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00:03:00 Thriller (2013)
Director: Dupuy Fatal III  
Actors: Javier Figueroa   Sean Gillhooly   Jason Greco  
006 kaçis (2013)
Director: Ferhat Alpözen  
Actors: Furat Emir   Mehmet Emin Eren   Ümit Taskin  
007-Eleven (2013)
Director: Kal Mansoor  
Actors: Kal Mansoor   Matt Conde   Kyle Waters Geller  
007 - Hue Bond: Un Polvo No Basta (2013)
Director: Kike Colunge  
Actors: Kike Colunge   Gustavo Bueno   Mónica Sánchez  
008 (2013)

Two men and a girl encounter a ' target' for an experiment on animals in the deep woods. They are hired as part-time wor...

Director: Yasunobu Takahashi  
Actors: Akira Kurekawa   Isamu Kurihashi   Gen Ogawa  
008 (2013)
Director: Lawrence Zoeller  
Actors: Joe Murphy  
009 no 1: The end of the beginning (2013)

In 20xx, the world is divided into two powers: the Western Block and the Eastern Block. Serving as a border zone between...

Director: Koichi Sakamoto  
Actors: Ryôhei Abe   Hirotarô Honda   Minehiro Kinomoto  
00 Schneider - Im Wendekreis der Eidechse (2013)
Director: Helge Schneider   Andrea Schumacher  
Actors: Helge Schneider   Helge Schneider   Helge Schneider  
01.06.2013 (2013)
Director: Kerem Duymus  
Actors: Kerem Duymus   Burak Tekcan   Oguz Yuksel  
02:43 (2013)
Director: Héctor Rull  
Actors: Anna Bertràn   Miki Esparbé  
09:00 (2013)
Director: Carlos Ratinho   Jacs Theron  
Actors: David Correia   João Sena   Fernando Ramos  
0+ omikron plus (2013)
Director: Michael Georgiades  
Actors: Fivos Georgiades   Kikis Kiriakides   Thanasis Lampropoulos  
1 (2013)
Director: Paul Crowder  
Actors: Mario Andretti   John Barnard   Herbie Blash  
+1 (2013)
Director: Dennis Iliadis  
Actors: Rhys Wakefield   Logan Miller   Ashley Hinshaw  
10% (2013)
Director: Nathan Stone  
Actors: Nick McAfee   Alex Robinson   Christine Gatlin  
10,000 Hours (2013)
Director: Joyce Bernal  
Actors: Robin Padilla  
10.000 noches en ninguna parte (2013)

The story of a son who is afraid of everything. Overwhelmed by his dull life, one day he decides to flee. He starts a jo...

Director: Ramón Salazar  
Actors: Manuel Castillo   Andrés Gertrúdix   Rikar Gil  
1000 Cranes (2013)
Director: Kaz Cai  
Actors: Toby K   Yick Lam Wong  
1000 Months (2013)

What happens when you remove yourself from the monotonous routine of conventional living? This short-film follows a day ...

Director: Claire Byrne  
Actors: Philip Bruce   Baxter Hogan  
1001 Formas de tomar Café (2013)
Director: Sara Blanco   Ferran Brooks   Pau Cabarocas   Marc Capo   Diego Carballo   Leticia Dolera   Sergio Gómez   Cristian Martín   Alvaro Paz   Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren  
100% cachemire (2013)
Director: Valérie Lemercier  
Actors: Valérie Lemercier   Gilles Lellouche   Samatin Pendev  
100 Days (2013)

When a cold hearted telecommunications executive returns to his small island town for his estranged mother's burial, he ...

Director: Henry Chan  
Actors: Akira Chen   Sze-Ming Lu   Ming-Hsiu Tsai  
100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)
Director: R.D. Braunstein  
Actors: Jeff Fahey   Sara Malakul Lane   Marc McKevitt Ewins  
100 Elephants (2013)
Director: Erick Lee  
Actors: Liz Aguilar   Micah Barragan   Patric Davalou  
100 Jokes (2013)

What are the building blocks of stand-up comedy? A crazy background? A unique perspective? Tenacity? How about jokes? Jo...

Director: Doug Driesel Jr.  
Actors: Zach Ames   Josh Androsky   Merr Archambeault  
100 kai nakukoto (2013)
Director: Ryuichi Hiroki  
Actors: Tadayoshi Ôkura   Mirei Kiritani  
100 Meters (2013)
Director: Daisy Zhou  
Actors: Corine Donovan   Jacques Du Point Jour   Christine Suero  
100 metros estilo libre (2013)

Polo and Domingo spend their last days together between Ciudad Mendoza and Cordoba, in Veracruz, Mexico, before Domingo ...

Director: Chucho E. Quintero  
Actors: Diego Michel   José Juan Name   Eliott Reguera Vega  
100 Miles (2013)
Director: Tamás Tatai  
Actors: Devon Ruckley   Eleanor Rowlands   Zoe Mills  
100 Nugget Challenge (2013)
Director: Sean Daniels   Ted Kindig   Nick Ohren   Max Regan   Marc Wurtzel  
Actors: Sean Daniels   Ted Kindig   J. Othon Lerma  
100 Percent Fun (2013)

A Shane, a young gay man, reluctantly attends a party with his partner Cam. At the party Shane runs to Aaron, a person f...

Director: Sanjay Sooknanan  
Actors: Oscar Bolanos   Rainbow Chatman   Orlando Gomez  
100 Signatures (2013)

What does breakfast have to do with politics? Everything, if you ask middle school teacher Dean Greco. Join him as he ru...

Director: Dean Greco   Nicole Lieb Greco  
Actors: Jeff Anderson   Ziggy Blumenthal   Dean Greco  
100 Towels (2013)
Director: Kyle Schickner  
Actors: Haley Georgen   Tatiana Milner   Rosalie Tenseth  
1:01 (2013)

After a horrific time in the army, young soldier, Ben Cunningham is convinced by a mystery texter that War is being puni...

Director: Paul Mackie  
Actors: Anthony Burns   Daniel Cairney   Nicole Kathrine  
101 ci qiu hun (2013)
Director: Leste Chen  
Actors: Bo Huang   Chiling Lin   Hailu Qin  
101 Cupcakes (2013)
Director: Jane Eakin  
Actors: Shondelle Pratt   Diane Craig   Ivy Mak  
101 Secrets (2013)
Director: Tophy Cho  
Actors: Morgan Mishelle Boutilier   Tophy Cho   Michelle Dubose  
101 Years of Eden (2013)
Director: Rap Ramirez  
10:30 A.M. Local Call (2013)
Director: Manu Sudhakaran  
Actors: Anoop Chandran   Kailash   Krishna  
10-50 (2013)
Director: Wilfred Miranda  
Actors: Adam Manson   Antoine Meadows   Wilfred Miranda  
10-57 (2013)

Kato Sait is a petty criminal who has been in and out of the prison system since adolescence. He's always been in the wr...

Director: Rodney Dwira  
Actors: Christian Bako   Shawn Devlin   Steven L. Bird  
10 Cards (2013)
Director: Derrick Anthony  
Actors: Turron Kofi Alleyne   Yasha Jackson   Chivonne Michelle  
10 Guds siffror (2013)
Director: Ivica Zubak  
Actors: Kidd Duckström   Charlie Gustafsson   Daisy Dolo Goma  
10 Hours State of Emergency (2013)

10 Hours State of Emergency is a short film that convey the struggle of Islam culture, their belief, passion, faith and ...

Director: Edna Albano  
Actors: Dan Beard   James Burmester   Bhaja Davis  
10 Minutes (2013)
Director: Yong-seung Lee  
10 Minutes (2013)

A no budget professional short film which is conceived, scripted, shot, edited and mastered in one day with a cast and c...

Director: Samar Mukherjee  
Actors: Samar K. Mukherjee  
10 Minutes Left (2013)
Director: Inigo Bordiu  
Actors: Vincent Louis Diaz   Jaques du Point   Jim Johnson  
10ml I.V. (2013)
Director: Andrew Gillman  
Actors: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith   Alastair Mackenzie  
10 Rules for Sleeping Around (2013)
Director: Leslie Greif  
Actors: Chris Marquette   Tammin Sursok   Virginia Williams  
10 Seconds (2013)

Toby, a college drop out, throws a part on his first night back. Soon after the party starts it is interrupted by his pa...

Director: Clayton Janicke  
Actors: Laura Bauer   Nikki Blasi   Jemaine Brown  
10%: What Makes a Hero? (2013)

Award-winning director Yoav Shamir (Defamation, Checkpoint) sets out on an entertaining and insightful international que...

Director: Yoav Shamir  
Actors: Yoav Shamir   Philip Zimbardo  
10 Years of the Postal Service (2013)
Director: Tom Scharpling  
Actors: Benjamin Gibbard   James Tamborello  
110002 (2013)
Director: Vivek Kumar  
1+1=1 (2013)
Director: Mohamed Mansour  
Actors: Mohamed El Naggar   Hassan El Naggar   Monzer El Fakharany  
112 Weddings (2013)

After two decades of filming weddings Doug had long wondered what became of those couples.. Are they still together? Is ...

Director: Doug Block  
11:30 (2013)
Director: Nicolae Negara  
Actors: Vlad Druck   Valeriu Finu   Andrian Gheorghistean  
1134 (2013)
Director: J.R. Howard  
Actors: Kaylee Nedley  
113 Days (2013)

This documentary follows 25 players and 2 coaches from the Division II Stonehill College Women's Lacrosse team in their ...

Director: Katie Shannon  
113 Degrees (2013)

Francesca and Joe are astronauts who've become lovers. Bunkered up in their little spaceship, Earth is a distant reality...

Director: Sabrina Doyle  
Actors: Brian Groh   Hiro Matsunaga   Lizzy Davis  
11.6 (2013)
Director: Philippe Godeau  
Actors: François Cluzet   Bouli Lanners   Corinne Masiero  
11 A.M. (2013)

In the not-so distant future, researchers at a deep-sea labaratory have finally succeded in inventing a time machine. He...

Director: Hyun-seok Kim  
Actors: Jae-yeong Jeong   Ok-bin Kim   Daniel Choi  
11° Comandamento - Non deviare (2013)
Director: Daniele Santamaria Maurizio  
Actors: Marco Benevento   Marco Di Stefano   Gianni Franco  
11 Freundinnen (2013)
Director: Sung Hyung Cho  
11 metros 9 meses (2013)

Martijn Bakx is an ordinary dutch man who has the opportunity of ending a national football curse: the squad's incapabil...

Director: Juanma Arizmendi  
Actors: Martijn Bakx   Teo Bakx   Axel Torres  
11 Months (2013)
Director: Victor Obidimalor  
Actors: Andy Brown   Matthew Mollenkopf   Matt Strool  
1.2 (2013)
Actors: Tyrone Earl Lraé Robinson  
12,000 Rupees (2013)

When his mother's health takes a turn for the worst, Bheem must go against his moral beliefs to help her recover. With I...

Director: Hemant Tavathia  
Actors: Anil Kant   Ashok Kumar   Sunil Kumar  
120 Days (2013)

120 Days captures an intimate look at the lives of one family of undocumented immigrants who have lived and worked in th...

Director: Ted Roach  
1.21 (2013)
Director: Nikola Kostresevic  
Actors: Lovro Preprotnik   Lovro Preprotnik  
1211 (2013)
Director: Wiatt Cram   Drew Hall  
Actors: Ryan Jetten   Catalina Soto-Aguilar Kind  
12-12-12 (2013)
Director: Amir Bar-Lev  
Actors: Jon Bon Jovi   Eric Clapton   Roger Daltrey  
12:16 (2013)
Director: Ray Figueroa   Tito Román Rivera  
Actors: Nathan Asencio   José Felix González   Cecilia Arguelles  
12-17 (2013)
Director: Peter Gadiot  
Actors: Eva Sophia Frausto   Antony Giusto   Wilfrido Nava  
121 Million (2013)
Director: Jean-Philippe Lemieux  
Actors: Jory Crumb  
12:37 (2013)
Director: Jorge Walsh  
Actors: Jorge Walsh   Jorge Walsh  
125 Years Young (2013)
Director: Charlotte Worthington  
Actors: Graeme Sharp  
12/8 (2013)

Claire, a beautiful and talented piano teacher, is meeting with her piano student Leo for the first time. Immediately, s...

Director: Peter Franklin  
Actors: Anna Aurelia León   Austin Hammer  
128. Szczur (2013)
Director: Jakub Paczek  
Actors: Bartlomiej Firlet   Diana Zamojska   Janusz Chabior  
12 Acres of Sheep (2013)
Director: Benjamin Garner  
12 ans d'âge (2013)
Director: Frédéric Proust  
Actors: François Berléand   Patrick Chesnais   Anne Consigny  
12 Canvases (2013)

A documentary about art, life and inspiration, as told through the thoughts and works of 6 New York artists.

Director: Scott Bolger   Christian Reinsch  
12 Hours (2013)
Actors: Masumay Booc   Alex Murphy   Eli Razo  
12 mesyatsev (2013)
Director: Aleksandr Barshak  
Actors: Alesa Kacher   Aleksandr Golovin   Ivan Dorn  
12 Minutes (2013)
Director: Matt Green  
Actors: Benjamin Davis Bryant   Atkins Estimond   Austin McFarlane  
12 O'Clock Boys (2013)

Pug, a wisecracking 13 year old living on a dangerous Westside block, has one goal in mind: to join The Twelve O'Clock B...

Director: Lotfy Nathan  
Actors: Pug   Steven   Coco  
12 Rounds for the Loaded (2013)
Director: Paul M McAlarney  
Actors: Bob Sergi   Lucas Fleming Jr.   John Ewing  
12th of Never (2013)
Director: Fadi Hindash  
Actors: Lolu Ajayi   Robin Steegman  
12 Weeks (2013)
Director: Ashunda Norris  
Actors: Frank Andrus Jr.   Dean Bart-Plange   Kelsey Caesar  
12 Years a Slave (2013)

Based on an incredible true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom. In the pre-Civil War United States, Solom...

Director: Steve McQueen  
Actors: Chiwetel Ejiofor   Dwight Henry   Dickie Gravois  
12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic (2013)

In the latest film from Red Bull Music Academy, we turn our attention to DFA: the iconic NYC record label that got the i...

Director: Max Joseph  
13 (2013)
Director: Rk Musgrave  
Actors: Paul Talbot   Caitlin Duff  
130919: A Portrait of Marina Abramovic (2013)

This one-take, 3-D film majestically documents legendary performance artist Marina Abramovic, capturing the breadth of s...

Director: Matthu Placek  
1/3/10 (2013)
Director: Georges Schwizgebel  
Actors: Georges Schwizgebel  
13/13/13 (2013)

For millennia, calendars have added an extra day every four years. In doing so, they violated the ancient Mayan calendar...

Director: James Cullen Bressack  
Actors: Trae Ireland   Erin Coker   Jody Barton  
13, 195, 6 und 1 (2013)
Director: Terry Rice  
Actors: Terry Rice   Destiny Bennett   Doug Stanhope  
13:37 (2013)

A psychological drama set in the very near future, shows the struggle of Mariam, a young wife and mother, as she ponders...

Director: Eisa Al Sabousi  
Actors: Fatima Al Taei   Amer Al Kamel  
1:36 (2013)
Director: Caten Hyde  
Actors: Charles Wallace  
138 segons. L'enigma Gironès (2013)
Director: Joan López Lloret  
Actors: Òscar Andreu   Rafael Mendoza   Àngel Messeguer  
13 Eerie (2013)
Director: Lowell Dean  
Actors: Katharine Isabelle   Michael Shanks   Brendan Fehr  
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