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Angel (1999)
Director: Wayne Yung  
Angel (1999)
Director: Pablo Cantos  
Actors: Txema Blasco   Ricardo Joven   Clea Granados  
Angela's Ashes (1999)

Based on the best selling autobiography by Irish expat Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes follows the experiences of young Fr...

Director: Alan Parker  
Actors: Emily Watson   Robert Carlyle   Joe Breen  
Angel in a Cage (1999)
Director: Mary Jane Gomes  
Actors: Michael Cherrie   Damon D'Oliveira   Tony Nardi  
Angel in the Toilet (1999)
Director: Kouichi Imaizumi  
Angel in Training (1999)
Director: Gary Graver   Chick Vennera  
Actors: Laila Dagher   Danielle Pessis   Veronica Allen  
Angelique (1999)
Director: Michael Jarvis  
Actors: Marlyne Barrett   Gillian Ferrabee   Robin Wilcock  
Angel on Abbey Street (1999)
Director: Jed Nolan  
Actors: Christopher Michael Moore   Katelin Petersen   Bruce A. Young  
Angels, Baby! (1999)

When two "soul mates" wander into the same upscale Karaoke Bar, it seems these two painfully shy people will miss out on...

Director: Jeff Fisher  
Actors: Chris Jacobs   Laura Leighton   Larry Poindexter  
Angel's Dance (1999)

Tony wants to be a hitman for the Mafia, but first he has to learn from a master. Enter Stevie California-cool, eats veg...

Director: David L. Corley  
Actors: James Belushi   Sheryl Lee   Kyle Chandler  
Angene Oru Avadhikkalathu (1999)
Director: Mohan  
Actors: Sreenivasan   Samyuktha Varma   Innocent  
Ang kabit ni Mrs. Montero (1999)

Cal Montero, a wealthy filmmaker recently paralyzed from the waist down, goes to his hacienda in Negros for recovery and...

Director: Peque Gallaga   Lore Reyes  
Actors: Edu Manzano   Patricia Javier   Gardo Versoza  
Angst (1999)
Director: Mirco Hölling  
Actors: Saskia Timm   Lars Mierke  
An Ideal Husband (1999)

Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful Government minister, well-off and with a loving wife. All this is threatened when Mr...

Director: Oliver Parker  
Actors: Peter Vaughan   Rupert Everett   Minnie Driver  
Animals (1999)

The Evans' family vacation becomes a nightmare when a gang of cut-throats raid their trailer and camp site. Witnessing t...

Director: Bob Cook  
Actors: Linnea Quigley   Cat Eberwine   William DeFalco  
Anino (1999)

Anino (The Shadow) is the hero of the poor sugar-cane workers who are abused by their evil boss Victor Valdez. But Anino...

Director: Teddy Page  
Actors: Roi Vinzon   John Regala  
An Invited Guest (1999)
Director: Timothy Wayne Folsome  
Actors: Mekhi Phifer   Mari Morrow   Malinda Williams  
An I Within (1999)
Director: Hamid Rahmanian  
Anjo Negro (1999)
Director: Carlos Braga  
Actors: Ricardo Aibéo   Sofia Marques  
Anâkî in Japansuke: Mirarete iku onna (1999)

MIZUKI is infertile. Desperate for a child, she kidnaps a baby boy from the car of a couple who are screwing outside. Mi...

Director: Takahisa Zeze  
Actors: Yuichi Minato   Kazuhiro Sano   Mikio Satô  
Anna (1999)
Director: Yossi Aviram  
Anna and the King (1999)

This is the story of Anna Leonowens, the English schoolteacher who came to Siam in the 1860s to teach the children of Ki...

Director: Andy Tennant  
Actors: Jodie Foster   Yun-Fat Chow   Bai Ling  
Annabelle (1999)
Director: Brian Champeau  
Actors: Jeff Ferris   Alex Fuhrman   E.T. Hernadez  
Anne Frank's Diary (1999)
Director: Julian Wolff  
Actors: Miep Gies   Hannah Pik-Goslar  
Anni di piombo (1999)
Director: Silvio Bandinelli  
Actors: Ursula Cavalcanti   Nikki Andersson   Judytha Bella  
Anónima (1999)
Director: Magdalena Mastromarino  
Ann Loves Vince (1999)
Director: Tania Djipalo  
Annyon kimuchi (1999)
Director: Tetsuaki Matsue  
Actors: Tetsuaki Matsue   Masako Matsue  
A Noite (1999)

It's the story of a child and her mother, two lives that don't communicate with each other. Is that loneliness that some...

Director: Regina Pessoa  
A Noite Cheirava Mal (1999)
Director: Paulo Baptista   Paulo d'Alva  
Ano natsu no hi (1999)

Yuta, an absent-minded 5th-grader, is sent to spend the summer with his grandfather, whom Yuta's parents think is becomi...

Director: Nobuhiko Ôbayashi  
Actors: Takuro Atsuki   Keiju Kobayashi   Kin Sugai  
Anoosh of the Airways (1999)

A wacky and surreal tale that chronicles an Armenian immigrant from his celebrity birth on a US airplane in 1976 to his ...

Director: James Westby  
Actors: Melik Malkasian   Barbara Niven   Steven Clark Pachosa  
Anorexia (1999)
Director: Jenni Tietze  
Another Another (1999)
Director: Bea de Visser  
Actors: Rudi van Dantzig   Andrew Kelly  
Another Day (1999)
Director: Pál Tóth  
Another Kid Says Goodbye (1999)
Director: Michael Pollak  
Another Planet (1999)

Cassandra Jones is a young woman from Toronto with a very active imagination and unique view of the world. Feeling trapp...

Director: Christene Browne  
Actors: Sandy Daley   Kevin White   Marcia Brown  
Antenneforeningen (1999)

The TV antennas are removed from the roof of the building. Since no one can watch TV, the inhabitants begin to talk toge...

Director: Søren Fauli  
Actors: Søren Fauli   Trine Michelsen   Trine Runge  
Anthropophagous 2000 (1999)

A group of friends stumble onto the killing grounds of a cannibalistic loner who then mercilessly stalks down the party,...

Director: Andreas Schnaas  
Actors: Achim Kohlhase   Andre Sobottka   Dirk Thies  
Anti-hero (1999)

Ace Baldwin is a washed-up TV actor who plays sidekick on the Magna Max and Wonderboy show. The disillusioned Ace hangs ...

Director: Matt Jaissle  
Actors: Isaac Cooper   Craig Smith   Mark Arndt  
Anton & Louise (1999)
Director: David Verhaeghe  
Actors: Alex Cassiers   Gerd De Ley   Jan Debecker  
A Nursery Tale (1999)
Director: Jieho Lee  
Any Given Sunday (1999)

When a devastating hit knocks a professional football legend and quarterback Cap Rooney out of the game, a young, unknow...

Director: Oliver Stone  
Actors: Al Pacino   Cameron Diaz   Dennis Quaid  
Anything's Possible (1999)
Director: Luke Caldwell  
Actors: Steven Webb  
Anywhere But Here (1999)

Fed up with her small-town Bay City existence, Adele August leaves her family and second husband and heads for Beverley ...

Director: Wayne Wang  
Actors: Susan Sarandon   Natalie Portman   Hart Bochner  
Aogeba tôtoshi (1999)

Three young men are desperately cooking up schemes to get women to fall into their arms. After trying and rejecting seve...

Director: Yasuhiro Mimura  
Actors: Daisuke Fujii   Ryû Akihama   Yasuhiro Mimura  
Año nuevo (vida nueva) (1999)
Director: Ramiro Longo  
A Packing Suburbia (1999)
Director: Stephen Szklarski  
Actors: Thomas Brandise   Mariana Carreno   Robert Alexander  
A pagar en destino (1999)
Director: Juan Luis Bahillo  
Actors: Joan Crosas   Alicia Sánchez   César Sánchez  
A Part of Me (1999)
Director: Carl Callam  
Apberget (1999)
Director: Olof Wretling  
Actors: Tobias Morin   Mikael Wranell   Mattias Fransson  
A Perfect Little Man (1999)
Director: Jeff Hare  
Actors: Neal McDonough  
Apinamies! (1999)
Director: Johanna Vuoksenmaa  
Actors: Heikki Kujanpää   Jarmo Mäkinen   Ona Kamu  
A Place Called Home (1999)
Director: Mahmood Ali-Balogun  
Apnoia (1999)
Director: Erofili Tsamati  
Actors: Alexandros Georgiadis  
Appassionate (1999)

Il torinese Tonino De Bernardi gira nella Napoli dei Quartieri Spagnoli una dramma delle gelosie a fosche tinte. Negli a...

Director: Tonino De Bernardi  
Actors: Anna Bonaiuto   Inês de Medeiros   Iaia Forte  
Appelez-moi Alex (1999)
Director: Mario Bonenfant  
Actors: Eric Hoziel   Pier Paquette   Luc Proulx  
Applaud or Die!! (1999)
Director: Brian McKeown  
Actors: Benson Simmonds   Fiona Hogan  
Applaus (1999)
Director: Jan Hintjens   Pierre Leterme  
Apprentice (1999)

Tye Cameron is leading a dead-end, solitary life, with his only escape being his martial arts training and gambling habi...

Director: Josh Cameron  
Actors: Josh Cameron   Edward Symington   Rico  
A Preguiça E O Coco (1999)
Director: Sergio Pranzl  
Apres-Ski (1999)

A group of four young people, two girls and two boys decide to spend a night in a old, scary factory. They are warned by...

Director: Philipp Clarin  
Actors: Sara Ghersi   Melanie Sigl   Oliver Tataru  
A primeira vez (1999)
Director: M.F. Costa e Silva  
Actors: António Rodrigues   Susana Barbosa  
A Primer for Dental Extraction (1999)
Director: Carl Wiedemann  
Actors: Dominique Gallo  
A proposito di sentimenti (1999)
Director: Daniele Segre  
Apsides (1999)
Director: Spyros Diamantis  
Actors: John Christian Graas   Marya Kazakova   Judith Montgomery  
Aquarel (1999)
Director: Wilfried Mathijs  
Actors: Paul Kenens   Eva Willems  
Aquarium (1999)
Director: Natalie Kaplan  
Aquismon: sexto festival de danzas prehispanicas (1999)
Director: Patricio Cabezut   Luis Eduardo Madaria  
Araby (1999)
Director: Dennis J. Courtney  
Actors: Van Hughes  
Aragon - L'an 2000 n'aura pas lieu (1999)
Director: Bernard Dartigues  
Actors: Philippe Caubère   Michel Macias  
Aranymadár (1999)
Director: István Szaladják  
Actors: György Deim   György Horváth   József Kovács  
A Rap at the Door (1999)
Director: Mark Brozel  
Actors: Ciarán McMenamin   Patrick O'Kane   Maria Connolly  
Arcanum (1999)
Director: Alexandros Fassois  
Architettura (1999)
Director: Iara Lee  
Arcok (1999)
Director: Dóra Keresztes   István Orosz  
Ard al-Khof (1999)
Director: Daoud Abdel Sayed  
Actors: Ahmed Zaki   Farah   Hamdi Ghayth  
Ardil (1999)
Director: Róger Carlomagno   João Carlos Lemos  
Actors: Walter Portela   Eduardo Semerjian   Virgínia Buckowski  
Area 51 (1999)
Actors: Shane Anderson   J.P. Auclair   Phil Bellanger  
A Reasonable Man (1999)

A Reasonable Man tells the story of a city lawyer who comes across the case of a herdboy from remote, rural Zululand, wh...

Director: Gavin Hood  
Actors: Gavin Hood   Nigel Hawthorne   Janine Eser  
A Report from Kremikovtzi (1999)

Up until recently the Kremikovtsi metallurgical plant, which was the fruit of the life-affirming Bulgarian-Soviet friend...

Director: Nikolai Volev  
Are You Practicing Communism? (1999)
Director: Alex Jones  
A Ripper Runs Through It (1999)
Director: Mathew Kister  
Actors: Ben Brill   Jeremy Cech   Braden Johnson  
Arise! Walk Dog Eat Donut (1999)
Director: Ken Kobland  
A River in India (1999)
Director: Annette Apitz  
Actors: Ali Morrison   Isabelle Townsend  
Arjun Pandit (1999)

Arjun Dixit lives a middle class and common man life in the vicinity of Bombay India. All is well for him until one day ...

Director: Rahul Rawail  
Actors: Sunny Deol   Sunny Deol   Juhi Chawla  
Arkitektur (1999)
Director: Jesper Fabricius  
Arktiskais reiss (1999)
Director: Zigurds Vidins  
Arlington Road (1999)

Widowed when his FBI agent wife is killed in an operation against suspected terrorists, a college professor becomes incr...

Director: Mark Pellington  
Actors: Jeff Bridges   Tim Robbins   Joan Cusack  
Armadillo! (1999)
Director: Soodabeh Babcock  
Actors: Joe Grisaffi   Peter Marr   Bryan Lee McGlothin  
Armageddon Boulevard (1999)
Director: Donald G. Jackson  
Actors: Scott Shaw   Julie Strain   Kevin Eastman  
Arma Letal 5 (1999)
Director: Guillermo Jaime Alarid  
Actors: Luis de Alba   Maribel Fernández   Roberto 'Puck' Miranda  
Armastuse võimalikkusest (1999)
Director: Janno Põldma  
Armon aika (1999)
Director: Jaakko Pyhälä  
Actors: Niklas Åkerfelt   Minna Puolanto   Esko Salminen  
Arnissa (1999)
Director: Maria Oikonomou  
A Road to Elsewhere (1999)
Director: Robert Cohen   Shari Cohen  
Actors: Atom Egoyan  
A Room for Romeo Brass (1999)

Two twelve-year-old boys, Romeo and Gavin, undergo an extraordinary test of character and friendship when Morell, a naiv...

Director: Shane Meadows  
Actors: Martin Arrowsmith   Dave Blant   Darren O. Campbell  
Ça roule pas (1999)
Director: Benjamin Fontana   Philippe Fontana  
Actors: Eric Mariotto   Severine Debels  
Arrangement (1999)
Director: H.H. Cooper  
Actors: Billie James   Keskhemnu   Keith Davis  
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