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Angelos' film (2001)
Director: Péter Forgács  
Angels (2001)
Director: Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil  
Actors: Gina Alajar   Noni Buencamino   Michael Angelo Caangay  
Angels in the Attic (2001)
Director: Eric Hendershot  
Actors: Clayton Taylor   Steven Losack   Dalin Christiansen  
Angel's Touch (2001)
Actors: Sam Ball  
Angryman (2001)
Actors: David Baer   Howard Farling   Ron Jeremy  
Animalada (2001)
Director: Sergio Bizzio  
Actors: Carlos Roffé   Cristina Banegas   Carolina Fal  
Animal City - Stadt der Tiere (2001)
Director: Frédéric Gonseth  
An Individual Desires Solution (2001)
Director: Lawrence Brose  
An Intrigue of Manners (2001)

A short restoration comedic drama set in England's 17th Century. Loosely adapted from from Sir George Etherege's restora...

Actors: Michael Mahonen  
Anita, la cazadora de insectos (2001)

Sometimes it's tough being too smart and attractive. As her younger brother reminisces in voice over, Marcela Flores's A...

Director: Hispano Duron  
Actors: Marcela Flores   Jessy Casco   Anibal Barletta  
Anita no perd el tren (2001)

Anita sees how the over three decades that she has been working at a cinema box office are literally devastated: the bui...

Director: Ventura Pons  
Actors: Rosa Maria Sardà   Isak Férriz   Jade Pradas  
Anja (2001)
Director: Jesper Klevenås  
Actors: Tuva Novotny  
Anja & Viktor (2001)

When Anja gets a full-time job after her graduation and moves into a city apartment with a friend, her highschool boyfri...

Director: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup  
Actors: Robert Hansen   Sofie Lassen-Kahlke   Jonas Gülstorff  
Ankara unelma (2001)
Director: Ilkka Ilkare  
Actors: Jyrki Vierelä   Pentti Silvander   Tony Halme  
Ankle Bracelet (2001)
Director: William James Kennedy  
Actors: Peter Melegari   Kathrina Miccio  
Anna Lolita (2001)
Director: Walter Molitor  
Actors: Karina   Rita  
Annas Sommer (2001)

Anna is the Jewish daughter of a Spanish mother and a Greek father. She has returned to her family's house in Greece aft...

Director: Jeanine Meerapfel  
Actors: Ángela Molina   Herbert Knaup   Dimitris Katalifos  
Anna's Story (2001)
Director: Spyros Dodopoulos  
Actors: Triantafillos Bostantzis   Fotis Dodopoulos   Apostolos Routhounas  
Annotations (2001)
Director: Christophe Gérard  
Actors: Jonathan Stone   Raita Nakajima  
Ano bang meron ka? (2001)

Ano Bang Meron Ka is a tightly woven modern love story between two of most unlikely lovers played in the film by JOYCE J...

Director: Maryo J. De Los Reyes  
Actors: Joyce Jimenez   Diether Ocampo   Nida Blanca  
A Noite do Golpe de Estado (2001)

The operational commander of the "Captains Movement", describes and recreates a quarter of century later the crucial 24 ...

Director: Ginette Lavigne  
Actors: Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho   Joaquim Furtado   Luís Filipe Costa  
Anonym (2001)
Director: Alexandra Gulea  
Another Bed (2001)
Director: Ross Minichiello   Margarett Perry  
Actors: Holly Cate   Jacqueline Christy   John Clancy  
Another Chance (2001)
Director: Philippe Andre  
Actors: Joshua Dov   Kelly Hutchinson  
Another Life (2001)

Just before the outbreak of World War I, Edith Graydon married her boyfriend Percy Thomson. He survives the war but thei...

Director: Philip Goodhew  
Actors: Natasha Little   Nick Moran   Ioan Gruffudd  
Antes Da Partida (2001)
Director: Thiago Da Costa  
Actors: Alan Pontes   Guilherme Biazotto   Marina Velloso  
Antes de Amanhã (2001)
Director: Saguenail  
Actors: João Melo   Marta Fernandes   Elisabete Piecho  
Anthrax (2001)

When cattle mysteriously start dying of anthrax in a small Alberta ranching community, an RCMP officer tries to keep the...

Director: Rick Stevenson  
Actors: Cameron Daddo   Ed Begley Jr.   Allison Hossack  
Anti-Dialectic (2001)
Director: Gok Kim   Sun Kim  
Antigua vida mía (2001)
Director: Héctor Olivera  
Actors: Ana Belén   Cecilia Roth   Daniel Valenzuela  
Antimoz iverieli (2001)
Director: Giuli Chokhonelidze  
Actors: Giuli Chokhonelidze   Lasha Okreshidze   Otar Megvinetukhutsesi  
Antio (2001)
Director: Simos Korexenidis  
Actors: Sofia Ziavra   Vasilis Koskoris   Vicky Volioti  
Antipoden (2001)
Director: Frodo Kuipers  
Actors: Jeffrey Maas   Simon Zwiers  
Antiquity (2001)
Director: June Francis Coleman  
Actors: James Sampson   Chantel LeGros  
Antiromantika (2001)
Director: Nariman Turebayev  
Actors: Talgat Sultanov   Liazzat Dautova  
Antitrust (2001)

This movie is the fictional story of computer programming genius Milo Hoffman after graduating from Stanford and getting...

Director: Peter Howitt  
Actors: Ryan Phillippe   Rachael Leigh Cook   Claire Forlani  
Antônio Dias: O País Inventado (2001)
Director: Leila Hipólito  
Actors: Achille Bonito Oliva   Paulo Sérgio Duarte   Paulo Herkenhoff  
Antonia (2001)
Director: Mariano Andrade  
Actors: Carolina Fadic   Jorge Zabaleta   Javier Lago  
Anubis från Nilen (2001)
Director: Claes Ljunghorn  
Actors: Peter Köhler   Eric Lagergren   Nils Lagergren  
An Unpredictable Thing (2001)
Director: Rhonda Keyser  
Actors: Rhonda Keyser  
Anyangde guer (2001)

A prostitute from the Northeast, desperate and unable to make ends meet, abandons her baby. An unemployed factory worker...

Director: Chao Wang  
Actors: Tianhao Liu   Fuwen Miao   Guilin Sun  
Aoi haru (2001)
Director: Toshiaki Toyoda  
Actors: Ryûhei Matsuda   Hirofumi Arai   Sôsuke Takaoka  
Ao no toki (2001)
Director: Yôka Kusano  
Actors: Tomohiro Kaku   Maria Yanagisawa  
Año nuevo Seri (2001)
Director: Raul Eduardo Molina  
Aozora (2001)
Director: Atsushi Kasezawa  
Aparanmar Nagarathil (2001)
Director: Nisar  
Actors: Rajasahib  
Aparté (2001)
Director: Jérôme Cassou  
Actors: Christopher Lambert   Bernadette Doneux  
A Partilha (2001)

In modern Rio de Janeiro, four very different sisters get together for the first time in years, following their mother's...

Director: Daniel Filho  
Actors: Glória Pires   Andrea Beltrão   Lília Cabral  
A Passage to Ottawa (2001)

Omi, a seven-year old East Indian boy is sent to Ottawa to live with his uncle due to his mother's illness back home. He...

Director: Gaurav Seth  
Actors: Nabil Mehta   Amy Sobol   Jim Codrington  
A Perfect Execution (2001)
Director: Gregory Horoupian  
Actors: Kurt Max Runte   Matthew Bennett   Noah Beggs  
A Person of Caucasian Nationality (2001)
Director: Georgi Gabelia  
A Place at the Table (2001)
Director: Robert Houston  
Apna Bana Ke Dekho (2001)

Jankiraman alias Johny is a hoodlum, known to the local police, has been arrested several times, and lives a poor lifest...

Director: K. Subhash  
Actors: Prabhudheva   Kirti Reddy  
Apnea (2001)
Director: Alessandra Bruno  
Apnoia (2001)
Director: Victoria Vellopoulou  
Actors: Yorgos Chraniotis   Christos Efthimiou   Chrysa Avrami  
A Pocket Full of Dreams (2001)

An Indian family comes to America seeking the American dream and gets disillusioned along the way. Half the family winds...

Director: Vishal Bhandari  
Actors: Mohan Agashe   Anju Mahendru   Sachin Khedekar  
Apology (2001)
Director: Seith Mann  
Actors: Vickie Tanner  
A Ponte (2001)

In the rainy season the rivers rise and Chimanimani, one of the most beautiful regions in Mozambique, is cut off from th...

Director: Licinio Azevedo  
A Post Oslo History (2001)
Director: Annemarie Jacir  
Apotomo frenarisma (2001)
Director: Petros Silvestros  
Actors: Giorgos Karamihos  
Apoy sa karagatan (2001)
Director: Mauro Gia Samonte  
Actors: Jestoni Alarcon  
Apparao Ki Oka Nela Thappindi (2001)
Director: Narasimha Rao Relangi  
Actors: Rajendraprasad   Madhusmita   Brahmanandam  
Appel d'air (2001)
Director: Arnault Labaronne  
Actors: Cyril Brière   Ludwig Cassin   Jean-Philippe Labadie  
Applause! (2001)
Director: Kris Fleerackers   Ed Osghian  
Actors: John Buchanan   David Flewelling   Billy Marchenski  
AppleJax and YoYo (2001)
Director: David Michie  
Actors: Justan Browning   Chris Edgerly   David Essig  
Appleseed Lake (2001)
Director: Peter Hearn  
Actors: David Bell   Elizabeth Gordon   Jamie Scott  
Apples & Oranges (2001)
Director: Kristian Broms  
Actors: Guido Roncallo   Avery Clyde   Michael Carlucci  
Approaching Blue (2001)
Director: István Kotnyek  
A Pregnant Moment (2001)

Simple title cards give us the day and date, from April 30 to August 15, in this film diary of a dog's pregnancy, the bi...

Director: Jennifer Frame   Jay Rosenblatt  
April in New York (2001)
Director: Jennifer Spell  
Actors: Linas Phillips  
April Is My Religion (2001)

"April is my Religion" is a coming-of-age story which chronicles four months in the life of Jack Wesson, a college fresh...

Director: Bill Boll  
Actors: Benjamin Klein   Julie Stockhausen   Jason Contini  
April's Fool (2001)
Director: Paul Geiger  
Actors: Mike Dennis   Kristin Vandivier   Bob Elkins  
A proposito degli effetti speciali (2001)
Director: Alberto Grifi  
Actors: Alberto Grifi   Alessandra Vanzi   Alessandra Vanzi  
Après la tempête (2001)
Director: Joële Van Effenterre  
Actors: Dominique Aubier   Olivier Vergès   Gamra Janati  
Apsolutnih sto (2001)

Igor Gordic was an Olympic Champion in shooting, but now he is a junky without money and in debts to mafia. Sasa is his ...

Director: Srdan Golubovic  
Actors: Vuk Kostic   Srdjan Todorovic   Paulina Manov  
Aquarios (2001)

In atmospheric images, Aquarios tells the story of a young woman, who has set up laboratory in the middle of a cliff, on...

Director: Alexander Hofmann  
Actors: Suzan Anbeh   Andreas Bruno Beeke  
Aquious (2001)
Director: Marty Hardin  
Arabesken um Frosch (2001)
Director: Paul Harather  
Actors: Heio von Stetten   Hakon Hirzenberger   Julia Cencig  
Arabische Zahlen (2001)
Director: Christina Zimmermann  
Araburu tamashii-tachi (2001)
Director: Takashi Miike  
Actors: Taisaku Akino   Mickey Curtis   Yoshiyuki Daichi  
Arachnid (2001)

A man is taken to a small clinic in Guam with mysterious bites on him. This sparks a search for what could have caused s...

Director: Jack Sholder  
Actors: Chris Potter   Alex Reid   José Sancho  
Aram Indriyam (2001)
Director: Kudamaloor Rajaji  
Actors: Vivek  
Arba'a aghani li Filasteen (2001)
Director: Nada El-Yassir  
Arcadia (2001)
Director: Vladislav Bairamgulov  
Archive 21 (2001)
Director: Vince Remo  
Actors: Jennifer Fontaine   Frederick Edwards   Ernie Leyva  
Arcipelaghi (2001)
Director: Giovanni Columbu  
Actors: Pietrina Mennea   Paolo Lostia   Giancarlo Lostia  
A Real Job (2001)

Meet John St. Clair, a happy employee at Videoland, home of a thousand movies. One fateful night while serving behind th...

Director: Ana Barredo  
Actors: Paul Kolsby   Sharon Repass   Alan Natale  
A Real Man (2001)
Director: Marc Allen  
Actors: TJ Herbert   James Hyland  
A Red Ribbon Around My House (2001)
Director: Portia Rankoane  
Arena (2001)
Director: Pablo Diconca  
Actors: Peter Trosztmer  
Are You This Able? (2001)

What began as a performance tour to Los Angeles turned out to be an unexpected emotional roller-coaster. This documentar...

Director: Gruber Rony  
Actors: Zvi Cohen   Sylvia Benhaomou  
Argentinien - Eine kleine Länderkunde (2001)
Director: Franz Winzentsen  
Aria (2001)

A young oriental woman has a one-night stand with a blond sailor. The result: a girl, who makes her first appearance as ...

Director: Pjotr Sapegin  
Aria (2001)
Director: Andrew Blake  
Actors: Aria Giovanni   Adriana   Adriana Sage  
Arizona Byways (2001)
Director: George Kuchar  
Arjun Devaa (2001)

Arjun Poojari lives in a small village in Central India with his mom, dad, & an unmarried sister. The entire village is ...

Director: Imran Khan  
Actors: Mithun Chakraborty   Puru Rajkumar   Rutika Singh  
Arlecchino: Behind the Masks (2001)
Director: David Noy  
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