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Aayiram Meni (1999)
Director: I.V. Sasi  
Actors: Manoj K. Jayan   Ganesh Kumar   Lalu Alex  
Abandonos (1999)
Director: Alejandro Gerber Bicecci  
Actors: Juan Carlos Vives   Erika de la Llave   Monserrat Ontiveros  
Abba Holekh Liktze Ha'Olam (1999)
Director: Tali Goder  
ABCD (1999)
Director: Krutin Patel  
Actors: Madhur Jaffrey   Faran Tahir   Sheetal Sheth  
Abel Villarama: Armado (1999)
Director: Val Iglesias  
Actors: Ace Vergel   Ina Raymundo   Tirso Cruz III  
Abendland (1999)
Director: Fred Kelemen  
Actors: Adolfo Assor   Thomas Baumann   Wolfgang Michael  
Abenteuer mit Fix und Fax - Das fliegende Geschenk (1999)
Director: Ralf Kukula   Udo Lemke  
Actors: Rolf Römer  
Aber auch ich (1999)
Director: Urs Wäckerli  
Abilene (1999)
Director: Joe Camp III  
Actors: Ernest Borgnine   Kim Hunter   James Morrison  
Abner Zurd Revealed (1999)
Director: Lori Fontanes  
A Bold Affair (1999)
Director: Rick Jacobson  
Actors: Jeff Trachta   Schae Harrison   Sandra Robinson  
A bolond gránátalmafa (1999)
Director: Péter Mészáros  
Actors: Slava Gasparov   Vakhtang Komakhidze   Péter Mészáros  
Aboud ala el hedoud (1999)
Director: Sherif Arafa  
Actors: Alaa Waley El Din   Ezzat Abou Aouf  
About Five Minutes (1999)
Director: Scott Morgan  
Actors: Damien Denny   Philip Richey   Niko Thomas  
About Love (1999)
Director: Raf Reyntjens  
Actors: Mon Pasmans   David Wyns   Emmy Leemans  
Above All Else: The Everest Dream (1999)
Director: Jamie Clarke   Leigh Clarke  
Actors: Jamie Clarke   Leigh Clarke   Alan Hobson  
A Boy a Girl and a Dead Cat (1999)
Director: Jon Brekke  
Actors: Jeremy Pippin   Kira Weber   Deneb Catalan  
A Boy's Life (1999)
Director: Dylan Trivette  
Actors: Matthew R. Zboyovski  
Abracadabra (1999)
Director: François Roussillon  
Abrelatas (1999)
Director: Fabián De Posada  
Absence (1999)

An old man is bicycling through a forest when a small child appears in the distance. The man abandons his bike and follo...

Director: David M. Rosenthal  
Actors: Ben Feuer   Madison Bates  
Absolute Giganten (1999)

In the port town of Hamburg, Germany, Floyd decides that he's shipping out to South Africa and Singapore now that his tw...

Director: Sebastian Schipper  
Actors: Frank Giering   Florian Lukas   Antoine Monot Jr.  
Absolutt blåmandag (1999)

John and Siri Lill are a couple who have been together for most of their forty something years, but are yet to be marrie...

Director: Petter Næss  
Actors: Ingar Helge Gimle   Brit Elisabeth Haagensli   Per Christian Ellefsen  
Abuelita, mi cafe (1999)
Director: Aireth Rodriguez  
Abuelitos (1999)
Director: Paco Plaza  
Actors: Antonio Duque  
A Bunny Girl's Tale (1999)

Intrigued by the desire to have been a Bunny Girl, the director takes a look at what it meant. Interviewing several of t...

Director: Sarah Miles  
Actors: Nigel Dali   John Mansell   Gavin Matthews  
A Caçada (1999)
Director: Luís Trigo  
Actors: Fernando Lupach   Renato Oliveira   Mário Pinto  
Academic Advances (1999)
Director: Chris Ingersoll  
Actors: Emily Ingersoll   Sean MacKendrick   Lucas Ritchie  
A Calcutta Christmas (1999)
Director: Maree Delofski  
A Car Stopped... (1999)

A pair of American slackers travel across Europe in a car. As they run out of gas they come across a petrol station that...

Director: Ruaridh Webster  
Actors: Jake Broder   Edward Laurie   Matt Rippy  
A casa di Irma (1999)
Director: Alberto Bader  
Actors: Valeria Milillo   Rosalinda Celentano   Angela Ricciardi  
Accidents (1999)
Director: Pascal Laëthier  
Actors: Lionel Abelanski   Cyrille Josselyn   Baptiste Roussillon  
According to Occam's Razor (1999)
Director: Philippe Mora  
Actors: William J. Birnes   Michael R. Blaha   Sandy Gutman  
Aces (1999)
Director: Ntandazo Gcingca  
Actors: Keith wa Lehurele   Graham Weir   Bo Peterson  
A Change of Climate (1999)

Three scheming players work each other over in a game of double-cross in classic noir fashion, the story centering aroun...

Director: Chris Robertson  
Actors: Victor Argo   Asa Somers   Jessica Hardin  
Achnai's Oven (1999)

This 15 minutes movie is shown a few times a day inside a cave-like theater, on 6 huge screens surrounding the audience....

Director: Nissan Belkin  
Actors: Niko Nitai  
Achtung Grenze (1999)
Director: Franz Leopold Schmelzer  
Acide animé (1999)
Director: Guillaume Bréaud  
Actors: Ludivine Sagnier   Didier Bénureau  
Acid Freaks (1999)
Director: Philippe H. Bergeron  
Actors: Michael Leach   Rishi Rakhit   Caroline Bessette  
A cielo cubierto (1999)
Director: Julián Andrade  
Actors: Guillermo Bergandi   Sebastián Ricci   Rita Libchaber  
A Cilada com Cinco Morenos (1999)
Director: Luiz Borges  
A Cinnamon Roll Story (1999)

A good Catholic school girl from a small town aspires to be a Hollywood star, just like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. The ch...

Director: Heather Ragsdale  
Actors: AmyKate Storey   Weston Blakesley   Carol Stanzione  
A Clean Break (1999)

Eric and Bridget have broken up, and she hasn't called. He checks his phone and his answering machine, both are working....

Director: Nicole Evenhuis   David Hatfield  
Actors: Michael Naughton   Laurie Okin   Brian Hall  
A Clown in Babylon (1999)

Haunted by childhood memories of his father's murder, Frank Carroll, private detective/circus clown, sets out on a missi...

Director: Nick Taylor  
Actors: Charles Balcer  
Ça commence aujourd'hui (1999)

Daniel is schoolmaster of a kindergarten in a small French town. The local economy, which depended entirely on coal prod...

Director: Bertrand Tavernier  
Actors: Philippe Torreton   Maria Pitarresi   Nadia Kaci  
A Common Confusion (1999)
Director: Spencer Parsons  
Actors: Scott Wilcox   Ron Berry Jr.   Jessica Hedrick  
A Cry from the Grave (1999)
Director: Leslie Woodhead  
Actress (1999)
Director: Daniel Yost  
Actors: Millicent Ally   Tassa Hampton   Tangi Miller  
A Dama de Chandor (1999)
Director: Catarina Mourão  
A Day at the Office (1999)
Director: Brad Thomas  
A Day in the Life of Stripe (1999)
Director: Andrij B. Kopytko  
A Day Will Come (1999)

An intimate look at a Pakistani family's struggle with tradition and social change as they celebrate the engagement of t...

Director: Britt Hamilton   Jennifer Rashleigh  
Addicted to Solitude (1999)
Director: Jon Bang Carlsen  
Aïd El Kebir (1999)
Director: Karin Albou  
Actors: Soria Moufakkir   Fatiha Berber  
Adieu, plancher des vaches! (1999)

Nicholas is the eldest son of a wealthy suburban family, whose businesswoman mother makes deals from a helicopter and ha...

Director: Otar Iosseliani  
Actors: Nico Tarielashvili   Lily Lavina   Philippe Bas  
A Different Journey (1999)
Director: Avner ben Yair  
Actors: Nevo Kimchi   Shira Farber  
Adiós, Eva, te quiero (1999)
Director: Antonio Hens  
Actors: Zoe Berriatúa   Luis Hostalot   Ángel Jodrá  
Adiós, princesa (1999)
Director: Jesús Álamo  
Actors: Joan Arqué   Juanra Bonet   Ángel Galán  
Admit One (1999)

Into an empty movie theater comes a single spectator, a box of popcorn in hand. He tries various seats before settling d...

Director: Patrick Gillies  
Actors: Isaac Aesili   David Gillies   David Sheard  
A Dog of Flanders (1999)

Poor but happy, young Nello and his grandfather live alone, delivering milk as a livelihood, in the outskirts of Antwerp...

Director: Kevin Brodie  
Actors: Jack Warden   Jeremy James Kissner   Jesse James  
A Dog's Tale (1999)
Director: Craig Clyde  
Actors: Gordon Jump   Anne Lockhart   David Bowe  
A domani (1999)
Director: Gianni Zanasi  
Actors: Stefania Rivi   Andrea Corneti   Wilson Saba  
A Domestic Incident (1999)
Director: Christopher Harwood  
Actors: Neal Matarazzo  
Adorenarin doraibu (1999)

This parody of popular Japanese teenage girls' romances includes slapstick in a comedy of robbers versus robbers. When a...

Director: Shinobu Yaguchi  
Actors: Masanobu Andô   Yutaka Matsushige   Mikita Ogata  
Advice from a Caterpillar (1999)

When it comes to romance, Missy's attitude has always been whatever. After all, her artistic career is flourishing...her...

Director: Don Scardino  
Actors: Patrick Breen   Andy Dick   Alice Drummond  
Adwa (1999)
Director: Haile Gerima  
A Ellas les gusta apretar (1999)
Director: Fernando Coster  
A famiglia (1999)
Director: Marco Turco  
Afanta (1999)
Actors: Niruta Singh  
A Fine Day for Flying (1999)
Director: Russell DeGrazier  
Actors: Caroline Aaron   Cathleen Coyle   Alex Stamm  
Afinskie vechera (1999)
Director: Pyotr Gladilin  
Actors: Lev Durov   Dmitriy Shevchenko   Olga Aroseva  
A Fish in the Bathtub (1999)
Director: Joan Micklin Silver  
Actors: Jerry Stiller   Anne Meara   Mark Ruffalo  
A Floating Wear (1999)
Director: Yoshikatsu Kawano  
A Force More Powerful (1999)
Director: Steve York  
Actors: Ben Kingsley  
Afraid of Everything (1999)
Director: David Barker  
Actors: Nathalie Richard   Sarah Adler   Daniel Aukin  
Africa (1999)
Director: Paul Matthews  
Actors: Dorette Potgieter   Greg Wise   Patrick Bergin  
Africa (1999)
Director: Faith Hubley  
A Friend Comes to Visit (1999)
Director: Lorena David  
After Hours Happy Hour (1999)
Director: John E. Mocombe  
Actors: Stu 'Large' Riley  
After Life (1999)
Director: Bryant Paul Richardson  
After One Cigarette (1999)
Director: Peter Stougaard  
Actors: Nobu McCarthy   Brittany Ishibashi   Jim Ishida  
After Romeo (1999)
Director: Peter Alsop   Ellen Geer  
Actors: Peter Alsop   James Avery   Alan Blumenfeld  
After Shave (1999)
Director: Noël Mitrani  
Actors: Sacha Bourdo   Fabienne Galula   Tony Gaultier  
After Stonewall (1999)
Director: John Scagliotti  
Actors: Barney Frank   Harry Hay   Larry Kramer  
After the Rain (1999)
Director: Ross Kettle  
Actors: Paul Bettany   Louise Lombard   Ariyon Bakare  
Against the Grain (1999)
Director: Ronald Bolisay  
Actors: Ronald Bolisay   Brian Gossett  
Age to Age (1999)
Director: Aaron Rotan  
Actors: R. Keith Harris   Neill Clark   Cass Cornwall  
A Girl Is a Girl (1999)
Director: Reginald Harkema  
Actors: Andrew McIntyre   Rhonda Dent   Laurie Baranyay  
A Glance Away (1999)
Director: Brin Hill  
Actors: Mark Breland   Roger Aaron Brown   Eugene Byrd  
Agnes Browne (1999)

The unexpected death of her husband sends a woman and her seven children, ages 2-14, into emotional turmoil and financia...

Director: Anjelica Huston  
Actors: Anjelica Huston   Marion O'Dwyer   Niall O'Shea  
Agnes, Maude & Pearly Too (1999)
Director: Erica Glynn  
Actors: Julie Godfrey   Jacquy Phillips  
Agni Sakshi (1999)
Director: Shyamaprasad  
Actors: Rajit Kapoor   Madambu Kunhukuttan   Madhupal  
Agobiado y distraído en un motel de carretera una calurosa noche de primavera con seis preguntas y tres muertos (1999)
Director: Miguel Escamilla   Ángeles Martínez  
Actors: Eulogio Daspenas   Ignacio De los Santos   Miguel Ángel García Giner  
Agáta (1999)
Director: Dan Krames  
Actors: Eva Salzmanová   David Prachar   Jirí Ornest  
A Guard for the Spring (1999)
Director: Mahmoud Saemin  
A Guide to a Renamed City (1999)
Director: Michael Yaroshevsky  
Agujetas cantaor (1999)
Director: Dominique Abel  
Actors: Manuel Agujetas  
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