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Aagos ang dugo (2001)
Director: Mauro Gia Samonte  
Actors: Gardo Versoza   Isabel Granada   Kris Lanot-Lacaba  
Aaj Ka Gunda (2001)
Director: Kanti Shah  
Actors: Dharmendra   Mohan Joshi   Shakti Kapoor  
Aalavandhan (2001)

The story follows Abhay (Haasan) who has a disturbed childhood and severe mental trauma misunderstands her to be Sister ...

Director: Suresh Krishna  
Actors: Kamal Hassan   Kamal Hassan   Raveena Tandon  
Aalilathoni (2001)
Actors: Shakeela  
Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya (2001)

Jhoomri and her husband, Bhimsha, move into a new neighbourhood. Their immediate neighbours are three squabbling couples...

Director: A.S. Ravindra Babu   K. Raghavendra Rao  
Actors: Govinda   Juhi Chawla   Tabu  
Aanandham (2001)
Director: N. Linguswamy  
Actors: Mammootty   Murali   Abbas  
Aangeraakt door een engel (2001)

When a woman puts on one of her hats to hide her bald head, memories of a painful period suddenly re-surface into realit...

Director: Beatrijs Hulskes  
Actors: Beatrijs Hulskes   Yayoi Swapp  
Aashiq (2001)

Friendly, brave, outgoing, yet shy of the opposite sex, Chander Kapoor, lives an exciting life. To add to this excitemen...

Director: Indra Kumar  
Actors: Bobby Deol   Rahul Dev   Dinesh Hingoo  
Aashirbad (2001)
Director: Shambhu Pradhan  
Actors: Rajesh Hamal   Sanjeeta   Jal Shah  
A Bad Spell (2001)

A novice witch is fed up with her slobby roommate and wants him to leave. She decides to place a spell on him, but she n...

Director: David Grotell  
Actors: Vanessa Marsot   Steven Michael Johnson   Richard Cline Cunningham  
Abakada... Ina (2001)

Abakada ina is a film dedicated to all women who strive to be the best for their children. It is about an illiterate wom...

Director: Eddie Garcia  
Actors: Lorna Tolentino   Albert Martinez   Nida Blanca  
A Barber's Wisdom (2001)
Director: Amaka Igwe  
Actors: Justus Esiri   Joy Onwubuya   Foluke Daramola  
ABC Africa (2001)

Abbas Kiarostami and his assistant, Seifollah Samadian, travel to Kampala, Uganda at the request of the UN's Internation...

Director: Abbas Kiarostami  
Actors: Abbas Kiarostami   Seyfolah Samadian  
A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A biopic of the meteoric rise of John Forbes Nash Jr., a math prodigy able to solve problems that baffled the greatest o...

Director: Ron Howard  
Actors: Russell Crowe   Ed Harris   Jennifer Connelly  
A Bela e os Pássaros (2001)
Director: Paolo Gregori  
Actors: Jairo Ferreira   Raissa Gregori  
Aberración (2001)
Director: Patricio Valladares  
Actors: Alfredo Caceres   Yuri Caceres   Giancarlos Espinoza  
A Big Bad VooDoo Video, the Making Of (2001)
Director: Van Neal  
Actors: Karl Hunter   Joshua Levy   Glen Marhevka  
Ablaze (2001)

Hoping to make a killing on the insurance money, oil refinery owner Wendell Mays decides to burn the place to the ground...

Director: Jim Wynorski  
Actors: John Bradley   Tom Arnold   Ice-T  
About a Girl (2001)
Director: Brian Percival  
Actors: Ashley Thewlis   John Slater   Sue Jaynes  
About Barbers (2001)

Regular guy Herman discovers he is having a really bad hair day just moments before an important business meeting. To av...

Director: Eric Poydar  
Actors: Michael Allosso   James Devon   Lonnie Farmer  
Above & Beyond (2001)
Director: Stuart Alexander  
Actors: Costas Mandylor   Adam Baldwin   Alexandra Paul  
Abraxas - Riti segreti dall'oltretomba (2001)
Director: Roger A. Fratter  
Actors: Brandon Wilde   Irene Giordano   Carlo Girelli  
A Breve Estória de Cândido Sampaio (2001)
Director: Pedro Carvana  
Actors: Hugo Carvana   Paula Burlamaqui  
A Bridge of Books (2001)

In 1939, Yiddish was the spoken language of three-quarters of the world's Jews. But when leading Jewish scholars convene...

Director: Sam Ball  
A Brief History of Cuba in D Minor (2001)
Director: Emily James  
Actors: Russell Brand   Rufus Dean  
Abril Despedaçado (2001)

The Brazilian badlands, April 1910. Tonho is ordered by his father to avenge the death of his older brother. The young m...

Director: Walter Salles  
Actors: José Dumont   Rodrigo Santoro   Rita Assemany  
Abrir estos ojos con tu imagen (2001)
Director: Enrique Peregrina  
Actors: Santi Alcóver   Victor Muñoz   Alicia González Laá  
Absolument fabuleux (2001)
Director: Gabriel Aghion  
Actors: Josiane Balasko   Nathalie Baye   Marie Gillain  
Absolution (2001)
Director: Daniel Bronzite  
Actors: Steve Spiro   Stella Duffy   Ana Diego  
Absolut Warhola (2001)
Director: Stanislaw Mucha  
Abuela's Revolt (2001)
Director: Cruz Angeles  
Actors: Ross de Marco   Cipriano García   Luis Ramírez  
Abunômaru taiken: Dai-roku no seikan (2001)
Director: Takaaki Hashiguchi  
Actors: Seiki Chiba   Setchin Kawaya   Takamasa Kidachi  
Abuso (2001)
Director: Alejandro Todd  
Actors: Polly   Guillermo Quintanilla   Martha Acuña  
Ab va Atash (2001)
Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani  
Actors: Leila Hatami   Parviz Parastui   Atila Pesiani  
A byahme krushi (2001)
Director: Krasimir Ivanov  
Academiata (2001)
Director: Lidiya Zlateva  
A Calling to Care (2001)
Director: Bobbi Jo Krals  
Acaluma (2001)
Director: Massimo Amici   Carlo Stoppa  
Actors: Gianpiero Cognoli   Federica Iorio  
Accidental Hero: Room 408 (2001)
Director: Terri DeBono   Steve Rosen  
Actors: Jermaine Aaron   Mike Coloma   Nathan Feingersh  
According to Spencer (2001)
Director: Shane Edelman  
Actors: Jesse Bradford   Mia Kirshner   David Krumholtz  
Aceite de perro (2001)
Director: Salvador Montes  
Actors: Enoc Leaño   Ryu Murillo Veyda   Amor Huerta  
A Century Through the Eyes of a Woman (2001)
Director: Madison Lewis  
Actors: Christina Bowen  
Achaneyanenikkishtam (2001)
Director: Suresh Krishna  
Actors: Kalabhavan Mani   Biju Menon   Lakshmi Gopalaswamy  
A Change of Plans (2001)

Nathan Gotsch's award-winning documentary, A Change of Plans, introduces the audience to Ken Loechner, a freshman studen...

Director: Nathan Gotsch  
Actors: Kenneth Loechner  
Aci gonul (2001)

Eastern Anatolia 1983: Rayna is an American university professor. She travels to Eastern Turkey to research the politica...

Director: Ersin Pertan  
Actors: Elyse Mirto   Berhan Simsek   Selçuk Yöntem  
Acordar (2001)
Director: Tiago Guedes   Frederico Serra  
Actors: Eduardo Silva  
A Crack in the Floor (2001)

For the past 33 years Jeremiah Hill has lived alone, with no contact with the outside world, and he intends to keep it t...

Director: Sean Stanek   Corbin Timbrook  
Actors: Mario Lopez   Gary Busey   Bo Hopkins  
Across the River (2001)
Director: Willie E. Dawkins  
Actors: Muriel Whitaker   Ron Dorn   Michael Aparicio  
Acústico MTV: Cássia Eller (2001)
Director: Rodrigo Carelli  
Actors: Cássia Eller  
Acting/Out (2001)
Director: Davide Dapporto   Edoardo Iannini  
Actors: Ciro Scalera   Enrico Silvestrin   Vittoria Colonna  
Acts of Worship (2001)

Alix is taken in by a photographer, Digna, who despite her friends' protests, tries to help Alix piece her life back tog...

Director: Rosemary Rodriguez  
Actors: Ana Reeder   Michael Hyatt   Nestor Rodriguez  
A Dance with Friends (2001)

Being in a mixed marriage in former Yugoslavia was not a matter of simply choosing a side, it meant being a stranger in ...

Director: Kirrilly Brentnall  
Ad Astra (2001)
Director: Mike Peter Reed  
A Day in Black and White (2001)

Two men identified only as Black Man and White Man start the film as a discussion over a speech on race to be given at s...

Director: Desmond Hall  
Actors: Harold Perrineau   Stephanie Berry   Anthony DeSando  
A Day in the Life... Dead (2001)
Actors: Robert Cucuzza   Karl Geary   Curtis Tsui  
A Day Out (2001)
Director: David Neale  
Actors: Dennis Birch   Liam Donovan   Glen Finick  
Adazhio (2001)
Director: Garri Bardin  
Addict (2001)
Director: Jay Jennings  
Actors: Jay Jennings  
A Design for a Life (2001)
Director: Jeico Castro  
Actors: Thomas Lozano   Patricia De Leon   Warren Jelinek  
Adhipathi (2001)
Director: Ravi Raja  
Actors: Nagarjuna Akkineni   Ali   Mohan Babu  
A diestra y siniestra (2001)
Director: Marcelo Gaete  
Actors: Simón Bergman   Yerko Farías   Eugenio Morales  
Adieu Babylone (2001)

Anouk, a sixteen year old Parisian schoolgirl, has a crush on Laurel, a young man she hardly knows and who doesn't know ...

Director: Raphaël Frydman  
Actors: Isild Le Besco   Emmanuel Faventines   Raphaël Frydman  
A Dios (2001)
Director: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire  
Actors: Luvin Bonilla Simancas  
Adjustments (2001)
Director: Stewart Raffill  
Actors: Amber Moore   Al Sapienza   Sedwitz DuMont  
A Documentary (2001)

Tells the story of fulfillment through life, death and stand-up comedy. "A Documentary" features a series of stand-up co...

Director: Richard May  
Actors: Jimmy Shubert   Rick Gutierrez   Eddie Gossling  
A Dog Story (2001)
Director: Dina Mande  
Actors: Emma Weinstein   Sophia Weinstein  
Adoro tu vómito (2001)
Director: Pablo Montero  
Actors: José Gamo   Olalla Colás   Lara Freire  
Adraka na mraka (2001)
Director: Ales Suk  
Adriaans plaag (2001)
Director: Jos Driessen  
Actors: Theo Maassen   Godfried van Run   Herman van de Wijdeven  
Adrian's Hole (2001)
Director: Ross Ferguson  
Actors: Bob Werner  
Adventures in Paradise (2001)
Director: Stephen Geoffreys  
Adventures of Dennis Da Menace: South Beach (2001)
Director: Tim Wilson  
Actors: DJ Clue   Anthony 'Treach' Criss   Devin The Dude  
Adventures with Sarah: Episode 4 - Rip It Off (2001)
Director: Dale Fabrigar  
Actors: Sean McEwen   Kelly Carlton  
Aerosomnia (2001)
Director: Josef Abrhám Jr.  
Actors: Zdenek Andrlík   Kristina Danková   Martin Davídek  
A Family Affair (2001)

Rachel flees NYC after another traumatic breakup and arrives at her parents' home in San Diego. They are adamant to see ...

Director: Helen Lesnick  
Actors: Helen Lesnick   Erica Shaffer   Arlene Golonka  
Affaire Libinski (2001)
Director: Delphine Jaquet   Philippe Lacôte  
Actors: Denis Lavant   Fatima Aibout   Martin Selze  
Afinação da Interioridade (2001)
Director: Roberto Berliner  
Actors: Gilberto Gil  
Afno Ghar Afno Manche (2001)
Director: Narayan Puri  
Actors: Dilip Raymajhi   Niruta Singh  
A Fresh Start (2001)
Director: Jason Buxton  
Actors: Stephen Arnold   Coel Ernst   Shea Lutwick  
Africanize It! (2001)
Director: Enrico Vecchi  
Africano (2001)
Director: Amr Arafa  
Actors: Ahmed el-Sakka   Mona Zaki   Hassan Hosny  
Afsana Dilwalon Ka (2001)

A devout but a very naive Muslim youth Banne (Ashish Kaul) leaves his home-land to go to the City to live with Shakeel (...

Director: J. Om Prakash  
Actors: Ashish Kaul   Juni   Rahul Roy  
Afscheid van vrijdag (2001)
Director: Cherry Duyns  
Afta (2001)
Director: Kornél Mundruczó  
Actors: Tamás Polgár   Robert Hegyi   Kata Wéber  
After (2001)
Director: Byron Lamarque  
Actors: Janine Cox   Michelle Lefler   Daniel Martin  
After April (2001)
Director: Brian Evans  
Actors: Michael McKiddy   Angela Duffy   Ethan Jordan  
After Image (2001)

The crime photographer Joe MacCormack is tired of his profession and he quits his job and he visits his Aunt Cora that h...

Director: Robert Manganelli  
Actors: John Mellencamp   Terrylene   Michael Zelniker  
Aftermath: The Remnants of War (2001)

Based on the award-winning book by Donovan Webster, this film exposes the human remains, environmental damage, and psych...

Director: Daniel Sekulich  
Actors: John Jarvis  
After the Flood (2001)

After the Flood follows a young man's desperate search for spiritual redemption on the streets. A provocative character ...

Director: Robert Saitzyk  
Actors: Shawn Andrews   Ola Metwally   Tony O'Brien  
After the War (2001)
Director: Irit Gal  
Afyora (2001)
Director: Evgeny Lavrentiev  
Actors: Mariya Golubkina   Aleksandr Lazarev   Emmanuil Vitorgan  
Against Filial Piety (2001)

Against Filial Piety ponders one of the oldest Chinese beliefs; the gravest offense of filial piety is not to have offsp...

Director: Wenhwa Ts'Ao  
Against the Dying of the Light (2001)
Director: Jack Jewers  
Actors: Stephen Bayly   Kevin Brownlow   Marc Evans  
A Galaxy Far, Far Away (2001)

A documentary exploring the attraction of the Star Wars universe to its many fans. Includes interviews and cameos from a...

Director: Tariq Jalil  
Actors: Tariq Jalil  
Agaïssa (2001)
Director: Moustapha Alassane  
Agüela (2001)
Director: Félix Cubero  
Actors: Nancho Novo   Enrique Escudero   Carlos Iglesias  
Ageladitsa (2001)
Director: Eleni Tsobanoglou   Dimitra Xiraki  
Agent 15 (2001)
Director: Augusta  
Actors: Jimmy Dore   Eric Hoffman   Jay Johnston  
Age of Elegance (2001)

The Ms. Senior America pageant is the first to honor women who have reached the "Age of Elegance". The 5-day pageant was...

Director: Angeliki Giannakopoulos  
A Girl, Three Guys, and a Gun (2001)
Director: Brent Florence  
Actors: Josh Holland   Tracy Zahoryin   Brent Florence  
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