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Alucinación (1999)
Director: Ana Halabe  
A Luv Tale (1999)
Director: Sidra Smith  
Actors: MC Lyte  
A Luz Submersa (1999)
Director: Fernando Matos Silva  
Al Warda Al Hamraa' (1999)
Director: Inas Al Degheidy  
Actors: Youssra   Mustafa Fahmy   Ahmed Ramzy  
Alyas Big Time (1999)
Director: Pong Mercado  
Actors: Zoren Legaspi   Zoren Legaspi   Ana Capri  
Alyas Lakay (1999)
Director: Nilo Saez  
Actors: Fernando Poe Jr.  
Alyas Pogi: Ang pagbabalik (1999)
Director: Joey Del Rosario  
Actors: Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr.   Ara Mina   Tonton Gutierrez  
Alzheimer, mon amour (1999)
Director: Carine Lefebvre  
A Man's Best Friend (1999)
Director: Otto Bathurst  
Actors: Andrew Lincoln   Lisa Snowdon  
A Map of the World (1999)

School nurse Alice Goodwin lives with her husband and two daughters on a dairy farm in a small Wisconsin community. Afte...

Director: Scott Elliott  
Actors: Sigourney Weaver   Dara Perlmutter   David Strathairn  
A Marca de Bravo (1999)
Director: Jorge Silva Melo  
A Margherita with Hot Salami (1999)
Director: Daina Reid  
Actors: Frances O'Connor   Paul Leyden  
Amarkalam (1999)

Vasu is a tough street crook who lives at a movie theater. One day while transporting the reels of a new film, he clashe...

Director: Saran  
Actors: Ajith Kumar   Shalini   Raghuvaran  
Amasando estrellas (1999)
Director: Rogelio Paris  
Amateur Night (1999)
Director: Barb Sniderman  
Actors: Carolyn Kelly   Olivia Palenstein   David Hewlett  
A Matter of Life and Breath (1999)
Director: Eli Kabillio  
Amazing Grace: Trapeze and Transcendence (1999)
Director: Naomi McCormack  
Actors: Sam Keen  
Amazing Journey (1999)

Amazing Journey takes us into the hearts and lives of America's undiscovered talent. Follow them on the path to self dis...

Director: Frederic Lumiere  
Actors: Michael Dawson   Mark Hefti   Mark Hefti  
Amazing Journeys (1999)
Director: George Casey  
Actors: Robert Foxworth  
Amazing World (1999)
Director: Denise Ohio  
Actors: Maiz Lucero  
Amazing World India (1999)
Director: Pan Nalin  
Amber City (1999)
Director: Jem Cohen  
Ambrose in Trouble (1999)
Director: Dan Pascoe  
Ame agaru (1999)

Ihei Misawa and his wife Tayo, stranded by rains at a country inn, bring a great deal of happiness to the other resident...

Director: Takashi Koizumi  
Actors: Akira Terao   Yoshiko Miyazaki   Shirô Mifune  
Am Ende des Ganges (1999)
Director: Michael Muschner  
Actors: Ulrich Wildgruber  
Amerasians (1999)
Director: Erik Gandini  
America (1999)
Director: Savvas Karydas  
Actors: Giorgos Armenis   Mihalis Giannatos   Dimitris Koutsiabasakos  
American Ammayi (1999)
Director: G.K. Gauthaman  
Actors: Jagathi Sreekumar   Kalpana   Premkumar  
American Beauty (1999)

Lester and Carolyn Burnham are on the outside, a perfect husband and wife, in a perfect house, in a perfect neighborhood...

Director: Sam Mendes  
Actors: Kevin Spacey   Annette Bening   Thora Birch  
American Born (1999)
Director: Seidy Lopez  
Actors: Otis Bell   Jack Kyle   P.J. Marino  
American Chain Gang (1999)

Director Xackery Irving's award-winning documentary American Chain Gang profiles the experiences of he prisoners and off...

Director: Xackery Irving  
Actors: Daniel Jensen   Douglas Vaxter  
American Civ. -1 (1999)
Director: Devin Uzan  
Actors: Fred Tatasciore   Devin Uzan  
American Detective (1999)
Director: Dan Brown  
Actors: Jonny Mars   Juliana Sheffield   Bill Wise  
American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land (1999)

America is the home to one million Gypsies, or Rom, whose rich culture has long been mysterious to outsiders. A flamboya...

Director: Jasmine Dellal  
Actors: William Duna   Ian Hancock   Grover Marks  
American Hollow (1999)
Director: Rory Kennedy  
Actors: Bascum Bowling   Clint Bowling   Edgar Bowling  
American Intellectuals (1999)
Director: Paige Taylor  
Actors: Rod Biermann   Allison Dean   Peter Gibson  
American Movie (1999)

On the northwest side of Milwaukee, Mark Borchardt dreams the American dream: for him, it's making movies. Using relativ...

Director: Chris Smith  
Actors: Mark Borchardt   Tom Schimmels   Monica Borchardt  
American Passport (1999)
Director: Reed Paget  
American Pie (1999)

Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin are four friends who make a pact that before they graduate they will all lose their virginity. ...

Director: Chris Weitz   Paul Weitz  
Actors: Jason Biggs   Chris Klein   Thomas Ian Nicholas  
American Pimp (1999)

Street pimps, all of them African-American, discuss their lives and work: getting started, being flamboyant, pimping in ...

Director: Albert Hughes   Allen Hughes  
Actors: Too $hort   John S. Dickson   Antonio Fargas  
American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith (1999)
Director: Lee B. Groberg  
Actors: Eric Artell   Joseph Batzel   Sam Dalton  
American Rural West (1999)

Indigo finds herself adjusting to life and relationships after having been abducted by aliens. She soon finds herself in...

Director: Ken Dosch   Wyatt Neumann  
Actors: Katie McCarthy   Wyatt Neumann   April Goettle  
American Virgin (1999)
Director: Jean-Pierre Marois  
Actors: Mark Adair-Rios   Jason Bercy   Brian Bloom  
Amerikanos (1999)

Tale of a Greek immigrant in San Francisco, Christos Dimas speaks convincingly about his own experience as a gay man in ...

Director: Christos Dimas  
Actors: Christos Dimas   Paul Gerrior   Bob Wott  
Amic/Amat (1999)
Director: Ventura Pons  
Actors: Josep Maria Pou   Rosa Maria Sardà   Mario Gas  
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

Shakespeare's intertwined love polygons begin to get complicated from the start--Demetrius and Lysander both want Hermia...

Director: Michael Hoffman  
Actors: Kevin Kline   Michelle Pfeiffer   Rupert Everett  
Amigos (1999)
Director: Claudio del Valle  
Actors: Luciano Cruz Coke   Pablo Macaya   Jaime McManus  
A Mile in My Shoes (1999)
Director: Denise C. Plumb  
Actors: Markhum Stansbury Jr.   Janelle Ginestra   Shelley Phillips  
Ami marad (1999)
Director: Edit Zakál  
A Mind of Your Own (1999)
Director: Gail Sweeney  
Amn Dawla (1999)
Director: Nader Galal  
Actors: Ahmed Diab   Youssef Fawzi   Yaser Galal  
Amnesia (1999)
Director: Jerry Tartaglia  
A Moça e o Rapaz Valente (1999)
Director: Simião Martiniano  
Actors: Borba Gato   João Manoel   Michele Burgo  
A Moment of War (1999)
Director: Robert Biehn  
A Moment's Recital (1999)
Director: Andrew Glasgow  
Actors: Scot Lockman  
Amor color reptil (1999)
Director: Alejandro Hartmann  
Actors: Ricky Behrens   Melina Macaggi   Abain Vain  
Amor con amor se paga (1999)
Director: Tomas Piard  
Actors: Jorge Alí   Ernesto Faxas   Larisa Vega Alamar  
Amor de madre (1999)
Director: Koldo Serra   Gorka Vázquez  
Actors: Mariví Bilbao   Jon Ariño   Begoña Crego  
Amore a prima vista (1999)
Director: Vincenzo Salemme  
Actors: Vincenzo Salemme   Maurizio Casagrande   Carlo Buccirosso  
A Morel fiú (1999)
Director: János Xantus  
Actors: Szabolcs Hajdu   Iván Kamarás   Iván Darvas  
Amor nello specchio (1999)
Director: Salvatore Maira  
Actors: Anna Galiena   Peter Stormare   Simona Cavallari  
Amor Que Fica (1999)
Director: Marco Altberg  
Actors: Júlia Lemmertz   Alexandre Borges   Roberto Bomtempo  
Amor serrano (1999)
Director: Luis Liste  
Actors: Luis Pablo Román   Luis Tosar   Cristina Pascual  
A Morte do Cinema (1999)
Director: Pedro Sena Nunes  
Amour fou (1999)

Amour Fou is a psychological thriller in which three characters are confronted in a room with no more than a chair, a ro...

Director: Beatriz Pérez Moreno  
Actors: Daniel Merriman   Kareem Rogers   Margaret Graves  
Amplifier (1999)

In the future, a shared addiction to televisual technology haunts the lives of new mother Miranda, and twenty-five years...

Director: Glenn Forbes  
Actors: Chris Allen   Gabe Bettio   Todd Morgan  
AM/PM (1999)

Taking its title from an all-day/all-night convenience store, AM/PM examines the famous Las Vegas "Strip," portraying th...

Director: Sarah Morris  
Amsterdam (1999)
Director: Marco Ponti  
Actors: Gianni Carretta Pontone   Michele Di Mauro   Stefano Sardo  
A Murder in Abidjan (1999)
Director: Mosco Boucault  
Am zin (1999)

Dying Wah has nothing to be afraid of anymore when he realizes that he has only 4 weeks to live, and he's determined to ...

Director: Johnnie To  
Actors: Andy Lau   Ching Wan Lau   YoYo Mung  
An African-American in Russia (1999)
Director: Jamal Hodge  
Anaganaga Oka Ammayi (1999)
Director: Ramesh Sarangan  
Actors: Abbas   Ali   Brahmanandam  
Anakan mo ako (1999)
Director: Humilde 'Meek' Roxas  
Actors: Klaudia Koronel   Anton Bernardo   Gino Ilustre  
Anak Duyung (1999)
Director: Faizal Mohd Zulkifli   Mohd Naguib Razak  
Actors: Abdullah bin Muda   Abdullah bin Muda  
Anak halal (1999)
Director: Osman Ali  
Analyze This (1999)

Ben Sobol, Psychiatrist, has a few problems: His son spies on his patients when they open up their heart, his parents do...

Director: Harold Ramis  
Actors: Robert De Niro   Billy Crystal   Lisa Kudrow  
An Ambiguous Feeling (1999)
Director: Ilko Dundakov  
An Amsterdam Tale (1999)
Director: Dorna van Rouveroy  
Actors: Joe Maruzzo   Ellen Ten Damme   Sylvia Kristel  
An Angel in the Village (1999)
Director: Glenn Holsten  
Actors: Elimo Njau   Lily Yeh  
Anantha Poongathe (1999)
Director: Raj Kapoor  
Actors: Karthik   Ajith Kumar   Meena  
Anari No. 1 (1999)

Naive Raja is employed as a lowly waiter in a hotel. One day he serves and looks after a wealthy businessman K.K., who l...

Director: Sandesh Kohli  
Actors: Govinda   Govinda   Raveena Tandon  
Ça n'arrive pas qu'aux autres (1999)
Director: Ghislain Ouattara  
Anatomia de uma Exposição (1999)
Director: Arthur Omar  
Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy (1999)

Six archeology students are spending the summer at an isolated rural compound with their college professor, working on a...

Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Jeff Peterson   Trent Latta   Ariauna Albright  
Andares in Time of War (1999)
Director: Alejandra Jiménez López  
And Baby Makes 2 (1999)
Director: Judy Katz   Oren Rudavsky  
...And Call Me in the Morning (1999)
Director: Sid Melton  
Actors: Sid Melton   Trish Cook   Frank Sinatra Jr.  
Anderson Unbound (1999)
Director: Sheldon Serkin  
Actors: John Armour   David Boyce   Brad Feraday  
Andreas, oi anamniseis mias oikogeneias (1999)
Director: Nikos Pilavios  
Actors: Andreas Papandreou  
André Hazes, zij gelooft in mij (1999)
Director: John Appel  
Actors: André Hazes   Jos Brink  
Andromina: The Pleasure Planet (1999)
Director: Darren Moloney  
Actors: Shyra Deland   Christian Boeving   Mike Roman  
And So to Bed (1999)
Director: Jeffrey McKay  
Actors: Guy Maddin   George Toles  
And the Body Calls the Spirit (1999)
Director: Lisa Lucas  
An Endless Story (1999)
Director: Darko Bucan  
An Eternal Lover (1999)

Stefcho is 82 years old. He lives in a miserable panel flat in a far-flung neighborhood. Like all Bulgarian pensioners, ...

Director: Nikolai Volev  
An Eternity (1999)
Director: Daehyun Kim  
An Evening of Christian Radio (1999)
Director: Jonathan Hennessey  
Actors: Jim Canning   Joe McDuffie  
Ang Boyfriend kong pari (1999)
Director: Ronnie Ricketts  
Actors: Ronnie Ricketts   Vina Morales   Zoren Legaspi  
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