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Watch movies from 2009 online

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@#*! (2009)
Director: Bradley Mayhew   Kyle Woodiel  
Actors: Bradley Mayhew   Joseph Graves   Amerika Urban  
00:10 (2009)
Director: Ilya Vlasov  
Actors: Artyom Semakin   Anastasia Bondarenko  
007 - Hue Bond: Goldenass (2009)
Director: Kike Colunge  
Actors: Mauricio Caravedo   Rocio Sanchez   Yadira Benites  
007 - Hue Bond: Otro Día Para Gemir (2009)
Director: Kike Colunge  
Actors: Kike Colunge   Jose Luis Cachay   Beatriz Carranza  
010 Forward (2009)

010- FORWARD Technology has transformed our reality until a point where there is no way back. A new generation was born ...

Director: Antonio Cañadas   Bruno Galan   Miguel Macaya  
Actors: Carmen Martin   Montse Abella   Vinila von Bismark  
033 (2009)
Director: Birsa Dasgupta  
Actors: Sabyasachi Chakraborty   Dhritiman Chatterjee   Parambrata Chatterjee  
0800 - Finalgirl (2009)

A scantily-clad blonde is chased through woodland by a masked psychopath in a deadly game of a cat and mouse, a familiar...

Director: Sheena Holliday  
Actors: Darrin Cooper   Ashley Turnbull   Emma Buck  
1 (2009)

A bookshop renowned for its rare works is mysteriously and completely filled with copies of a book entitled 1, which doe...

Director: Pater Sparrow  
Actors: Zoltán Mucsi   László Sinkó   Pál Mácsai  
1:0 (2009)
Director: Jonathan Geva  
Actors: Doron Aaronsohn   Isam Abu Sahab   Meir Asraf  
1,000 Lux (2009)

1,000 Lux is a three channel video and audio work that explores light as an emotional and architectural determinate by u...

Director: Symmes Gardner  
1000 Meilen von Taschkent (2009)
Director: Katharina Wyss  
Actors: Janina Rudenska   Thomas Papst   Jan Braun  
1000 nen no yamakoshi (2009)
Director: Shin'ichi Hashimoto  
Actors: Hatsunori Hasegawa  
1000 Voices (2009)
Director: Tim Travers Hawkins  
Actors: Adam Buxton   Tamsin Clarke  
100-1 (2009)
Director: Xander Goode  
Actors: Xander Goode  
100 Blind Deals (2009)
Director: Shakthidharan  
Actors: Paul Barakat   Habib Hayek   Hazem Shammas  
100 Lives (2009)

100 Lives is a story loosely based on the murders of 2006 in Memphis, TN. The story is driven by the death of a teacher'...

Director: Phil Darius Wallace  
Actors: Phil Darius Wallace   Kenon Walker   Ann Wallace  
100% lucha, el amo de los clones (2009)
Director: Pablo Parés   Paulo Soria  
Actors: Roberto Carnaghi   Daniel Casablanca   Walter Cornás  
100th Video!! (2009)
Director: Ryan Birmingham  
100Volta (2009)
Director: Daniel Souza  
Actors: Daniel Souza   Rafael Sousa   José Pedro Pinto  
1013 Briar Lane (2009)

In 2008, a real-life mystery began to unfold when a real estate company (name withheld by request) discovered video foot...

Director: Michael Bayouth  
1017: Sa paglaya ng aking salita (2009)
Director: Zig Madamba Dulay  
Actors: Kristoffer King   Kahlel Urdaneta   Rain Rosario  
102 PS (2009)
Director: Katharina Duve  
Actors: Lana Cooper   Katrin Bethke   Tanja Schwerdorf  
1:03AM (2009)
Director: Raymond Cinemato  
Actors: Christopher Augustus   Steven Bess   Tom Druilhet  
1045 Mercy Street (2009)
Director: Tue Walin Storm  
Actors: Chris Cleveland   Brett Hadley   Barbara Lee  
1080 (2009)

To many around the world 1080 is just a number. In New Zealand it creates great controversy and debate. 1080 is a poison...

Director: Peter Holmes   Steve Ting  
10 Count (2009)
Director: Denny Dias  
Actors: Ashley Olpherts   Annette Taylor   Bob McAdam  
10-E-C (2009)
Director: Scott Rabideau  
Actors: Scott Rabideau  
10 Minutes à Paris (2009)
Director: Kolya Reichart  
Actors: Ronald Guttman   Mélanie Bernier   Manuela Gourary  
10 Pound Slimdown (2009)
Actors: Chris Freytag  
10th Gear Jettride: 3800 Miles to a Cure (2009)

Jordan McSherry joined forces with the 10th Gear Youth Cyclists in taking the journey of a lifetime by riding their bicy...

Director: Anthony Geathers  
Actors: Douglas Anderson   Greg Clemza   David Cogdill  
11½ (2009)
Director: Giacomo R. Bartocci  
Actors: Frank Impellizzeri   Frank Impellizzeri   Angelo Squitieri  
1111 (2009)
Director: M.F. Costa e Silva  
Actors: Luís Araújo   Paulo Freixinho   Eder Neves  
111 fois marseille géographie intime (2009)
Director: Jean-Paul Nogues  
11-44 (2009)

When pain and love collide...deceased person, coroner required. Lily and John have a perfect love. The kind you only fin...

Director: Kristina Lloyd  
Actors: Michael King   Christian S. Anderson   Kristina Lloyd  
116 Muscles (2009)

Climax; The utmost. The maximum. The zenith. That point where one realizes they can no longer rise. These moments can be...

Director: Eric Coker   Hattie M. Lemon  
Actors: Haji Abdullah   Rico Ball   Keon Black  
116 Seconds (2009)

Every 116 seconds a youngster is sexually abused in the United States. Benito, an FBI agent, investigates rapes toward y...

Director: Froylan Cabuto  
Actors: Froylan Cabuto   Maurizio Carranza   Exsaul Chavez  
11 Bravo Diaries (2009)

War brings a bonding of the warriors unlike anything else in human endeavors. The stories seem to repeat themselves from...

Director: Frank Casanova  
Actors: Tom Hart   Michael Sorensen   James R Ellison III  
11 Degrees (2009)

The film is about the struggle of a Scottish ski resort to adapt to the consequences of the climate change and the decre...

Director: Anna Frances Ewert  
11'e 10 kala (2009)

10 to 11 is the story of a passionate collector Mithat and the concierge of the building, Ali. For Mithat Istanbul is as...

Director: Pelin Esmer  
Actors: Nejat Isler   Mithat Esmer   Laçin Ceylan  
12 (2009)

After blowing his professional ballet career, John's only way to redeem himself is to concoct the demise of his former p...

Director: Brooke Lynn Wright  
Actors: Sydni Bourg   Michael Martin   Michael Martin  
120 Volts (2009)
Director: James P. Gannon  
Actors: Chris Cipriano   Joseph Gannon   James D. Cochran  
12121969 (2009)
Director: Marco Spagnoli  
12:21 (2009)
Director: Dave Uhler  
Actors: Randy Lambrecht   Ray Remp Jr.  
12/23 (2009)
Director: Joshua Michael Dorsey  
Actors: Joshua Michael Dorsey  
12.511, Case Rosendo Radilla: An Open Wound from the Dirty War in Mexico (2009)

In 1974, Rosendo Radilla Pacheco disappeared at a military checkpoint in Mexico. As a prominent activist and mayor, Rose...

1271 (2009)
Director: Michael Warczak  
Actors: Mathew Currey   Stephen Wilkinson   Catherine Warczak  
129bg8 (2009)
Director: Pablo Narezo  
12: A Film About the Fret Click (2009)
Director: Gyz La Rivière  
12 Angry Lebanese: The Documentary (2009)

For 15 months, 45 inmates, some completely illiterate, worked together to present an adaptation of Reginald Rose's famou...

Director: Zeina Daccache  
Actors: Zeina Daccache  
12 komma 36 (2009)
Director: Stjepan Marina  
Actors: Vladimir Pavic   Sandra Nedeleff   Stefan Holland-Cunz  
12 Meter ohne Kopf (2009)

East Fresia 1401: the era of the feared sea pirates Klaus Störtebeker and Gödeke Michels is coming to an end. After a ...

Director: Sven Taddicken  
Actors: Ronald Zehrfeld   Matthias Schweighöfer   Oliver Bröcker  
12 Mile Stone (2009)
Director: Greg Fell   Dean Leslie  
12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate (2009)
Director: Evan King  
Actors: Evan King   Sofia V. Mendez   Anthony Russo  
12 Rounds (2009)

Uniformed New Orleans PD officer Danny Fisher earns his promotion to detective to his near-rather lucky, albeit brave, a...

Director: Renny Harlin  
Actors: John Cena   Aidan Gillen   Ashley Scott  
12 Stones (2009)

The village of Belsi lies off the main highway that connects Nepal to India, a dusty torturous road that winds down from...

Director: Sandy Smolan  
1320: A West Coast Story (2009)

"1320 A West Coast Story" is a real look at the history of street racing and drag racing, as it began in Southern Califo...

Director: Matthew Goff  
Actors: Man Giang  
135 Grand Street New York 1979 (2009)
Director: Ericka Beckman  
Actors: Glenn Branca   Rhys Chatam   Roberto Longo  
138 Arlington (2009)

The year is 1970 and while the outside world is drastically changing, in a Baltimore psychiatric institution a young Gre...

Director: Meagan Hoecke  
Actors: Mark Junop   Jeananne Goossen   Eva James  
13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009)

In today's world, the major source of relief, information and entertainment is the TV. So much so, that it has moved up ...

Director: Vikram K. Kumar  
Actors: Madhavan   Neetu Chandra   Poonam Dhillon  
13 Days of the Beast (2009)

Let us delve into the life of a frightened man. Meet Travis Tarplin, a young man without a path in his dull, predictable...

Director: Brian Lupo  
Actors: Timothy Huston   Riana Fisher   Jennifer Cione  
13 Families (2009)
Director: Nicole Corbin   Mark David Katchur   Steve LuKanic  
13 Passos (2009)
Director: Miguel Cabral  
Actors: Miguel Cabral   Joana Melo Antunes   Patricia Adão Marques  
13 pueblos (2009)
Director: Francesco Taboada Tabone  
13 Semester (2009)
Director: Frieder Wittich  
Actors: Max Riemelt   Dieter Mann   Robert Gwisdek  
140 (2009)

140 filmmakers in 140 locations worldwide will be synchronized through the website to film 140 seconds at th...

Director: Farah Al Amin   Alex Anunciato   Jordan Barrett   Kellie Ann Benz   Chris Billing   Mariana Blanco   Nicholas Bond   Jan Borst   Kathi Carey   Jill Carter   Victoria Charters   Anna Christopher   Jo Custer   Mairtín de Barra   Damien Donnelly   Michael Dunaway   Noel Farrell   Peter Forbes   Chris J. Ford   Paul J. Gitschner  
Actors: Alex Davis   Michael Dunaway   Michael S. Geary  
1428 (2009)

The "Great Sichuan Earthquake" took place at 14:28 on May 12, 2008. 10 days after: Scenes not seen on official/TV, "surv...

Director: Haibin Du  
14 Days (2009)

The film is about a Vietnamese expatriate who spends his two-week vacation visiting his home country which has undergone...

Director: Khoa Trong Nguyen  
Actors: Thai Hoa   Trinh Hoi   Binh Minh  
14-sai no harawata (2009)
Director: Moemi Sayama  
Actors: Kôhei Ikeue   Yôji Matsuda   Katsuto Takeda  
15/03/09 La última ofensiva (2009)

During twelve years, between 1980 and 1992, El Salvador suffered a fratricide war. In 1989, the biggest offensive agains...

Director: Juan Carrascal Yñigo   José Luis Sanz Rodriguez  
1505 (2009)
Director: Sriram Das  
Actors: Brandon Ruckdashel  
150 Miles (2009)
Director: Stephen Groo  
Actors: Todd Andersen   Alex Groo   Dallas Groo  
15Malaysia (2009)
Director: Yasmin Ahmad   Khairil M. Bahar   Linus Chung   Yuhang Ho   Johan John   James Lee   Woo Ming Jin   Amir Muhammad   Namron   Desmond Ng   Kamal Sabran   Liew Seng Tat   Mussadique Suleiman   Chui Mui Tan  
Actors: Tian Chua   Azman Hassan   Kahoe Hon  
15 Minutes (2009)

A Melbourne girl wakes up to realize she has 15 minutes until her train leaves. Panic!

Director: Ryan Roche  
Actors: Claire Varley   Keris Arndt   William Hogg  
15 Minutes That Shook the World (2009)
Director: Illy  
Actors: Andrew Schofield   Neil Fitzmaurice   Jamie Carragher  
1/60 (2009)
Director: Jonathan Barg  
Actors: Federico Di Lorio   María Pronello  
1605 (2009)

After brutally raping and murdering a young woman a band of renegade mercenaries hunt down a mysterious figure known onl...

Director: Simon Fon  
Actors: Todd Campbell   Simon Fon   Daniel Levinson  
16 Days (2009)
Actors: Charmy Kaur   Aravind  
16 Days: A Media Diet (2009)

16 Days: A Media Diet is a documentary about a person's life without mass media for 16 straight days. Award winning tele...

Director: Joshua Maxwell  
16mm (2009)
Director: Joey John  
Actors: Joey John  
16mm Fantasy (2009)
Director: Tommy Liu  
Actors: Alex Brouillet   Alex Brouillet   Michael Di Giglio  
16 Summers (2009)

The film "16 Summers" tells a story of a young African American girl, Dominique, who learns valuable life lessons after ...

Director: Andres Orozco  
Actors: Chandi B.   Jerry Baxter   James Cannon  
16 to Life (2009)

On her 16th birthday, never-been-kissed Kate decides to play cupid for two people she works with, pairing her boss with ...

Director: Becky Smith  
Actors: Hallee Hirsh   Theresa Russell   Shiloh Fernandez  
17 (2009)
Director: Jamie Bolton  
Actors: Sean Bridgeman   Martin Cannon   Christopher Conway  
17155 Days (2009)
Director: Jan D. Arnold  
Actors: Jan D. Arnold  
175 (2009)
Director: David Gutiérrez Camps  
17 Again (2009)

At 17 Mike O'Donnell is on top of the world: he's the star of his high school basketball team, is a shoo-in for a colleg...

Director: Burr Steers  
Actors: Zac Efron   Leslie Mann   Thomas Lennon  
17 avgusta (2009)
Director: Alexandre Goutman  
18 (2009)
Director: Joy Gohring  
Actors: Portia Doubleday   Nolan Gerard Funk   Stephanie Lugo  
180 (2009)

Luke Kennedy who has just been broken out of prison. However he has no idea where he is or how he got out. He is now fac...

Director: Taylor Rummell  
Actors: Vince Beresford   Trey Everett  
1-800-Suicide (2009)

The flashing red light of the phone blinds you. Tonight is like any other night working at 1-800-Suicide. This job is yo...

Director: Jeven Dovey  
Actors: Colin Hoffmeister   Derek Monroe   Jonathon Carter Schall  
180 grados (2009)
Director: Raúl Perrone  
Actors: Ezequiel Sabella   Mariana Fernández   Gastón Cambiasso  
1881 Zombies (2009)
Director: Dusty Duprel  
Actors: James C. Burns   Edward C. Gillow   Ruben Chato Hinojosa Jr.  
1895 (2009)
Director: Clément Paillette   Maxime Roy  
Actors: Herve Bernard   Tony Alfredo Cadenas   Aurélien Cavret  
18 and Out (2009)
Director: Misha Zubarev  
Actors: Craig Bazan   Jesse Lehman   Joshua S. Ray  
18ans, Mode d'emploi (2009)
Director: Boris Berger   Francis Martineau  
18 rin (2009)
Director: Hideo Jôjô  
Actors: Hitoshi Kajiki   Wakato Kanematsu   Ryûnosuke Kawai  
1-900-Drinking-Buddy (2009)
Director: Raymond C. Lai  
Actors: Randall Park   Johnny Skourtis   Martin Starr  
1916 (2009)
Director: J. Van Auken  
Actors: Dan Beckmann   Corey Ryan Boe   Joe Heaney  
1919 Times (2009)
Director: Matthias Schömer  
Actors: Helge Bechert   Adam Markiewicz   Alexandra Hüsgen  
1929 (2009)

Thursday, October 24 : the Wall Street Stock Exchange crashes, the greatest economic crisis of the 20th century suddenly...

Director: William Karel  
Actors: Patrick Floersheim  
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