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Amor Só de Mãe (2003)

Filho is a miserable bastard. He's divided between the duty of nursing his fanatic mother and his obsessive lust for For...

Director: Dennison Ramalho  
Actors: Everaldo Pontes   Débora Muniz  
A Morte de Narciso (2003)
Director: Luiz Carlos Lacerda  
Actors: Maurício Bentes   Frank Borges   Paulo Franco  
Amor y luz (2003)
Director: Francisco José Becerra  
A Moth and a Butterfly (2003)
Director: Gilbert Kwong  
Actors: Jason Chan   Teddy Wong  
Amour branque (2003)
Director: Pascal Voisine  
Amour gitan (2003)
Director: Pascal Montjovent  
Actors: Viviane Bonelli   Olivier Yglesias   Antoine Segard  
A Mulher Polícia (2003)

A young boy in a town in Portugal steals some money and is therefore to be sent to the borstal. His mother do not want t...

Director: Joaquim Sapinho  
Actors: Amélia Corôa   Ludovic Videira   Maria Silva  
A Mulher que Acreditava Ser Presidente Dos EUA (2003)
Director: João Botelho  
Actors: Alexandra Lencastre   Rita Blanco   Laura Soveral  
Çamur (2003)
Director: Dervis Zaim  
Actors: Engin Alkan   Taner Birsel   Mustafa Ugurlu  
A Mysterious Murder (2003)

Failed in business, Ma and his family go to a strange mountain village to open an inn. No guests arrive at the inn for s...

Director: Kei Mok  
Actors: Yim Ping Lee   Fui-On Shing   Yim Yim Cheung  
Ana (2003)
Director: Sergio Yazbek  
Actors: Damián Alcázar   Jesús Ochoa   Patricia Bernal  
Anaganaga O Kurraadu (2003)
Director: L.P. Ramarao  
Actors: Rohit   Rekha Vedavyasa  
Ana Hatherly: A Mão Inteligente (2003)
Director: Luís Alves de Matos  
Anal Masturbation and Object Loss (2003)
Director: Steve Reinke  
An Alsayd (2003)
Director: Sami Rafe  
Ana María Shúa (2003)
Director: María Andrea Domínguez  
Actors: Ana María Shua  
An American Reunion (2003)

A close group of friends return to their hometown to face the reality of how their friendships and promises have altered...

Director: Jim Fitzpatrick  
Actors: Jim Fitzpatrick   Corbin Timbrook   Jodi Knotts  
Anamnesis (2003)

Sarah Olivieri is married to Michael Olivieri, who is a mob enforcer. When she returns home one night, she finds herself...

Director: Kurt Garwood  
Actors: Rebekah Haveman  
Anamopik (2003)
Director: Byeong-woo Kim  
Ananda (2003)
Director: Mark Gustafson   Mike Smith  
An Apparition (2003)
Director: Gaëlle Dill  
An Apple a Day (2003)
Director: Brian Juergens  
Actors: Seth Davis   Denton Tarver  
An Aqueous Solution (2003)
Director: Jo Meuris  
Ana's Chronotope (2003)

"Ana's Chronotope" is an experimental meditation on writing and the process of remembrance embodied by the words and exp...

Director: Alice Cox  
Actors: Art Bell   Alice Cox   Jane Kim  
An Assignment (2003)
Director: John A. Rangel  
Actors: Ricky Rodriguez   Samaria Jones   David Davila  
Anastasiya Slutskaya (2003)
Director: Yuri Yelkhov  
Actors: Svetlana Zelenkovskaya   Gennadiy Davydko   Anatoliy Kot  
Anathema (2003)

A disenfranchised kid from suburbia and a young prostitute from the city meet under unlikely circumstances and take a sp...

Director: Nicholas M. Robbins  
Actors: Jack Bradley   Marc Carver   John Kuntz  
Anatomía patológica (2003)
Director: Assumpta García Mas  
Actors: Jorge Blanco   José Antonio Cascajosa   Antonio Espinosa  
Anatomie 2 (2003)

The doctor and soccer player in the leisure time Jo Hauser decides to move to Berlin and be an intern in a famous clinic...

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky  
Actors: Ariane Schnug   August Diehl   Herbert Knaup  
Anatomy of a Fight (2003)

A comedy/drama set in the outskirts of New York. Two men, one young, Costa, and one middle-aged, Gary, fight for the fee...

Director: Nicholas Woythaler  
Actors: Jesse Steccato   Guy Camilleri   Lauren Staller  
Ana y los otros (2003)
Director: Celina Murga  
Actors: Camila Toker   Ignacio Uslenghi   Juan Cruz Díaz la Barba  
Anbe Sivam (2003)

Nallasivam (Kamal Haasan) and Anbarasu (Madhavan) are drawn together by the strings of fate after they come into contact...

Director: Sundar C.  
Actors: Kamal Hassan   Madhavan   Kiran Rathod  
An Charraig Stoite (2003)
Director: Mac Dara Ó'Curraidhín  
Ancient Warriors (2003)
Director: Walter von Huene  
Actors: Franco Columbu   Daniel Baldwin   Richard Lynch  
An Cruthaitheoir (2003)
Director: Damon Silvester  
Actors: John Burke   Donncha Gilmore   Joe Greaney  
An Cuainín (2003)
Director: Chris Roufs  
Actors: Padraic Delaney   Sean Dunne   Eoin Gillen  
Andaaz (2003)

Young Raj Malhotra lives with his elder brother, Rohit; his bhabi, Kiran, and a niece. After an accident fractures his l...

Director: Raj Kanwar  
Actors: Akshay Kumar   Lara Dutta   Priyanka Chopra  
And All This Madness (2003)
Director: Walter Ungerer  
Andapuram Rajakumari (2003)
Actors: Nowshad  
Andata e ritorno (2003)
Director: Alessandro Paci  
Actors: Alessandro Paci   Flavia Vento  
An Decay (2003)
Director: An Decay  
Anderland (2003)

Malle isn't very happy. The island he lives on is dull and crazy Joran and his friends bully him. They want him to count...

Director: Arne Toonen  
Actors: Tim Zweije   Nico de Vries   Tygo Gernandt  
Andi Ommsen ist der letzte Lude (2003)
Director: Stephen Manuel  
Actors: Lotto King Karl   Tobias Schenke   Alexandra Neldel  
Andra sidan (2003)
Director: Joel Burman  
Actors: Kina Strandberg   Theodor Larzon   Cecilia Cederberg  
Andrew Reid (2003)
Director: Pablo Pijnappel  
Actors: Emily Williams  
And the Red Man Went Green (2003)
Director: Ruth Meehan  
Actors: Bruce Alexander   Bruce Lawrence   Elizabeth Ross  
An Easy Grand (2003)

Gabe, the new guy at the office, grudgingly accepts a thousand dollars to work overnight on short notice; but what he do...

Director: Alec Joler   Ethan Shaftel  
Actors: Chris Nelson   Nolan Washatka   Matthew Heiman  
An Evening at H (2003)
Director: David Hukari  
An Fiach Dubh (2003)
Director: Declan De Barra  
Actors: Ronán Ó'Snodaigh  
Angel (2003)
Director: Tom Williams  
Actors: Amber Batty   Sebastian Dunn   Laura Donaghey  
Angel (2003)
Director: Felicity Morgan-Rhind  
Actors: Phillip Gordon   Geoff Houtman   Teresa Healy  
Angeldust (2003)
Director: Manos Scheto   Andrien Vermulen  
Actors: Philip Barazin   Manos Scheto  
Angel Food (2003)

This documentary follows San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Madigan Shive on her solo tour of France. A woman who tra...

Director: Harper Carter  
Actors: Madigan Shive  
Angels and Imams (2003)

Angels and Imams is the story of a twenty-eight year old Caramo Gibba: a devoult Muslim, comes to America with lofty asp...

Director: Mohammed Kamara  
Actors: J.D. Hawkins   E.J. Nolan  
Angelus (2003)
Director: Mariano Castaño   Néstor Fonte  
Anger Management (2003)

Mild-mannered timid businessman Dave Buznik who works for a pet clothing company out of New York City. He's got an abras...

Director: Peter Segal  
Actors: Adam Sandler   Jack Nicholson   Marisa Tomei  
Anghel sa lupa (2003)

Screen hearthrob Cogie Domingo plays a young man coming to grips with his own mortality. This he gleans from the point o...

Director: Jose Javier Reyes  
Actors: Cogie Domingo   Luciano B. Carlos   Luz Imperial  
Ang huling birhen sa lupa (2003)
Director: Joel Lamangan  
Actors: Jay Manalo   Ara Mina   Maui Taylor  
Angin kemarau (2003)
Director: Lono Abdul Hamid  
Ang kapitbahay (2003)
Director: Humilde 'Meek' Roxas  
Actors: Albert Martinez   Joel Torre   Belinda Bright  
Angry Ghost (2003)
Director: Dave Sweeney  
Actors: Eva Dorrepaal   Rick Poli   Dave Sweeney  
Angry Positions (2003)
Director: Jason King  
Actors: John Collins   Julie-Ann Dean  
Angry Pursuit (2003)

Angry Pursuit is the latest novel from author Elliot Wiess. But, with this novel has come radical criticism and even dea...

Director: Ryder Seeler  
Actors: Jack Fitz   Dennis Groess   Ann Lipski  
Angry Young Man (2003)

Wally is paroled and sets off to fullfill his promise, not for revenge, but merely to live a nice, peaceful, quiet life ...

Director: Robert Loomis  
Actors: R. Michael Caincross   Colleen Lynch   Ted Parks  
Ang tanging ina (2003)

The story evolves around the ups and downs of being a single mother, Ina (Ai-Ai delas Alas) the main protaganist. Her th...

Director: Wenn V. Deramas  
Actors: Ai-Ai de las Alas   Connie Chua   Eugene Domingo  
Anguish (2003)
Director: La Monte Edwards  
Actors: Eric Deskin   James Panozzo   Daniel Salas  
Angulimala (2003)

Arhingsaka was born in India to a noble family. Despite his noble birth, his horoscope showed to be born under the sign ...

Director: Sutape Tunnirut  
Actors: Nopachai Chaiyanam   Nopachai Chaiyanam   Stella Malucchi  
Angustias (2003)
Actors: Julián Teurlais  
A.N.I. 1240 (2003)
Director: Rolf Schrader  
Actors: Aaron McPherson   Marjory Graue   Garrett M. Brown  
A Nice Day (2003)
Director: David Haynes  
Actors: Frank Cortese   Bill Cross   Quenby Bakke  
An Idea of Canada (2003)
Director: Kevin McMahon  
A Night in the Sky (2003)
Director: Mikaël Ivan Roost  
Actors: Damon Wolfe   Winter Stacey  
Aniki to ore (2003)
Director: Yoshikazu Katô  
Actors: Ryô Kuraki   Yûya Ishikawa   Seiji Nakamitsu  
Anima (2003)

It is the 16th century. The Catholic Church has expanded throughout the new continent, Nueva Espana. New monasteries are...

Director: Erika Grediaga  
Actors: Claudia Soberón   Carol Abney   Dennis Deal  
Animal Grappler (2003)

Tired of struggling for funding, Erwin Marlin, wildlife documentary host from the Great White North, adopts a flamboyant...

Director: David M. Smith  
Actors: Darrell Smith  
Animal Nightmares (2003)
Director: Peter Lynch  
Actors: Brian Borcherdt   Tom Dungey   Dylan Hudecki  
Animals (2003)

Animal rights activist Jade is anxious to get Nick Robinson, the marketing director of a pharmaceutical company, to just...

Director: Arik Alon  
Actors: Vimal Stephens   Caroline Dalton   Frances Redmond  
Animal Sapiens (2003)

The history of mankind is full of questions. The big questions have marked our cultures, influenced our religious belief...

An Imperfect Solution: A Tale of the Re-Animator (2003)

In the year 1920 two Miskatonic University graduates are practicing medicine by day and trying to revive the dead by nig...

Director: Christian Matzke  
Actors: Bob Poirier   Jason Waron   Amanda Huotari  
A ningún lado (2003)
Director: Martín Mauregui  
Actors: Martín Buzzo   Carmen Amengual  
A Ninja Pays Half My Rent (2003)

When your roommate dies from an allergic reaction to fruit and the rent is due and you don't have the cash to cover it, ...

Director: Steven K. Tsuchida  
Actors: Timm Sharp   Anthony Liebetrau   Shin Koyamada  
An Insomniac's Nightmare (2003)

This unique short film follows the night of a young British insomniac named Jack, narrated almost hour by hour from a fi...

Director: Reese Nanavati  
Actors: Dominic Monaghan   Daniel Burke   Ellen Sachs  
Anjaneya (2003)
Director: Maharajan  
Actors: Ajith Kumar   Meera Jasmine   Raghuvaran  
Anna (2003)
Director: Marc Champeimont  
Actors: Lydia Stäubli   Jan Messutat   Kristina Koch  
Anna, 3 kilos 2 (2003)
Director: Laurette Polmanss  
Actors: Hervé Petit   Jocelyne Desverchère   Mélanie Leray  
Anna Freud: Under Analysis (2003)

A life chronicle of the youngest child of Sigmund and Martha Freud - her childhood in Vienna (the most anti-Semitic city...

Director: Alana Cash  
Annas dag (2003)
Director: Árni Ásgeirsson  
Actors: Iben Hjejle   Troels Lyby   Stine Stengade  
Anna Spud (2003)
Director: Edward Foster  
Actors: Jim Broadbent   Terry Wogan   Morwenna Banks  
An Na yu wu lin (2003)

(Cantonese with English subtitles) An advertising executive revamps a defunct martial arts tournament in order to use it...

Director: Wai Man Yip  
Actors: Miriam Yeung Chin Wah   Ekin Cheng  
Anne B. Real (2003)
Director: Lisa France  
Actors: Carlos Leon   Eric Smith   Jackie Quinones  
Annie Brocoli dans les fonds marins (2003)
Director: Claude Brie  
Actors: Annie Grenier  
Annie & Mary: Reflections on the Railroad (2003)

Annie & Mary; Reflections on the Railroad explores the nostalgic sentiments surrounding the steam engine, and the way we...

Director: Tawnya Foskett  
Anónimo (2003)
Director: Rodrigo Fiallega  
Actors: Ari Brickman  
Anónimo (2003)
Director: João Carrilho  
Actors: Rui Sérgio   Vera Fontes  
Anniversary (2003)

A malevolent story of barely-concealed hostility between a couple on their wedding anniversary. As their son and his new...

Director: Julian Harker  
Actors: Ed Schiff   Douglas Taurel   Anna Gutto  
Annotate (2003)

Annotate is a journey through the stages of energy generation, transmission and consumption, emulating the most importan...

Director: Cameron Duguid  
An Obvious Moment of Happiness (2003)
Director: Richard Paro  
Actors: Matt Braaten   Nicholas Owen Langholff   Richard Paro  
Anomalie o 3/8 laklu (2003)
Director: Ursa Zgank  
Actors: Jana Janeková   Sandra Pogodová  
Anonymous (2003)
Director: Philip Mitchell  
Actors: Cameron Hughes   David Kugler   Alain Laforest  
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