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# (2012)
Director: Zak Longo  
Actors: Jake Comer   Eugene Kim   Eddie Klein  
_. (2012)

After the majority of carbon based animal life has been wiped from dry land due to arsenic based micro-organisms emergin...

Director: Emiliano Hinojosa   Sean Patrick McAuliffe  
Actors: Oliver Buckworth   Jaimini   Ashwin Jyoti  
ö (2012)
Director: Kari Juusonen  
üç (2012)
Director: Kai Sitter  
Actors: Julia Gögh   Eva Lenz   Jan Poppert  
00:00 (2012)
Director: Max Wilman  
Actors: Daniel Harland   Cara Picton  
00:00:00 (Zero Hours, Zero Minutes, Zero Seconds) (2012)
Director: Rafael Tres  
Actors: Luis Fernando Midence   Levi Ramses   Daniela Morales  
00:04:47'' TA... (2012)
Director: Elika Rezaee  
Actors: Elika Rezaee  
003064.XZ (2012)
Director: Joey Angerone  
Actors: Greg Murphy   Christine Bilek   Richard Toscani  
009 Re: Cyborg (2012)
Director: Kenji Kamiyama  
Actors: Hisao Egawa   Hisao Egawa   Hiroshi Kamiya  
01 (2012)
Director: Hamish Lambert  
01.01.00 (2012)
Actors: Fabian Goedecke   Lilija Klee  
01.39411.999 (2012)
Director: Rajee Samarasinghe  
02:00 (2012)
Director: Thea Green  
Actors: Phillip Andre Botello   Kailena Grosse  
0300 - 0430 (2012)

0300 - 0430 is a poetic documentary that was filmed between the time period of 300am and 430am over the course of severa...

Director: Jesus Sierra  
0.5 Days (2012)
Director: Jarrad Cody   Rob Hardy  
Actors: Jarrad Cody   Rob Hardy  
069 (2012)
Director: Kristóf Becsey  
Actors: Csaba Polgár   Alexandra Borbély  
07-07-07 Amorita's Unlucky Day (2012)

Follow the life of one of the most historic yachts in North America, hearing stories of all she has touched and all thos...

Director: Pierre Marcel  
10 (2012)

10 friends set together a 10-day vacation plan at an isolated location. But, the location, an old burned down asylum now...

Director: William Ayers   William J. Ayers  
Actors: Arthur Wahlberg   Arthur Wahlberg   Scott Davis  
1:0 (2012)
Director: Mazzuchi Claudio  
Actors: Claudio Mazzuchi   Damian Sansone   Ana Giovanni  
10 (2012)
Director: Jerod MacDonald-Evoy  
Actors: Chris Acosta   Conner Blake   William Burkhart  
100 (2012)
Director: Jeroen Wolf  
100.000 (2012)
Director: Andressa Back  
Actors: Levy Mota   Loreta Dialla  
100,000 Zombie Heads (2012)
Director: Jose Figueora   Jose Figueroa  
Actors: Aaron Craven   Jeffrey Doornbos   Sebastian C-Bazz Fort  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 2 - Stray Bullets (2012)

Jonah Jagger is released from prison and ready to reclaim what is rightfully his...Money, Power, and Revenge. But when t...

Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Jeremiah H. Jones   Matthew L. Acosta   John Dillion Flannagan  
1000 Dollar Doubt (2012)
Director: Greg Blakey   Mateusz Michalik  
Actors: Daniel Cookson   Francisco Lopez   Sarah Roberts  
1000 Li (2012)
Director: Eugene Park  
Actors: Queree Kim   Jay Shin  
1000 Words (2012)
Director: Caleb Wall  
Actors: Ty Fanning   Kristin Phillips  
1,001 Self Portraits (2012)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Artist Clancy Philbrick takes you inside his head to view the clash between the ego and th...

Director: Clancy Philbrick  
Actors: Clancy Philbrick  
1 0 0 (Alexandras 173, Athina) (2012)

"1 0 0" depicts the wide range of work the police in Athens is asked to perform. By attending the daily life at Police H...

Director: Gerasimos Rigas  
100 Bloody Acres (2012)

The use of dead car crash victims in the Morgan Brothers' "Blood and Bone" fertiliser has been a huge boon to business. ...

Director: Cameron Cairnes   Colin Cairnes  
Actors: Damon Herriman   Angus Sampson   Anna McGahan  
100 Bucks (2012)

100 Bucks is an urban story of the journey of a 100-dollar note that passes from hands of wealth to hands of need and th...

Director: Oshosheni Hiveluah  
Actors: Steven Afrikaner   Sylvanie Beukes   Girley Jazama  
100 Degrees (2012)
Director: Jason Barry  
Actors: Jason Barry   Charlene Gleeson   Glen Barry  
100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck (2012)
Director: Martin Andersen  
Actors: Jennifer Robyn Jacobs   Jim Shipley   Tony Besson  
100 jours: +46 (2012)
Director: Rafael Alvarez   Pilar Monsell  
100 Kilos Less: Let's Put Our Dustbins on a Strict Diet (2012)

The documentary is developed from two perspectives: the documentary itself, based upon the travel of an expert of waste ...

Director: Emanuele Caruso  
Actors: Giuseppe Cederna  
100% Kiss (2012)
Director: Elva Hsiao  
Actors: Kenny Bee   Bo-Chieh Wang   Sunny Wang  
100% Love (2012)
Director: Rabi Kinagi  
Actors: Jeet   Koyel Mullick   Sujoy Ghosh  
100 mankai ikita neko (2012)

Yoko Sano, picture novelist and essayist, is 70 years old now. She was diagnosed cancer and told her days were numbered....

Director: Tadasuke Kotani  
100 metri dal paradiso (2012)
Director: Raffaele Verzillo  
Actors: Giorgio Colangeli   Domenico Fortunato   Enzo Garinei  
100 Miles For Swisher: A Story of Community and Commitment (2012)

A story of the remarkable bond between a group of men who served together in the Marines on Presidential Guard Duty, and...

Director: Jeff Goodman   Joe Murphy  
100 Musicians (2012)

100 Musicians is a sensual and intimate film. It is a hazy summer night in Kensignton market. Sydney and June are in bed...

Director: Charles Officer  
Actors: Walter Borden   Rainbow Francks   Aj Risi  
100% OFF: A Recession-Era Romance (2012)
Director: Shaun Scott  
Actors: John Chapman   Kevin Cook   Matt Giampietro  
100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience (2012)

"100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience" is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture sur...

Director: Brad Crawford  
Actors: Brian Ashcraft   Daigo Umehara   Aaron Chmielowiec  
101 (2012)
Director: Luis Miñarro  
Actors: Manoel de Oliveira   Maria Isabel de Oliveira  
10-100 FiTr (2012)

An inspiring story, based on real life events, that follows the life of a son trying to break out the shadow of his hero...

Director: Walter Hendrix III  
Actors: Hunter Arceneaux   Valton Antonio Barret   Michael Bowman  
10:18 (2012)

A girl's boyfriend invites her to a movie, and then stands her up. On her way home she happens to drive by and see him a...

Director: Andrew Wickel  
Actors: Matt Elliot   Allison Chase  
101 Weddings (2012)
Director: Shafi  
Actors: Kunchacko Boban   Jayasurya   Biju Menon  
1028 (2012)

1028 is a feature length narrative film, portraying the life of three male residents of 1028, who are all Chinese gradua...

Director: Haixiao Yan  
10:43 (2012)
Director: Megan Spatz  
Actors: Adam Reilly   Robert Paul Taylor   AlexAnn Hopkins  
106 (2012)
Director: Alex Zeldin  
Actors: Tom Sean Foley   Bill Suplee   Cynthia Murell  
108.1 FM Radio (2012)
Director: Angelo Capasso   Giuseppe Capasso  
Actors: Dario Biancone   Fabrizio Monaldi  
10 euros (2012)
Director: Cyril Cohen  
Actors: Dan Herzberg   Raf Dacli   Candide Sanchez  
10i mera (2012)
Director: Vasilis Mazomenos  
Actors: Ali Haidari   Ioli Demetriou  
10 jours en or (2012)
Director: Nicolas Brossette  
Actors: Franck Dubosc   Claude Rich   Marie Kremer  
10 Metres (2012)

10 METRES follows Scotty, a university student who is drugged and has a bomb strapped to his chest by a vengeful classma...

Director: Rory Noke  
Actors: Stefan Taylor   Melanie Berry   Saul Darby  
10 Minutes of Violence (2012)

A young ANDREW PETERSON over hears his sister discussing their deceased father's suicide. The sister makes the near fata...

Director: Darrell Leonard  
Actors: Kyle Kaminsky   Jonathan Sherman   Heidi Mahoney  
10 Minutos (2012)
Director: Manfred Lopez  
Actors: Juan Carlos Alcocer   Virgilio García Rojas   Rafa Guzmán  
10 regole per fare innamorare (2012)
Director: Cristiano Bortone  
Actors: Giulio Berruti   Piero Cardano   Pietro Masotti  
10 Speed (2012)
Director: Ben Winston  
Actors: Brandon Fleschner   Jorge Garcia   Colby Hatton  
10Terrorists (2012)

While governments and corporations pillage the populace and profit from war and terror, the masses are fed with an onsla...

Director: Dee McLachlan  
Actors: Kendal Rae   Jasper Bagg   Aljin Abella  
10 Veces Venceremos (2012)
Director: Cristian Jure  
Actors: Zulema Enriquez   Pascualº Pichun  
10 Williams (2012)
Director: Richie Cerda  
Actors: J. Bloomrosen   Richie Cerda   Phillip Chudoba  
10 Years Later (2012)

What would a terrorist assassin want with an ordinary computer programmer like Jordan Miller? The FBI wants to know, and...

Director: Jeffrey Scott Collins  
Actors: Katerina Mikailenko   Rob Sulaver   Allen Enlow  
10 Years On: Afghanistan & Pakistan (2012)

After more than a decade of war, deadly drone and military attacks spread the conflict across the Afghan border into Pak...

Director: Kathleen Foster  
Actors: Kathleen Foster  
11000 Angels Dancing on the Head of a Pin (2012)
Director: James Rosalind  
Actors: Kerstin Birger   Melike Cinar   Mimi Monstroe  
110212 (2012)
Director: Chenchen Diao  
Actors: Anthony Misiano   Andrea Bensussen   Marci Krown  
111 (2012)
Director: Jason Moola  
Actors: Kate Gilbert   Max Obertelli   Valentine Pelka  
1+1=100 oder Die Schule des Lebens (2012)
Director: Doris Kittler  
1+1=11 (2012)
Director: Hitoshi Yazaki  
Actors: Zuimaro Awashima   Tomorowo Taguchi   Junki Tozuka  
111 Girls (2012)
Director: Nahid Ghobadi   Bijan Zmanpira  
Actors: Reza Behbudi   Amin Sadeghi   Mehdi Saki  
11·25 jiketsu no hi: Mishima Yukio to wakamono-tachi (2012)

On November 25th 1970, a man committed ritual suicide inside the Tokyo headquarters of the Japanese Ministry of Defence,...

Director: Kôji Wakamatsu  
Actors: Arata Iura  
1+1=3 (2012)
Director: Kostia Petit  
Actors: Bastien Bouillon   Sigrid Bouaziz  
11:50 (2012)

Xenon begins his day as usual. Precise and meticulous, as every embalmer should be, he begins preparing a body. His meth...

Director: Stylianos Constantinou  
Actors: Antonis Katsaris   Zoe Wintershaussen  
11:58 (2012)
Director: Jeff Scott Taylor  
Actors: Christian Lagadec   Jill Wilson   Jeremiah Benjamin  
1158: The Making Of (2012)
Director: Jeff Scott Taylor  
11:58: The Making Of (2012)
Director: Jeff Scott Taylor  
Actors: Christian Lagadec   Jill Wilson   Jeremiah Benjamin  
11Eleven Project (2012)

On November 11, 2011, people across the world were invited to 'capture' a part of their day using film, photography, mus...

Director: Danielle Lauren  
11 Once Upon a Time (2012)
Director: Alberto Zafra  
Actors: Eugenio García   Gonzalo Hilario   Ricardo Jordán  
11 settembre 1683 (2012)
Director: Renzo Martinelli  
Actors: F. Murray Abraham   Enrico Lo Verso   Alicja Bachleda  
11 synantiseis me ton patera mou (2012)
Director: Nikos Kornilios  
Actors: Eva Galogavrou   Lambros Apostolou   Eva Stylander  
1+1: Tres (2012)
Director: Raul Rojas  
Actors: Jennifer Arenas   Juliana Arias   Giovanni Mancera  
12 (2012)
Director: Peter Hansen   Sam Trafford  
Actors: Dan Broad   Peter Hansen   Hans Masoe  
12 (2012)

A social commentary based thriller about the eventful year of London 2011, told through the eyes of HERO, the main chara...

Director: Aml Ameen  
Actors: Amar Adatia   Aml Ameen   Mikel Ameen  
1210 (2012)

'1210' is a shrilly story of a 'small person' seeking justice from the state. All his attempts are bound to fail. He's a...

Director: Marina Gelfand   Arseniy Gonchukov  
Actors: Julia Degtyarenko   Aleksandr Gavrikov   Viktor Nemets  
12/12/12 (2012)
Director: Jared Cohn  
Actors: Sara Malakul Lane   Jesus Guevara   Steve Hanks  
12:15 Sunday (2012)
Director: Taylor Jenkins  
Actors: Patrick Hussion   John Jenkins   Chuck French  
12+1, una comedia metafísica (2012)

A group of men are searching for something in the desert. Only one of them knows what they seek. The one they call the M...

Director: Chiqui Carabante  
Actors: Gorka Zubeldia   Aránzazu Garrastázul   Fran Torres  
12/21 (2012)
Director: Randy Swilley  
Actors: Alex Gomez   Randy Swilley  
12-22-2012: The Day After the Apocalypse (2012)
Director: Andy Young  
Actors: James McEnelly   Derek Papa  
12:47 (2012)
Director: Michael Stevantoni  
Actors: Elizabeth Shevelev  
127 Seconds (2012)

An idiot trapped in a door resorts to ridiculous measures to survive. An homage to the life experience of Aron Ralston a...

Actors: David August  
127 Seconds (2012)
Director: David Jones  
Actors: Ben Coupland  
12 Angry Bros (2012)
Director: Mike Litzenberg   Bridge Stuart  
Actors: Joel McHale  
12 Days of 100 (2012)
Director: Chris Cortez  
Actors: Pedro Castaneda   Jordan Jones   Michael Monsour  
12 Days to End Violence Against Women (2012)
Director: Fédération des Femmes du Québec  
12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (2012)
Director: Kieth Merrill  
Actors: Sean Patrick Flanery   D.B. Sweeney   Danielle Chuchran  
12 Drawings a Day (2012)

During 3 years (2008-2011) i have been drawing 12 drawing of animation every day, it make one second of film. And then, ...

12 Noon (2012)
Actors: Yemi Blaq   Artus Frank   Banjo Moses  
12th & Gershwin, 1:37AM (2012)
Director: Forrest Clark  
Actors: Matt Boone   Robert Brettenaugh   Justin Harvey  
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