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28% (2005)
Director: Anikó Nagy  
Actors: Ágota Siménfalvy   Zoltán Rajkai   Gábor Reichert  
2,800km from Home (2005)
Director: Daniel Erb  
28 Hours Later (2005)
Director: Ken Kin Ng  
29th and Gay (2005)

'29th and Gay' is the movie for the gay everyman. Following a year in the life of James Sanchez, it's a story about a gu...

Director: Carrie Preston  
Actors: James Vasquez   Nicole Marcks   David McBean  
2 a Day (2005)

2 a day is a drama about Michael, a young man dealing with a chronic mental illness. A unique blend of quick cuts and lo...

Director: Rich Miller  
Actors: Michael T. Downey   Liesl Downey  
2B or Not 2B (2005)
Director: Giacun Caduff   Jacques à Bâle  
Actors: Jay Bingham   Daniel Bridges   Dakota Carter  
2EyesOpen (2005)
Director: Mateo Willis  
2 Filhos De Francisco - A História De Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano (2005)
Director: Breno Silveira  
Actors: Ângelo Antônio   Dira Paes   Márcio Kieling  
2 horas (2005)
Director: J.J. Guillermo  
Actors: Javi Armando   Boris Díaz   Txema Esparza  
2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß (2005)

Family drama and historical truth collide in this film about the painful legacy cast by Hanns Ludin, a prominent Nazi ex...

Director: Malte Ludin  
2 Seconds (2005)
Director: Karl Anderson  
Actors: Karl Anderson  
300 secondes (2005)
Director: Marie-Hélène Copti  
Actors: Jean-Raymond Châles   Roger La Rue   Pierre Lebeau  
303 (2005)
Director: Eduardo Mendoza de Echave  
Actors: Daniel Neuman  
30.40 (2005)
Director: James Fotopoulos  
30 minutit vaikust (2005)
Director: Ove Musting  
Actors: Guido Kangur   Andrus Vaarik   Merle Palmiste  
30 Sekunden Schweiz (2005)
Director: Chris Niemeyer  
316 Neoprene (2005)
Director: Sophie Williams  
Actors: Michael Bick  
3:18 (2005)
Director: Tony Samangy  
Actors: Marylee Gotch   Jeff Staron  
32 (2005)
Director: Marty Sader  
Actors: Pat McKibbin   Thomas Joseph Adams   Kim Beuché  
33X Around the Sun (2005)
Director: John Hardwick  
Actors: Steve Ormond   Lars Rudolph   Eileen Walsh  
343 (2005)
Director: Peter T. Nathan  
Actors: Anthony Kidd  
3461 (2005)
Director: Jorge Luna Kuhn  
3:52 (2005)
Director: Shawna Baca  
Actors: Felipe Alejandro   Glen Begay   Billy Daydoge  
.357 (2005)
Director: Scott Rawsthorne  
Actors: King Attarney   David Gyasi   Matthew Marsh  
35 escritorios (2005)
Director: Manuel Castiñeyras  
Actors: Estela Guelfi  
365 Boots on Ground (2005)

Follow the personal experience of one soldier and his unit through the process of deploying to Iraq. See the daily trial...

Director: Kc Wayland  
Actors: Jason Scott   Jason Michael Scott   Danny Wayland  
37 og et halvt (2005)
Director: Vibeke Idsøe  
Actors: Bernhard Arnø   Anders Baasmo Christiansen   Kåre Conradi  
38news: Marionette Mayhem (2005)

When a giant, evil marionette comes to destroy downtown, 38news is there to cover the story but Gary Wickline and Jim At...

Director: Felix Allen  
Actors: Bob Allen   BoJo Allen   Felix Allen  
39 Pounds of Love (2005)

39 POUNDS OF LOVE is the heartwarming story of Ami Ankilewitz, an American-born Israeli who at the age of 1 was diagnose...

Director: Dani Menkin  
Actors: Ami Ankilewitz  
3:am (2005)
Director: Ryan Bradford  
Actors: Mike Ashworth   Ryan Bradford   Sebastian Broways  
3Days (2005)
Director: Rauf Khalilov  
3-D Rocks (2005)
Director: Chris Columbus  
Actors: Bo Diddley   David Johansen   Iggy Pop  
3 Experimental Documentaries by Bill Brown (2005)

Three first person experimental documentaries that explore the landscapes of North America. Traveling along the Trans- C...

Director: Bill Brown  
3 Fags for Matt Prophet (2005)
Director: James Buchanan  
Actors: Matt Jones   Suzie Lavelle  
3 Feet of Creepy (2005)
Director: John Stuhldreher  
Actors: Tami Hatch   Alyssa Senzel  
3 Girls and the Golden Cocoon (2005)

The story begins with arrival of two American tourists in Assam. Incidentally they meet a native Bodo girl selling her h...

Director: Jwngdao Bodosa  
Actors: Natalie Roth   Brandee Tucker   Michael Steger  
3 gouttes d'Antésite (2005)
Director: Karine Blanc   Michel Tavarès  
Actors: Alysson Paradis   Thérèse Roussel   Anne Le Ny  
3 historias de juguete(s) (2005)
Director: Mauro Ramírez  
Actors: Damián Brissio   Marcelo González   Andrés Suárez  
3° kälter (2005)

'Florian Hoffmeister' (qv)'s feature film debut focuses on a woman, whose world is turned upside down when her lost vani...

Director: Florian Hoffmeister  
Actors: Bibiana Beglau   Sebastian Blomberg   Johann von Bülow  
3m² (2005)
Director: Erim Giresunlu  
Actors: Simona Pahl   Andreas Berchem   Johnny Challah  
3-Minute 4-Play (2005)
Director: Johnny O'Reilly  
Actors: Risteard Cooper   Ruth Negga  
3 Minutes (2005)

Just how long is 3 minutes? In the time it takes to boil an egg, an injured child fights for his life in a hospital emer...

Director: Andrew Shortell  
Actors: Keller Wortham   Jon Saphire   Lori Carty  
3 Minute Wonder (2005)

It is an end-of-summer afternoon and Kate and Mandy are messing around in a deserted lido. They are bored and it feels l...

Director: Lucy Baldwin  
Actors: Natalie Dew   Victoria O'Donnell   Rosie Wiggins  
3mm (2005)

A filmmaker, on a motorbike, is going to shoot his first film. He stops by chance in a bar before reaching his destinati...

Director: Alessandro Maresca  
Actors: Stefano Ambrogi   Alessandro Bartolini   Gianluca Bondi  
3 Needles (2005)

Sister Hilde narrates three separates stories, each directly concerning the AIDS crisis. From a Montréal based order, S...

Director: Thom Fitzgerald  
Actors: Mabel Adams   Asckt   Shawn Ashmore  
3 Parts (2005)
Director: Becky James  
3 Rounds (2005)

Amateur boxer Micky Savage enters a local contest in hopes of winning enough money to finally buy an engagement ring for...

Director: D. Todd Deeken  
Actors: Jeffrey D. Carter   Luke Coffee   Josh Daugherty  
3 Seconds My Arse (2005)

A man and a woman stuck in a dead end marriage. He drinks tins of lager, flicks his fag ash on the carpet and watches fo...

Director: Anna McCaughtry  
Actors: Larry Cowan   Paul Garrett   Hugh Yeaman  
3 Sisters (2005)
Director: Heath McKnight  
Actors: Marissa Medal   Cristy Joy   Sarah Elizabeth  
3some (2005)
Director: Fanny Veliz  
Actors: Mike Gomez   Yeniffer Behrens   Giovanni Lopes  
3 (Three) (2005)
Director: Dimitris Andjus  
Actors: Yiorgos Gallos   Konstantinos Koronidis   Panos Kranidiotis  
3 Washes (2005)
Director: Yasmina Solanes  
Actors: Dan Wilder   Bryony Afferson   Sandra Evans  
3 Wise Women (2005)
Director: Scott Somerndike  
Actors: Jennifer Fontaine   Sherrie Jackson   Anna Easteden  
3 x 3 (2005)
Director: Philipp Hartmann   Ana Lopez   Amanda Mengod  
Actors: Mariana Aguiar  
4 (2005)
Director: Matthew Alson Thornbury  
Actors: Doug Bell   Rachel Koonsman   Jamie Toleman  
4 (2005)
Director: Antonio de Egipto   Marga Suárez  
Actors: Antonio de Egipto   Matías García   Gabriel Soriano  
4 (2005)

Two men and a woman happen to meet in a bar. We learn from their conversations both the intriguing and banal details of ...

Director: Ilya Khrzhanovskiy  
Actors: Shavkat Abdusalamov   Anatoli Adoskin   Aleksei Khvostenko  
401-K.O. (2005)
Director: Justin Seyb   Barry Strickland  
Actors: Kurt Bauer   Justin Burrow   Clay Goodwin  
4:07AM (2005)

Armed with her sketchbook, a young woman seeks refuge from her insomnia. She takes to the streets and cafes of Tokyo onl...

Director: Henry Lu  
Actors: Kiki Kiki   Toyu Toyu   Hiroshi Yonemura  
40 mg d'amour par jour (2005)
Director: Charles Meurisse  
Actors: Axelle Laffont   Serge Hazanavicius   Xavier Letourneur  
40 Seconds (2005)

40 Seconds begins with Katie who returns home and meets the mysterious yet charming Max, a man with a secret curse, disg...

Director: Ramiro Hernandez  
Actors: Roland Caceres   Derek Latta   Justin Ordman  
4 1/4 (2005)

As the title indicates, this is a stylish work that puts one in mind of the early Italian films of Fellini. On the night...

Director: Aundre Johnson  
Actors: Nicolas Porcelli   Greta Cavazzoni   Lisa Mikesh  
420: Freedom? (2005)
Director: Shyam Sundar Sengupta  
4:30 (2005)

"4:30" traces the relationship between Xiao Wu, an eleven year old Chinese Boy and his tenant Jung, a thirty-something K...

Director: Royston Tan  
Actors: Young-jun Kim   Xiao Li Yuan  
'44 (2005)
Director: David Resha  
Actors: Sam Sanfillippo  
45 Seconds to Death (2005)
Director: Ritchie Steven Filippi  
Actors: Cory Levine   Monique Sanchez  
46 minut (2005)
Director: Matjaz Brumen  
Actors: Lado Bizovicar   Yuri Bradac   Martin Janezic  
48 (2005)
Director: Sean M. Keough  
Actors: Chris Armstead   Lawrence Engle   Shanna Landgrave  
4 años, 8 tequilas y 2 cartas despues (2005)

It's been four years since Santiago left town. Time has turned him into just a memory that Barbara is not willing to for...

Director: Ramiro Medina-Flores  
Actors: Oliverio Gareli   Linda Gutierrez   Jorge Sierra  
4b (2005)

4B explores the tribulations faced by artistic inspiration and creation. An artist at work is a fascinating state of min...

Director: Pepe Caudillo  
Actors: Israel Mata  
4th and Long (2005)

4th and Long is the story of three high school football fanatics whose obsession with football rules over every part of ...

Director: Timothy Vandenberg  
Actors: Chris Blanchard   Paige Cole   Scott Conway  
5 (2005)
Director: Nick Karner  
Actors: Nick Karner   Beata Chelkowska  
5 (2005)
Director: Dov Engelberg  
Actors: Shepard Koster   Brian A. Schwartz   Michael Westphal  
500 Years Later (2005)

Crime, drugs, HIV/AIDS, poor education, inferiority complex, low expectation, poverty, corruption, poor health, and unde...

Director: Owen Alik Shahadah  
Actors: Kolfi Adu   Sona Jobarteh   Hunter Adams III  
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous (2005)

Set in New Zealand in the summer of 1975, 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous is the story of 12 year-old Billy, who is about to ...

Director: Stewart Main  
Actors: Andrew Paterson   Andrew Paterson   Harriet Beattie  
- 5' 12'' (2005)
Director: Enrico Vanni  
Actors: Marco Schiatti   Michelangelo Villanova   Cinzia Bregonzi  
51 Birch Street (2005)

Documentary filmmaker Doug Block had every reason to believe his parents' 54-year marriage was a good one. But when his ...

Director: Doug Block  
Actors: Doug Block   Mike Block   Carol Block  
51st State (2005)

51st State' is a portrait of Antonio, a man caught between the Hispanic ethnicity of his family and the American culture...

Director: Vicente Gonzalez  
Actors: Tom Spano  
548 km: Bhutan's Longest Journey (2005)
Director: Matthias Boeckmann   Tobgye  
5:59:54 (2005)
Director: Jonathan Mason  
Actors: Andrew T. Scully   John Beck   Michael J. Henry  
55 Years of Cinematic Pandemonium (2005)
Director: Christos Mouroukis  
5.6 Seconds (2005)
Director: Shervin Youssefian  
Actors: Christine Cowden   Kevin Scott Allen   D.C. Douglas  
58% (2005)

Invited by the Palestinian government to run a filmmaking course for children, Vincenzo Marra, wanting to find out about...

Director: Vincenzo Marra  
5 Card Stud (2005)

Five Card Stud is an intimate glimpse of a group of friends forced to face the cards they have been dealt. It is a story...

Director: JoAnn Gaudry  
Actors: Ligaya Allmer   Tasha Faye Evans   Erin Garrity  
5 Conversations (2005)
Director: Jason Bailey  
Actors: Brian Bailey   Nate Cadman   Alex Dryden  
5 escorpiones (2005)
Director: Rafael Luque  
Actors: Rafael Luque   David García Palencia   Israel Rodríguez  
5G (2005)
Director: Alessandro Tanaka  
Actors: Ramon Rodriguez   Amanda Loncar   Robert Heller  
5 jours à Hong Kong (2005)
Director: Ghislaine Heger  
5 Minutes (2005)

A thoughtful examination of the fleeting nature of life. "5 MINUTES" illustrates what 5 minutes mean in the lives of dif...

Director: Catherine C. Pirotta  
Actors: Roark Critchlow   Julie Dickens   David Bertelsen  
5Non5 (2005)

Five people feel isolated and trapped inside the worlds they have created for themselves: about anger, entanglement with...

Director: Anja Zander  
Actors: Marvin Gronen   Aylam Orian   Kay Ramczyk  
5 note in rosso (2005)
Director: Nima Rafighi  
Actors: Sarah Bellicam   Aurélie Gardes   Stéphanie Ribeyrix  
5 Seasons (2005)

In these fast and modern times, the Numurindi people are still guided by the seasons and stories of the Dreamtime. This ...

Director: Steve McGregor  
Actors: Moses Numamurdirdi  
5 Stages of Grief (2005)
Director: Manuel Bermudez  
Actors: Manuel Bermudez   Nicholas Gonzalez   Ryan Higman  
5th World (2005)
Director: Blackhorse Lowe  
Actors: Livandrea Knoki   Sheldon Silentwalker   Ernest Tsosie III  
5x5 (2005)
Director: Moussa Touré  
5 x 90: The Wake (2005)

Five different stories comprise a single ninety second vignette; each tale illuminating an element of the deceased's lif...

Director: Samuel Kiehoon Lee  
Actors: Janvier Neil Efondo   Jonathan Kidney   Jerry Lee  
600 secondes pour refaire le monde (2005)
Director: Etienne Labroue  
Actors: Franck-Olivier Bonnet   Denis Lefdup   Françoise Dubois-Flavien  
6'2 (2005)
Actors: Satyaraj   Vadivelu (2005)
Director: Paco Ruis Gimenez  
62 Years and 6500 Miles Between (2005)

Asking her grandmother what advice she has for young people, filmmaker Anita Chang receives a simple reply: "Politics!" ...

Director: Anita Chang  
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