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A Esteticista (2005)

What starts out a standard talking head doc about one woman's experience in Auschwitz during WW2 turns into a picture of...

Director: Sergio Oksman  
Actors: Emmy Blum  
A Estrela (2005)
Director: António Duarte  
Actors: Francisco Hestnes Ferreira   Manuel Romão Nogueira   Joana Craveiro  
A Fairly Good Tale Story (2005)
Director: G.J. Masters  
Actors: Alan Macfarlane   Leah Fairgrieve   Jamie Reece  
A Fairytale of Forgotten Things (2005)

A meditation on serendipity. A boy's voice, off camera, whispers. He's heard of a place where forgotten objects go, some...

Director: Toby Meakins  
Actors: Jamie Bower   Charlie Joslin-Allen   Eloise Parfitt  
A falta de pan (2005)
Director: Martín Rosete  
Actors: Álex Angulo   Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa   Amparo Baró  
A Family Finds Entertainment (2005)
Director: Ryan Trecartin  
Actors: Ben Carlson   Ben Carlson   Ben Carlson  
A Family Legacy (2005)
Director: Rory Williamson  
Actors: Danny Adcock   Adam Anthony   Ed Couche  
A Família X (2005)
Director: Pedro Sousa  
Actors: Ana Lopes  
A Father's Prayer (2005)
Director: Döndü Kiliç  
Actors: Amadeus Meaini  
Af banen (2005)

Divorced father without custody Torben, a former pro soccer player, concentrates on his talented son David's juniors poo...

Director: Martin Hagbjer  
Actors: Lars Bom   Camilla Bendix   Bjarne Henriksen  
A Feast of Friends (2005)
Director: John K. Webster  
Actors: Kevin Baguley   Simon Brandon   Paul Cashmore  
Afgesproken werk (2005)
Director: Gert Fokkens   Peter Sieben  
Actors: Chris Mennen   Geerteke van Lierop  
Afghan Days (2005)
Director: Mohammed Al Otaiba  
A Film About the Believing (2005)
Director: Mehran Tizkar  
A Fire Set on Fire (2005)
Director: Chris Drummond   Carson Minow  
Actors: Chad Bockholdt   Jeff Miller   Joseph Schwartz  
A Fist Full of Pills (2005)
Director: Slade Ham   Tom Hester  
Actors: Slade Ham   Tom Hester   Justin Pettit  
A Fistful of Quarters (2005)
Director: Hugh Ross  
Actors: Larry Thomas   Sarah Bibb  
A Flippin' Love Story (2005)
Director: Cole Walliser  
Actors: Richard Steelo Vasquez   Ivan 'Flipz' Velez   Julie 'Jules' Urich  
A Flood in Baath Country (2005)
Director: Omar Amiralay  
A fény ösvényei (2005)
Director: Attila Mispál  
Actors: Anna Marie Cseh   György Cserhalmi   Attila Soós  
Afonka uz nechce pást soby (2005)
Director: Martin Rysavý  
Actors: Afanasij Konstantinov   Maria Kolesovova  
A Foot of Rope (2005)

After impounding a neglected dog, a small town dogcatcher begins the process of trying to find it a new home. Initially ...

Director: Christian Sparkes  
Actors: Ruben Canning-Finkel   Dr. Dezeeuw   Charlie Graham  
A Forest Returns (2005)
Actors: Ora E. Anderson  
A Form of Guilt (2005)
Director: Tommy Merry  
Actors: Mark Erman   Ray Renati   Ana Lorenzana  
A Fragrance of Night (2005)
Director: Jon Kauffman  
Actors: Dennis Baker   Mercedes Martinez  
Afrejsen (2005)

Annika is a successful journalist, and has just been made foreign correspondent in Moscow. The only thing she has left t...

Director: Louise Friedberg  
Actors: Björn Granath   Simon Munk   Ellen Hillingsø  
Africains poids-moyens (2005)
Director: Daniel Cattier  
Actors: Bea Diallo   Tshilombo Imhotep   Virginie Efira  
Africa Open for Business (2005)

Imagine an Africa with entrepreneurial spirit, striving to take care of itself and find African solutions to African pro...

Director: Carol Pineau  
Africa's Super Seven (2005)

On the northern bank of the Sand River in the Mala-Mala Game Reserve in South Africa, seven magnificent creatures reside...

Africa United (2005)

Zico came to Iceland from Marocco to seek his fortune. After ten years Zico becomes bankrupt, meaning he can't work anym...

Director: Olaf de Fleur Johannesson  
Actors: Einar Xavier Sveinsson   Saint Paul Edeh  
Afri-Cousin (2005)
Director: Shaun Pearce  
Actors: Barry Hilton  
Afrika Unzipped (2005)

Afrika Unzipped documents the trials and rewards for American expatriate Alan Donovan as he shepherds his stunning model...

Director: Caliann Lum  
Actors: George Abungu   Clive Beckenham   Johnnie Carson  
Afroargentinos (2005)
Director: Diego H. Ceballos   Jorge Antonio Fortes  
A Fruit-ful Day at the Base-ball Field (2005)
Actors: Rick Arndt   Jude Arndt   John Arndt  
After (2005)
Director: Kim Noce  
After Frank (2005)

Filmmaker, Walter Forsyth sets out on a journey to make a tribute film about photographer/filmmaker, Robert Frank, decon...

Director: Walter Forsyth  
After Innocence (2005)
Director: Jessica Sanders  
After June (2005)
Director: Michael Civille  
Actors: Dustin Olson   Haskell King   Ellen Halper  
After Life (2005)

Paul Peterman has lived his life to the letter of the Good Book. He's given charity, been kind to his neighbors and has ...

Director: Bramley Johnson  
Actors: Bruce Burns   Jim Mantell  
Afterman 2 (2005)
Director: Rob Van Eyck  
Actors: Stephane Dopagne   Jacques Verbist   Lindsay Bervoets  
Aftermath (2005)

Intuition isn't enough to keep Sarah from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. While cleaning her apartment, ...

Director: Jon Palardis  
Actors: Kate Krystowiak   Charlie Capen   Elan Barram  
Aftermath (2005)

Aftermath is an experimental 10 minute short film set to the music of the renowned Irish electronic composer Roger Doyle...

Director: Brian Lally  
Actors: Eoin Lynch   Ingrid Lacey   Aoibhinn McGinnity  
Aftermath (2005)

A tragic story about HIV, friendship, deception, and betrayal in the tradition of the cinema verite genre. Vowing his si...

Director: Anthony Spadaccini  
Actors: Rebecca Lynne   J.P. Clemens   Anthony Spadaccini  
After-Meth (2005)
Director: Kirk Roos  
Afternoon (2005)
Director: Kim Spurlock  
Actors: Julia Nguyen   Nina Nguyen   Nho Thanh Nhan  
After Roberto (2005)

The story of an American man, pursued through northern Italy, confronting the demons outside and within. A mystery. A fa...

Director: Louis Fusco   Marc L. Fusco  
Actors: Louis Fusco   Heather O'Neill   Anna Nina  
After the End (2005)

Ten years after a nuke war between the US and North Korea, we meet Lou our narrator. He and his BFF Mac have been living...

Director: D. Ryan Mowry  
Actors: Rob Bass   Khris Hunter   Patrick Lewis  
After the Rain (2005)
Director: Pablo Magne  
After Tomorrow (2005)
Director: David M. McLoughlin  
Actors: Anna Amoroso   Cascy Beddow   Madison Graie  
After Twilight (2005)

Bookish Jen Frazier seems an unlikely choice to be a freedom fighter, but when a theocratic new order occupies the state...

Director: Gary Watson  
Actors: Christine M. Auten   Marty Fleck   Don Hampton  
Against Her Skin (2005)

Kate begins a job as a live-in nanny, expecting to find in her new home the better life she has always craved. Instead, ...

Director: Zoje Stage  
Actors: Frank Carr   Woody Shaffer Carr   Zoje Stage  
Against Nature (2005)

In search of inspiration, Des Esseintes steps outside the luxury of his extraordinarily decorated rooms and goes for a w...

Director: Jon Story   Antony Zaki  
Actors: Peter Broad   Allan Corduner   Adrian Dunbar  
A Gamer's Day (2005)
Director: Daniel P. Schenk  
Actors: Alexander Roth   Daniel P. Schenk   Andreas Gregorius  
Aga no kioku (2005)
Director: Makoto Satô  
Age Inappropriate (2005)

On the surface Age Inappropriate is a bold and highly stylized tragi-comic tale about Jimmy and Dutch, two men in their ...

Director: Brendan Davis  
Actors: Rook Overman   Andrew Hamrick   Sara Elizabeth Timmins  
Agency (2005)
Director: Trey Stokes  
Actors: David Doerre   Cherise Bangs   Greg Manion  
Agenda: The Breakroom Bandit (2005)
Director: Edwin Benton  
Actors: Dino Archie   Kareem J. Grimes   Garrett Patrick Kirby  
A gennaio (2005)
Director: Luca Calvanelli  
Actors: Danilo Nigrelli   Sasa Vulicevic   Nadia Carlomagno  
A Gentle Nightmare (2005)
Director: Alvarez Wortham  
Actors: Jared Ward   Susan Han  
Agent Orange (2005)
Director: Anita Allison  
Actors: Dary Stroup   Natalie Mei Lau   Dorothy Stamp  
Age of Kali (2005)

The concept of right and wrong is quashed by the ethic of narcissistic sensuality in this glimpse into an underbelly of ...

Director: Rafal Zielinski  
Actors: Taylor Nichols   Sarah Zoe Canner   Whitney Able  
A Get2Gether (2005)
Director: Ceon Forte  
Actors: Mitchell Bisschop   B. Cole   Deon Cole  
A Gift from Santa (2005)
Director: Suzanne Hensler  
Actors: Javier Villarreal   Suzanne Hensler   David Whitmey  
A Girl and a Goldfish (2005)
Director: Kelly Sebastian  
Actors: Caitlin Egleson   Kelly Sebastian  
A Girl Like Me (2005)

I wanted to make a film that explored the standards of beauty imposed on today's black girls. How do these standards aff...

Director: Kiri Davis  
A Girl Like Me (2005)
Director: Hwa Jun Lee  
A Girl's Guide to Modern Dating (2005)
Director: Nicole Volavka  
Actors: Eamonn O'Dwyer   Rita Ramnani  
Agnee (2005)
Director: Swapan Saha  
Actors: Prasenjit Chatterjee   Rachana Banerjee  
Agni Parikshya (2005)
Director: Surya Misra  
Actors: Siddhant Mahapatra   Anu Choudhury   Uttam Mohanty  
A golpes (2005)
Director: Juan Vicente Córdoba  
Actors: Natalia Verbeke   Daniel Guzmán   Juana Acosta  
A Good Band Is Easy to Kill (2005)

After eight years, Beulah called it quits. In support of YOKO, their fourth and final album, the band embarked upon a tw...

Director: Charles Norris  
Actors: Miles Kurosky   Bill Swan   Bill Swan  
A Good Day for a Killing (2005)
Director: Gwen Wright  
Actors: Michael Cipiti  
A Good Day for Ted Schmetterling (2005)
Director: Nick Moore  
Actors: Chris Conner  
A Good Joke (2005)
Director: Nick Fox-Gieg  
Actors: Nick Fox-Gieg  
Agoraphobia (2005)
Director: Antonio Souto Fraguas  
Actors: José Gamo   Eduardo Souto  
Agos (2005)
Actors: Kat de Santos   Via Veloso   Shanghai  
A.G. Pierce's Revolution (2005)
Director: A.G. Pierce  
Actors: Drew Allen   Stephen Hanan   A.G. Pierce  
A Grocery Story (2005)

Leonard is young man of extraordinary accomplishment who has always believed that the key to success lies in possessing ...

Director: John D'Arco  
Actors: Daniel Alonso   T.J. Bonasorte   Mitch Fowler  
Agrypnia (2005)

A corrupt cop, Andrew, tries to flee the country after accidentally shooting his wife. His last resort for help: his est...

Director: Nikos Grammatikos  
Actors: Vangelis Mourikis   Michalis Tsourounakis   Aggeliki Dimitrakopoulou  
Agua con sal (2005)
Director: Pedro Pérez Rosado  
Actors: Yoima Valdés   Leire Berrocal   Juan Carlos Morales  
Aguadesierta (2005)
Director: Juan Pablo Echeverría  
Aguaviva (2005)

Aguaviva, a small town in Teruel, has been losing population. In order to put an end to this, its mayor made an internat...

Director: Ariadna Pujol  
Aguaviva: El abrazo de la tierra (2005)
Director: José Luis Peñafuerte  
A Guest to the Road (2005)

A GUEST TO THE ROAD, highlights the struggles of five young men from Columbus, Ohio who embark on a perilous journey in ...

Director: Phillip Montgomery  
Actors: Buzz   Johnny Garrett   J.R. Hecker  
A Gyro Full of Dollars (2005)

When the local German Crime lord, Ubel Schwarzschlag murders the neighborhood peace keeper-popular Greek hero, Angelo Ju...

Director: Vivieno Caldinelli  
Actors: Frank S. Alonzi   Bob Chawa   John Datseris  
(Ahí) (2005)
Director: Ivonne Navas   Mario A. Ortiz Ossa  
Actors: Juan Carlos López   Mario A. Ortiz Ossa  
Ah Aah: Anbe Aaruyire (2005)

Shiva (S.J. Surya) and Madhu (Nila) belong to middle class families and live in the same apartment. Shiva works as a pre...

Director: Surya S.J.  
Actors: Surya S.J.   Meera Chopra   Urvashi  
A Half Man (2005)
Director: Firas Momani  
A Half Tank of Gas to Save the World (2005)
Director: Brett Fountain  
Actors: Andrew Corporon   Brett Fountain   Matt Heston  
A Halfway House Christmas (2005)
Director: Eric Moyer  
Actors: Bobcat Goldthwait   Brian Walsh   Robert Romanus  
A halál kilovagolt Perzsiából (2005)
Director: Putyi Horváth  
Actors: László Melis   Linda Verebes   Zoltán Schneider  
Aham Premasmi (2005)
Director: V. Ravichandran  
Actors: Balaji   Aarti Chhabria   V. Ravichandran  
A Happy Ending (2005)

This compassionate 'comedy of errors' follows Ana Maria Rosales' adventure of leaving her homeland of Mexico and coming ...

Director: James Evans  
Actors: Angela Correa   James Evans   Kelly Taylor  
A Hartley Story (2005)
Director: Nicky Lianos  
Actors: Kathryn Pogson  
A Higher Agency (2005)
Director: Oliver Cheetham  
Actors: Richard Bremmer   Allan Corduner   Jack Davenport  
Ahingsa-Jikko mee gam (2005)

Ahingsa (Boriwat Yuto) is a petty thug who lives a carefree life with his friends in the high-tech world of modern Thail...

Director: Kittikorn Liasirikun  
Actors: Boriwat Yuto   Theeradanai Suwannahom   Prinya Ngamwongwarn  
A History of Violence (2005)

This is the story of a mild-mannered man, named Tom Stall, who becomes a local hero through an act of violence, he lives...

Director: David Cronenberg  
Actors: Viggo Mortensen   Maria Bello   Ed Harris  
Ahlam omrena (2005)
Director: Othman Abo Labn  
Actors: Mona Zaki   Mostafa Shaaban   Menna Shalabi  
A Home for the Bullets (2005)

Axel Falcon is the one man force carving his way through the crime ridden underbelly of Newcastle. With his family murde...

Director: S.N. Sibley  
Actors: Ken Mood   William Scott Johnson   Connor McFadyen  
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