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Absolon (2003)

In the near future, a virus has infected everyone on the planet, and Absolon is a drug that everyone must take to stay a...

Director: David DeBartolomé  
Actors: Christopher Lambert   Lou Diamond Phillips   Kelly Brook  
A Bullet in the Arse (2003)

After a robbery gone wrong, three criminals turn against each other and embark on a blood-soaked bullet-riddled quest fo...

Director: Robin Brennan   Paul Moder   David Richardson  
Actors: Paul Moder   David Richardson   Robin Brennan  
Abxang (2003)
Director: Mirjam von Arx  
Actors: Polo Hofer   Hape Brüggemann   Martin Diem  
A calzón quitado (2003)
Director: Agustín Bernal  
Actors: Agustín Bernal   Amador Granados   Flavio Peniche  
Acapulco (2003)
Director: Bastian Günther  
Actors: Harald Koch   Mario Irrek   Nele Mueller-Stöfen  
Acerca de la vida (2003)
Director: Ignacio Ceruti  
A Certain Justice (2003)
Director: Christopher Allen  
Actors: Bobby Christman  
A Certain Kind of Death (2003)
Director: Grover Babcock   Blue Hadaegh  
A Certain Liberation (2003)
Director: Yasmine Kabir  
A Changed Man (2003)

Chris is going to a reunion party at his old school in a depressing industrial area. He is uneasy, because he has bad me...

Director: Jens Jonsson  
Actors: Rupert Procter   Eoin McCarthy   Martin Savage  
Achante Kochumolku (2003)
Director: Rajan P. Dev  
Actors: Hari Nair   Indraja  
Achtung, fertig, Charlie! (2003)
Director: Mike Eschmann  
Actors: Michael Koch   Melanie Winiger   Myriam Aegerter  
A Closer Walk (2003)

This documentary examines the world AIDS crisis. The camera travels to Africa, where infections overwhelm the public hea...

Director: Robert Bilheimer  
Actors: Glenn Close   Will Smith  
A Cold Summer (2003)
Director: Paul Middleditch  
Actors: Teo Gebert   Olivia Pigeot   Susan Prior  
A Confession (2003)
Director: Clark Andrew Vogeler  
Actors: Ben Shields   Amanda Tepe  
A Conspiracy (2003)

Chad Udall is a young attorney whose life has been turned upside down when his license to practice law is suspended and ...

Director: Rick Jordan  
Actors: Rick Jordan   Athena Maria Bitzis   Robert Pralgo  
Acosada (2003)

Natalia, a bright and independent young woman, and a single mother, decides to move to "Costa del Sol", where her life i...

Director: Pedro Costa  
Actors: Julio Fraga   José Luis García Pérez   Juan Gea  
A Couple on the Side (2003)
Director: Charlie Brown  
Actors: Lex Medlin   Bill Rutkowski   Victoria Charters  
Acquaria (2003)
Director: Flavia Moraes  
Actors: Sandy Leah   Junior Lima   Emílio Orciollo Netto  
Across the Atlantic (2003)

Across the Atlantic traces the experiences of Dutch immigrants who came to Canada in post-World War II. Through intervie...

Director: Paul van den Boom  
Actors: Lea Jacobs-Van der Muren   Rimmer Tjalsma   Arnold Rovers  
Across the Border (2003)
Director: Pentti Turunen  
Across the Hall (2003)
Director: Tisha Schiavone  
Actors: Tripp Weathers   Nicole Williams   Angie Peck  
Actaeon (2003)
Director: Vaughan Pilikian  
Acte manqué (2003)
Director: Romain Delange  
Actors: Sarah Bertrand  
Act of Faith (2003)
Director: Dan Bree  
Actors Anonymous: The Truth Behind the Dream (2003)
Director: Dan Horton  
Actors: D.C. Douglas   Elizabeth Ince   Holly King  
Actors on Acting (2003)
Director: Shing-Ming Ho  
Actors: Lisa Wegner  
Actors' Transformation: The Work of Deena Levy and Her Students (2003)

"I want to act." These words ring out thousands of times a day in classrooms, cafés, and bathroom mirrors around the wo...

Director: Geneviève Appleton  
Actors: Deena Levy   Jonathan Abrahams   Michelle Schulman  
A Curiosidade Matou o Gato (2003)
Director: Rui Neto  
Actors: Carlos António   Pedro Borges   Adriano Carvalho  
Adam and Yvette (2003)

This poetic tale of two beautiful souls, tells the story of love and its sometimes complicated journey. Adam and Yvette ...

Director: Captain Chambers  
Actors: Captain Chambers   Aaron Kruger   Derick Snow  
Adam & Eva (2003)

Adam, a firefighter, rescues Eva out of a burning house. 4 years later: they're married and the everyday life aparts the...

Director: Paul Harather  
Actors: Simon Schwarz   Marie Bäumer   Pierre Besson  
Adam's Apocalypse (2003)
Director: Michael Bloom  
Actors: Tom Bliss   Randy Focazio   Kari French  
A Day at the Driving Range (2003)
Director: J. Blake Fichera  
Actors: Kevin Bernard   Rosario Vaina   Lyn Kagen  
A Day at the Office (2003)
Director: David Maddox  
Actors: Bo Barron   Don Berger   Douglass Burks  
A Day to Remember (2003)
Actors: Gordon Brown   Bob Geldof   Ann Petifor  
Addiction (2003)

Addiction is the story of a young businessman, happily married to a sweet, understanding woman. After accidentally killi...

Director: James Tucker  
Actors: Frank Franconeri   Mim Granahan   Lydia Fiore  
A Decade Under the Influence (2003)

The 1970s was an extraordinary time of rebellion, of questioning every accepted idea: political activism, hedonism, prot...

Director: Ted Demme   Richard LaGravenese  
Actors: Robert Altman   John G. Avildsen   Warren Beatty  
Adelina, presidenta (2003)
Director: Julia Barco  
A Detective Story (2003)

Ash, a private detective, is quite frankly sick of his job. It's not as adventurous as he thought it was and on top of t...

Director: Shinichirô Watanabe  
Actors: James Arnold Taylor   Carrie-Anne Moss   Terrence 'T.C.' Carson  
Adieu (2003)

Under threat in Algeria, Ismahel emigrates to France where he wants to live and work, with the hope that the people he's...

Director: Arnaud des Pallières  
Actors: Michael Lonsdale   Olivier Gourmet   Laurent Lucas  
Adieu créature (2003)
Director: Alexandru Cristian Ionescu  
Actors: Mihai Axinte   Mihaela Gavrila  
Adieu pays (2003)
Director: Philippe Ramos  
Actors: Anne Azoulay   Philippe Garziano   Frédéric Bonpart  
Adiós amor... te deseo lo peor (2003)
Director: Santy Miyar  
Actors: Noelia Lorite   Helena Varela  
ADM: DOP (Anthony Dod Mantle - Director of Photography) (2003)

ADM:DOP - Anthony Dod Mantle - Director of Photography, is a look into the creative life and vision of cinematographer A...

Director: Shari Roman  
Actors: Anthony Dod Mantle  
Admirational (2003)
Director: Shane Lee Eagle Hannigan  
Adorno (2003)
Director: Mario Bocchicchio  
Actors: Gerardo Bocchicchio   Betina Bocchicchio  
A Downtown Fairytale (2003)
Director: Arne Ahrens   Kerstin Krieg  
Actors: Rex A. Clifton   Kathryn Gilbert   Yuki Iwamoto  
Adrenalina (2003)
Director: Krzysztof Lang  
Adrenaline (2003)
Director: Roel Reiné  
Actors: Jason Fijal   Georgina Verbaan   Daniel Louis Rivas  
A Dublin Story (2003)

Set in contemporary Dublin, this is a timeless urban tale about "Clocker" and "Sanga", two young street kids whose innoc...

Director: Graham Cantwell  
Actors: Cain Williams   Robert Sheehan   Adam Goodwin  
Advantage Hart (2003)
Director: Jeff Seibenick  
Actors: Kate Bosworth   Sam Jaeger   Matt Czuchry  
Aeithi Swarga Aeithi Narka (2003)
Director: Sisir Mohan Pati  
Actors: Suresh Bal   Mihir Das   Siddhant Mahapatra  
A Escolha (2003)
Director: Dino Estrelinha  
Actors: João Baptista   Cleia Almeida  
A Fall from the Clouds (2003)
Director: Craig Herron  
Actors: Natalya Sapershteyn   Brian Brock   Jeremy Clark  
A False Prophet (2003)
Director: Johnny Bishop  
Actors: Gerald Aucoin   Stephen Full   Andy Mackenzie  
A Family X-mas (2003)
Director: Warren Eig  
Actors: Robert Costanzo   John Capodice   John Capodice  
A Fantasista (2003)
Director: André Ruivo  
Actors: Osvaldo Medina   André Ruivo   Henrique Ruivo  
Afarsek (2003)
Director: David Noy  
Actors: Orna Banai   Uri Klauzner  
Aferata Stoun (2003)

The Balkan Peninsula, between Bansko and Razlog, on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. The American missionary, Miss E...

Director: Vanja Bajdarova  
Actors: Bojka Velkova   Carla Rahal  
A Ferida (2003)

Nourished by pain, it corrupts the intimacy of a couple that has lost their child. The mother, Gracinda Nave, refuses to...

Director: Margarida Leitão  
Actors: José Airosa   Gracinda Nave  
A Ferret Called Mickey (2003)
Director: Barry Dignam  
Actors: Darragh Kelly   Pat Laffan   Colin Middleton  
A Festa de Margarette (2003)
Director: Renato Falcão  
Actors: Hique Gomez   Carmem Silva   Jefferson Silveira  
A Few Years Older (2003)
Director: Connie Diletti  
Actors: Joseph Diletti   Krista Stachyra  
A Fight for Glory (2003)
Director: J.D. Cochran  
Actors: Tommy Morgan Jr.   Kiyano La'vin   Erick Martez Fort  
A Filha (2003)

Ricardo Monteiro is a successful television producer specialising in reality shows. He is 45 years old and he has just r...

Director: Solveig Nordlund  
Actors: Nuno Melo   Joana Bárcia   Margarida Marinho  
A Fine State This Is (2003)

Insightful digital portrait of artist Fargo Deborah Whitman, who has "dissociative personality disorder" (formerly calle...

Director: Jessica Chandler  
Actors: Fargo Deborah Whitman   Lucille Colin   Donna Newman  
A Fistful of Confidence (2003)
Director: Kevin Hackenberg  
Actors: Don Black   Brandon B. Green   Ryan Hamilton  
A Foreign Affair (2003)
Director: Helmut Schleppi  
Actors: Tim Blake Nelson   David Arquette   Lois Smith  
Afortunados (2003)
Director: Andreas L. Kalcker  
Actors: Esteban Almena   Luis Cordal   Jordi Coromina  
A Freudian Image (2003)
Director: Gloria McCord  
Actors: Frances Bay   Katherine Disque   J. Michael Flynn  
Africa Mayibuye (2003)
Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi   Ingolf Banneman  
Actors: Satch Abel   Tahmi Baleka   Leon Erasmus  
African-American Idol: The Search for the Next Black Leader (2003)
Director: Greg Wendell Reid  
Actors: Greg Wendell Reid   Ian Clark   Michael Colyar  
Afrique années 60 (2003)
Director: Félicité Wouassi  
Actors: Djedje Apali  
A Fronteira (2003)

The Story of two Brazilian families who put everything at risk and cross the border into the United States from Mexico, ...

Director: Roberto Carminati  
Actors: Gilberto Torres   Fabio Nassar   Debora Balardini  
Afropunk: The 'Rock n Roll Nigger' Experience (2003)

Afro-Punk explores race identity within the punk scene. More than your everyday "Behind the Music" or typical "black his...

Director: James Spooner  
Actors: Ralph Darden   Matt Davis   Moe Mitchell  
Aftenland (2003)
Director: Thomas Bjerregaard Nielsen  
Actors: Peter Andreas Dam   Flemming Enevold   Ole Hvidmann  
After an Autumn Day That Felt Like Summer (2003)

The horrific events of September 11th, 2001 have left New York resident Ellsworth Savage a shell-shocked mess. Not only ...

Director: Mark L. Feinsod  
Actors: Timur Kocak   Nicole Severine   Melissa King  
Afterbar (2003)
Director: Clay A. Lundquist  
Actors: Michelle Gunn   Michael Cooper   Skyler Caleb  
AfterLife (2003)
Director: Alison Peebles  
Actors: Lindsay Duncan   Kevin McKidd   Paula Sage  
After Love (2003)
Director: David Jackson Willis  
Actors: Thomas Alan Beckett   Bree Michael Warner  
After School (2003)
Director: Houren Zhu  
Actors: Jacelyn Tay   Thomas Ong   Ruixian Wang  
Afterschool Delight (2003)
Director: Eve Bregman  
Actors: Scout Taylor-Compton   Charina Scott   Paul McCarthy-Boyington  
After School Special (2003)

Deacon, Matt and Fred will do anything for even a glimpse of sex and spend their mornings pirating porno movies from Fre...

Director: David M. Evans  
Actors: Erik von Detten   Tony Denman   Daniel Farber  
After September 11th: Reimagining Manhattan's Downtown (2003)

50 international architects along with several artists were invited by the Max Protetch gallery in New York to submit de...

Director: Michael Blackwood  
After Silence (2003)

The film poses the question "What does it mean to be an American in a time of uncertainty and fear?" The subject area is...

Director: Lois Shelton  
After the End (2003)
Director: Zach Horton  
Actors: Elwood Carlisle   John Klemantaski   Dante Salerno  
Afterthought (2003)

Roy and Macaela struggle through a relationship where time never seems to be quite on their side... literally. In this s...

Director: Michael Cross  
Actors: Adam Boesel   Michael Cross   Celia Beasley  
Afvænning (2003)
Director: Gita Kapila  
Agent Cody Banks (2003)

A government agent trains a typical teenager Cody Banks who loves to skateboard, hates math, and feels like a complete i...

Director: Harald Zwart  
Actors: Frankie Muniz   Hilary Duff   Angie Harmon  
A German Dream (2003)
Director: Emiliano Cano  
Actors: Emiliano Cano  
Ages of Hunting (2003)
Director: Tapani Viikkila  
Actors: Richard Calder   Frank Jarvis   J.D. Kelleher  
Aging in America: The Years Ahead (2003)

"Aging in America: The Years Ahead" is a highly charged journey across the landscape of aging. This film travels from co...

Director: Julie Winokur  
Actors: Julie Winokur   Julie Winokur   Warren Dewitt  
A Girl a Horse a Dream (2003)
Director: Rachel Landers  
A Girl's Best Friend (2003)

Fred Booth, on the way to a hush-hush diplomatic mission, gives Gwen Gosleigh a dog named, what else, Freddie to keep th...

Director: Eileen White  
Actors: Stephen Byers   Brad Caswell   Darren Macri  
Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World (2003)
Director: Mary Lance  
Actors: Agnes Martin  
Agny (2003)
Director: Jennifer Drue  
Actors: Nancy Mitchell   Dylan Davey   Jane Valentine  
Agonin maa (2003)
Director: Rax Rinnekangas  
A Good Night to Die (2003)

One day in the life of a hit man, Ronnie, who spends it trying to save the life of fellow hit man, August, who he had br...

Director: Craig Singer  
Actors: Michael Rapaport   Gary Stretch   Seymour Cassel  
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