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Watch movies from 2003 online

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() (2003)
Director: Morgan Fisher  
008 (2003)
Director: Scott Allen Perry  
Actors: Emily James   Danielle Delisande   Robert Vassallo  
[0-1] (2003)

This short is about a boy who lives in an apocalyptic world of monotony. He is the only one who tries to overcome the bo...

Director: Aron Krause  
Actors: Gustav Plöhn   Almut König   Joachim Zunke  
011 Beograd (2003)
Director: Michael Pfeifenberger  
Actors: Mihailo Ladjevac   Vanja Ejdus   Ana Stefanovic  
05h42 (2003)
Director: Kevin Rixon  
Actors: Jerry Mofokeng   Theo Voss Price   Ron Smerczak  
0623-ZN (Sentenciados) (2003)
Director: Diana Nava  
Actors: Íñigo Aldecoa   Marcial Gaude   Javier Martín  
08:02 AM (2003)
Director: Jesús Cobo  
Actors: Scott McIness  
08/15 - Leben am Rand von Köln (2003)
Director: Sandra Jakisch  
1000 Cumshots (2003)
Director: Wayne Yung  
1000 Words (2003)
Director: Dustin Voigt  
100% bio (2003)
Director: Claude Fortin  
Actors: Marc Bisaillon   Claude Fortin   Gaston L'Heureux  
100 Doors (2003)
Director: Kerri Davenport-Burton  
100 Greatest TT Moments (2003)
Director: Rob Hurdman  
10% actif (2003)

FLO and ARNO are trying to conceive for their first baby but all their attempts slowly turn into a real tug of war. Trai...

Director: Nicolas Spire  
Actors: Niels Dubost   Sophie Baignères   Sylvie Weber  
10 Days, 10 Years (2003)
Director: Teo Zagar  
10 de junio crimen del estado (2003)
Director: Carolina Verduzco  
10 pesos (2003)
Director: Matías Risi  
Actors: Gabriel Carranza   Hernan Munoa   Alejandro Bonomo  
1+1 (2003)
Director: Grigoris Leontiades  
11:14 (2003)

Tells the seemingly random yet vitally connected story of a set of incidents that all converge one evening at 11:14pm. T...

Director: Greg Marcks  
Actors: Henry Thomas   Blake Heron   Barbara Hershey  
1+1=2 (2003)
Director: Rum Malmros  
Actors: Thomas Baldus   Peter Jensen   Lars Knutzon  
1.150 kg (2003)
Director: Daniel Gimelberg  
Actors: Maria Lanau   David Bagés   Rosa Novell  
1 + 1 = No Son 2 (2003)
Actors: Xavier Deltell   Carlos Latre  
12 (2003)

Best Friends since childhood, Jack, Steve and Larry found St. Louis an unlikely spot for the Pope's annual pilgrimage. R...

Director: Lloyd A. Silverman  
Actors: Nick Akerberg   Reuben O. Charles   David Donnelly  
12 (2003)

A half-sister and brother, illegitimate offsprings of Zeus, are stranded on a Channel Island ranch and face eviction by ...

Director: Lawrence Bridges  
Actors: Alison Elliott   Tony Griffin   Allen Lulu  
12/09/01 (2003)
Director: Ada Bligaard Søby  
1 2 3 (2003)

Documentary filmmakers follow 19-year-old Jared Adams as he tries to maintain relationships with three simultaneous girl...

Director: Michael Picarella  
Actors: Jared Adams   Gerardo Cabrera   Brian Napolitan  
12 Hot Women (2003)

A short film that makes light of what really sells in Hollywood. Disguised as a film trailer (since trailers are obvious...

Director: Alan Chan  
Actors: Tiffany Hendra   Brandy Little   Cortney Bailey  
12 Stories About Eileen (2003)
Director: Matthew Prins  
Actors: Steve Griffin   Alex Klages   Marv Prins  
13 Days in April (2003)

A 12-year old protagonist is named 'Jamie.' Jamie's mother, Kendra, suffers a fatal heart attack. He conceals her death ...

Director: Don Winter  
Actors: Christina Adachi   Marcha Estell   Robert Kitchen  
13 Dead Men (2003)

Set in a prison, a death row inmate has a secret and the warden will go to any lengths to get it. Things dont go as plan...

Director: Art Camacho  
Actors: Lorenzo Lamas   Mark Parra   Mystikal  
13 kaidan (2003)
Director: Masahiko Nagasawa  
Actors: Takashi Sorimachi   Tsutomu Yamazaki   Kankurô Kudô  
1465 Westerly (2003)

A woman in a slip is distressed - she's wringing her hands, she wears a wedding ring. It's cold, we can see her breath. ...

Director: Michael Victor  
Actors: Gabriela Tollman   Brittney O'Bannon   Michael Victor  
14 de Fevereiro (a 1 de Abril) (2003)
Director: Fernando Vendrell  
Actors: Carla Bolito   José Airosa  
15.35: spoor 1 (2003)
Director: Marcel Hensema   Tim Oliehoek  
Actors: Marijn Klaver   Charlie Dagelet   Youssef Bchiri  
156 Rivington (2003)
Director: Andrea Meller  
15 Minute Death (2003)

In a day you do so many things, and there is no continuity, no cohesion between all the aspects except that you're going...

Director: Jessie Wallace  
Actors: Jeff Gruich   PJ Lazic   Bessie Gian  
15 Minutos de Fama (2003)
Director: Maria Brand  
Actors: João Barbosa   Graciano Dias   Pedro Duarte  
15: The Movie (2003)

Fast, frenetic, and furious, 15 is the story of five Singaporian teenagers who, abandoned by the system and estranged fr...

Director: Royston Tan  
Actors: Melvin Chen   Erick Chun   Melvin Lee  
1604 (2003)
Director: Renée Blanchar  
Actors: Jessika Lapointe   Mathieu Girard   Pierre Rivard  
16 Years of Alcohol (2003)
Director: Richard Jobson  
Actors: Kevin McKidd   Laura Fraser   Susan Lynch  
17sai tabidachi no futari (2003)

Maiko (Ishikawa) is a 17 year old aspiring picture book writer who was abandoned by her widowed father at the age of 3 a...

Director: Shin'ichirô Sawai  
Actors: Hiroaki Murakami   Sansei Shiomi   Miki Fujimoto  
$18 (2003)
Director: Matthew Wohl  
180° - Die Liebe kennt viele Rezepte (2003)
Director: Anne Walther  
Actors: Clemens Camphausen   Christoph Steinau   Stefan A. Vilner  
180 Miles Away (2003)

When a romantic vacation gets put on hold for a golf match, Betty feels her husband has gone too far. In an angered ferv...

Director: Ray Kimsey  
Actors: Critt Davis   Yvette Nicole Brown   Michelle Cameryn  
187 Shadow Lane (2003)
Director: Frank Nunez  
Actors: Danny Romo   Robert Zepeda   Robert Zepeda  
18 ans après (2003)

Marie (and her three fathers) are taking A-levels. Marie passes. She spends the summer in the country with her mother, S...

Director: Coline Serreau  
Actors: André Dussollier   Michel Boujenah   Roland Giraud  
18 kép egy konzervgyári lány életéböl (2003)

Krisztina Szabó. 27 years old. A conserve factory girl. She desires a different kind of life. Something really big need...

Director: Ágnes Kocsis  
Actors: Jenö Nyika   Béla Stubnya   Szabolcs Thuróczy  
18 Money (2003)
Director: Eriko Ueno  
Actors: William Lightning   Michael Horse  
19. (2003)

An observation of the media frenzy surrounding the events that took place in America on September 11, 2001. This short b...

Director: Christopher Hills-Wright  
1939 (2003)
Director: Juan Barrero  
Actors: Juan Diego   Emilio Gavira   Pepa Terrón  
1953 (2003)

A film series about three people trapped in a room of a house with the address 1953. The year is 1953, and the time is 1...

Director: Vivian Gio  
Actors: Vonn Scott Bair   Terese Aiello   Jade Martell  
196 bpm (2003)
Director: Romuald Karmakar  
Actors: Helmut Geier  
1980 (2003)
Director: Kera  
Actors: Rie Tomosaka   Yû Aoi   Inuko Inuyama  
1999 (2003)
Director: Ignacio Masllorens  
Actors: Martín Chiara   Julia Calvo   Luciana González Costa  
1,99 - Um Supermercado Que Vende Palavras (2003)
Director: Marcelo Masagão  
Actors: Márcio Camargo   Sergio Capezzuto   Chico Neto  
1. apríll (2003)
Director: Haukur M. Hrafnsson  
Actors: Davíð Örn Arnarson   Jón Mýrdal Harðarson   Arnbjörg Hlíf Valsdóttir  
1b (2003)
Director: Sune Christiansen  
1 Fijo (2003)
Director: Antonio Durán  
Actors: Jorge Da Rocha   José Manuel Garrido   Carlos Martínez García  
1 km à pied (2003)
Director: Philippe Katerine  
Actors: Philippe Katerine  
1 Love (2003)
Director: Leon Gast  
Actors: Kobe Bryant   Etan Goldman   Larry Hughes  
1 minuto (2003)
Director: Carlos Fierro  
200 American (2003)

Conrad is a gay man living in NYC. He's also CEO of an ad agency and by nature a control freak. Although Conrad is still...

Director: Richard LeMay  
Actors: Matt Walton   Sean Matic   Anthony Ames  
200 Km. (2003)
Director: Tània Balló   Núria Campadabal   Ricard Carbonell   Oscar Martinez Chamorro   Roger Comella   Aymar del Amo   Nora B. González   Marco Iglesias   David Linares   Elisa Martínez  
20 Cans of Chunky Beef Soup (2003)

(Russian with English subtitles) Documentary tells the story of Maxim Vakhmin, a veritable alleycat of a man. Revered as...

Director: Yuriy Gavrilenko   Slava Solganik  
20h17 rue Darling (2003)

A former journalist, three times divorced, Gerard is now a member of Alcoholics Anonymous who lives in a small apartment...

Director: Bernard Émond  
Actors: Luc Picard   Diane Lavallée   Zenhu Han  
20 novembre (2003)
Director: Matt Dray  
Actors: Dimitri Storoge   Laurence Grave   Albin Brassart  
21 Grams (2003)

This is the story of three well-meaning but flawed people: Paul Rivers, an ailing mathematician lovelessly married to an...

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu  
Actors: Sean Penn   Naomi Watts   Danny Huston  
21st Century Scott (2003)

Introduces us to Scott Willis, a 21st-century man. A doctor reviews his health and attributes, which are average or abov...

Director: Matt Sinclair  
Actors: Brendan Fletcher   David Richmond-Peck   Babs Chula  
238 (2003)
Director: Andrés M. Koppel  
Actors: Ramón Salazar   Luis Miguel Seguí   Lola Dueñas  
23 Lies (2003)
Director: Matthew Von Decker  
Actors: Kaleb Castle  
24 poljubov (2003)
Director: Viki Voglar  
Actors: Pettr Adamic   Kristjan Bertalanic   Matjaz Dlesk  
25/01/95 (2003)
Director: Prosper de Roos  
25 Kids and a Dad (2003)
Director: Hong Huang  
Actors: Hong Huang   Kesheng Lei   Lin Li  
25 Ways to Die (2003)
Director: David Chai   Steve Stanchfield  
28 peleas igual que ellos (2003)
Director: Herve Tostivint  
2AM-2PM (2003)
Director: Juan Marino Morduchowicz  
2Be (2003)
Director: Eleni Christopoulou  
2D or not 2D (2003)
Director: Paul Driessen  
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Former cop Brian O'Conner who teams up with his ex-con pal Roman Pearce to transport a shipment of 'dirty' money for sha...

Director: John Singleton  
Actors: Paul Walker   Tyrese Gibson   Eva Mendes  
2LDK (2003)

Nozomi and Lana share an apartment in Tokyo. They have both auditioned for the same role in a movie, and know that the s...

Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi  
Actors: Eiko Koike   Maho Nonami  
2 October (2003)
Director: Sunil Tiwari  
Actors: Ashutosh Rana   Sharat Saxena   Rocky Verma  
2 ryk og en aflevering (2003)
Director: Aage Rais-Nordentoft  
Actors: Jacob Krarup   Marie Bach Hansen   Cyron Melville  
2 to Work (2003)
Director: Stan Usherenko  
Actors: Jason Sherman   Stan Usherenko  
30:13 (2003)
Director: Brian Hanson  
Actors: Thomas Alan Beckett  
305 (2003)
Director: Sal Fusco  
Actors: Sal Fusco  
31 (2003)
Director: Miguel Gomes  
Actors: Pedro Barão   Carloto Cotta   Nuno Oliveira  
3:30 A.M. (2003)
Director: Armando Andrade  
Actors: Cedric Bouquet   Roberto Hernández   Teresa Berumen  
34-24-36 suay... Det yaa bawk khrai (2003)

Yod is a guy from Northeastern Thailand who works as a taxi driver to support his family. His wife used to be a famous s...

Director: Gangsuk S. Pleungjit  
Actors: Yingyong Yodbuangarm   Panadda Wongphudee   Krung Srivilai  
360° de bonheur (2003)
Director: Sabine Massenet  
3 AM (2003)

Myron works the late-shift at a run down crematory. He is there all night. In the dead. Burning body after body, Myron h...

Director: Stewart Hopewell  
Actors: Xander Chauncey   Camila Quaresma   Martin Lang  
3azima (2003)
Director: Eyad Zahra  
Actors: Hekmat Abraham   Basel Hamdan   Phillip Schlenoff  
3 Blind Mice (2003)

Thomas is a young computer specialist who spends most of his (spare?) time on the net. He logs regularly on Cathy's site...

Director: Mathias Ledoux  
Actors: Edward Furlong   Emilia Fox   Chiwetel Ejiofor  
3 Deewarein (3 Walls) (2003)
Director: Nagesh Kukunoor  
Actors: Naseeruddin Shah   Jackie Shroff   Juhi Chawla  
3 - Die Liebe ist der Dieb (2003)

If you think of love and only that beautiful and romantic love comes into your mind, you can be sure, that a substantial...

Director: Dirk Lehner  
3 Feet Under: Digging Deep for the Geoduck (2003)

The geoduck ("gooey duck") clam sports a phallic, three-foot-long neck and a life span of 160-plus years. It's jokingly ...

Director: Justin Bookey  
Actors: Panopea Abrupta   Jack B.  
3 Lieder (2003)
Director: Anna Faroqhi  
Actors: Lars Rudolph   Adrian Topol   Tilo Werner  
3ème sous-sol (2003)
Director: Olivier Girard  
Actors: Sophie Bernhard   Alexis Trembley  
3-Minute Life (2003)
Director: Linus Chung  
3 Minutes (2003)
Director: Maurice A. Dwyer  
Actors: Kyle Colerider-Krugh   Parker Olson   Joshua Reed  
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