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Army (2001)
Director: Shovit Basnet  
Actors: Karun Thapa  
Around Flamenco New York (2001)
Director: Francisco Millán  
Actors: Juan Amaya   Bareta   Antonio Bizarraza  
Arregui, la noticia del día (2001)

This dramatic comedy addresses the terrible degree of disintegration Argentina has reached. Corrupt justice, unemploymen...

Director: María Victoria Menis  
Actors: Enrique Pinti   Carmen Maura   Damián Dreizik  
Arreté (2001)
Director: Bernhard Schreiner  
Arîte hime (2001)
Director: Sunao Katabuchi  
Actors: Houko Kuwashima   Tsuyoshi Koyama   Minami Takayama  
Artesãos da Morte (2001)
Director: Miriam Chnaiderman  
Arthur's Dyke (2001)
Director: Gerry Poulson  
Actors: Pauline Quirke   Robert Daws   Richard Graham  
Artifacts (2001)
Director: Jon Zeiderman  
Actors: Sean Gullette   Rick Mowat  
Artifícios (2001)
Director: Rafael Primot   Flavia Rea  
Actors: Paulo Autran   Rafael Primot   Marcela Rafea  
Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001)

In the not-so-far future the polar ice caps have melted and the resulting rise of the ocean waters has drowned all the c...

Director: Steven Spielberg  
Actors: Haley Joel Osment   Frances O'Connor   Sam Robards  
Art of Love (2001)
Director: Saïd Naciri  
Actors: Mike Baldridge   Deanna Dozier   Frankie LoGalbo  
Aruku, hito (2001)

Scene: Mashike, a city on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Nobuo Honma is a 63-year-old sake producer. He has lived with...

Director: Masahiro Kobayashi  
Actors: Ken Ogata   Yasufumi Hayashi   Teruyuki Kagawa  
As Aventuras de Lucrécio no Mundo da Paquera (2001)

Lucrécio is a youngster who surfs the web looking for a date. After a number of unsuccessful attempts, he gives in and ...

Director: Luís Mingau  
Actors: Pedro Perazzo   Rodrigo Luna   José Carlos Zeqa  
Ascuntami (2001)
Director: Rossella Schillaci  
A Sensible Obsession (2001)
Director: George David Jiha  
Actors: Mick Shane   Sylvie Hoffer   Todd Dylan  
A Sentence of Their Own (2001)
Actors: Alan   Becky   Donnie  
Asesinato en el Meneo (2001)
Director: Óscar Castillo  
Actors: Pedro Armendáriz Jr.   Alonso Venegas   Carlos Alvarado  
Asesinato en febrero (2001)
Director: Eterio Ortega  
Actors: Angel Diaz   Bernardo Elorza   Daniel Etxebarría  
Ashab wala business (2001)
Director: Ali Idrees  
Actors: Mustafa Qamar   Hani Salama   Nour  
A Sharp Pencil (2001)
Director: Gallen Mei  
Actors: Mark Richmond   Beatrice Chia   Kay Tong Lim  
Ashes (2001)
Director: Leonard Carillo  
Actors: Charlie Holliday   Patrick Minderler   Jon Eric Williams  
Ashes to Ashes (2001)

Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Carter are a couple with a peculiar fixation: they're fascinated with the rituals and trappings of d...

Director: Mike Stamm  
Actors: Katie Hemmeter   Douglas Sept   Jean Mazzei  
Ashes to Ashes (2001)
Director: Stefan Bühling  
Ashi Gyaneshwari (2001)

Ex-Indian army officer, Arvind Kulkarni, lives a middle-classed lifestyle in rural Maharashtra along with his parents; w...

Director: Ranjan Suryawanshi  
Actors: Ramesh Bhatkar   Sharad Bhutadiya   Anand Gurav  
Ashita wa kitto (2001)
Director: Mitsuhiro Mihara  
Actors: Kazue Fukiishi   Tetsu Sawaki   Yukari Ôshima  
As If (2001)
Director: Christian Mayer  
Actors: Louise Poole  
A Sigh and a Wish: Helen Creighton's Maritimes (2001)

A Sigh and a Wish tells the story of pioneer folklorist Helen Creighton and of the enduring appeal of her remarkable col...

Director: Donna Davies  
Actors: Odile Boyd   Clary Croft   Lennie Gallant  
A Simple Midwest Story (2001)

Two midwestern brothers, and their dim cousin, become involved with the murder of an abusive stepfather. Over the course...

Director: Blake Eckard  
Actors: Alec Jennings   Nathan Marticke   David Blair  
Askari (2001)
Director: David Lister  
Actors: Marlee Matlin   C. Thomas Howell   Amanda Fuller  
Askew (2001)
Director: Suzy Sachs  
Actors: Jerod Edington   Lakeetra Gilbert   Mark Bullard  
As Mulheres Choradeiras (2001)
Director: Jorane Castro  
As Nadadoras (2001)
Director: Susana Nobre  
Actors: Bruno Alexandre   Francisco Campos   Pedro Carraca  
A Soap Opera (2001)
Director: Devi Snively  
Actors: Bill Chandler   Laura Dimarco  
Asoka (2001)

Prince Ashoke (Shahrukh Khan), heir to the Magadha Kingdom, bowing to his mother's (Shilpa Mehta) demand forsakes his pr...

Director: Santosh Sivan  
Actors: Shah Rukh Khan   Kareena Kapoor   Danny Denzongpa  
A Song for Honest Abe (2001)
Director: Charles Miller  
Actors: Hope Levy   Larry McCormick   Kathy Christopherson  
A Song for Jade (2001)
Director: Shari Lynn Himes  
Actors: Morocco Omari   Liza Cruzat   David Alan Anderson  
Asrar el-banaat (2001)

Graphic portrayal of society's struggle to balance tradition and modernity in modern-day Egypt. "A Girl's Secret" tells ...

Director: Magdy Ahmed Aly  
Actors: Sawsan Badr   Dalal Abdel Aziz   Ezzat Abou Aouf  
Ass (2001)
Actors: Echo Transgression  
Assassinage (2001)
Director: Stephane Calleja  
Actors: Roland Marchisio   Yves Massari  
As Sereias (2001)
Director: Paulo Rocha  
Asta e (2001)
Director: Thomas Ciulei  
As the Gaucho Brothers (2001)
Director: Diego Cabrera   Juan Leandro Calvo Navaz   Mariano Fernández  
A St. Petersburg Symphony (2001)
Director: Sasha Snow  
Asuba de su serbatoiu (2001)
Director: Daniele Segre  
Asuddelsole (2001)
Director: Pasquale Marrazzo  
Actors: Cristina Donadio   Raffaella Boscolo  
A sud del sud (2001)
Director: César Meneghetti   Elisabetta Pandimiglio  
Actors: Jose Arruda da Silva   Carmelo Tudisco  
A Summer's Rage (2001)
Director: Paul Alexander Morales   Allan Tijamo  
Actors: Joshua Jose  
Asyla (2001)
Director: Béatrice Kordon  
Actors: Robin Renucci   Nathalie Dorval  
Asylum (2001)

A recently abandoned boy is searching for the reason behind his mother's absence. Unable to find the answer from his gra...

Director: Jason Bolling  
Actors: Brian Mayfield   Golden Brooks   Dolores Fleming  
Asylum Days (2001)

Some nightmares never go away, especially for Laurie Cardell, whose secret is about to end. To the world she is a beauti...

Director: Thomas Elliott  
Actors: C. Thomas Howell   Charlie Weirauch   Jason Widener  
A szalmabábuk lázadása (2001)
Director: György Palásthy  
Actors: Péter Haumann   Ildikó Bánsági   Pál Mácsai  
A Table Is a Table (2001)
Director: Diego Quemada-Díez  
Actors: Samantha Bosarge   Samantha Bosarge   Jack Danahy  
Até Amanhã (2001)
Director: André Delhaye  
Actors: André Baptista   Paula Guedes   Sandra Salomé  
Atanarjuat (2001)

Centuries ago, in what would become the Canadian Arctic, Atuat is promised to the malevolent Oki, son of the leader of t...

Director: Zacharias Kunuk  
Actors: Natar Ungalaaq   Sylvia Ivalu   Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq  
Atash (2001)
Director: Saâd Chraïbi  
Actors: Abdellah Didane   Mouna Fettou   Jean-Michel Noirey  
A Telephone Call for Genevieve Snow (2001)

Genevieve Snow is a piano teacher at a school for girls. Genevieve is lonely. Nigel is lonely too - he telephones people...

Director: Peter Long  
Actors: Beth Buchanan   Damien Richardson   Esme Melville  
Athanasios Hristopoulos, enas lismonimenos poiitis (2001)
Director: Stamatis Tsarouchas  
Actors: Theodoros Dimitriou   Nikos Pantelidis  
Athanu (2001)
Director: Sathysm Babu  
Actors: Brahmanandam   Sai Kumar   Sarma P.J.  
Atkins and the Bum (2001)
Director: R.J. Fox  
At klappe med een hånd (2001)

The businessman Erik Svensson sells his company and plans a life in luxury with his beautiful girlfriend in Spain. Just ...

Director: Gert Fredholm  
Actors: Jens Okking   Peter Gantzler   Susanne Juhász  
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

1914: Milo Thatch, grandson of the great Thaddeus Thatch works in the boiler room of a museum. He knows that Atlantis wa...

Director: Gary Trousdale   Kirk Wise  
Actors: Michael J. Fox   Corey Burton   James Garner  
Atlético San Pancho (2001)

The little town of San Francisco del Monte, birthplace of football in Mexico, is now a quiet and forgotten place. But Do...

Director: Gustavo Loza  
Actors: Héctor Suárez   Plutarco Haza   Lumi Cavazos  
Atomic Cocktail (2001)
Director: Martin King  
Actors: Jon Briddell   Will Lewis  
Atomic Sake (2001)
Director: Louise Archambault  
Actors: Audrey Benoit   Suzanne Clément   Noémie Godin-Vigneau  
Atraksion (2001)
Director: Raoul Servais  
Actors: Marq Rawls  
Atrapada en un blues (2001)
Director: Alberto Ruiz Rojo  
Actors: Teté Delgado  
Atrocidades Maravilhosas (2001)
Director: Lula Carvalho   Renato Martins   Pedro Peregrino  
A True Story About Love (2001)
Director: Melissa Lee  
Actors: Melissa Lee  
A Two Hour Delay (2001)
Director: Ja'far 'Abd Al-Hamid  
Actors: Jason J. Wilcox   Marlisa Doubell  
Aube nébuleuse (2001)

In the middle of a mystical, smog-polluted city, a man is in search of a lost brother, who disappeared in pursuit of a f...

Director: Omar Hassan  
Actors: Stephan Honegger   Isabelle Maurice   Patrick Brunet  
Au bout du rouleau (2001)
Director: Renaud Chélélékian   Varante Soudjian  
Actors: Thierry Frémont   Caroline Bal  
Au-delà de Gibraltar (2001)
Director: Taylan Barman   Mourad Boucif  
Actors: Fouad Ahidar   Azdine Aourach   Abdeslam Arbaoui  
Audit (2001)
Director: Brian To  
Actors: Michael G. Kelley   Brian To   Alexis Arquette  
Auf der Couch (2001)

For the past six months, he has been receiving therapeutic treatment from her - his analyst. At their last session, the ...

Director: Arne Feldhusen  
Actors: Peter Lohmeyer   Julia Jäger  
Auf Herz und Nieren (2001)
Director: Thomas Jahn   Til Schweiger  
Actors: Steffen Wink   Niels-Bruno Schmidt   Martin Glade  
Au hasard l'amour (2001)

"Au Hasard L'Amour" aka "Love On The Run" tells the story of a young filmmaker Luc, who is desperate for love and the tr...

Director: Stéphane Géhami  
Actors: Alexis Jolis-Désautels   Julie LeBreton   Marie-France Marcotte  
A Union in Wait (2001)

In May of 1981 Wendy Scott would meet a new co-worker named Susan Parker. Their new friendship would quickly transform i...

Director: Ryan Butler  
Actors: Lisa Howes Yewdall  
Au prix du verre (2001)
Director: Cyrille Masso  
Au revoir (2001)
Director: Luca Guadagnino  
Actors: Carlo Antonelli  
Au revoir Peter Pan (2001)
Director: Gilbert Merme  
Actors: Serge Djen   Bruno Predebon   Ludovica Tinghi  
Aurora (2001)
Director: Albertina Carri  
Actors: Mariano Pensotti   Diana Falcón   Fabiana Falcón  
Auschwitz 2000 (2001)
Director: Rax Rinnekangas  
Ausencias (2001)
Director: Nely Reguera  
Actors: Isabel Ordaz   Enrique Alcides   Juanjo Cardenal  
Ausflug (2001)
Director: Rainer Kaufmann  
Actors: Maria Schrader   Marc Hosemann   Rainer Ewerrien  
Au sommet de la descente (2001)
Director: Eyal Sivan  
Actors: Momo Azzouz   Mathias Bahuon   A. Belkhodja  
Ausziehn! (2001)
Director: Peter Morlock  
Actors: Monty Arnold   Micki Bertling   Herbert Feuerstein  
Authentizität (2001)
Director: Malte Can  
Actors: Guido Zimmermann   Patricia Lueger  
Autistas (2001)
Director: Jose Gonzalez Ibarra  
Auto (2001)
Director: Ha-mok Jun   Do-ick Yun  
Autobonus (2001)

An American dream in Finland - a brand new car and a monthly income of 150,000 Euros. The worst recession period of Finn...

Director: Mika Ronkainen  
Actors: Viljo Mikkonen   Kaisu Mikkonen  
Automatic (2001)
Director: William 'Jamaal' Fort  
Actors: Sterling Wolfe   Alimi Ballard   Jazsmin Lewis  
Autopilot (2001)

Two days in the bizarre life of narcissistic, drugged-up yuppie Alex DeMello, as he attempts to uncover the sinister sec...

Director: Anthony Carpendale  
Actors: Martin Armstrong   Seth Hardwick   Selena Gardner  
Autoportraitre (2001)
Director: Rémy Boudet  
Actors: Rémy Boudet   Basille Minatchy  
Autopsie d'un mensonge - Le négationnisme (2001)
Director: Jacques Tarnero  
Actors: Tahar Ben Jelloun   Christophe Bourseiller   Jean-Yves Camus  
Autour du blues (2001)
Actors: Luc Bertin   Francis Cabrel   Crapou  
A Vagina for Christmas (2001)
Director: Chad Meserve  
Avalon (2001)

In a future world, young people are increasingly becoming addicted to an illegal (and potentially deadly) battle simulat...

Director: Mamoru Oshii  
Actors: Malgorzata Foremniak   Wladyslaw Kowalski   Jerzy Gudejko  
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