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(___) (2010)
Director: Chad Werner  
Actors: Aurora Rundquist   Jazmin Diaz  
0 (2010)
Director: Suki  
Actors: Stéphane Debureau   Maxime Lonnet  
00.000 (2010)
Director: Stas Shmatkov  
Actors: Alexandra Agapova  
009: The Reopening (2010)
Director: Mamoru Oshii  
0, 1, 2, 3, 1, 0 - Null, eins, zwei, drei, eins, null (2010)
Director: Dick Jane  
Actors: Graseila Andrade   Romy H. Taylor   Scott William  
0:22:43 (2010)
Director: Anthony Thompson   Jerry J. White III  
Actors: Michael Frazier   Darius Hagens   Jacob Randall  
02543 (2010)

The Woods Hole Post Office has long been the heart of the village, and gathering spot for the community. When Postman Ro...

Director: Kristin Alexander  
Actors: Roger Gamache  
0507 (2010)
Director: Ben Blaine   Chris Blaine  
Actors: Fraser Millward   Cariad Lloyd  
0.56% ¿Qué le pasó a México? (2010)
Director: Lorenzo Hagerman  
Actors: Felipe Calderón Hinojosa   Andrés Manuel López Obrador   Elena Poniatowska  
0,5 KM2 North (2010)

In 0.5 km2 North the birth of a new memory is the centre of the story. The film starts with New Years Eve, for the last ...

Director: Camiel Zwart  
#1 (2010)
Director: Zack Mason  
Actors: Michael Carey   Daniel Waldrop   Josh Lewis  
100,000 (2010)
Director: Juan Agustin Marquez  
1 000 000 $ (2010)
Director: Janusz Kondratiuk  
Actors: Krzysztof Bien   Grzegorz Brzezinski   Wladyslaw Cylke  
10,000 Hearts (2010)

A quiet and painfully shy sophomore, Nate Carson is forced into artistic servitude by his overbearing half-sister, Heath...

Director: Lisa Lodico  
Actors: Jesse Damiani   Miles Derwick   Kristen Barkuloo  
1001 hemmeligheder for børn og ikke for voksne (2010)
Director: Frank Molino  
Actors: Søren Fauli   Lars Hjortshøj   Uffe Rørbæk Madsen  
1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets (2010)

Sir Ben takes on the role of a mysterious and cantankerous librarian who takes a group of school children on an enlighte...

Director: Alan Deakins  
Actors: Ben Kingsley   Ben Kingsley   James Holly  
1,001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position (2010)

Set in their ways, even NORA and EVAN's arguments are routine and passionless. The arrival of a mysterious Valentine car...

Director: Alan Chu  
Actors: Amanda Plummer   William Russ   Anthem Moss  
10:03 (2010)

James Staples is a top-notch mortgage executive who gets a call from the borrower from hell. However, he can't hang up b...

Director: Carlos Deuringer   Christian Errico  
Actors: David Mitchell   Karli Price  
1:00am Games (2010)

Travis and Bobby are drinking in a bar late at night. A woman, Rebecca, walks in and attracts Travis' attention. Travis ...

Director: Rachel Easton   Scott Nielsen  
Actors: Brett Dalton   Ryan Lockwood   Erica Sullivan  
100 Bands in 100 Days (2010)

Nick Sonderup used to see a lot of live music. Then he wasn't seeing as much anymore. He used to write about music. Then...

Director: Bruce Ashley   Francis Garcia   Shout It Out Loud Music   Jon Sajetowski   Nick Sonderup  
Actors: Nick Sonderup  
100 Miles to 40 (2010)

Michelle has two teenage daughters, a loving husband, a dog, a cat, a successful surgical sales company, and an endless ...

Director: Chris Halsne  
100 Proof (2010)
Director: Conrad Stojak  
Actors: J.D. Brown   John Cartwright   Dominick Cesare  
100 Tears Away (2010)
Director: Tatjana Dekker   Thomas Drissen  
Actors: Mr. Dekker   Tatjana Dekker  
100 Voices: A Journey Home (2010)

A musical documentary that uniquely tells the history of Jewish culture in Poland. It highlights the current resurgence ...

Director: Matthew Asner   Danny Gold  
Actors: Charles Fox   Nathan Lam   Alberto Misrachi  
101-102 (2010)

A man moves into a new apartment and becomes obsessed with his neighbor. After some trouble the man get close to his nei...

Director: Yves Martin Allard  
Actors: Nicolas Germain-Marchand   Gaetan Nadeau   Mathieu Quesnel  
10 1/2 (2010)
Director: Daniel Grou  
Actors: Claude Legault   Robert Naylor   Eugénie Beaudry  
10:17 (2010)
Director: Mario Moreira  
Actors: Owen Van Houten  
10:18 (2010)

Jean has twisted by her past nightmare. She can't get over patient Christine's death so she imprisons herself in her apa...

Director: Jackie C. Lin  
Actors: Carson Alexander   Seth Grugle   Emily Nicole Hansen  
10 + ½ + 1 = Making of 11½ (2010)
Director: Giacomo R. Bartocci  
Actors: Riccardo Tamburini   Riccardo Tamburini   Giacomo R. Bartocci  
1040: Christianity in the New Asia (2010)

Featuring Jaeson Ma, MC Jin, Van Ness Wu, MC Hammer. '1040' focuses on the rapid socioeconomic expansion in Asia and the...

Director: Evan Leong  
Actors: Jin Auyeung   Mike Bickle   M.C. Hammer  
10:4 (Ten to Four) (2010)
Director: Guy Natanel  
Actors: David Delaney   Helen McGregor   Alexandra Hyde  
10 Beiruti Minutes (2010)
Director: Ashraf Mtaweh  
Actors: Elie Mitri  
10 Days of Rain (2010)
Director: Sean Webley  
Actors: Zach Bailey   Peter Bindas   Connor Brown  
10 Days to Die (2010)

When the young and beautiful actress Maddy McCarthy (Clare Bowen), star of Ray Abbott's theatrical production, has an em...

Director: Casie Coddington   Elaine Niessner   Michael Sergi  
Actors: Clare Bowen   Jason Smith   Natalie Hoflin  
10 Ez Steps for Mortician Success (2010)
Director: Bill Fiala   Tibor Szakaly  
Actors: David McKimmie   Jon Monastero   Stephen Simon  
10 lat do Nashville (2010)

Iza is a 33 year-old cleaning lady in a Polish railway station. Her friend Mariusz owns a railway toilet. Together, they...

Director: Katarzyna Trzaska  
10 Minutes (2010)
Director: Ruben Fleischer  
Actors: Criss Angel   Aziz Ansari   Donald Glover  
10ml LOVE (2010)
Director: Sharat Katariya  
Actors: Neel Bhoopalam   Neil Bhoopalam   Manu Rishi Chadha  
10 Mountains 10 Years (2010)

Chronicling the worldwide epic created by mountain climber Enzo Simone. 10 Mountains 10 Years follows his international ...

Director: Jennifer Yee  
Actors: Benny Aerts   Jaymes Brevard   Eric Buzzetto  
10 okuen kasegu (2010)
Director: Terry Ito  
Actors: Charles Ayres   Lucky Ikeda   Terry Ito  
10 Second Time Machine (2010)
Director: Michael Boylan   Kevin Kane  
Actors: Steven Lerner   Molly Rose  
10 Tigers (2010)
Director: Tony Kelly  
Actors: Joseph Sentance  
10 Years Later (2010)

10 Years Later is a dark comedy about six childhood best friends returning home for their ten year high school reunion. ...

Director: Aaron Michael Metchik  
Actors: Jake Hoffman   Rachel Boston   Kathleen Rose Perkins  
1+1 (2010)
Director: Yan-chi Mo Lai  
Actors: Ricky Yeung   Kawaii Kan  
114 (2010)

Howard Orlaith is psychologically trapped. His fear keeps him from doing what he needs to do in order to grow and achiev...

Director: Lawrence Bourke  
Actors: Philip Barnes   Ben Dearden   Paul Roe  
11/4/08 (2010)
Director: Jeff Deutchman  
Actors: Patrick Allen   Rufus Barner   Mario Champion  
11 Guns (2010)

Jerry First is a man in mid-life crisis who is living in an old town that seems deserted. He is put onto death row by th...

Director: Noelani Mei Lee  
Actors: Karl Anderson   Indigo Rael   Jack Lee  
11th Commandment of Copyright (2010)
Director: Devin Clarke  
Actors: Devin Clarke   Paul James Saunders  
11th & Patterson (2010)
Director: Sam Smartt   Christopher Zaluski  
Actors: Ron Anderson   Will Ficklen  
11 Weeks (2010)

Set amidst violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims in the troubled region of Kashmir, India. 11 Weeks is a story of a...

Director: Dipesh Jain  
Actors: Dion Deboulle   M.K. Raina  
12 (2010)
Director: Alexander Lemus Gadea   Erik Lemus Rodríguez  
Actors: Alexander Lemus Gadea   Erik Lemus Rodríguez   Javi Rico Catalán  
1/20 (2010)
Director: Gerardo del Castillo Ramirez  
Actors: Pete Aka Bmske   Patrick Aleph   Humberto Altef  
12:01 (2010)
Director: Ryan Dunlap  
Actors: Doug Bauer   Tyler Roberds   Brian Shoop  
12:01 (2010)
Director: Brian Nesbit  
Actors: Roger Sands  
12 45 84 (2010)
Director: Hadrien Touret  
Actors: Aina Alegre   Pauline Le Marchant  
125 Franco's Blvd (2010)
Director: Sia Nyorkor   Jacob Templin  
Actors: Franco the Great  
127 Hours (2010)

127 Hours is the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston's remarkable adventure to save himself after a fallen bould...

Director: Danny Boyle  
Actors: James Franco   Kate Mara   Amber Tamblyn  
127 Hours: An Extraordinary View (2010)
Director: Christina Voros  
Actors: Danny Boyle   Enrique Chediak   Anthony Dod Mantle  
12 Floors Up (2010)

12 Floors Up is a dark comedy that follows movie producer Spencer Hawkins as he tries to survive a pretentious Manhattan...

Director: Chris Modoono  
Actors: Whitney Brown   Kevin Collins   Zach Galligan  
12 FL OZ (2010)

In rural Georgia, the Manning family has fallen on hard times. Forced into growing marijuana to support their failing fa...

Director: Dalton Harpe  
Actors: Jackson Walker   Vincent Duvall   Cara Walters  
12 Horas (2010)
Director: Manuel Pureza  
Actors: Raimundo Cosme   Tiago Teotónio Pereira  
12 Jahre (2010)
Director: Daniel Nocke  
Actors: Daniel Nocke   Nina Weniger  
1,2 Million Children (2010)
Director: Effie Pappa  
12 Monate Deutschland (2010)

12 Months Germany accompanies four exchange students from three different continents living with their German host famil...

Director: Eva Wolf  
Actors: Kwasi   Nairika   Constanza  
12 onzas (2010)
Director: Patricio Serna  
Actors: Arturo Garcia   Diego Hernandez   Brandon Sauceda  
12 Shoes: A Lawyer Story (2010)
Director: James E. Newman  
Actors: Josée Laviolette   Julie Groleau  
12 Shoes: Webcam Story (2010)
Director: James E. Newman  
Actors: Donna McCloud   Emily Tector  
12th & Delaware (2010)
Director: Heidi Ewing   Rachel Grady  
13 (2010)

In Talbot, Ohio, a father's need for surgeries puts the family in a financial bind. His son Vince, an electrician, overh...

Director: Géla Babluani  
Actors: Sam Riley   Alice Barrett   Jason Statham  
13 (2010)
Director: Malou Reymann  
Actors: Marie Hammer Boda   Nicolei Faber   Rasmus Botoft  
1301: The Circle of Life (2010)
Director: Mattia Molini  
Actors: Sophie Sörensen   Declan Sammon   Kerstin Lechner  
13 1/2 (2010)
Director: Haris Vafeiadis  
Actors: Alexandra Hasani   Dennis Makris   Yiannis Papadopoulos  
13:16-17 (2010)
Director: Ben Radut  
Actors: Joseph Hoffman   Ron Popa   Ethan Curescu  
131 Russ (2010)

A poetic documentary that calls attention to beauty found in the details of the anachronistic and declining, and suggest...

Director: Silvia Turchin  
13Hrs (2010)

Sarah Tyler returns to her troubled family home in the isolated countryside, for a much put-off visit. As a storm rages ...

Director: Jonathan Glendening  
Actors: Isabella Calthorpe   Tom Felton   Gemma Atkinson  
13 Miles to Hell (2010)
Director: Dave Munn  
Actors: Timmy Dee   Sean O'Neill   Emily Thigpen  
13 minutes 44 (2010)
Director: Colas Rifkiss   Mathias Rifkiss  
Actors: Pierre Berriau   Johnson Puma   Célestin Ravella  
13 Minutos (2010)
Director: David Ferraz  
Actors: Carlos Balegas   Luís de Almeida   Luís Eusébio  
13 Related Sewing Machines (2010)
Director: Anna Linder  
13 States (2010)

The making of 'A Horse With No Name', a $10,000 film that was made entirely without a script. Each day, the two co-direc...

Director: Barnaby O'Connor  
Actors: David Fatta   Steve Malone   Barnaby O'Connor  
13 Strings (2010)
Director: Alix Jackson   Kostas Metaxas  
Actors: Ange Arabatzis   Kristian Beddow   Alix Jackson  
1/4 (2010)
Director: Ian Pons Jewell  
Actors: Colin McLean   Marie Gabrielle-Rotie  
141 Dachshunds (2010)
Director: Sambodhi Field  
147 (2010)
Director: Marcelo Tannure  
Actors: Everton Gontijo  
14 Days (2010)
Director: Daniel Bulger  
Actors: Stephen Siano   Rebecca Lovett  
14 Days with Victor (2010)
Director: Román Parrado  
Actors: Ferran Audí   Guillermo Ayesa   Peter Charlton  
14th and Marshall (2010)
Director: Joah Colby  
Actors: Annie Einan   Corey Lawson   Joel Thingvall  
14th Floor (2010)
Director: Shane Davey  
15:2 (2010)
Director: Brennan Parks  
Actors: Brendan Bradley   Richard Pierre-Louis   Corryn Cummins  
152 Dead Cars (2010)
Director: Asuman Ozgonul  
Actors: Brendan Hill   Mark Rafferty   Lachlan Rowland  
15 and a Half (2010)
Director: Tali Yankelevich  
15/Love (2010)

Vanessa is a 15-year-old girl with two attractive, athletic and hopelessly unattainable problems - her 23-year-old new t...

Director: Stephanie Mountzouris  
Actors: Christina-Rose Cavaleri   Jordan Katelanis   Alexander Kleut  
15 Seconds (2010)
Director: Jessica Townsend  
Actors: Rufus Wright   Rebecca Scroggs   Bethe Townsend  
15 Till Midnight (2010)

Lukas Reyes is trapped in a seemingly endless loop between parallel existences, one being occupied by his spouse, Sera, ...

Director: Wolfgang Meyer  
Actors: Brandon Slagle   Brandon Slagle   Dee Martin  
15x20 (2010)
Director: Kurt Nolen  
Actors: Amélie Blanc  
165 (2010)
Director: Panagiotis Tomaras  
17 Degrees Ain't Nothing (2010)

17 DEGREES AIN'T NOTHING brings to the forefront issues surrounding homelessness in Atlanta. It places the story of 5 lo...

Director: Dane Jefferson   Carlton Mackey  
17 del 7 (2010)
Director: Silvestre García  
Actors: Antonio Dechent   Santiago Meléndez   Junio Valverde  
17 Jahre später (2010)
Director: Hendrik Reichel  
Actors: Jonas von Lingen   Miriam Bliese   Kathleen Morgeneyer  
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