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A Living Illusion (2003)

First time writer-director Nilnjan Lahiri's taut psycho-drama about a writer's love for his grandson is told with riveti...

Director: Nilanjan Neil Lahiri  
Actors: Cody Burnett   Kyle Burnett   James Chirbas  
Alla fine della notte (2003)
Director: Salvatore Piscicelli  
Actors: Ennio Fantastichini   Ricky Tognazzi   Anna Ammirati  
All Along (2003)
Director: Brandon Nutt  
Actors: Chris Barrette   Jeremy Martens   Jaime Pacaud  
Alle meine Mütter (2003)
Director: Meret Burger  
Actors: Jan Peter Heyne   Peter Hladik   Ralph Schicha  
Allergic to Nuts (2003)
Director: Rosalyn Coleman  
Actors: Yolonda Ross   Vanessa Williams   Andre Wiseman  
Allerseelen (2003)
Director: Markus Mörth  
Actors: Tom Lass   Maren Gingeleit   Kathrin von Steinburg  
Alles anders (2003)
Director: Ina Weisse  
Actors: Peter Kurth   Leonie Peters   Nina Proll  
Alles komt ergens van (2003)
Director: Pieter Verhoeff  
Actors: Joop Admiraal   Peter Faber   Jean-Paul Franssens  
Alley Kat (2003)
Director: Matthew D. Thompson  
Actors: Matt Covele   Andy Lang   Jason Marrow  
All God's Children (2003)
Director: Tom Cosgrove  
Actors: Gerry O'Brien   Michael McCabe  
All in a Day's Work (2003)
Director: Joseph Ort  
Actors: Tim Sternadel   Tydon Kommel   Sterling Jones  
All I Wanna Do Is Just Have Some Fun (2003)

Seen warming up before they begin, a group of young dancers take to the stage. They first do a synchronized hip-hop styl...

Director: Clarence Ford  
Actors: Adrian Alexander   Marc Cardarelli   Bobby DeOlivera  
All Light is Late (2003)
Director: Abinadi Meza  
All Mouth No Content (2003)
Director: Richard Rulach  
Actors: Robert Berry   Tornado Coleman   Ehud Raffman  
All My Sins Remembered (2003)
Director: Jeffrey Pierce  
Actors: Andrew Michael Lou   Will Rolland   Kirstin Pierce  
All on a Mardi Gras Day (2003)
Director: Royce Osborn  
All Over Brazil (2003)

It's Summer 1974 and all looks rosy, with the Scotland World Cup team, under Billy Bremner's captaincy, in the Finals. A...

Director: David Andrew Ward  
Actors: Frank Gallagher   Iain De Caestecker   Gemma Morrison  
All's Fair... (2003)
Director: Rick Rios  
Actors: Jonathan Keaton   Kurt Nichols   Bridgit Kloss  
All Shook Up (2003)
Director: Samantha Rebillet  
Actors: Maeve Dermody   Ilan Kidron  
All the Girls I've Loved Before (2003)
Director: Henrique Goldman  
All the Real Girls (2003)

In a small Southern American town, Paul, who is known for having sexual relations with every girl in town, falls in love...

Director: David Gordon Green  
Actors: Paul Schneider   Zooey Deschanel   Shea Whigham  
All This Way (2003)

This 23 minute narrative is a result of a collaboration between director Alexandra Lacey and her longtime friend, musici...

Director: Alexandra Lacey  
Actors: Zachary Drake   David Duhig   Chris Murphy  
All Your Difference (2003)
Actors: Halen Van Zandt  
Alma (2003)
Director: James C. Parvin  
Actors: Emanuel Loarca   Janet Chavez  
Almada Ost (2003)
Director: Nuno Noivo  
Actors: Marte Ciro   João Lima  
Almas navegando en soledad (2003)
Director: Néstor Sánchez Sotelo  
Almost (2003)
Director: Ian Robert James Tien  
Actors: Tariq Muinuddin   Jeff Sinasac   Tanya Rigley  
Almost Phamous (2003)

PapaSquid productions hasn't simply arrived onto the ski and snowboard film scene - they've bombarded the industry with ...

Director: David C. White  
Actors: Craig Belgard   David C. White   Kristen Cote  
Almost There (2003)

The film presents a couple that dares to change its lifestyle, to deal with personal fears, to search for happiness and ...

Director: Joel Alexis   Sigal Yehuda  
A Lâmpada e a Flor (2003)
Director: Pablo Ferreira  
Actors: Francisco Gaspar   Luís Mármora   Camila Mota  
Alo (2003)
Director: Tarun Majumdar  
Actors: Dhiman Chakraborty   Abhishek Chatterjee   Bhaswar Chatterjee  
Aloja, el viaje de sus vidas (2003)
Director: Sebastián Trujillo  
Alone (2003)
Director: Mike Mayes  
Actors: Mike Mayes   Jason Paul  
Alone Against the Sea (2003)

Five solo sailors, pitting their skills against the elements in "Around Alone" trans-global sailboat races, are profiled...

Director: László Pal  
Alone But Not Lonely (2003)
Director: Chris Barry  
Actors: Chris Barry   Chris Bavota   Sam McKinlay  
A Lonely Night's Visitor (2003)
Director: John S. Mann  
A Lover for My Husband (2003)
Director: Brandon Finney  
Actors: Cassandra Finney   David Bjorlie  
A Love Story in B-minor (2003)
Director: Ief Desseyn  
Actors: Olivier Bony   Joke Devynck   Mieke Verheyden  
Al pasar la barca (2003)
Director: Antonio Delgado Liz  
Actors: Patxi Freytez   Claudio Sierzoo   Eulàlia Ramon  
Alpha & Omega (2003)
Director: Kenneth Jones  
Actors: John Black   Bonnie McCluskey   Dametria Selmore  
Al sur de Granada (2003)

In 1919, demobbed, Gerald Brenan rents a house for a year in Yegen, a village in Alpujarra. He has little but a love of ...

Director: Fernando Colomo  
Actors: Matthew Goode   Verónica Sánchez   Guillermo Toledo  
Al sur del desierto (2003)
Director: Galel Maidana  
Actors: Darío Altomaro   Nazareno Brunengo   Omar Centeno  
Alt i alt (2003)
Director: Torbjørn Skårild  
Actors: Knut Reinertsen  
Alvarez & Cruz (2003)
Director: Alex D'Lerma   Vince Lozano   Paul Maggetti  
Actors: Nicola Seixas  
Alvaro Siza: Transforming Reality (2003)

In "Álvaro Siza Transforming Reality", Portugal's renowned architect discusses his work and tours15 projects with archi...

Director: Michael Blackwood  
Actors: Alvaro Siza   Kenneth Frampton  
Amadera no goke: Yobai tokomakura (2003)
Director: Sakae Nitta  
Actors: Saki Mutô   Yuki   Mami Ogawa  
Amadera no sei: Kesa-saguri (2003)
Director: Sakae Nitta  
Actors: Mahiro Suzuki   Azusa Sakai   Reiko Yamaguchi  
A Man and His Mime (2003)
Director: Scott Sahadi  
A Man Apart (2003)

Sean Vetter and Demetrius Hicks are members of the DEA who are fighting an ongoing drug war on the California/Mexico bor...

Director: F. Gary Gray  
Actors: Vin Diesel   Larenz Tate   Timothy Olyphant  
Amanecer en el Tepeyac (2003)
Director: Pavel Lopez  
Amanhã (2003)
Director: Solveig Nordlund  
Actors: João Saboga   Luís Simões   Carla Bolito  
Amanita muscaria (2003)
Director: Juan Manuel Barberis  
Actors: Javier Aguirre   Rakhal Herrero   Celia Rena Arguello  
Aman Ke Farishtey (2003)
Director: Kader Kashmiri  
Actors: Dev Anand   Bob Christo   Javed Jaffrey  
A Man Possibly... (2003)
Director: David Hou  
Actors: Marc Barenberg   Al Talamini   Dawn Medina  
Amarillo (2003)
Director: Francisco Torrente  
Actors: Jesús Caba   Francisco Torrente  
A Matter of National Security (2003)

Air Force Second Lieutenant Stromboli must battle through a day's worth of politics, government bureaucracy, and his sel...

Director: Derek W. Beck  
Actors: Ashraf Abusamak   Bob Borich   Mark Hames  
A Matter of Principal (2003)

A retired hitman fighting insomnia gets brought back into the fold of his old life when he encounters some shady charact...

Director: Jeffrey Goodman  
Actors: William Makozak   Randall Bosley   Jenna Bari  
Amaurosis (2003)
Director: Jesús Ramos  
Amazonas: The Tears of a Full Moon (2003)

An enchanting TV documentary that takes the viewer on a boat journey along the Brazilian Amazon River and into the heart...

Director: Jeff Gatesman  
Ambasadori, cautam patrie (2003)
Director: Mircea Daneliuc  
Actors: Cecilia Bârbora   Marius Stanescu   Horatiu Malaele  
Amber's Battle (2003)
Director: Dennis Lisonbee  
Actors: Rick Macy  
A Memoria nos tempos do wolfram (2003)
Director: Antonio Caeiro  
American Addiction (2003)

American Addiction, an epic drama focussing on the plight of a young man chasing his dreams, is a dramatic depiction of ...

Director: Bryan Poffenberger  
Actors: Ajit Bhargava   Christy Coobatis   Hamid Daudani  
American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawai'i (2003)
Director: Lisette Marie Flanary   Evann Siebens  
Actors: Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu   Patrick Makuakane   Sissy Kaio  
American Cousins (2003)

Two American mafiosi, Gino and Settimo, take refuge in the Glasgow cafe owned by their Scottish/Italian cousin. But cous...

Director: Don Coutts  
Actors: Danny Nucci   Shirley Henderson   Gerald Lepkowski  
American Dancer (2003)
Director: Adam Ballachey  
American Eunuchs (2003)

This documentary investigates the surreal, bizarre and at the same time tragic underworld of modern eunuchs in America. ...

Director: Gian Claudio Guiducci   Franco Sacchi  
Actors: George Mayo   Cookie Mayo   Felix Spector  
American Generator (2003)

If you've ever closed your eyes and seen something better you will fall into this world. American Generator captures the...

Director: Shannon Burgan   Michael Marco  
Actors: Scott Haro   Dane Hereford   Meagan Mangum  
American Grace (2003)
Director: Curtis Taylor  
Actors: Ryan A. Allen   Al Cacioppo   Chad David  
American Hog (2003)
Director: Carlos Hamill  
Actors: Mitch Berlow   Mike Downey   Todd Poudrier  
American Indian Graffiti: This Thing Life (2003)

AMERICAN INDIAN GRAFFITI: THIS THING, LIFE is an ensemble drama about four Native Americans whose lives intertwine with ...

Director: Tvli Jacob   Steven Judd  
Actors: Richard Ray Whitman   Terri Poahway   Randi LeClair  
American Reel (2003)
Director: Mark Archer  
Actors: David Carradine   Michael Maloney   Mariel Hemingway  
American Roadshow (2003)

An enlightening and energetic documentary showcasing the diversity of the American people. The filmmakers, two brothers,...

Director: Yoni Berkovits  
American Seoul (2003)
Director: Jason Matthew Moore  
Actors: Judy Jean Kwon  
American Splendor (2003)

Harvey Pekar is file clerk at the local VA hospital. His interactions with his co-workers offer some relief from the mon...

Director: Shari Springer Berman   Robert Pulcini  
Actors: Chris Ambrose   Joey Krajcar   Josh Hutcherson  
American Storytellers (2003)
Director: Kevin Mukherji  
Actors: John McNaughton   Harold Ramis   John Sayles  
American Wedding (2003)

Jim Levenstein has finally found the courage to ask his girlfriend, Michelle Flaherty to marry him. She agrees to get ma...

Director: Jesse Dylan  
Actors: Jason Biggs   Seann William Scott   Alyson Hannigan  
America Off Line (2003)
Director: Tony Zierra  
Actors: James Kirk   Harvey Kohner   Rick Nelson  
America's Most Retarded (2003)
Director: Chris Chaos  
A Miami Tail (2003)

"A Miami Tail" is a contemporary version of Lysistrata, a classic Greek comedy by Aristophanes. "A Miami Tail" has Alici...

Director: Melvin James  
Actors: Trina   Sommore   Neferteri Shepherd  
A mi amor mi dulce (2003)
Director: Alanna Ubach  
Actors: Brian Brophy   Charles Gideon Davis   Guillermo Díaz  
Amiga (2003)

Sonia just fought with her possessive boyfriend Julio. Taking a small bag, she leaves Julio's house and goes to Mariano'...

Director: Ricardo de Montreuil  
Actors: Santiago Magill   Nicole  
A Mighty Wind (2003)

When folk icon Irving Steinbloom passed away, he left behind a legacy of music and a family of performers he has shepher...

Director: Christopher Guest  
Actors: Jim Moret   Stuart Luce   Mary Gross  
Amigo (2003)

Walter Dragosavljevic Rutar, known as Amigo, is a local hero in Tolmin. As a child of divorced parents he ended up on th...

Director: Dimitar Anakiev   Simon Oblescak  
Actors: Vahddeta Hodzic Dragosavljevic-Rutar   Walter Dragosavljevic-Rutar  
A Mile to Midsummer (2003)
Director: Alex Boutellier  
Actors: Jonas Rüegg   Samuel Eschmann   Laila Nielsen  
Ammailu Abbailu (2003)
Director: Ravi Babu  
Actors: Vijay   Mohit Chadha   Debina  
Ammakilikkoodu (2003)

Saranalayam is an old age home where Marykutty teacher, Parvathy Amma and Saraswathi Amma stay. Eradi is the owner of Sa...

Director: M. Padmakumar  
Actors: Prithviraj Sukumaran   Navya Nair   Innocent  
Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi (2003)
Director: Puri Jagannadh  
Actors: Ravi Teja   Prakash Raj   Jayasudha  
Ammulu (2003)
Director: L. Srinath  
Actors: Vandemataram Srinivas   Greeshma   Ravali  
Amnesia (2003)
Director: Cecilia Araneda  
Actors: Natercia Benevides   Allysa Solberg  
A Modern Marriage (2003)

Kavita is getting married to Suresh, and even though they have only met a few times, her parents approve of the match. A...

Director: Rebecca Barry  
A Moment of Clarity (2003)
Director: Leslie Rathe  
Actors: Kathy Breaux   Lauren de Mahy   Deanna Russo  
A Monk's Voice (2003)

For half a century, Tibet has been under the shadow of Chinese rule. Despite Chinese attempts to oppress all glimpses of...

Director: Nathalie Ducharme  
Actors: Salden Kunga  
Amor (2003)
Director: Orane Burri  
Amor a Mantis (2003)
Director: Roque Cameselle  
Actors: Antonio Mourelos  
Amor-Clichê (2003)
Director: Peter Bretas Cordenonsi  
Actors: Thais Medeiros  
Amores payasos (2003)
Director: Brad Aldous  
Actors: Brad Aldous   Christine Duenas  
Amorfù (2003)
Director: Emanuela Piovano  
Actors: Sonia Bergamasco   Ignazio Oliva  
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