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Tillträde förbjudet (2003)
Director: Martin Högdahl  
Actors: Rahim Ahmetivic   Niclas Fransson   Emil Klingvall  
Tilt (2003)
Director: Lance Peverley  
Actors: Tom Braidwood   John R. Taylor   Glenn Taranto  
Tilting at Windmills (2003)
Director: Walter Strafford  
Actors: William Stone Mahoney  
Time (2003)
Director: Shyam Sundar Sengupta  
Time (2003)
Director: Alessandro Maggia  
Actors: Marco Bernardi   Marco Goldin   Massimo Santi  
Time Flashes in Blue-Yellow (2003)
Director: Kurt Mündl  
Timeline (2003)

In this case, a group of archaeologists and combat experts led by Paul Walker and Frances O'Connor use a "3-D fax machin...

Director: Richard Donner  
Actors: Paul Walker   Frances O'Connor   Gerard Butler  
Time of Death (2003)
Director: Harrison Chadd  
Actors: Rowan Coggins   Jarrod Dean   Joel Nees  
Time Out (2003)
Director: Robbie Chafitz  
Actors: Kirk Ward   Robbie Chafitz   Caroline Paris Gluck  
Timepiece (2003)
Director: Robert Watzke  
Time Streams (2003)
Director: Stephanie Maxwell  
Tim Tom (2003)
Director: Christel Pougeoise   Romain Segaud  
Tim Watcher (2003)
Director: Ricardo da Costa Pinho  
Actors: António Reis  
Tin Can Shinny (2003)
Director: Carl Braun   Wayde Gardner  
Actors: Barry Corbin   Benjamin Dane   Bill Flynn  
Tintin et moi (2003)
Director: Anders Østergaard  
Actors: Numa Sadoul   Hergé   Michael Farr  
Tiny Magic (2003)
Director: John Takacs  
Actors: Stephanie Cadman   Rebekah Boisvert   Kate LoConti  
Tiptoes (2003)

Two brothers - a dwarf (Rolfe) and one normal-sized (Steve). When Steve's girlfriend Carol becomes pregnant, the pair ar...

Director: Matthew Bright  
Actors: Gary Oldman   Peter Dinklage   Kate Beckinsale  
Tire-langue (2003)
Director: Stephan Bauer   Caroline Emery  
Tiresia (2003)

Tiresia is at the same time woman and man, according to Greek Mythology. Here, Tiresia is a Brazilian transexual living ...

Director: Bertrand Bonello  
Actors: Laurent Lucas   Laurent Lucas   Clara Choveaux  
Tir Nan Og (2003)
Director: Danica DeCosto  
Actors: Sarah Swanberg   Carolyn Palmer   Ashley Swanberg  
Tiro de gracia (2003)
Director: Jesús Ochoa  
Actors: Jesús Ochoa   Silverio Palacios   José María Yazpik  
Tishe! (2003)
Director: Victor Kossakovsky  
Ti spiace se bacio mamma? (2003)
Director: Alessandro Benvenuti  
Actors: Natasha Stefanenko   Arnoldo Foà   Marina Massironi  
Titian (2003)
Director: Jake Auerbach  
Actors: Tim McInnerny   Lizzy McInnerny   John Berger  
Titillating Steven (2003)

A comedy, partially based on a true story, of twin sisters who struggle to get their screenplay produced in Hollywood an...

Director: Jacqueline Donelli   Kerry Donelli  
Actors: S.S. Wu   Tracey Evans   Terry Ray  
Tito, el cartonero (2003)
Director: Pablo Apiolazza  
Tito är död (2003)
Director: Marius Holst  
Actors: Kim Bodnia   Mikael Persbrandt   Tord Peterson  
Tlatelolco: las claves de la masacre (2003)
Director: Carlos Mendoza  
Téléphonie mobile: sommes-nous tous des cobayes? (2003)
Director: Joaquina Ferreira  
Actors: Rufus  
Tmuna Kvutzatit Im Isha (2003)

The true story of an Israeli Jewish woman who left the country after being forced, by tragic circumstances, to give her ...

Director: Yitzhak Rubin  
Actors: Michal Yannai   Sharon Alexander  
Táncalak (2003)
Director: Ferenc Grunwalsky  
Actors: Andrea Ladányi  
Táncrend (2003)
Director: Lívia Gyarmathy  
T.N.M. (2003)
Director: Juan Pablo Mantello  
Actors: Gustavo Comini   Paula Neri  
To Aigaio mesa apo ta logia ton poiiton (2003)
Director: Lucia Rikaki  
Actors: Dimitris Katalifos  
Toaleta nieczynna (2003)
Director: Miron Bilski  
Actors: Damian Aleksander   Wojciech Biedron   Magdalena Czerwinska  
Toastbrot oder Sushi (2003)
Director: Monika von Witzleben  
Actors: Lesley Jennifer Higl  
Tobacco Money Feeds My Family (2003)
Director: Cynthia Hill  
Actors: Willie Marvin Allen   Ernie Averett   Melvin Croome  
To Be a Star (2003)
Director: Arnon Zadok  
Actors: Alona Tal   Arnon Zadok   Oshri Cohen  
To Be Legendary (2003)
Director: Stan Usherenko  
Actors: Stan Usherenko   Jason Sherman   Matt Usherenko  
To Build a Fire (2003)

A man is traveling through the great North American wilderness, in temperatures of seventy degrees below zero, with only...

Director: Luca Armenia  
Actors: Olivier Pagès  
Today Starts on Page 23 (2003)

Experimental film made of sign-artifacts that were collected from the media-environment that is surrounding us - news, a...

Director: Patrick Palucki  
Actors: Patrick Palucki   Reha Yildiriman  
Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow (2003)

College friends Max and Martin were stars as actors in college, and make the move to New York to face their imminent sta...

Director: Alex Goldberg  
Actors: Matt Kalman   Sarah Zoe Canner   Billy Dee Williams  
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2003)
Director: Craig David Wallace  
Actors: Steve Arbuckle   Brian Bannan   John Bregar  
To Die in Place of Another One (2003)
Director: Abolfazl Talooni  
Actors: Hamid Dehghani   Hooshang Ghovanloo  
Together Alone (2003)
Director: Joseph Raso  
Actors: Andrew Garman   Ninon Rogers  
To Grandma with Love (2003)
Director: James Gohrick  
Actors: Nick Aguayo   Jerry G. Angelo   James Brandon  
Toh, pajaro del tiempo (2003)
Director: Edwin Castaneda  
Toilet (2003)
Director: Anabel Rodriguez Rios  
Actors: Crompton Eva   Roger Jones   Chris Spyrides  
To je samo moje (2003)
Director: Zelimir Gvardiol  
Tokage (2003)
Director: Shin'ya Tsukamoto  
Actors: Ryô  
To Kill a King (2003)
Director: Mike Barker  
Actors: Tim Roth   Dougray Scott   Olivia Williams  
Tokyo (2003)
Director: Alex Rademakers  
Actors: Pablo Derqui   Bealia Guerra  
Tokyo 10+01 (2003)

A group of 11 criminals are trapped in a warehouse with bracelets. The 11 learn that they are part of a game where the p...

Director: Higuchinsky  
Actors: Eddie   Natsuki Katô   Masanobu Andô  
Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Christmas in Tokyo, Japan. Three homeless friends: a young girl, a transvestite, and a middle-aged bum. While foraging t...

Director: Shôgo Furuya   Satoshi Kon  
Actors: Tôru Emori   Aya Okamoto   Yoshiaki Umegaki  
Tolerancia (2003)
Director: Nicolás A. Laudaio  
Tolichupulone (2003)
Actors: Kalyan Ram   Akanksha  
To Live Is to Die (2003)
Director: Chris Woods  
Actors: Pati White   Simon Lynx   Andy Bonanno  
Tomagan (2003)
Actors: Jestoni Alarcon   Eddie Garcia   Chin Chin Gutierrez  
Tomato on a Grapevine (2003)

Tomato on a Grapevine is an experimental documentary about Fernando, a Spanish exchange student, and his search for the ...

Director: Arturo Bozeman Hernandez  
Actors: Arturo Bozeman Hernandez   Fernando Sanchez Villalba  
Tomb Hackers (2003)
Director: Anthony Thurman  
Actors: Anthony Thurman   Donnie Maclin   Donnie Maclin  
Tom Dowd & the Language of Music (2003)

If you picked some of the all-time great albums in American rock, soul, and jazz, chances are one name might be found on...

Director: Mark Moormann  
Actors: Ginger Baker   Jim Camacho   Ray Charles  
Tom Goes to the Mayor Returns (2003)
Director: Tim Heidecker   Eric Wareheim  
Actors: Tim Heidecker   Eric Wareheim   David Cross  
Tom Hits His Head (2003)

Tom doesn't usually do too well when his blood needs to be taken. This time it isn't different. He fainted and fell with...

Director: Tom Putnam  
Actors: Morgan Rusler   Beth Kennedy  
To mikro treno tou Piliou (2003)
Director: Giorgos Lagdaris  
Tonari no monchan (2003)
Director: Tetsu Maeda  
Actors: Ayako Enomoto   Asumi Miwa   Hôka Kinoshita  
Tong Master (2003)
Director: Lucas Thyer  
Toolbox Murders: As It Was (2003)
Director: Kevin Ford   Chris Sivertson  
Actors: Tobe Hooper   Rance Howard   Lucky McKee  
Too Many Gods (2003)
Director: Angelo Abela  
Actors: Richard James   Caroline Gruber  
Top Somrat (2003)
Director: Montazur Rahman Akbar  
Actors: Monalisa  
Top Speed (2003)
Director: Greg MacGillivray  
Actors: Tim Allen   Marion Jones   Lucas Luhr  
Torino Boulevard (2003)
Director: Paolo D'Amato  
Toro es (2003)
Director: Natalia Baccalini   Maximiliano Ezzaoui  
Torpor (2003)
Director: João Paulo Simões  
Actors: Alexandre Guedes de Sousa   João Paulo Simões   Ana Falé  
Torpor (2003)
Director: Mike Pecci  
Actors: Jason Audette   Leo Brea   Paul Caldera  
Torremolinos 73 (2003)

Alfredo Lopez is a tired encyclopedia salesman, and Carmen is his faithful wife. The lives of this married couple change...

Director: Pablo Berger  
Actors: Javier Cámara   Candela Peña   Juan Diego  
Torture (2003)
Director: John Paul Seniel  
Actors: Lorena Sullano   Allen Lasduce   Joseph Jong  
Tortured Sex Goddess of Ming Dynasty (2003)
Director: Hung Leung-Yan  
Actors: Philip Keung   Eddie Lam   Matthew Ng Ting  
Tosca e altre due (2003)

The classic tale of lust, jealousy and vengeance takes on a lighter, mischievously comic tone, as two subsidiary female ...

Director: Giorgio Ferrara  
Actors: Franca Valeri   Adriana Asti  
To Shoot a Mad-Dog (2003)
Director: David Elfick  
Actors: Dennis Hopper   Philippe Mora  
Totally Sexy Loser (2003)

Jeremy, the Totally Sexy Loser is on his forty-fifth boyfriend and is ready to call it quits, but emotionally fragile Ch...

Director: Jason Schafer  
Actors: Chad Lindsey   Mark DeWhitt   Craig Robert Young  
To the Happy Few (2003)
Director: Thomas Draschan   Stella Friedrichs  
Tot in Lübeck (2003)
Director: Katharina Geinitz   Lottie Marsau  
Actors: Dietrich Kittner   Erhard Rex   Gabriele Heinecke  
Totò Sapore e la magica storia della pizza (2003)
Director: Maurizio Forestieri  
Actors: Lello Arena   Giovanni Calò   Tino Cervi  
Touchée (2003)
Director: Laetitia Mikles  
Touched (2003)

The story of what transpires one night when Mike, a middle-aged gay man who is desperate for companionship, makes the im...

Director: Mike Lemon  
Actors: Vicki Gorman   Bob Bowersox   Reed Apaghian  
Touched (2003)

Director Laurel Chiten travels to locations such as; the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Brazil, interview...

Director: Laurel Chiten  
Actors: Karin Austin   Peter Faust   Jamy Faust  
Touched (2003)
Director: Mike Clark  
Actors: Jeffrey Weissman   Amber East  
Touchez pas au Malang (2003)
Director: Jean Arlaud   Annie Mercier  
Touch & Go (2003)
Director: Scott Simpson  
Actors: Jeffrey Douglas   Patricia Zentilli   Stephen Sharkey  
Touching the Void (2003)

In the mid-80's two young climbers attempted to reach the summit of Siula Grande in Peru; a feat that had previously bee...

Director: Kevin Macdonald  
Actors: Brendan Mackey   Nicholas Aaron   Richard Hawking  
Tough Luck (2003)

A tense and intricate web of deceit and betrayal entangles Archie, a wandering grifter who is hired by a traveling carni...

Director: Gary Ellis  
Actors: Armand Assante   Norman Reedus   Dagmara Dominczyk  
Toujin Moukoden 2 (2003)
Director: Noriaki Noguchi  
Toujours tout droit (2003)
Director: Mario Caniglia  
Actors: Mario Caniglia   Carlos Karlos   Giovanni Caniglia  
Toujours tout droit (2003)
Director: Manuel Moutier  
Actors: Brigitte Fossey   Pierre Maguelon   Patrick Gonzalez  
Tour des légendes (2003)
Director: Erik van Empel  
Tournez la page (2003)
Director: Sophie Leys  
Actors: Jane Resmond   Edouard Baer  
Toute ma vie j'ai rêvé... (2003)
Director: Jean-Christophe Barc  
Actors: Dominique Bastien   Marie-Laure Descoureaux   Dominique Mérot  
Toute première fois (2003)
Director: Michaël Souhaité  
Actors: Alexandre Laigner   Subarna Thapa   Françoise Lépine  
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