela 2 (1997)

Bakheet and Adeela are desperately trying to find an apartment before they can get married although their poor condition...

Director: Nader Galal  
Actors: Adel Imam   Sherine   Sa'eed Saleh  
Bakit kailangan ng ibon ang pakpak (1997)
Actors: Tonton Gutierrez   Sabrina M.  
Bala para sa katarungan (1997)
Actors: Sonny Parsons  
Balekok és banditák (1997)

A film hose szakadt ertelmisegi, legutobb egy konyvkiado lektora volt, most allas nelkul van. Gyerekkora ota mindig o hu...

Director: Péter Bacsó  
Actors: Antal Cserna  
Balifilm (1997)
Director: Peter Mettler  
Balkan Island: The Last Story of the Century (1997)
Director: Lordan Zafranovic  
Actors: Anica Dobra   Klaus Maria Brandauer   Jean-Marc Barr  
Balkanska pravila (1997)

Movie about secret relations between Yugoslavian, Serbian and Croatian secret police during last 50 years. Here in Balka...

Director: Darko Bajic  
Actors: Branislav Lecic   Lazar Ristovski   Ana Sofrenovic  
Ballada o Salapatku (1997)
Director: Jakub Skoczen  
Ballad of Fire (1997)
Director: James Knight  
Actors: James Knight   Jeff Scheftel   Michael Singh  
Ballad of the Skeletons (1997)
Director: Gus Van Sant  
Actors: Allen Ginsberg  
Ballerina Finale (1997)
Director: Christine Rasmussen  
Actors: Chase Masterson   Tim Brod   Carmen Mercado  
Ballermann 6 (1997)
Director: Tom Gerhardt   Gernot Roll  
Actors: Tom Gerhardt   Hilmi Sözer   Christoph M. Ohrt  
Ballet for Life (1997)

Maurice Bejart's ballet celebrating the life of Freddie Mercury and Jorge Donn is performed to music by Queen and Mozart...

Director: Maurice Béjart   David Mallet  
Balloons, Streamers (1997)
Director: Josh Sternfeld  
Actors: Kelly Cleary   Dennis Gagomiros   Ladd Patellis  
Balls (1997)
Director: Sam Morrison  
Actors: Michael Rosen  
Bampira (1997)
Director: Lore Reyes  
Bananas in Bedlam (1997)

Where are they now? A documentary look at what's become of Curious George, former star of children's books,= - with talk...

Director: Jonathan O'Beirne  
Actors: Davis Campbell  
Banarasi Babu (1997)

Wealthy business, Chaubey, his wife, Lily, and daughter, Madhubala, return from Britain in order to visit India and find...

Director: David Dhawan  
Actors: Govinda   Ramya Krishnan   Kader Khan  
Bandagistenglück (1997)
Director: Maria Teresa Camoglio  
Actors: Jule Ronstedt   Jasmin Tabatabai   Ruth Drexel  
Bandh Jharoke (1997)
Director: Prema Karanth  
Actors: Tushar Dalvi   Gulshan Grover   Atul Kulkarni  
Bandido (1997)
Actors: Zoren Legaspi   Anjanette Abayari  
Bandits (1997)

Four female cons who have formed a band in prison get a chance to play at a police ball outside the walls. They take the...

Director: Katja von Garnier  
Actors: Katja Riemann   Jasmin Tabatabai   Nicolette Krebitz  
Bandyta (1997)
Director: Maciej Dejczer  
Actors: Til Schweiger   Polly Walker   Pete Postlethwaite  
Ban sheng yuan (1997)

Factory worker Shijun encounters an office girl, Manjing, as they work in the same company together. Manjing's sister, M...

Director: Ann Hui  
Actors: You Ge   Lei Huang   Leon Lai  
Banzai (1997)
Director: Carlo Vanzina  
Actors: Paolo Villaggio  
Bao (1997)
Director: Johnny Joo   William Mar  
Actors: Steven E. Daniels  
Bapa (1997)
Director: Prashant Nanda  
Actors: Mihir Das   Sirkant Gautam   Munna Khan  
B*A*P*S (1997)

Nisi and Mickey are girlfriends who work as waitresses. To get the necessary money for opening their dream restaurant th...

Director: Robert Townsend  
Actors: Halle Berry   Martin Landau   Ian Richardson  
Barangolások Írországban (1997)
Director: Zoltán Zsupos  
Bara prata lite (1997)

Birger is old and retired from work. Still, he goes back to work since he has nothing else to do. Back home he gets a ra...

Director: Lukas Moodysson  
Actors: Sten Ljunggren   Cecilia Frode   Erich Hörtnagl  
Barbacoa sangrienta (1997)

Un grupo de jóvenes se disponen a realizar una barbacoa en casa de un excéntrico amigo. Todo va perfectamente hasta qu...

Director: Albert Cervera   Iñaki Devesa   Guillem Feliú  
Actors: Guillem Feliú   Manuel Otaola   Isabel Fernández  
Barbara (1997)

Young vicar Mr. Paul arrives at the Faroe Islands to take up a benefice, and meets the young Barbara, twice married to v...

Director: Nils Malmros  
Actors: Anneke von der Lippe   Lars Simonsen   Trond Høvik  
Barbara och stövlarna (1997)

An animated cartoon which was made with a new and untried technique. Animated with a live actress, computer graphics and...

Director: Martina Bigert  
Actors: Åsa Johannisson  
Barbecue: A Love Story (1997)
Director: Stacy Kirk  
Actors: Peter Flemming   Babs Chula   Suzy Joachim  
Barbie (1997)
Director: Natasha Arthy  
Barbie Wire: A Dyke with an Attitude (1997)
Director: Patti Rhodes-Lincoln  
Actors: Hank Armstrong   John Decker   Lisa Ann  
Bare Fist: The Sport That Wouldn't Die (1997)
Director: David Monaghan  
Actors: Lenny McLean  
Bareizm (1997)
Director: Agnieszka Arnold  
Actors: Jan Bareja   Jerzy Bonczak   Jacek Fedorowicz  
Baril sa baril (1997)
Director: Romy Suzara  
Actors: Zoren Legaspi  
Barluschke (1997)
Director: Thomas Heise  
Barn of the Blood Llama (1997)

Inbred hillbillies trap various passersby at their World o Wool llama farm where an animal coroner is conducting genetic...

Director: Kevin L. West  
Actors: Clive Barker   David Boone   Fred Ellis  
Barnone (1997)
Director: Mark Tuit  
Actors: William MacDonald   Anthony Dohm   Cavan Cunningham  
Barokní opera (1997)
Director: Miroslav Janek  
Actors: Petr Forman   Matej Forman  
Barracuda (1997)
Director: Philippe Haïm  
Actors: Jean Rochefort   Guillaume Canet   Claire Keim  
Barricade (1997)
Director: In-ho Yun  
Actors: Eui-sung Kim   Jeong-kyun Kim   Eun-jeong Park  
Barrio de sangre (1997)
Director: Luis Eduardo Agüero  
Barroco natural: El nuevo éxito de la industria del cine (1997)

Experimental film. In 1997 the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires include this work in a Charif's cinematography retro...

Director: Gustavo Charif  
Actors: Néstor Klem   Laura Klem  
Bartender (1997)
Director: Gabe Torres  
Actors: Dennis Chavez   Robert Zameroski   J.P. Pierce  
Bas de plafond (1997)
Director: Didier Bivel  
Actors: Jean-Chrétien Sibertin-Blanc   Sabine Bail   Laurence Laborie  
Basil (1997)
Director: J. David Gonella  
Actors: Edward Asner  
Bass Guitar Master Class (1997)
Actors: John Entwistle  
Bastardo (1997)
Actors: Ian Veneracion   Ina Raymundo   Raymond Bagatsing  
Batang estero (1997)
Actors: John Regala  
Batang PX (1997)
Director: Jose Javier Reyes  
Actors: Patrick Garcia   Zsa Zsa Padilla   Edu Manzano  
Bathtime (1997)

It's Rigley's birthday. He's unhappy. It's night, raining hard, he's in his pajamas, and he's addressed a suicide note t...

Director: Russell Michaels  
Actors: Alan Cumming   Julie Walters  
Batimam e Robim (1997)

Batimam and Robim are two close friends. Their real names are Léo and Mário, but they've got those nicknames after dre...

Director: Ivo Branco  
Actors: Marco Ricca   Marco Ricca   André Barros  
Batman & Robin (1997)

Batman and Robin are back working side-by-side to stop the villains of Gotham City, but is there tension appearing betwe...

Director: Joel Schumacher  
Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger   Arnold Schwarzenegger   George Clooney  
Battle of the Sexes (1997)

She's in a little black dress; he's wearing a sports shirt, his T-shirt showing. They've been talking in a classy bar. H...

Director: Eric Kripke  
Actors: Sasha Alexander   Andrew Shaifer   Liz Johnson  
Battle Sounds (1997)
Director: John Carluccio  
Actors: Afrika Bambaataa   Steve Dee   Grand Mixer DXT  
Baunsu ko gaurusu (1997)

Lisa is 16. She is leaving for New York tommorow at 11 a.m. She saved some money but she would like to get some more - j...

Director: Masato Harada  
Actors: Hitomi Satô   Yasue Satô   Yukiko Okamoto  
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