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A Great Wonder: Lost Children of Sudan (2003)
Director: Kim Shelton  
Actors: Abraham Dut Jok   Santino Thiep Lual   Martha Arual Akech  
A Greek Woman (2003)
Director: Angeliki Giannakopoulos  
Actors: Angeliki Giannakopoulos  
Agua (2003)
Director: Bernardo Francese   Agustín Gregori   Ignacio Laxalde  
Actors: Bernardo Francese   Agustín Gregori   Ignacio Laxalde  
Aguas! (2003)
Director: Josue Hermes  
Aguiño, sobrevivr al prestige (2003)
Director: Sandra Sánchez  
A Guy Thing (2003)

When he wakes up the morning after his bachelor party in bed with a strange woman, a man presumes he must have cheated o...

Director: Chris Koch  
Actors: Jason Lee   Julia Stiles   Selma Blair  
A History of Sex (2003)
Director: Michael Coulter  
Actors: Laurence Fishburne   Andres Serrano   John Waters  
A História da Eternidade (2003)
Director: Camilo Cavalcante  
Actors: Nerisvaldo Alves   Seba Alves   Marco Camarotti  
Ahlam fi sundook (2003)
Director: Khalid Al-Mahmood  
Actors: Ali Al-Jabri   Ahmed A.L. Al-Mahmood   Khalid Al-Mahmood  
A Home for All (2003)
Director: Bill Greenfield  
Actors: Tom Hornof   Jesse Bob Harper   Ken Kells  
A House of Mad Souls (2003)
Director: Sivavut Vasang-Ngern  
Actors: Byron Bishop   Thanawit Piyathanasirikul   Thodsavut Sirisuwanrat  
A House on a Hill (2003)

Harry is an irascible, aging architect trying to achieve the dream of building his masterwork. A wealthy young couple ha...

Director: Chuck Workman  
Actors: Philip Baker Hall   Laura San Giacomo   Shirley Knight  
Ahviaasta (2003)

The animated film "The Year of the Monkey" is a story of a monkey who lives in a zoo and, as chance would have it, is fo...

Director: Ülo Pikkov  
Aida delle marionette (2003)

The life and the work of the most important italian company of puppet theatre, during the performance of one of wonderfu...

Director: Fulvio Wetzl  
Actors: Compagnia Carlo Colla & Figli  
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003)
Director: Nick Broomfield   Joan Churchill  
Actors: Aileen Wuornos   Nick Broomfield   Terry Humphreys-Slay  
Ailleurs (2003)
Director: Mallory Grolleau  
Actors: Philippe Gouin   Joel Templeur   Patricia Cervello  
Aimai (2003)
Director: Toshiya Ueno  
Actors: Hidehisa Ebata   Noriko Murayama   Noriko Murayama  
A Imitação (2003)
Director: Saguenail  
Actors: Ivo Alexandre   Frederico Amaral   António Capelo  
Ainsi va le vent (2003)
Director: Stéphane Ferrara  
Actors: Richard Baque   Vincent Baque   Patrice Cassou Ducadet  
Ain't Got No Jazz (2003)
Director: Joel Kohn  
Actors: Frank Gallacher   Vince Colosimo   Jason Gann  
Air (2003)
Director: Kevin Nash  
Actors: Cindee Mayfield   William Paul Williams   John Athas  
Air Access Denied (2003)

Scene of action is Zürich airport. In most of the bigger airports in Europe nowadays there exist so called "zone d'aton...

Director: Bernhard Wandao Stadelmann  
Actors: Richard Wandao   Richard Wandao  
Airborn (2003)

When the man in Airborn becomes a disciple of teachers who are nothing but air-high, hilarity opens a paradoxical doorwa...

Director: Daniel Foster  
Air Guitar in Oulu (2003)

Andrew Buckles dreams of one day winning the World Air Guitar Championship in Oulu, Finland. This documentary follows An...

Director: Kent Sobey  
Actors: Andrew Buckles  
Air Marshal (2003)
Director: Alain Jakubowicz  
Actors: Dean Cochran   Alan Austin   Eli Danker  
Air mata surga (2003)
Director: Eddie Cahyono   Ifa Isfansyah  
Actors: Muhammad Fendy Riyadi  
Airo (2003)
Director: P.V. Lehtinen  
Actors: Osmo Tammisalo   Sirja Luomaniemi  
Airplay (2003)

"Gabbin' Gary" is a mild mannered guy whose job is a talk radio disc jockey. When Death calls into his show to have a ha...

Director: Brandon Bartkowiak  
Actors: Jesse Deardorff-Green   Melik Malkasian   Daedalian Lowry  
Airports for Beginners (2003)

Departing from New York City in September, 2001, heading to LAX (Los Angeles, CA.) Your mind is flooded with images and ...

Director: Tara Veneruso  
Actors: Raymond Williams  
Air Square (2003)
Director: Marcus J. Carney  
Actors: Jenny Lee Mitchell   Ian Michael Towers   David Wurawa  
Aisaa Kyon (2003)

Rajesh Pandit comes from a middle-class family, living with his widowed dad, and an unmarried sister. He studies in Coll...

Director: B.B. Singh  
Actors: Sunil Dhawan   Avtar Gill   Mohan Joshi  
Aisling (2003)

Aisling is an innovative and provocative film about loss, about coming to terms with our past and about looking to the f...

Director: Greg Corcoran  
Actors: Luke Cameron   Noreen Crowley   Lindsey Harris  
Aithe (2003)
Director: Chandrasekhar Yeleti  
Actors: Abhishek   Mohit Chadha   Veerendra Chauhan  
Aiyokuyûgi nerawareta biketsu (2003)
Director: Kinya Ogawa  
Actors: Syoko Mikami   Mami Ogawa   Yuka Katô  
Aizome Kyôko vs Kikuchi Eri: daburu G supotto (2003)
Director: Kyôko Aizome  
Actors: Hiromitsu Kiba   Masayoshi Nogami   Ryôji  
A Jamaican's Holiday (2003)
Director: Ximena Cordova  
Actors: Deacon Mac  
A Janela Aberta (2003)
Director: Philippe Barcinski  
Actors: Enrique Diaz   Eugenio Puppo  
Aji (2003)
Director: Ying Li  
Ajimishitai hitozumatachi (2003)
Director: Hideo Jôjô  
Actors: Kaori   Ruri Tachibana   Asami Sakura  
Ajimâ no uta: Uehara Tomoko, tenjo no utagoe (2003)
Director: Shinji Aoyama  
Actors: Rinken Teruya   Tomoko Uehara  
A Joyce Story (2003)

The owner of the James Joyce Irish Bar is about to lose the two most important things to him in life - his wife and his ...

Director: Pete Guzzo  
Actors: Jereme Badger   Matt Camero   Guerdy Claimon  
Akai hana (2003)
Director: Shiho Karino  
A.K.A.: It's a Wiley World! (2003)
Director: Zeke Zelker  
Actors: Will Keenan   Melissa Connell   Christian Lisak  
Akame shijuya taki shinju misui (2003)
Director: Genjiro Arato  
Actors: Shima Ohnishi   Takijiro Onishi   Shinobu Terajima  
Akarui mirai (2003)

Two young guys work in a plant that manufactures oshibori (those moist hand-towels found in some Japanese restaurants). ...

Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa  
Actors: Jô Odagiri   Tadanobu Asano   Tatsuya Fuji  
Akasia (2003)

After unsuccessfully trying to have a baby of their own, Dr. Kim Do-il and his father convince his wife Choi Mi-sook to ...

Director: Ki-hyeong Park  
Actors: Hye-jin Shim   Jin-geun Kim   Oh-bin Mun  
Akbar for God Sake, Don't Die Before Me! (2003)
Director: Kazem Mollaie  
Actors: Mohammad Akbari   Behrooz Dadvar   Hossein Divandari  
A Kind Hearted Soul (2003)
Director: Jeremy James Wood  
Actors: James Daniel   Phillip Kanlidis  
Ako, siya o ikaw (2003)
Actors: Trina Shields  
Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst (2003)
Director: Willy Brunner  
Actors: James Bamford   George W. Bush   Tom Flocco  
Akuma no kajitsu (2003)
Director: Ken Sasaki  
Alab ng lahi (2003)
Director: Bebong Osorio  
Actors: Robin Padilla   Jacky Woo   Eddie Garcia  
Alaih el-Awadh (2003)
Director: Ali Abdel-Khalek  
Actors: Ilham Shaheen  
Alain Pacadis, un héros in (2003)
Director: Grégory Hervelin   Vladimir Tybin  
Actors: Yves Adrien   Serge Kruger   Jack Lang  
A la memoria de las sirenas (2003)
Director: Hector Maeshiro  
Actors: Ruben Cristian   Martín Zapata   Amara Villafuerte  
A Land Called Texas (2003)
Director: Al Reinert  
Alarium (2003)

Separated by thousands of miles, a Canadian soldier and his young bride transcend an ocean of distance in order to spend...

Director: Dan Lee West  
Actors: Shaw Madson   Laura Mennell  
Ala tareeq (2003)
Director: Nawaf Al-Janahi  
Actors: Nawaf Al-Janahi  
Alaudin (2003)
Director: Ravi Chakkravarthy  
Actors: Manivannan   Prabhudheva   Raghuvaran  
Alberti para caminantes (2003)
Director: Javier Rioyo  
Albie: Quick on the Draw (2003)
Director: Francis Vose  
Alcaloides (2003)
Director: Nicolás Calabrese  
Actors: Nicolás Calabrese   Emiliano Calabrese   Ezequiel Loredo  
Al cuore si comanda (2003)
Director: Giovanni Morricone  
Actors: Claudia Gerini   Pierfrancesco Favino   Sabrina Impacciatore  
Aldea Muriel (2003)
Director: Israel Calzado  
Actors: Nico Higueras   Paul Naschy   Macarena Bielsa  
A Legacy (2003)
Director: Dorothy Mane  
Actors: Dorothy Mane   Patouli Mane   Lena Kaneshiro  
Alegria (2003)
Director: Iván Sánchez  
Aleksandr Pavlovich Lobanov (2003)
Director: Bruno Decharme  
Actors: Alexandre Pavlovitch Lobanov  
Alemanya (2003)
Director: Savas Ceviz  
Actors: Mehmet Yilmaz  
Alexandra's Project (2003)

Steve is a man who has it all, a successful career, wonderful children, beautiful home and a loving wife. However, retur...

Director: Rolf de Heer  
Actors: Gary Sweet   Helen Buday   Bogdan Koca  
Alex & Emma (2003)

A romantic comedy: Alex is an author whose writer's block and gambling debts have landed him in a jam. In order get loan...

Director: Rob Reiner  
Actors: Luke Wilson   Luke Wilson   Chino XL  
Alexis (2003)
Director: Victor Khong  
Actors: Robyn Allan   Jenn Forgie   Joshua Drebit  
Alex Lora: Esclavo del Rocanrol (2003)
Director: Luis Kelly  
Actors: Alex Lora   Chela Lora  
Algeria: The Nameless War (2003)

Agnieszka Lukasiak travels to Algeria and falls in love with an Algerian man whose very traditional family disapproves o...

Director: Agnieszka Lukasiak  
Algo familiar (2003)
Director: Yordi Capo  
Algren's Last Night (2003)
Director: Carmine Cervi   Warren Leming  
Actors: Warren Leming  
Alibi (2003)
Director: Eric Potter  
Actors: Joel Cammett   Dan Cornett   Ted Huckabee  
Alicante, Spain 1933 (2003)
Director: Josse De Pauw   Wim Michiels  
Actors: Gregory Caers   Josse De Pauw   Sebastien Dewaele  
Alice (2003)

Alice tells the story of a young couple who are expecting their first baby. We see Amanda's anxiety and trepidation at t...

Director: Garth Davis  
Actors: Anthony Hayes   Tony Nikolakopoulos   Asher Keddie  
Alice ou Le cul des autres... (2003)
Director: Virginie Sauveur  
Actors: Véronique Boulanger   Karina Marimon   Francia Seguy  
Alicia (2003)
Director: Bernd Weissenbach  
Alicia retratada (2003)
Director: Pablo García Pérez de Lara  
Actors: Fele Martínez   Cristina Morales  
Alien Dreamtime (2003)

Produced as a live multi-media event in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26 and 27, 1993. The performance is d...

Director: Ken Adams  
Actors: Terence McKenna  
Alien Entity (2003)

The world in Alien Entity looks familiar with the exception of two strange entities, which move curiously while explorin...

Director: Eric Mootz  
Alien Hunter (2003)

In 1947, in New Mexico, a radio operator receives a signal following patterns and while investigating the occurrence, he...

Director: Ron Krauss  
Actors: James Spader   Janine Eser   John Lynch  
A Life for a Life (2003)
Director: J.P. Pierce  
Actors: Sharif Abrams   David Banks   Sergio De Salma  
A Lifeless Prayer (2003)
Director: Barry Potter  
Actors: Brian Potter   Jeremy Lalonde   John Terpou  
A Life Story (2003)
Director: Reza Shirazi  
Aligato (2003)

A couple has dinner at a restaurant. They speak French; he is from Senegal, she is Japanese. He produces a ring and asks...

Director: Maka Sidibe  
Actors: Maka Sidibe   Raquel Jouanneau   Anatole Thibault  
A Light in the Forest (2003)
Director: John Carl Buechler  
Actors: Lindsay Wagner   Danielle Nicolet   Christian Oliver  
Alila (2003)

In Tel Aviv, the gloomy Ezra hires foreign workers without permits to build an addition to a homely block of flats where...

Director: Amos Gitai  
Actors: Yaël Abecassis   Hana Laszlo   Uri Klauzner  
A. Lincoln: A Life Embellished (2003)

The true-life story of Abraham Lincoln is carefully examined, then thrown over in favor of exaggeration, half-truths, an...

Director: Bruce Dellis  
Actors: Bruce Dellis  
Al infierno con la migra (2003)
Director: Elart Coello  
Actors: David Boller   Joe Estevez   Jay Sefton  
Alinghi: The Inside Story (2003)

Look into the heart & soul of the Alinghi campaign during the America's Cup competition. This extraordinary film documen...

Director: Nicolas Wadimoff  
A Linha do Trem (2003)
Director: Nivaldo Lopes  
Alipin (2003)
Director: Cesar S.B. Abella  
Actors: Maye Tongco   Stella L   Angela Corteza  
A Little Crazy (2003)

"A Little Crazy" is a family drama that centers on Theo, a man in his early thirties, who on the day he decides to quit ...

Director: Jordan Ellis  
Actors: Jack Kerrigan   Kim Gillingham   Sandra Seacat  
A Little Harmless Murder (2003)

Paul has just lost his girlfriend, his job, his dignity, and gained a rash. With nothing left to live for, so he decides...

Director: Nick Karner  
Actors: Jon Campling   Daniel Dresner   Nick Karner  
A Little Life (2003)
Director: Elizabeth Murray  
A Little Square Heaven (2003)
Director: Marcos Arriaga  
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