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A cada lado (2005)

"There are moments when I feel like stepping into each of their stories," says the photographer hired to document constr...

Director: Hugo Grosso  
Actors: Héctor Bidonde   Miguel Bosco   Miguel Franchi  
A Cantor's Tale (2005)

Chazz'n, A Cantor's Story is a documentary film about chazzanut past, present and future through the prism of Chazzan Ja...

Director: Erik Anjou  
Actors: Alan M. Dershowitz   Jackie Mason  
Acapulco Golden (2005)

A high-school student discovers that his mother just got a life insurance plan for a healthy amount of money. He and his...

Director: Joaquín Segura  
Actors: Fifer   Francisco Gomez-Mont   Ignacio Riva Palacio  
A Car for a Dollar (2005)
Director: Reiner Derdau   Maximilian Spohr  
A Carol of Christmas (2005)

The story begins on the eve of Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge is a rich old man interested in only one thing, money. He is ...

Director: Andy Pesek  
Actors: Nathan Michalski   Sean Rocco   Mike Richardson  
A Case of You (2005)
Director: Jack Davies  
Actors: Jamie Draven   Julia Hickman  
A Catastrophe of Men (2005)
Director: Benjamin Mennell  
Actors: Aaron Weiss   Brian Bostaph   Shawn Walker  
A Catastrophic Success (2005)
Director: Karen 'Kaz' Brecher  
Actors: John Burton Jr.   T. Michael Malta   Poppy Davis  
A Cat's Tail (2005)
Director: Sonia Di-Gennaro   Alan Moult  
Accidentally on Purpose (2005)
Director: Jyson McLean   Claude Shires  
Actors: Kelly Kursten   Bobby Lee   Joey Diaz  
According to Aimee (2005)
Actors: Emilie Germain  
A Chair-a-plane Flamenco (2005)
Director: Geoffrey Jones  
A Chair-a-plane Kwela (2005)
Director: Geoffrey Jones  
Achille e la tartaruga (2005)
Director: Valerio Attanasio  
Actors: Jacopo Bonvicini   Gabriele Mainetti   Giulia Bevilacqua  
A Christmas Wish (2005)

One year after the Christmas Eve murder of his wife, Asia finds himself on the verge of suicide. One trigger away from e...

Director: Lawrence 'Law' Watford  
Actors: Kendal Tuttle   Deborah Clay   Marvin Arthur  
Achuvinte Amma (2005)
Director: Sathyan Anthikad  
Actors: Urvashi   Meera Jasmine   Narein  
Acid Rain (2005)

David anxiously seeks the whereabouts of his unstable brother, Richie, who threatens to commit a violent act to 'fix his...

Director: Martin Malone  
Actors: Michael Claff   Michael Claff   Dave Hall  
A cielo abierto (2005)
Director: Pablo Torello  
Actors: Bernardo Alberte   Gustavo Azpiazu   Horacio Ballester  
A Clear View (2005)
Director: Michael Olson  
Actors: Marc Comstock   Edwin Craig   Jonathan Gotsick  
A Coat of Snow (2005)
Director: Gordy Hoffman  
Actors: Jeffrey Johnson   Matt Kaye   Craig Thomas  
A Cock and Bull Story (2005)

Two actors, as their make up is applied, talk about the size of their parts. Then into the film: Laurence Sterne's unfil...

Director: Michael Winterbottom  
Actors: Steve Coogan   Steve Coogan   Steve Coogan  
A Cold Day to Die (2005)
Director: Matt Duffy  
Actors: Norman Hussey   Matt Duffy   Simon L. Baker  
A Concepção (2005)
Director: José Eduardo Belmonte  
Actors: Juliano Cazarré   Milhem Cortaz   Murilo Grossi  
A Conquista de Faro (2005)
Director: Rita Azevedo Gomes  
Actors: Rafael Almeida   João Bénard da Costa   Manuel Cintra Ferreira  
A Constant Struggle (2005)

A CONSTANT STRUGGLE tells the stories of people who are hungry in America's agricultural heartland. These voices, interw...

Director: Barbara Bird  
A Conversation with Lars von Trier (2005)
Director: Eva Ziemsen  
Actors: Lars von Trier  
Acorda (2005)
Director: Roberta Marques  
Acouphènes (2005)
Director: François-Xavier Drouet  
A Couple of Bitches (2005)

Dom is looking for a quick and easy way to meet girls. He walks into a local bar armed only with a one hundred bill and ...

Director: Justin Ciccotelli   Jason Katz  
Actors: Jason Katz   Justin Ciccotelli   Billy Mira  
A Couple of Days and Nights (2005)

Jula is a sultry lead singer searching the crowd for two things; a boyfriend with a "Greek-Roman Profile", and anybody w...

Director: Vaughn Verdi  
Actors: Shonda Farr   David Lago   Joe Peracchio  
Acqua (2005)
Director: Mauro Magazzino  
Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (2005)
Director: Olivia Ontaneda  
Across the Bridge (2005)
Director: Denis Cviticanin  
Actors: Luka Cosovic   Ivan Rados   Daniel Sebal  
Across the Hall (2005)
Director: Alex Merkin  
Actors: Adrian Grenier   James Oliver  
Across the River (2005)
Director: Michael Pilz  
A Cry for Madiom: On Going Genocide in the Sudan (2005)
Director: Erez T. Yanuv Barzilay  
Act de identitate (2005)
Director: Anita Land   Gerald Zahn  
Actors: Raluca Jacono-Muntean  
Acting (2005)
Director: Johannes Thielmann  
Actors: Sebastian Blomberg   Maria Schrader  
Acting Class (2005)
Director: John A. Gallagher  
Actors: Heidi Kristoffer   Emily Rome Mudd   Emily Stowe  
Action Anton (2005)
Director: Ole Ragnvald Bogstad Takanashi Gran  
Actors: Kjetil Bakkerud   Hans Ragnar Flaaten   Edward Lamo  
Activated (2005)
Director: Gerald Gutschmidt  
Actors: Pat Conran   Erik Krumrey   Philippe Rebours  
Act One (2005)

Act One is a comedy-drama that relays the story of Kevin Hansen, a confident, immature twenty-two year old screenwriter....

Director: Brad Ellis  
Actors: Allen Gardner   Bettina Adger   Casey Cannon  
Actors in War (2005)
Director: Vincent Foster  
Actors: Richard Anderson   James Doohan   Richard Kline  
Actress Apocalypse (2005)
Director: Richard R. Anasky  
Actors: Garo Nigoghossian   Greg G. Freeman   Jay Ingle  
A Cure for Writer's Block (2005)

David Wallach is a struggling screenwriter who finds himself confronting unemployment and the thought of abandoning his ...

Director: Kyle Hasday   Matt Stewart  
Actors: Mike Baldridge   Tom Wade   Lizzy Lahive  
A Curious Shower (2005)

An empty chamber. An erotic dream. A childhood memory. Johnny is alone in the shower, daydreaming of all these things, u...

Director: Michael John Unger  
Actors: Greg Anderson   Henry Krinkle   Michael John Unger  
A:D (2005)
Director: Timuçin Leflef  
Actors: John Collins   Michael Glynn   Paul Moloney  
Adagio (2005)
Director: Gregory Monro  
Actors: Gregory Monro   Veronica Dimos  
Adam and Eve (2005)

Easy-going, gentle college-boy Adam Baker enjoys frat-life, however disgusting the frat-house gets because of his sloppy...

Director: Jeff Kanew  
Actors: Cameron Douglas   Emmanuelle Chriqui   Chad Lindberg  
Adam Meets Eve (2005)
Director: Christoph Busche  
Actors: Christoph Baumann   Genoveva Mayer  
Adam ol! (2005)
Director: Vaqif Sarifov  
Actors: Sarkhan Karamoglu   Ilhama Quliyeva   Siyavush Aslan  
Adams æbler (2005)

Ivan is a priest in a rural church known for the apples that grow on a large tree in front. He's odd: seeing the world t...

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen  
Actors: Ulrich Thomsen   Mads Mikkelsen   Nicolas Bro  
Adam & Steve (2005)

Teenage Goth couple Adam and Rhonda are club hopping when Adam spots a dancer he is immediately attracted to. Taking the...

Director: Craig Chester  
Actors: Malcolm Gets   Cary Curran   Cary Curran  
A Dark Place (2005)
Director: David Matheny  
Actors: A.J. Barrero   Jeremy Giebler   Kyle Mangrum  
A Date to Remember (2005)
Director: Phillip Warner  
A Date to Remember (2005)
Director: Cameron Pazirandeh  
Actors: Greta Pauley   Astrit Ibroci  
A Day at the Circus (2005)
Director: Justin Bastard Sane  
A Day in the Life of a Bathroom Key (2005)
Director: Jill Effron  
Actors: Mark Bloom   Lance Carter   Ricky Mabe  
A Day in the Life of Ivan Rabitavich (2005)
Director: Joshua Bell  
Actors: Peter Bedgood  
A Day Out with Gwyn (2005)
Director: Keri Collins   Paul West  
Actors: Frank Kelly   Adam Williams   Charlie Bird  
A Day to Love and Die (2005)

Joe and James are bored newspapermen who stumble across a bright paralegal in distress who had found out that her promin...

Director: Larry Block   Eric Raddatz  
Actors: Berwin Bravo   Bob Encarnacion   Christopher Joseph  
AdCorp, Inc. (2005)
Director: Marshall Cook  
Actors: Andy Dick   Michael Rivkin   Jamie Anne Allman  
Addict? (2005)
Director: John Alexander Kontoyannis  
Addio notte bianca (2005)
Director: Eddy Caminiti   Giorgia Costantino   Luca Guardabascio  
Actors: Andoni Aresti Landa   Sergio Bianco   Nanni Candelari  
Addolorata (2005)
Director: Robin J. Brown   Marco Coppola  
Actors: Franco Diogene   Fabrizio Giannini   Simona de Rosa  
A Decision (2005)
Director: Patrick Jen  
Actors: Ronnie Alvarez   Eric Sandeen   Matt Shea  
Adela (2005)
Director: Humberto Solás  
Actors: Mario Guerra   Frank Sánchez   Aurora Basnuevo  
Adelante (2005)
Director: Eduardo Cisneros  
Adelante chico... adelante (2005)
Director: Juan Luis Corrientes  
Actors: Marco Corrientes  
A destiempo (2005)
Director: Diego Martín González  
Adieu (2005)
Director: Christian Belgaux  
Actors: Nick Ahrens   Fredrik Belgau   Christian Belgaux  
A Different Love Song (2005)
Director: Uri Bar-On  
Actors: Yosef Carmon   Ruth Geller  
Adil geht (2005)
Director: Esther Gronenborn  
Actors: Benjamin Berisha   Shemsedin Berisha   Ali Biryar  
Adirindayya Chandram (2005)
Director: Srinivasa Reddy  
Actors: Sivaji   Laya   Sangeetha  
Adiós (2005)
Director: Ignacio Gutiérrez-Solana  
Actors: Víctor Clavijo   Laura Domínguez  
Adiós, papitas fritas (2005)
Director: David Appelbaum  
Actors: David Kobzantsev   Kim Rome   Elizabeth Decker  
Adiós, para siempre (2005)
Director: David Barba  
Actors: Gustavo Sánchez Parra   Mayra Serbulo   Rafael Alcublerre Moya  
A Distant Shore (2005)
Director: Franklin jin Rho  
Actors: Courtney Halverson   John Colton   Nick Rish  
A Distant Thunder (2005)

Things are not always as they seem, especially when entering the halls of a desperate mind. Ann Brown is a prosecutor wi...

Director: Jonathan Flora  
Actors: Deborah Flora   Ned Vaughn   Peter Renaday  
Adjudicator (2005)
Director: Lasco Atkins  
Actors: Lasco Atkins   Julian Green   Errol Harrison  
Adjusting Arbie (2005)

A young man, who never had a bedroom of his own, goes on a quest to understand the sublime nature of a bedroom. Intervie...

Director: Ron Braverman   Christopher Heltai  
Actors: Christopher Heltai   Reza Borghei   Daniel K. Soliday  
ADN (2005)
Director: Judith Cahen  
Actors: Judith Cahen  
¿A dónde vas Bolivia? (2005)
Director: Fernanda Peñarrieta  
Adopting Ginny (2005)

We all want to be independent-to think for ourselves, to live on our own, to have our own dreams. Virginia Matthews has ...

Director: Elizabeth Gorcey  
Actors: Viginia Mathews   Hilary Gorcey   Ben Gorcey  
Adoption! (2005)

When their little Pumpkin comes home in tears after being teased about being adopted, it is up to her parents to make he...

Director: Chris Orf  
Actors: Chris Orf   Kandi Ceballos   Meg Finley  
A Doula Story (2005)
Director: Daniel Alpert  
A Dream Like You (2005)
Director: Daniel Kay  
Actors: Steven Hack   Peggy Goss   Jodie Langel  
A Dream of Color in Black and White (2005)
Director: Blake Fitzpatrick  
Actors: Jeffrey Fellin   Josh Tucker   Rachel Ommerman  
A Dream of Flight (2005)
Director: Joston Theney  
Actors: George Cookus   Michelle Kegley   Melanie McCullough  
Adrenaline Hunters: The Movie (2005)

Through winter and summer, across endlessly varied landscapes in search of perfection... not just for the rush, but to u...

Director: Victor Muh  
Actors: The Adrenaline Hunters  
Adrift (2005)

A Mother and Son torn apart by grief relive the tragedy that changed their lives forever...

Director: Samantha Harrie  
Actors: Tony Mooney  
Adrift (2005)
Director: Simon Portus  
Actors: Chris Haywood   Paul Kelman   Helen O'Leary  
Adventure in the Mysterious Forest (2005)
Director: Phillip Wade  
Actors: Tim Wade   Stephen O'Donnell   Matthew O'Donnell  
Adventures in Slothfulness (2005)
Director: Dean Q. Mitchell  
Actors: Dean Q. Mitchell  
Adventures of the Insipid (2005)
Director: Jordan Noce  
Actors: Greg Hamilton   Alex Noce   Jordan Noce  
Adventure Under Sail (2005)
Director: Nick Foxall  
Actors: Marc Cuthbert  
Ad-Vice for a Prophet (2005)

An anonymous narrator, alone in his apartment, cannot tell if his inner life is composed of memories of dreams or memori...

Director: Jon Rafman  
Aein (2005)
Director: Eun-tae Kim  
Actors: Dong-Hyuk Cho   Ye-ryeong Kim   Hyeon-a Seong  
Aerosol (2005)

A Worker is making aerosol cans on a Tayloresque factory floor. The routine of his job is wrecked when an ant crawls int...

Director: Wojciech Wawrzyniak  
Actors: Gil Berengut   Jon Berengut   Lukas Bliss  
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