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Watch movies from 2005 online

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? (2005)

A three-day emotional whirlwind into the life of a college grad turned lunatic and his oddly-discovered, mentally challe...

Director: Alex Harz   Tom Kennedy  
Actors: Michael Athens   Gabe Awan   William Depew  
00h17 (2005)
Director: Xavier De Choudens  
Actors: Daniel Bilong   Franc Bruneau   Guillaume Denaiffe  
04:44 (2005)
Director: Carlos Garza   Roberto Sánchez Santos  
05 (2005)
Director: María Colosimo  
06 Tiros, 60Ml (2005)
Director: Kapel Furman  
Actors: Fernando Pavão   Nicolas Trevijano   Samantha Dalsoglio  
07:07:13 (2005)
Director: Josh Stafford  
Actors: Trista Smith  
0,7 ya! (2005)
Director: Alfredo Medina  
Actors: Zoe Berriatúa   Paco Racionero   Miguel Rellán  
#1 (2005)
Director: James Breen  
Actors: Myers Clark   Anthony D'Amato   Nicholas J. Giordano  
1000 pesos colombianos (2005)

A forged 1000 pesos coin travels throughout society, then comes back to the counterfeiter who forged it and finally unve...

Director: David Aristizabal Mora  
Actors: Julián Díaz   Sergio Gonzalez   Walter Luengas  
1000 Women and a Dream (2005)

There was an extraordinary nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005: 1000 women, working for peace without official rec...

Director: Gabriela Neuhaus   Angelo Scudeletti  
100 Balas (2005)
Director: Juan G. de Terán   José Manuel Vega  
Actors: Manuel Rodríguez   Camino Texeira   Roger Álvarez  
100% menneske (2005)
Director: Jan Dalchow   Trond Winterkjær  
Actors: Michael Justiniano   Patrick Markholm   Martin Osvold  
100 Per Cent (2005)

In a nightmare vision of a perfect future, individuals are tracked and controlled through their consumer profiles. Prear...

Director: Teresa Paoli  
Actors: Matteo Cascini   Paolo Cascini   Cascini Family  
101 (2005)
Director: Matthew Ogens  
Actors: Celei Reff  
107 mal (2005)
Director: Felix Grimm   Kirstin Krüger  
Actors: Robert Schmidt   Uwe Schmidt  
10 Days in Malawi (2005)

10 Days in Malawi takes the point-of-view of a group of American medical aid and orphan care volunteers traveling to thi...

Director: Brian Ekdale  
10 Euros la Course (2005)
Director: Guillermo Grassi  
Actors: Mohamed Aroussi   Oumar Ben Ahmed Baro   Samir Boitard  
10 Minutes Later (2005)

"DETERMINISM is the philosophical doctrine which claims that every physical event, including human cognition and action,...

Director: Kirsten Tan  
Actors: Fish Chaar   Chronos Kwok   Jamie Tan  
10 Seconds (2005)
Director: Tim Clague  
Actors: Nick Ewans   Chris Musselwhite  
11 (2005)
Director: Tom Engbersen  
Actors: Koen van der Kroon  
110% (2005)

The US women's ski jumping team, a tight knit group of 7 athletes, train and compete 10 months a year. They have also be...

Director: Randy Falconheart   Rick Falconheart  
Actors: Randy Falconheart   Rick Falconheart   Rae Sunshine Lee  
111 (2005)
Director: Erik Anderson  
Actors: James Gilbert   Joseph Gilbert   Mike Haberecht  
1+1=2 (2005)
Director: Jaanis Valk  
Actors: Tõnu Oja   Margus Prangel   Riho Rosberg  
113 (2005)
Director: Jason Brandenberg  
Actors: Ralph Gentner   Kuno Lauener   Ulrich Stettler  
11.35 (2005)
Director: Martin Persson  
Actors: Raul Blücher  
11:59 (2005)

After breaking the news with the arrest of Thomas Hastings, the suspect of the abuse and murder of two children in a Mon...

Director: Jamin Winans  
Actors: Raymond Andrew Bailey   Laura Fuller   Megan Heffernan  
11 Meter (2005)
Director: Florian Langanke  
11 M historia de un atentado (2005)
Director: Miguel Courtois  
Actors: Luis Filgueira  
12:00 A.M. (2005)
Director: Nayato Fio Nuala  
Actors: Robertino   Olga Lydia   Rionaldo Stockhorst  
12:01 (2005)
Director: Joshua Caldwell  
Actors: R.J. Foster   David S. Lomax   Damien Santucci  
123 from Amalapuram (2005)
Director: Varma  
Actors: Ravi Prakash   Raja Sridhar   Anil  
12 and Holding (2005)
Director: Michael Cuesta  
Actors: Conor Donovan   Conor Donovan   Jesse Camacho  
12 Steps Nowhere (2005)

Cindy has discovered Christian's 'little black book' filled with all the details of his numerous affairs. After Cindy wa...

Director: Russell Johnson  
Actors: David Cottingham   Susan Laine   Brant Grady  
12 Tangos - Adios Buenos Aires (2005)
Director: Arne Birkenstock  
Actors: Roberto Tonet   Marcela Maiola   Yolanda Zubieta  
1309 (2005)
Director: Christian Davis  
Actors: Darin Cooper   Lisa Welti   Jonathan Durante  
1337 Kr3w (2005)
Director: Jonathan Williams  
Actors: Thomas Kountouris   Shelton Stuart   Jonathan Williams  
13 ou 14 (2005)
Director: Jan Peters  
Actors: Jan Peters  
13th Grade (2005)

It's the final year of high school for graduating senior, David Easter. But when a strange, new teacher comes up with an...

Director: JJ Garvine  
Actors: Tim Carr   Gervase Peterson   Dustin Diamond  
13 Tzameti (2005)

Sebastian, a young man, has decided to follow instructions intended for someone else, without knowing where they will ta...

Director: Géla Babluani  
Actors: George Babluani   Aurélien Recoing   Pascal Bongard  
1409. Afera na zamku Bartenstein (2005)
Director: Raf Buks   Pawel Czarzasty  
Actors: Jerzy Bonczak   Maciej Damiecki   Mateusz Damiecki  
1420, la aventura de educar (2005)
Director: Raúl Alberto Tosso  
Actors: Joaquín Furriel  
14 apóstoles (2005)
Director: Maialen Sarasua  
14 Days in America (2005)

Fourteen Days in America 2004 represents the first in a series of projects capturing the hearts and minds of people from...

Director: Chris LaMont  
Actors: David William Gibbons  
15 (2005)
Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu  
Actors: Maia Morgenstern   Serban Ionescu   Cristian Iacob  
1526 metros sobre el nivel del mar (2005)
Director: Carlos Bernal  
15 días contigo (2005)
Director: Jesús Ponce  
Actors: Isabel Ampudia   Sebastián Haro   Joan Dalmau  
15 Park Avenue (2005)

An exploration of the impact of schizophrenia on a young woman and her family in today's Calcutta. The narrative pivots ...

Director: Aparna Sen  
Actors: Shabana Azmi   Konkona Sen Sharma   Rahul Bose  
15 Waffles (2005)

"15 Waffles" is a series of connected vignettes that follows four New Yorkers as they lead their friends and family to t...

Director: Brian Chirls  
Actors: Anthony Bagnetto   Meg Allan   Julie Jei  
17000 Block (2005)

Set against the backdrop of Detroit's underworld, 17000 Block tells the story of Buck, a young man trapped in the middle...

Director: Curtis Franklin  
Actors: Curtis Franklin   Theo Williamson   Jon E. Livernois  
1735 Km (2005)
Director: Nghiem Dang Tuan Nguyen  
Actors: Ngoc Duong Yen   Trinh Ho Khanh  
17 Mayis (2005)
Director: Umur Turagay  
180 (2005)

'180' is a low-budget Sci-Fi Romance/Comedy SHORT film about an exasperated, out-of work New Jersey hairstylist whose ob...

Director: James Parris  
Actors: Frank Montagna   Gary Riotto   Scott Wilson  
1805 (2005)
Director: Jan Belletti  
Actors: Alain Belletti   Franck Gaillard   Delphine Gayraud  
180 Degrees to Jerusalem (2005)

Everything is going great for the Director: he inherited the benefits of two generations of New York Jews who turned the...

Director: Robert Raphael Goodman  
1888, el extraordinario viaje de la Santa Isabel (2005)

"1888: The Extraordinary Voyage of The Santa Isabel" is a whimsical adventure fantasy about a tired Jules Verne, fleeing...

Director: Alfredo Anzola  
Actors: Marco Villarubia   Kristin Pardo   Ronnie Nordenflycht  
18 E 2 Figure (2005)
Director: Massimo Ivan Falsetta  
Actors: Matteo Tosi  
18 Minutes (2005)

A couple entangled in a horrific car accident, a son struggling with his father's descent into madness, and another coup...

Director: Alexis Echavarria  
Actors: David Monaco   Catherine Menard   Casey Abrams  
1942 (2005)
Director: Kelvin Tong  
Actors: Tetsuya Chihiro   Fumikazu Hara   Hiroyuki Hasegawa  
1955 Backstage (2005)
Director: Kurt Mündl  
Actors: Hans Dichand   Rainhard Fendrich   Leopold Figl  
1955, Seven Days of Fall (2005)

It chronicles the 1955 Brooklyn Dodger/New York Yankees World Series based upon the poem, '1955' by James T. Crawford. I...

Director: Rory F. Fielding  
Actors: Marty Adler   Hank Bauer   Yogi Berra  
1973 (2005)

This dark documentary can be seen as three separate stories of people united by two themes: they were born in 1973 in Me...

Director: Antonino Isordia  
Actors: Alejandro Cota   Rodolfo Escogido   María Fernanda Ramos Macín  
19 Miles to Vegas (2005)
Director: Shane Valdés  
Actors: Jonathan Baravong   Jason D. Beck   Jim Begley  
19 s 85 (2005)
Director: Juan Humberto  
1 clé pour 2 (2005)
Director: Delphine Noels  
Actors: Fabrice Rodriguez   Catherine Salée  
1er retrato (2005)
Director: Tamara Cubas  
Actors: Miguel Jaime  
1 Rit/Voyage (2005)
Director: Steven Schoukens  
2001 Maniacs (2005)

While traveling on vacation to Florida, the college friends Anderson Lee, Cory Jones and Nelson Elliot meet the gorgeous...

Director: Tim Sullivan  
Actors: Robert Englund   Lin Shaye   Giuseppe Andrews  
2006 (2005)

"2006" evokes a certain life condition, in theory a possible result of a terrorism-filled future. Some of the sick aspec...

Director: Giacomo Mantovani  
2006 (2005)
Director: Alexandra Rothert  
Actors: Christoph Stendzina  
20:10 (2005)
Director: Mauro Ramírez  
Actors: Marcelo López Foresi   Candela Salles  
2010: A Kitchen Odyssey (2005)

Set in the future, a computer programmer named Zeebo has just finished creating the first versions of his digital person...

Director: Greg Quinn  
Actors: Ford Austin   Stan Du Plessis   Andrew Fried  
208 (2005)
Director: Jimmy Sariya  
Actors: Hung Lee   Steve Scarantino   Jane Ann La Rue  
20 centímetros (2005)

Colloquially-told story of a few days in the life of Marieta, who's saving money for the last operation in her change fr...

Director: Ramón Salazar  
Actors: Alberto Arcos   Mónica Cervera   Pablo Puyol  
20 Minutes (2005)

After 6 days, 23 hours, and 40 minutes, Rusty Rozier has 20 minutes decided his fate. With his fiancé watching closely ...

Director: Dalton Harpe  
Actors: Patrick Welty   Taylor Harpe   Drew Shaneyfelt  
20 Minutes (2005)

20 Minutes is an eternal love story with a super-natural twist. It relates to anyone who has ever loved deeply, and anyo...

Director: Monica Huntington  
Actors: Jeff Marchelletta   Monica Huntington   Corinne Dekker  
20 nó 22 (2005)
Director: Conor McDermottroe  
Actors: Owen Roe   Don Wycherley   Deirdre Learmont  
212 (2005)
Director: Anthony Ng  
Actors: Brian Gant   Ajay Naidu   Catherine Zambri  
2:13 (2005)
Director: Dana Elfenbaum  
21 Carbs (2005)
Director: Marty Shea  
Actors: Jaime Moyer   Monika Christensen   Gunhild Giil  
21h11 (2005)

It is eleven past nine p.m. Thomas Grandin would like to sleep but he is disturbed by some unpleasant noises. Although h...

Director: Arnaud Bigeard  
Actors: Fabio Zenoni   Alban Aumard   Marie-Anne Mestre  
2/2 (2005)
Director: Hidehiro Ito  
Actors: Kazuki Kuwahara   Atsurô Watabe   Asaka Seto  
220 bonnes raisons (2005)
Director: Hervé Lasgouttes  
Actors: Larbi Benchiha   Olivier Clastre   Fabrice Moussy  
2+2=5 (2005)
Director: Jorge Carrascosa  
Actors: Adrió Argullo   Luis Farled   Javier Moroño  
22 bus stop (2005)
Director: Emilio de la Cuadra  
2:35 A.M. (2005)
Director: Douglas Dillingham  
Actors: Corey McDaniel  
23 minutos de cocción (2005)
Director: Alejo Rébora  
Actors: Joaquín Barrios   Julián Barrios   Alejo Rébora  
24/7 (2005)

In 24/7, celebrated newsmagazine host "Roch Braun" retaliates in the only way he knows how: By appealing to his legions ...

Director: Kelly-Ruth Mercier  
Actors: David Richmond-Peck   Jonathan Holmes   Kevin McNulty  
24/7: The Passion of Life (2005)
Director: Roland Reber  
Actors: Mira Gittner   Marina Anna Eich   Christoph Baumann  
24 horas (2005)
Director: Roberto Sabines  
24 Hours (2005)
Director: Jose Aurelio Lozano  
Actors: Jose Aurelio Lozano  
24 Hours on Craigslist (2005)
Director: Michael Ferris Gibson  
Actors: Mike Curtis   Brent N. Hunter   Lee Ping Kwan  
24 Wirklichkeiten in der Sekunde (2005)
Director: Nina Kusturica   Eva Testor  
Actors: Michael Haneke  
25 años de impunidad (2005)
Director: Olga Chacón  
25 dias de lluvia y sol (2005)
Director: Laura Pino   Alejandro Zuno  
Actors: Tito Vasconcelos   Gloria Careaga   Norma Mogrovejo  
25 Strong (2005)

25 Strong tells the story of the 25 Year history of the Kevin Bushell Pre Teen Basketball Classic which takes place in t...

Director: Kevin Harewood  
Actors: Rafer Alston   Kenny Charles   Stephon Marbury  
25 Years of Improv Comedy (2005)

For 25 years, Chicago's I.O. Theater has been a training ground for the world's top improv comedians, including many cas...

Actors: Dan Bakkedahl   David Koechner   Tim Meadows  
26 (2005)
Director: Stephanie Faust  
Actors: Sarmarie Klein   Kevin Lucero Less  
2600 metros (2005)

In Bogota, a city located 2600 meters above sea level, there's a newspaper called "2600 Metros" where everybody's the ma...

Actors: Álvaro Bayona   Jairo Camargo   Jorge Herrera  
26 Mirror: Montage of Lives (2005)

A tragic drama of six people in the same hotel room over time. Ryan, a washed up actor struggling to find himself. Rache...

Director: Travis English  
Actors: Jason Klein   Samantha Parman   Robert Kelly-Schleyer  
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