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Watch movies from 2006 online

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001-ing (2006)
Director: Ming-Yu Lee  
0.0270270 (2006)
Director: Steven and Wayne Benson  
Actors: Rodney Tosh   James Nesbitt   Maclean Stewart  
0,08 (2006)
Director: Johan Kramer  
Actors: Victor Mongay  
04:15 (2006)
Director: Carlos Vilaró Nadal  
Actors: Jackie Anastacio Salas   Alejandro Villagra   Ernesto Chehade  
05/05/05: A Legendary Disappearance (2006)
Director: Beth York  
Actors: Patrick Odneal   Elizabeth Burchfield   Christine Dreas  
'06: The Big One (2006)
Director: Bernard Mendiburu   Wallace Murray  
07 (2006)
Director: Peter Sullivan  
Actors: Randy Irwin   Dwight Hicks   Mo Gallini  
10,000 Apologies (2006)
Director: Kenzo Lee   May Wang  
Actors: May Wang   Kenzo Lee   Genevieve Adell  
1000 Tage (2006)
Director: Christoph Steinau  
Actors: Katerina Zemankova   Holger Stockhaus   Stefan A. Vilner  
1001 Auditions (2006)
Director: Arun Singh  
Actors: Hogan Gorman   Holly A. Simpson   Ron Shah  
100 Meals (2006)
Director: Maru Buendia-Senties  
100MPG (2006)
Director: Mark Medoff  
Actors: Gerardo Muñoz   Dick Rundell   Marcy Bowman  
100 stran (2006)
Director: David Luzar  
Actors: Václav Jílek   Miriam Chytilová   Lenka Cermakova  
10:15 (2006)
Director: Hugo Félix Mercado  
Actors: Gustavo Sánchez Parra   Pilar Padilla   Damayanti Quintanar  
10:25 ng gabi (2006)
Director: Reggie Gulle  
107,7 MHz (2006)
Director: Slawomir Macuga  
Actors: Bartlomiej Szkop   Joanna Kwint   Dariusz Lechanski  
10 Courts, 10 Regards (2006)
Actors: Mohamed Graïaa   Ahmed Hefiane   Jamal Madani  
10 Items or Less (2006)

A well-known actor, who hasn't accepted a role in four years, is considering a project. The cousin of the director drive...

Director: Brad Silberling  
Actors: Morgan Freeman   Paz Vega   Jonah Hill  
10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (2006)

How do you reconcile a commitment to non-violence when faced with violence? Why do the poor often seem happier than the ...

Director: Rick Ray  
Actors: The Dalai Lama  
10th Class (2006)
Director: Chandu  
Actors: Bharath   'Kaadhal' Saranya   Sunaina  
10th & Wolf (2006)

February, 1991. Tommy, a Desert Storm marine dismayed that the US isn't taking out Saddam, breaks some rules and faces h...

Director: Robert Moresco  
Actors: James Marsden   Giovanni Ribisi   Brad Renfro  
10 Tricks (2006)
Director: Richard Pagano  
Actors: Lea Thompson   Sam Hennings   Raymond Cruz  
1:1 (2006)

In a Copenhagen suburb the 19-year-old Per is found unconscious after having been badly beaten up. He is taken to hospit...

Director: Annette K. Olesen  
Actors: Mohammed Al-Bakier   Joy K. Petersen   Anette Støvelbæk  
110%: When Blood, Sweat and Tears Are Not Enough (2006)

110% chronicles Robert Patton, a straight-laced family man coaching his son's undefeated team. A perfectionist and const...

Director: Dan Golden  
Actors: Jesse Rodriguez   Jared Ward   Thomas Kopache  
11:11 (2006)

11:11 is designed to play backwards, literally. By filming in reverse, 11:11 flips the script on Anna and Otto's Hollywo...

Director: Esther Peres  
Actors: Matagi Booker   Douglas Bennett  
114 Days: The Race to Save a Dream (2006)

This documentary captures the incredible recovery of World Champion and Olympic favorite Noelle Pikus-Pace from a bobsle...

Director: Matthew Fults  
11: Selling Quality at Your Higher Price (2006)
Director: Richard Mulvey  
Actors: Richard Mulvey  
120 Seconds to Get Elected (2006)

A politician, giving a speech, has 120 seconds to convince the crowd to vote for him. Making quick calculations based on...

Director: Denis Villeneuve  
Actors: Alexis Martin  
12 mujeres en pugna (2006)
Director: Diana Cardozo  
Actors: Dalila Chávez   Josefina Cravioto   Juana Figueroa  
12 pasos (2006)
Director: Emmanuel Moscoso  
Actors: Mario Avalos   Angel Copa   Ariel Gigena  
12th and 3rd in Brooklyn (2006)
Director: Ted Fisher   Iris Lee   Maya Mumma  
Actors: Iris Lee  
1/3 (2006)
Director: Josie-Anne Lemieux  
Actors: Sarah Chartrand Poulin   Natacha Monette   Priscilla Poirier  
1 + 3 = 13 (2006)
Director: Sunith Pillai  
133 Skyway (2006)
Director: Randy Redroad  
Actors: Terry Barnhart   Derek Miller  
13 game sayawng (2006)

Pusit is having the worst day of his life. He just lost his job and is in serious debt. That is all about to change when...

Director: Chookiat Sakveerakul  
Actors: Krissada Sukosol   Achita Sikamana   Sarunyu Wongkrachang  
13 no tsuki (2006)
Director: Hiroyuki Ikeuchi  
Actors: Takashi Kashiwabara   Nene Ohtsuka  
13 Stufen - Tagebuch einer modernen Beziehung (2006)
Director: Daniel Boehme  
Actors: Roman Roth   Kirstin Warnke   Pan Wendel  
13th Soul (2006)
Director: Cyrus Mir  
Actors: Aiden Simko   Tanya Rusnak  
1400 Hrs. (2006)
Director: P.J. Germain  
Actors: M.M. Abraham   Shane McGonnigal   Evan Menak  
14:02 (2006)
Director: Israel Aubert  
Actors: Ignacio Ayala   Arturo Bernal   Vitor Martinez  
149/95 (2006)
Director: Oleg Ivanov   Vladislav Naoumov  
Actors: Oleg Ivanov   Vladislav S. Naoumov   Alexandre Sokolov  
14 Bis (2006)
Director: Andre Ristum  
Actors: Luciano Bortoluzzi   Daniel de Oliveira   Eucir de Souza  
14 Days in Great Britain (2006)

The 14 Days Project is an evolving multi-location series of events that combine stirring visual art through subject sele...

Director: David William Gibbons  
Actors: David William Gibbons  
15:0 (2006)
Director: Anika Wangard  
Actors: Helmut Buchel   Helmut Buchel   Eberhard Dressler  
152 (2006)
Director: Darryl Knickrehm  
Actors: Leigh Harrison   Yoshinori Hayashi   Manami Kamiya  
1:58 AM (2006)
Director: Yoko Okumura  
Actors: Yoko Okumura   Anna Rouse  
15 Minutes (2006)
Director: Kenneth Anderson  
Actors: Mike Cowles   Kenneth Anderson   Heather Appleman  
15 Minutes of Fame (2006)

This is an innovative production of a story done in the spirit of those classic sell-one's-soul-to-the-devil stories. Th...

Director: Gregg Ensminger  
Actors: Abby Dohrmann Quinn   Steven Murphy   Maverick Gonzalez  
16 Blocks (2006)

Jack Mosley, a burnt-out detective, is assigned the unenviable task of transporting a fast-talking convict from jail to ...

Director: Richard Donner  
Actors: Bruce Willis   Mos Def   David Morse  
16 Bullets (2006)

Molly Muldoon thinks she has opened all her presents on the morning of her 16th birthday, but her parents have one last ...

Director: Matthew Barnes  
Actors: Euan Dempsy   Toni Carson   Deborah Rea  
16 Minutenfilme (2006)
Director: Alexander Kluge  
17 juillet 57 (2006)
Director: Pascal Regoli  
17 no shagareta brûsu o kikinagara (2006)
Director: Gota Ishida  
Actors: Masashi Suwa  
18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz (2006)

Karin Hoehne is a retired teacher living in Berlin - Haselhorst. On her way to meet her best friend Rosa Brathuhn she in...

Director: Jörn Hartmann  
Actors: Ades Zabel   Ades Zabel   Andreja Schneider  
18 Videos: #8 (2006)
Director: Kyle Canterbury  
1910: La revolución espírita (2006)
Director: Alejandro Fernández Solsona  
1944 (2006)

An old WWII veteran reflects back on the events he experienced during his fight in the Battle of the Bulge. Told through...

Director: Levi Scott Hawkinson  
Actors: Daniel Beard   Sam Brownlee   Mike Kirby  
1969 (2006)

1969 is a journey led by our narrator, who finds her mother's diary which enables her to retrace the mysterious circumst...

Director: Paolo Guglielmotti  
Actors: Justine Powell   Justine Powell   John Altman  
1972 (2006)
Director: J. Emilio Rondeau  
Actors: Rafael Rocha   Dandara Guerra   Bem Gil  
1974 in California (2006)
Director: Jeannie Simms  
Actors: Elle Newlands  
1975 (2006)
Director: Fausto Terán  
Actors: Enrique Parra   Juan Antonio Rojas   Alan Sánchez  
19th December (2006)

Ben Wright is your average guy. He works hard and was saving for his future... then his wife was diagnosed with cancer a...

Director: Graham Ball  
Actors: Lee Holland   Brett Penny   Jayne Lewis  
1 Phone, 2 Phone, 3 Phone, 4 (2006)
Director: Darren P. Leis  
Actors: Jeremy Clark   Andy Langham   Ed Galvez  
1st Bite (2006)

Set on a tropical island in Thailand, the strange plight of a beleaguered chef who, while romancing a mysterious woman, ...

Director: Hunt Hoe  
Actors: David La Haye   Leah Pinsent   Napakpapha Nakprasitte  
1st & Hope (Arts District Version) (2006)
Director: Brian Lotti  
Actors: Kenny Anderson   Brian Lotti  
20 (2006)
Director: Christiano Dias  
Actors: Ross Douglas Blake   James Lentzsch   Patrick Platner  
2002 sudak odissey (2006)
Director: Osvaldo Suárez  
Actors: Rodolfo Del Bueno   Sebastián Flores   César Genovessi  
2004, One Year Later (2006)
Director: Stathis Athanasiou  
Actors: Aleksandros Katehis   Yannis Stankoglou   Syrmo Keke  
2005 Academy Award Nominated Short Films (2006)
Director: Shane Acker   Mark Andrews   John Canemaker   Sharon Colman   Sean Ellis   Ulrike Grote   Anthony Lucas   Martin McDonagh   Rob Pearlstein   Rúnar Rúnarsson  
2005 káosz (2006)
Director: Attila Kasvinszki  
Actors: Miklós Benedek   Antal Czapkó   László Farkas  
2006 Wichita River Festival Documentary (2006)
Director: Ginger Bynorth  
Actors: Delno Ebie  
2007 intentos (2006)
Director: Francesc Morales  
Actors: Martín Morales   Carolina Lillo  
2010 (2006)
Director: Beata Gårdeler  
Actors: Jesper Malm   Ellen Mattsson  
2012 una odisea en las Tendillas (2006)
Director: Sergio García Molina   Sergio García Molino   Alejandro Ledesma Bucero  
Actors: Sergio García Molino   Alejandro Ledesma Bucero   Maribel Vallecillo Conde  
20,13 (2006)

Mozambique, 24th of December 1969, a Portuguese army patrol return to headquarters bringing in a prisoner. A few hours l...

Director: Joaquim Leitão  
Actors: Marco D'Almeida   Adriano Carvalho   Carla Chambel  
2050 (2006)

A 2004 Pentagon report warns the US President that an abrupt climate change will take the planet earth on the brink of a...

Director: Ruth Chao   Javier Silva  
20 años no es poco. Cambalache Jazz Club (2006)
Director: Antonio de Cos  
Actors: Antonio Almozara   Hassan Assad   Javier Krahe  
20 Mil (2006)
Director: Maria Gamboa  
Actors: Manuela Guerra   Natalia Helo   Eugenia Montoya  
20 nuits et un jour de pluie (2006)
Director: Lâm Lê  
Actors: Natalia Wörner   Eric Nguyen   Monic Arijanto  
20 Something (2006)

John Dolen is a wholesome, and credulous young man who is moving to London in order to resolve his quarterlife crisis. O...

Director: Antonio Jeraci  
Actors: Jeremy Goren   Matthew Anci   Robert Ruvolo  
20 Spot (2006)
Director: David Berardi   Joel Feltman  
Actors: Michael Gavino   Leslie Henry   Travis Vocino  
2:10 (dos y diez) (2006)
Director: Alexander Girardo  
'2/1' ichibunnoni (2006)
Director: Naoya Katou  
21 Shots (2006)
Director: Kevin Foley  
Actors: Eric Morris   April Gentry  
21st Century Wolf (2006)
Director: Dominic Stinton  
Actors: David Hall   Claire Louise Amias   Heather Arness  
21 Up America (2006)
Director: Christopher Dillon Quinn  
Actors: Alexis   Ashtyn   Douglas  
22h15 (2006)
Director: Yohann Sfez  
Actors: Julien Etienne   Yohann Sfez   Douceline Derreal  
22 sai no wakare - Lycoris: Ha mizu hana mizu monogatari (2006)
Director: Nobuhiko Ôbayashi  
Actors: Toshio Kakei   Misa Shimizu   Seina Suzuki  
23 (2006)

Decker's a popular guy with the ladies. But today he's going to become very unpopular, as he must tell a very special as...

Director: Asa Shumskas-Tait   Doug Spice  
Actors: Curnal Achilles Aulisio   Alan J. Bloom   Quin O'Brien  
2:37 (2006)

A contemporary, ensemble drama telling the complex tale of six high school students whose lives are interwoven with situ...

Director: Murali K. Thalluri  
Actors: Teresa Palmer   Frank Sweet   Sam Harris  
23 House (2006)
Director: Fraser Grut  
Actors: Gary Grut   Nathan Smith   Lane Warner  
24/7 (2006)
Director: Shane Cowley  
Actors: Colin O'Donoghue   John Finegan   Sam Corry  
24 Hour Diner (2006)
Director: Michael Licisyn  
Actors: Geoff Lutz   Carmen Marino   Jennifer Lynn  
24 Minutes to Die Hard (2006)
Director: Angelique Little  
Actors: Nick Burr   Gary Clemmer   Michael Taylor Gray  
25 Km (2006)
Director: Jeffrey Puente García  
25th of February (2006)
Director: Shoghik Tadevosyan  
Actors: Narek Nersisyan  
26 de agosto (2006)
Director: Fernando Uribe  
Actors: Matías Firenze   Carlos Rosas   Alejo Chaman  
26 Things to Do Instead of Having Sex (2006)
Actors: Adam Conger   Joe Wanjai Ross   Joe Wanjai Ross  
28 Minutes in the Day of the Living Dead (2006)
Director: Rene H. Hernandez  
Actors: Jeff Lowe   Jennifer Rules  
29 Places I Once Called Home (2006)

From motels and trailer parks along the east coast to a ranch house in suburban, small town Texas, this 20-minute, exper...

Director: Shannon Silva  
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