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? (2008)

On the evening of his 40th birthday, Harvey Furst seems to have it all. A successful musician of renown, he is engaged t...

Director: J.F. Leduc  
Actors: Daniel Giroux   Catherine Davis Desneiges   Catherine Davis Desneiges  
? (2008)
Director: Elliott Tilbury  
Actors: Daniel Fozdar   Elliott Tilbury  
) ( (2008)
Director: Juan Pablo Pires  
Actors: Silvia Albert   Carolina Carrón   Paz Diman  
Æ (2008)
Director: Maxwell Heesch  
Actors: Sam Cameron   Michael Stromenger   Alicia Kay Klocke  
00:05'01 (2008)

A scenic work about nature, human nature, and the unknown, 00:05'01 is set in an apocalyptic future where life is scarce...

Director: Brian Winterton  
Actors: Melissa Hunt  
009 (2008)
Director: Ben Kadie  
Actors: Noah Hirsch   Ben Kadie  
0_1_0 (2008)
Director: Piotr Lazarkiewicz  
Actors: Wojciech Brzezinski   Anna Maria Buczek   Malgorzata Buczkowska  
100 (2008)

100 chronicles the last three months of a cancer stricken woman who has a list of things to do before she dies. Her list...

Director: Chris Martinez  
Actors: Mylene Dizon   Eugene Domingo   Tessie Tomas  
100% (2008)
Director: Zoran Margetic  
10,000 BC (2008)

A prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter named D'Leh's journey through uncharted territory to secure the f...

Director: Roland Emmerich  
Actors: Steven Strait   Camilla Belle   Cliff Curtis  
10,000 Copyrighted Images (2008)
Director: Richard Wright  
100 Block (2008)

Since 2003 Vancouver, BC has been ranked one of the most livable cities in the world. But deep in the heart of this stun...

Director: Simon Leibovich  
100 Coffees (2008)

"Fate is chasing you today". To the main character, an everyday metropolitan man, this phrase seems like it has nothing ...

Director: Kleidi Eski  
100 Feet (2008)

A young woman, Marnie Watson, is granted early release from her prison sentence for manslaughter (killing her husband - ...

Director: Eric Red  
Actors: Famke Janssen   Bobby Cannavale   Ed Westwick  
100 Kotlu (2008)
Director: Ramana Martial  
Actors: Baladitya   Brahmanandam   Ashok Kumar K.  
100% lucha, la película (2008)
Director: Juan Iribas  
Actors: Eduardo Husni   Carlos Kaspar   Axel Kuschevatzky  
100 metros (2008)
Director: Julián de Tavira   José María de Tavira  
Actors: Héctor Holten   Rodrigo Vazquez  
100 Mountains (2008)
Director: Matthew Charles Hall  
Actors: Ida Wie   Vincenzo Cosentino Cusenza  
100% Pfadi (2008)
Director: Philippe Weibel  
Actors: Gögi Hoffmann   Isabel Hostettler   Sandji Lila  
100 Years of First Telephone Call (2008)
Director: Timur Nurulin  
Actors: Evgeniy Voitenko   Kirill Guzov   Rustam Fatkulin  
10:10 (2008)
Director: Arin Paul  
Actors: Ashok Basu   Rijurekh Chakravarty   Abir Chatterjee  
10.14.43 (2008)
Director: Josh Smith   Seth Wimmer  
101 Damnations (2008)

101 Damnations takes aim and tells the story of a Hitman who returns to his former employer in order to seek vengeance o...

Director: Daniel M. Allen  
Actors: Robert Ashton   Brian Moncey   Scott Stoltz  
101 Salvations (2008)
Director: Jon Sajetowski  
Actors: Joe Diomede   Dawn Dunning   Ron Jeremy  
10:48 (2008)
Director: Frank McGowan  
Actors: Alex McPhail   Claire McGarvie   Maureen Somerville  
106 (2008)
Director: Candice Day  
Actors: Ruth Williamson  
1075 (2008)

It is nine years since William the Conqueror defeated the Saxons at the Battle of Hastings and claimed the English crown...

Director: Jesse M.X. Gangl  
Actors: H.T. Altman   Michael Johnson   Johnny Fuerst  
10 Minutes (2008)

An ordinary day at the office of a distinguished director of an advertising firm. Preparations for the next shoot are go...

Director: Alexander Leontaritis  
Actors: Panos Kranidiotis   Nikos Skoulas   Rena Kyprioti  
10 Seconds (2008)
Director: Taylor Horky  
Actors: Matt Cavaco   Liz Clark  
10 Sekunden (2008)
Director: Nicolai Rohde  
Actors: Marie Bäumer   Sebastian Blomberg   Filip Peeters  
10 Yards (2008)
Director: Hunter Weeks  
Actors: Johnathan F. Keough   Hunter Weeks   Josh Caldwell  
10 Years & 9 Days (2008)

The Berlin Wall, a civic tragedy in architecture, falls on November 9, 1989, and the void it left in the urban spaces of...

Director: Bradley Angell  
Actors: Bradley Angell   Bruce Baxter   Thomas Berna  
$1.11 (2008)
Director: Colton Tran  
Actors: Walter A. Carmona   Jason David   Bill Gillane  
1 1/2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreißenden Herzelinde (2008)
Director: Torsten Künstler   Til Schweiger   Christof Wahl  
Actors: Til Schweiger   Rick Kavanian   Julia Dietze  
11:32 P.M. (2008)
Director: Andrew Gingerich   Ethan Holbrook  
Actors: Mike Burns   Robert Anderson  
11,43 (2008)
Director: Thierry Aguila  
Actors: Isalinde Giovangigli   Didier Bourguignon   Aïssa Bussetta  
11 ans (2008)
Director: Eric Chaussé  
Actors: Julien Adam   Joseph Bellerose   Luc Malette  
11 Missed Calls (2008)

Three people are trapped in an elevator. They've been there for a while. No-one responds to their shouts and the emergen...

Director: Philip Moran  
Actors: Aidan Crowe   Stacha Hicks   Amr El-Bayoumi  
11 PM (2008)

Three soccer fans beat up an innocent guy. Annoyed by the racket, a neighbor takes matter into his own hands to make the...

Director: Alex Sava  
Actors: Razvan Tache   Razvan Barseti   Dragos Danila  
12 (2008)
Director: Alfredo Ortiz  
120 (2008)

During the Sarikamis Battle, the Ottoman army runs out of ammunition and appeals to the people of Van for help, who happ...

Director: Özhan Eren   Murat Saraçoglu  
Actors: Özge Özberk   Cansel Elcin   Burak Sergen  
12007 (2008)
Director: Diego Torres Freijeiro  
Actors: Xosé M. Baño   José Manuel Esperante   Xosé Manuel Esperante  
12-24 (2008)
Director: Anthony Colliano  
Actors: Scot Davis   Tiffany Shepis   Jason Winn 'J.B. Destiny' Bareford  
1, 2, 3 (2008)

In the middle of a vast and lonely landscape, two newly weds sleep peacefully in their car. They have no petrol left in ...

Director: Siobhan Jackson  
Actors: Dai Paterson   Claire Paradine  
12:30 (2008)
Director: Flora Lau  
Actors: Jacqueline Corado   Mia Austen   Jai Armstrong  
1234 (2008)
Director: Giles Borg  
Actors: Ian Bonar   Lyndsey Marshal   Kieran Bew  
12 Lotus (2008)
Director: Royston Tan  
Actors: Gan David   The Dreamers Band   Hao Hao  
1/2 Man, 1/2 Deer, All X-Mas Cannibal. (2008)
Director: Eric Duncan  
Actors: James Prescott Gilfoy   Sean F. Hamilton   George Holmes  
12 Minutes (2008)
Director: Luke Hupton  
Actors: Joshua Arden   Sarah Clarke   Becky Richmond  
12 Steps (2008)
Director: John Baldino  
Actors: Ryder Bach   Rob Ullett   Elena Eustache  
12 toner ned (2008)
Director: Andreas Koefoed  
12 ton. Oni tam wszyscy sa (2008)

Between 5 and 7 August 1944, the Nazis killed in the Wola and burned about 60 000 people. Film is based on a series of i...

Director: Michal Rogalski  
1, 2 y 3 mujeres (2008)
Director: Andrea Herrera Catalá   Andrea Rios   Anabel Rodriguez Rios  
13000 (2008)
Director: Jorge Luis Barber  
13 ans (2008)

Jonathan is in love with Julie, the most beautiful girl of his school... However, Julie doesn't even know him. He become...

Director: Rudi Rosenberg  
Actors: Jérémie Quaegebeur   Audrey Cayo   Alexis Macon-Dauxerre  
13 Hours (2008)
Director: Atanas Kolev  
Actors: Neimah Djourabchi   Svetlana Iva   Atanas Kolev  
13 Hours in a Warehouse (2008)

As five underworld heavies settle in for an all night stay at an abandoned warehouse and former film studio, a series of...

Director: Dav Kaufman  
Actors: Paul Cram   Chars Bonin   Carson Lee  
14 (2008)
Director: Asitha Ameresekere  
Actors: Tony Wadham   Susan Cummins   Sarah Ridgeway  
14 (2008)
Director: Juan José Saldívar  
14-18: The Noise and the Fury (2008)

Not everything has been told about World War One. This documentary tries to explain the inexplicable: how tens of millio...

Director: Jean-François Delassus  
142 John Street (2008)

What people fear most about dying is being in pain. And there is good cause for this fear, because a large percentage of...

Director: Derrick Williams  
Actors: Peyton Coles   Gregory Alan Williams   Sri Gordon  
1/4 de milla (2008)
Director: Alejandra Elizondo  
14 dni. Prowokacja bydgoska (2008)
Director: Grzegorz Eberhardt   Jacek Petrycki  
14, Fabian Road (2008)
Director: Jaime de Armiñán  
Actors: Ángela Molina   Ana Torrent   Julieta Cardinali  
14 Reich (2008)
Director: Gonçalo Rodrigues  
Actors: João Costa   José Pires   Joana Rosa  
15-40 (2008)

15-40 tells the true story of tennis player Kai Hansen. An unflinching competitor, Kai Hansen is well on his way to winn...

Director: Christian B. Bagger  
Actors: Neil Jackson   Steven Brand   Bobby Reed  
15 ans et demi ... (2008)
Director: François Desagnat   Thomas Sorriaux  
Actors: Daniel Auteuil   Juliette Lamboley   François Damiens  
15 Below Zero (2008)
Director: Scott Kawczynski  
Actors: Christopher Collet   Shannon Hartman   Jennifer Cowan  
15 Minutes (2008)
Director: Jimmy Pethrus  
Actors: Jimmy Pethrus   Terry Taplin  
15 Minutes of Fame (2008)
Director: Jo D. Jonz  
Actors: Markee Adams   Illya Haase   Richard T. Jones  
15 Seconds (2008)
Director: Gianluca Petrazzi  
Actors: Luca Angeletti   Massimo Bonetti   Raoul Bova  
160,000 otros (2008)
Director: Carlo Olmos Carrillo  
16-18-4 (2008)
Director: Tomonari Nishikawa  
16:50 Bologna (2008)
Director: Daniele Nicolini  
Actors: Davide Rotondo   Federica Colucci   Chiara Pavoni  
16 Heads and Counting (2008)

John Porter is going through a crisis in his faith. He turns to his girlfriend Fran only to find out that she just may b...

Director: Andrew Gingerich  
Actors: David Armstrong   Landyn Banx   Parker Cagle-Smith  
16 Hearts & 16 Beats (2008)
Director: Olaf Högermeyer   Cinzia Rivieri  
16th Street (2008)
Director: Max Pachman  
Actors: Dan Wilson   Kevin Lucero Less   Tom Winter  
1724 Gibangnandongsageon (2008)

Korea, 1724. Once upon a time in the Choson Dynasty, Chun-doong falls in love at first sight with a beautiful woman whil...

Director: Kyun-dong Yeo  
Actors: Jung-Jae Lee   Ok-bin Kim   Suk-Hoon Kim  
1-7=72=0 (2008)
Director: Kauko Lindfors  
Actors: Inkeri Kivimäki  
179.99 (2008)
Director: Adam Karypidis  
Actors: Nancy Boukli   Angeliki Tsabazi   Panos Bratakos  
180 (2008)
Director: Kim Pettersson  
Actors: Felix Alnemark   Robin Biehl   Robert Zettinger  
1888 (2008)
Director: Simon Bérubé  
1895 (2008)

"1895" tells the story of the resistance against the Japanese invasion in 1895 (the biggest war in Taiwan's history). Af...

Director: Chih-yu Hung  
Actors: Sheng-hao Wen   Chin Hua Yang  
18 Chairs Escape (2008)
Director: Beck Harris   Thomas McSweeney   Nicholas Prideaux  
18 segundos (2008)
Director: MacGregor   Bruno Zacharías  
Actors: Jordi Boixaderas   Jack Daniel Stanley   Amy Kim Waschke  
19' (2008)
Director: Jurii Kirnev  
Actors: Alexandr Grigorashenko   Amber Reynolds  
1900 Joe (2008)
Director: George A. Villalba  
Actors: Chris Merrell   Lindsey Hegerhorst   Jenna Lisonbee  
1915 (2008)

1915 is a story that revolves around the relationship between two brothers, both at separate crossroads in their lives. ...

Director: Marco Garcia  
Actors: Bob Lucas   Grant Thomas   Chris Wright  
1920 (2008)

A devotee of Bhagwan Shri Hanuman, Arjun Singh Rathod is in love with Lisa, a Christian, who was sired by an Indian moth...

Director: Vikram Bhatt  
Actors: Rajneesh Duggal   Adah Sharma   Anjori Alagh  
1936 (2008)

Song and dance man, Charlie Billkins, creates a dream world within his apartment. He holds on to the belief that he is t...

Director: Richard Turke  
Actors: Charles Campbell   Charles Campbell   Edwin Craig  
1937 (2008)

A woman, neither young nor beautiful, dreams of a life of affirmation and social fulfillment, but instead finds herself ...

Director: Francesco Carrozzini   Giacomo Gatti  
Actors: Francesco Carrozzini   Olek Krupa   Anne O'Sullivan  
1968 - Illusion oder Revolution (2008)
Director: Merz Laurin  
1968: La conexión americana (2008)
Director: Carlos Mendoza  
Actors: Jorge Menéndez Preciado   John Saxe Fernández   Ángeles Magdaleno  
1968, Un monde en révoltes (2008)
Director: Michèle Dominici  
Actors: Daniel Cohn-Bendit   Alain Krivine   Tommie Smith  
1972 (2008)
Director: Sarah Morris  
1973 revoluciones por minuto (2008)

An actor in an empty New York City theater recreates the last hours of President Allende's life on September 11, 1973. T...

Director: Fernando Valenzuela  
Actors: Ramiro Sandoval  
1973, un grito del corazón (2008)
Director: Liliana Mazure  
Actors: Juan Manuel Abal Medina   Alejandro Alonso   Piero Anselmi  
1982: La decisión del presidente (2008)
Director: Diego Delgado   Luciana Kaplan  
1997: A Wong Kar-Wai Tribute (2008)
Director: Nick Dearman  
Actors: Angus McLeish  
1998 (2008)
Director: Saskia Huiskamp   Daniel Mourenza  
Actors: Joan Pajerols   Josep Lluis Gómez   Joaquim Manzano  
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