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? (2011)
Director: Hanung Bramantyo  
Actors: Reza Rahadian   Revalina S. Temat   Agus Kuncoro  
0.06% (2011)
Director: Murray Fahey  
Actors: Liam Fahey   Murray Fahey   Joanna Weinberg  
006. un principio (2011)
Director: David Testal  
Actors: José Juan Rodriguez   Lucía Camón  
007 - Hue Bond: Vive y Deja Chifar (2011)
Director: Kike Colunge  
Actors: Kike Colunge   Martín Farfán   Giannina Gandarillas  
0:0 (Teko Efes) (2011)

A tragic-comedy revolving around the classic triangle of 'teenagers-parents-football referees'. Udi, a quirky, overweigh...

Director: Ori Ben-Ezra  
Actors: Yigal Adika   Avi Grainik   Niv Zilberberg  
00 - Zero Zero 3D (2011)
Director: Marco Pavone  
Actors: Alex Polidori   Massimiliano Alto   Domitilla D'Amico  
03:34 Terremoto en Chile (2011)
Director: Juan Pablo Ternicier  
Actors: Marcelo Alonso   Andrea Freund   Fernando Gómez Rovira  
03:59 Webfest (2011)

The short film is about two young children who are friends. They are hanging out together and decide to play hide and se...

Director: Nthabiseng Mosieane  
036 (2011)
Director: Juanfer Andrés   Esteban Roel  
Actors: Carolina Bang   Tomás del Estal  
09:21:25 (2011)

In April 2002, South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth launched aboard the Russian Soyuz TM-34 mission for a 9-day,...

Director: Jyoti Mistry  
Actors: Mark Shuttleworth  
0s & 1s (2011)

Los Angeles, 2006. Life is Easy 2.0 for James Pongo (Morgan Krantz). He has a cushy job, a busy social life and an allur...

Director: Eugene Kotlyarenko  
Actors: Morgan Krantz   Jeremy Blackman   Ryan Reyes  
10 (2011)

For full time gambler Diggs Tyler, Freddie O'Keefe's fight school is the promised land, legendary for their high stakes ...

Director: Paul Knight  
Actors: Jamie O'Keefe   Andre Samson   Shawn Birch  
10 (2011)
Director: Daniel Nickson  
Actors: Pj Sobota   Ryan Genualdi   Philip Rossi  
10 (2011)
Director: Mario Lizondo  
Actors: Sergio González   Rubén Hernández Llorente   José Lifante  
1000 (2011)
Director: Dan Wedeking  
Actors: JJ Holoubek  
10000 Trees (2011)
Director: Sarah Berkovich   Sarah Ginsburg  
Actors: Ken Kaufmann   Victor Kaufmann  
1000 Blisters (2011)
Director: Tim Glover  
Actors: Brett Cooper   Greg Savage   Melissa Rainey  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 1 - Crimson Rage (2011)

Years ago in the vicious South American jungles a savage general has fortified himself in a stronghold. He was once a so...

Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Joseph Shawkat   Mac McClure   Dan Beck  
1000 Friends (2011)
Actors: Tobias Kappert  
1000 Gramm (2011)
Director: Tom Bewilogua  
Actors: Catrin Striebeck   Guntbert Warns   Milos Kostic  
1000 Grams (2011)

A film about Flesh. Flesh in all of its meanings! A story of two tragically colliding Worlds. Poor and Rich! The film re...

Director: Tom Bewilogua  
1000 Miles of Parkour (2011)

In May 2010, Johnny 'Sticky' Budden embarked upon a journey that would push the entire sport of parkour to its utmost li...

Director: Adam Baroukh  
1000 Things (2011)
Director: Bryce Bladon  
Actors: Simon Basch   Joseph McDougall   Debs Howard  
1000 Words (2011)
Director: David Hulbert  
Actors: David Hulbert   George Kopecky   Markus Lamberts  
1001 raisons pour une fillette de ne pas être dans un bar (2011)
Director: Simon Goulet  
Actors: Pierre-François Bouffard   Bernard Fontbuté   Dominic Gagné  
10/06/2011 Welcome (2011)
Director: Guido'Lu  
Actors: Guido'Lu  
100% Chance of Sprinkles (2011)
Director: Maureen Bharoocha  
Actors: Michael Busch   Ryan Gowland   Chris Kula  
100 dage uden stoffer (2011)
Director: Jacob Adrian Mikkelsen  
100 Days: Yukon (2011)
Director: Brett Rogers  
100% Love (2011)

100% Love Balu is a brilliant student and always tops his class. Maha Lakshmi comes from a village and stays in Balu's h...

Director: Sukumar  
Actors: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni   Tamannaah Bhatia   Tara Alisha  
100-nyeon ga-jok (2011)
Director: Duk-chul Kim  
Actors: In-ha Lee   Eun Roh   Izumi Inokawa  
100 Percent to the Max Part One (2011)
Director: Aaron Beckum  
Actors: C.T. Kohler   Mikiech Nichols  
100 Sexiest Videos of All Time (2011)
Director: Alexander J. Vietmeier  
Actors: Kaley Cuoco  
100 Years (2011)
Director: Kimberlee Acquaro  
10/10 (2011)

If 20/20 is hindsight then '10/10' is living through the moment uncertain how to proceed. Over the course of one day, te...

Director: Kyle Downes  
Actors: Haylee Vance  
10+10 (2011)
Director: Tso-chi Chang   Arvin Chen   Kuo-fu Chen   Yu-Hsun Chen   Wen-Tang Cheng   Yu-Chieh Cheng   Yen-ping Chu   Mong-Hong Chung   Wi Ding Ho   Chi-jan Hou   Hsiao-hsien Hou   Siu-Di Wang   Nien-Jen Wu  
1010: Sentou (2011)
Director: Shuichi Kimura  
1,042 (2011)
Director: Spencer Estabrooks  
Actors: Michael Shepherd   Chris Clipperton  
10-54 in Progress (2011)
Director: Rick Desilets  
Actors: John Selig   Ryan Keough   Sara Gouveia  
109 (2011)
Director: Nathan Fisher  
Actors: David Chattam   Codey Gillum   Robert MacLaney  
1095 Days (2011)
Director: Han Fang Pao  
Actors: Alexandre Manning   Sarah Banks   Sarah Hartshorne  
10 adim (2011)
Director: Sami Saydan  
Actors: Serdar Orçin   Alican Yücesoy  
10 AM (2011)
Director: Fawn Gao  
Actors: George Waters   Jessica Henke  
10 and 2 (2011)
Director: Jeremy Smith  
Actors: Adwin Brown   Reg Brown   Joshua Mikel  
10è Aniversari (2011)
Director: Teri Serra  
10 Ave Maria (2011)

No man is an island, it is said. In this beautifully observed film, we follow Mark, a lonely young man in search of happ...

Director: Ryan Oduber   Juan Francisco Pardo  
Actors: Juan Francisco Pardo   Zuleika Coffie  
10 Hours (2011)
Director: Easton Grainer  
Actors: Alex Danke   Easton Grainer   Paulina Schmidtke  
10 Minutes (2011)
Director: Charlie Bray  
Actors: Christian Howard   Alex Hughes   Peter Lloyd  
10 pelis (2011)

At video store Akaba you can find Forti, the guy who likes movies, Doc, the guy who knows everything about movies, and N...

Director: Borja Álvarez Ramírez  
Actors: Borja Álvarez Ramírez   Fernando Hernández Barral   Luis López Rosario  
1-0 per me (2011)
Director: Guido Colla  
Actors: Giovanni Ludeno   Valerio Morigi   Julio Solinas  
10 ragazze (2011)
Director: Tessa Bernardi  
Actors: Alessandro Paci   Alessio Nonfanti   Graziano Salvadori  
10 Seconds (2011)

10 Seconds is a short film presenting the story of human trafficking through the eyes of a sex addict. We witness Gilber...

Director: David Perry  
Actors: Ross Brooks   Roger D. Eldridge   Terry Gragg  
10 Segundos antes de morir (2011)
Director: José Eliud Charles  
Actors: Alex Galván   Juan Mario Martínez   David Ruiz  
10 Things I Hate About Camping (2011)
Director: Warren 'Waz' Bray  
Actors: Bradley Murnane   David Paton   Meisha Lowe  
10 Things I Have Learned About Mountainbiking (2011)
Director: Tom Malecha  
Actors: Tom Malecha  
10 Years (2011)
Director: Jamie Linden  
Actors: Channing Tatum   Jenna Dewan-Tatum   Justin Long  
10 Years + 10 Minutes (2011)

'I believe I must've had a pirate somewhere in my bloodline'. That's what the real 'Max Connelly' once said to me to des...

Director: Benjamin T. Ross  
Actors: Edward Asner   Jake Muxworthy   Myles Richards  
11:11 (2011)

Set in two periods of time and existence. Two young friends reunite in a new life and the only link between them and the...

Director: Rocky Costanzo  
Actors: Josh Braslin   Noah Fleiss   Alec Hogan  
11-11-11 (2011)

The successful American writer and atheist Joseph Crone participates in a support group to accept the death of his belov...

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman  
Actors: Timothy Gibbs   Michael Landes   Wendy Glenn  
11/11/11 (2011)
Director: Bhaveek Makan  
Actors: Jorelle Miranda   Bhaveek Makan   Bhavesh Chauhan  
11/11/11 (2011)
Director: Peter Macaluso  
Actors: Lauren Potter   Natalie Ann Cohen   J. Michael Polisano  
11.11.11. (2011)
Director: Scott MacDonald  
Actors: Spencer Angeltvedt   Kam Hoonjan   Arthur Huges  
11 24 (2011)

A short narrative film that follows 7-year old Ligaya and her Lolo (a Pilipino word for grandfather) on one of their wee...

Director: Michele Gutierrez  
Actors: Nicole McAtee   Vladimir Velasco   Angela Baesa  
11:30 PM (2011)

A narrative of an aboriginal Inuvialuit girl in the small arctic town of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories who is movi...

Director: Lucas Elliot Eberl  
Actors: Bob Mumford   Crystal Saunders  
11:33 (2011)

In the process of being chased by suspects high on methamphetamines, Scott Devereaux slides through the intersection of ...

Director: Karen Criswell  
Actors: Scott Devereaux  
11:38 (2011)
Director: Jeffrey C. Vanacore  
Actors: Aaron Lord   Dylan Nelson   Jeffrey C. Vanacore  
11:43 (2011)

Ellen is the star of a newly popular teen television series; her boyfriend David is a regular working stiff who holds a ...

Director: Paul Griffin  
Actors: Adam Bradley   Nick Stojanovic   Jamie Elizabeth Sampson  
11. lipnja - Prvi splitski Pride (2011)

The documentary follows activities held before pride, its organization and interviews with the Pride coordinators. It sh...

Director: Tomislav Ladisic  
11 Metri (2011)
Director: Francesco Del Grosso  
Actors: Agostino Di Bartolomei   Antonello Venditti  
11 pm (2011)
Director: Christian Claus  
Actors: Jonas Müller-Liljeström   Manuel Renken  
1:1 Thierry Henry (2011)

He has achieved all you can in football: he led France when they became European and World Champions; he was at the helm...

Director: Verena Soltiz  
Actors: Hans Backe   David Beckham   Patrice Evra  
120 Second City Street (2011)
Director: Ali Chen  
Actors: Ali Chen   Christine Sinacore   Christine Tarbet  
12+1 (2011)
Director: Khatereh Khodaei  
Actors: Artafren Rezghi  
1:21 (2011)
Director: Adriana Camara  
Actors: Márcio Machado   Anamaria Sobral  
12/15/1996 (2011)
Director: Mae Catt  
Actors: Adam Cardon   Freddy Douglas   David Foy  
12:26 - 12:31 (2011)
Director: Daniel Zarandieta  
Actors: Pep Muñoz   Sally Greenland   Mya Hanna  
123 (2011)
Director: Carlo Obispo  
1236 (2011)
Director: Marty Marrero  
Actors: Clint Davis   Matthew Donovan   Daniel Fox  
127 Devours (2011)
Director: Laura Harbron   Lisa Marks  
Actors: Scott Urner   Fiona Domenica  
12 Counts of Deception (2011)

People around the world fear the number 666 and squirm in their chairs at the mere mention of it. The number is known to...

Director: Bobby E. Goins  
Actors: Todd G. Adams   Stephen Bassett   Gregg Braden  
12 Heures d'Autonomie (2011)
Director: Christophe Tobin M'B  
Actors: Gabriel Marty   Lionel Mur   Gaël Reinhardt  
12 Hommes En Tabarnak (2011)
Director: Jean-François Leblanc  
Actors: David B. Ricard   Eric K. Boulianne   Louis Courchesne  
12 Horas (2011)
Director: Marco Carvalho  
12 i 1/2 (2011)
Director: Olga Kalagate  
Actors: Jedrzej Zablocki   Jakub Kalagate  
1/2 Life (2011)
Director: Tim Hicks  
Actors: Dana Clarke   Lynn Johnston   Brian Phillips  
12 Minutes Until the End of the World (2011)
Director: Hugo Smith  
Actors: Charles Bisset   Garrett Marchbank   Jena Kirmse  
12 Month Review (2011)
Director: Carl Whiteley  
Actors: Harry Dyer   Michael Ross  
12 näkökulmaa (2011)
Director: Jarmo Lampela  
Actors: Ahti Ahonen   Kaisu Mikkola   Jussi Helminen  
12 Unheard Messages (2011)
Director: David Dean Burkhart  
Actors: Alex Hluch   Stephen Vanderpool   Bobby Makar  
12x9 (2011)
Director: Kaija Cummings  
Actors: Melissa Kobetsky   Michelle Wilens   Kinsey Goldman  
1, 2, Z (2011)

It's the 50's, and instead of the Communists, Zombies are the the threat looming around the corner. People have done eve...

Director: Genna Ford  
Actors: Noah Swindle   Charlene Geisler   Wyatt Griswold  
13 (2011)
Director: José Miguel Portugués   Sebastián Vera  
Actors: Sebastián Vera  
1320 (2011)
Director: Wolfgang Wünsch  
Actors: Marcel Miller   Kelly Reilly   Danny Huston  
1323 (2011)
Director: Juri Nieminen  
Actors: Jyri Similä   Johanna Lindell   Gyan Dookie  
#137 (2011)

#137 is a SCI/FI thriller about a girl, Marla, who has been living hooked up to a machine, in a cyber-world. She is sudd...

Director: Frances Elliott  
Actors: Suesha Rana   Josh Magee   Jake Jensen  
1395 dana bez crvene (2011)

The city is Sarajevo, and the route the woman takes became known as Sniper Alley during the siege of the city endured by...

Director: Sejla Kameric   Anri Sala  
Actors: Maribel Verdú  
13 Blows (2011)
Director: Matthew Massie  
Actors: R.J. Avants   Morse Bicknell   Locke Marcello  
13 cara memanggil setan (2011)
Director: A. Liong Wong  
Actors: Debby Ayu   Five Vi   Ki Kusumo  
13 Friday St (2011)
Director: Remi Broadway  
Actors: Regis Broadway   Ben Cooper   Vincent B. Gorce  
13 Grados (2011)
Director: David R. Losada  
Actors: Kike Biguri   Alfonso Torregrosa  
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