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(09) (2014)
Director: Javier Aguirrezabal G.  
Actors: Juanita Ringeling  
10 (2014)
Director: Derek Price  
Actors: Johnny Bautista   Scott Esquibel   Haylea Mitchell  
10.000 Km (2014)
Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet  
Actors: David Verdaguer   Natalia Tena  
10 000 timmar (2014)

Eric, an ordinary man in his mid 30's with an ordinary job wins a large sum of money playing the lottery. Despite his to...

Director: Joachim Hedén  
Actors: Peter Magnusson   Karin Lithman   Özz Nûjen  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 3 - The Fall of Jonah Jagger (2014)
Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Dan Beck   Dan Beck  
1000 Bullets to Heaven: Part 4 - The Kristofer (2014)
Director: Joshua Seymour  
Actors: Tre' Davis   Bradley Lynch   Anthony R. Page  
1000 Könige (2014)

In a distant future, mankind has transformed into a society completely reduced to the intellect. Living in an obscure sy...

Director: Bidzina Kanchaveli  
Actors: Christian Backhauß   Robert Baron   Andreas Borucki  
1000 to 1 (2014)
Director: Michael Levine  
Actors: David Henrie   Beau Bridges   Jean Louisa Kelly  
1001 Grams (2014)
Director: Bent Hamer  
Actors: Ane Dahl Torp  
100 años después. Antonio Machado (2014)
Director: Manuel Estudillo  
Actors: Álvaro de Luna   José Luis García Pérez   Ramón Langa  
100 Miles from Hell (2014)

Steve and Virgil, a couple of straight shooting, blue collar boys down on their luck. Lousy income and the everyday grin...

Director: Eric Sewell   Ian Sewell   Stephen Sewell  
Actors: Stephen Sewell   Matt Butler   Nathan Ewert  
10.0 the Big One (2014)
Director: David Gidali  
10:22:47 A.M. (2014)

At the height of the Cold War, American B-52 bombers regularly flew reconnaissance missions from an Air Force base in No...

102 Reykjavik (2014)

This project aims to uncover how, from a small fishing village emerges an arctic metropolis. This all in a film about Re...

Director: Thor Kristjansson  
Actors: Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir  
108 Stitches (2014)

With baseball being the last thing on these player's minds, and dealing with one of the longest losing streaks in colleg...

Director: David Rountree  
Actors: Bruce Davison   Erin Cahill   Kate Vernon  
10 Billion (2014)

Ten Billion is a film about us. It's a film about you, your children, your parents, your friends. It's about every one o...

Director: Peter Webber  
Actors: Stephen Emmott  
10 Cent Pistol (2014)
Director: Michael C. Martin  
Actors: Jena Malone   JT Alexander   Damon Alexander  
10 Days in a Madhouse (2014)
Director: Timothy Hines  
Actors: Christopher Beeson   David Mitchum Brown   Sam Davidow  
10 Grams (2014)

Charles Willis is what appears to be a successful, hardworking defence lawyer, loving husband and father. However, there...

Director: Lloyd James  
Actors: Tat Bond   Mark Brand   Martin Bull  
10m2 (2014)
Director: Mikolaj Podracki  
Actors: Mikolaj Podracki  
10 Minutes (2014)
Director: Satie Gossett  
Actors: Kent Faulcon   Glenn Plummer   Arlene Newman-Van Asperen  
10% My Child (2014)
Director: Uri Bar-On  
Actors: Udi Persi   Yali Friedman  
10 pravidel (2014)
Director: Karel Janák  
Actors: Petr Buchta   Jan Dolanský   Miroslav Donutil  
10 Seconds to Run (2014)
Director: Jake Jalbert  
Actors: Broderick Epps   Rob Mello   Randall Speakman  
10 Things I Hate About Life (2014)
Director: Gil Junger  
Actors: Adam David Thompson   Tom Schanley  
10 Year Plan (2014)

Displeased with their love lives, two friends make a pact to be together, if neither finds love in ten years. Now two mo...

Director: J.C. Calciano  
Actors: Adam Bucci   Michael Adam Hamilton   Moronai Kanekoa  
11 (2014)

Michael Aiuto, a former US Marine is awakened by a single drop of water. It's 11 AM. He is in a bed in a 5 star hotel ro...

Director: Janusz Madej  
Actors: Austin Michael Coleman  
1108 (2014)

1108 is a haunting story about a young, fun couple who anticipate moving into their first home together. Between the ind...

Director: Dan Brown Jr.  
Actors: David Carter-T.   Lance Charnow   Mick Green  
11-12-13 (2014)
Director: Jeff A. Solano  
Actors: Mark Anthony Justice   Sourita Sirí   Jessica Bay  
1:13:7 Ek Tera Saat (2014)
Director: Arshad Siddiqui  
Actors: Sharad Malhotra  
11 Seconds (2014)
Director: Daniel Lusko  
Actors: Brad Allen   David G. Baker   Nick Beres  
11 to 1 (2014)

A Cynical womanising novelist armed with razor-wit, believes he has his life pegged, but soon this smooth talker's world...

Director: Matt E Hudson  
Actors: Matt E Hudson   Du'aine A. Samuels   Andrew Utley  
120 Days (2014)
Director: Michael Gosbee  
Actors: Rob Crouch   William Ellis   Peter Stark  
12 12 12 (2014)
Director: Massimo Morini  
Actors: Davide Ageno   Franco Bampi   Maurizio Borzone  
12 Citizens (2014)

When the film broke out that a young man coming from a rich adopted family murdered his birth father, the controversy ar...

Director: Ang Xu  
Actors: Zan Ban   Zhao Chunyang   Dongping Gao  
12 menit untuk selamanya (2014)

This is a story about struggle. Struggle for self-defeating. For the sake of a very simple aspiration : to realize 12 mi...

Director: Hanny Saputra  
Actors: Titi Rajo Bintang   Egy Fedly   Hudri  
12 Rounds of Silence (2014)

Manny Pacquiao, a boxer and a Filipino national hero, was set to have a comeback fight against Brandon Rios on November ...

Director: Ivan Madeira  
12 Segundos (2014)
Director: Kenneth Muller  
Actors: Ignacio Ayala   David Medel   Andrés Montiel  
13 Girls (2014)
Director: Jim Towns  
Actors: Bruce Chambers   Jim Falkenstein   William Christopher Ford  
13 Miles (2014)
Director: Brian McCulley  
13 Score (2014)
Director: D. Max Walters  
Actors: Gabe DeRose-Elbaum   Bill McLaughlin   Seth Gontkovic  
13 Sins (2014)

Elliot Brindle is a bright, meek salesman, drowning in debt - and desperate as he's about to marry the love of his life....

Director: Daniel Stamm  
Actors: Greg Pearson   Jesse Yarborough  
13 Steps (2014)
Director: Ivan Godoy Priske   Michelle Godoy Priske  
Actors: David Bercovici-Artieda   Neville Bowman   Michelle Clarke-Brown  
13 Winters: Bring Back the Snakes (2014)
Director: Roy Linford Adams  
Actors: Roy Linford Adams   Jake Becwar   Guy Carroll  
144,000 (2014)
Director: Raphael Rogers  
14/48 the World's Quickest Theater Festival (2014)

Since 1997, 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival has challenged some of the most daring theatre artists to write...

Director: Anthony Winkler  
147 rovás (2014)
Director: Isti Madarász  
Actors: Duro Toomato   Kati Andresz   Nóri Bálint  
14/88 (2014)
Director: Chase Dudley  
Actors: Steve Bryant   Chase Dudley   Stacey T. Gillespie  
À 14 ans (2014)
Director: Helene Zimmer  
Actors: Galatéa Bellugi   Najaa Bensaid   Françoise Lebrun  
1500 Steps (2014)
Director: Josh Reid  
Actors: Alex Fechine   Laura Benson   Jack Matthews  
15MOF? Redemption (2014)
Director: Mike Messier   Mickey Montes   Roman Vangeli  
Actors: Chuck Case III   Louis m Grieco   David Heath  
160 metros (2014)
Director: Álvaro Fierro   Joseba Gorordo  
16:19 (2014)
Actors: Andy Davoli  
179th Street (2014)
Director: Ariel 'Gato' Luna  
Actors: Greyson Cruz   Anwan Glover   Rick Gonzalez  
17K Asl (2014)
Director: Brent Baum  
18 (2014)
Director: Cornelia Grünberg  
Actors: Lisa Brown   Laura Keller   Fabienne Renaud  
1893: L'Inchiesta (2014)
Director: Nella Condorelli  
Actors: Federico Price Bruno  
18 Wheel Butterfly (2014)

A colorful, wildly original road movie. An adorable gear-grindin' female trucker is accused of a crime that she did not ...

Director: Michael Polish  
Actors: Evan Rachel Wood  
1944 (2014)
Director: Elmo Nüganen  
1954 (2014)
Director: Gary Grant  
Actors: Jeffrey Thomas Brown   Larry Bukovey   Breann Couch  
1974 (2014)
Director: Victor Dryere  
Actors: Diana Bovio   Rolando Breme   Guillermo Callahan  
1985 (2014)

April 4, 1985: San Jose,Ca. An ex-hippy teacher is impelled to teach his class the dangers of an Orwellian world and the...

Director: Luis A. Lopez  
1987 (2014)
Director: Ricardo Trogi  
Actors: Jean-Carl Boucher  
1 Chance 2 Dance (2014)

When a seventeen-year old aspiring dancer is uprooted mid-semester of her senior year, she finds herself in a small East...

Director: Adam Deyoe  
Actors: Lexi Giovagnoli   Justin Ray   Rae Latt  
1%ERS (2014)

A famous actress Olivia, and her co-star Tatiana break away from their Hollywood bubble and head to a locals dive bar in...

Director: Francesca de Sola  
Actors: Bang Bang   Brando   Cameron Cash  
1 Gooey Duck (2014)

While returning from Mexico, when a determined, terminally ill wife and her husband are kidnapped by drug smugglers, who...

Director: Cornelius Booker III   Christopher C. Odom  
1 Hour in the Life of Mike the Groom (2014)

Rookie Trixie is a burlesque performer on her last warning. Mike is getting married for the second time and having a big...

Director: Julia Effertz  
Actors: Christine Lenz   Julia Effertz  
1 Man's Junk (2014)
Director: Nate Lyles  
Actors: Danny Lamego   Edward William Wasser   Scott Lehman  
1 - Nenokkadine (2014)

Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is in search of the identity of his parents who were killed. He faces a psychological disorder whi...

Director: Sukumar  
Actors: Mahesh Babu   Kriti Sanon   Nasser  
1 Paper 1 Spark (2014)
Director: Evan Bluestein  
Actors: Ray Curtis   Lory Fuchs  
20,000 Days on Earth (2014)
Director: Iain Forsyth   Jane Pollard  
Actors: Blixa Bargeld   Nick Cave   Susie Bick  
20 Regeln für Sylvie (2014)

Adalbert, a paranoid, overprotective single dad imposes a set of 20 rules on his daughter Sylvie before she leaves the s...

Director: Jacques à Bâle  
Actors: Carlos Leal   Viola von Scarpatetti   Bettina Dieterle  
20 Rules! (2014)

Adalbert, a paranoid, overprotective single dad imposes a set of 20 rules on his daughter Sylvie before she leaves the s...

Director: Giacun Caduff  
Actors: Carlos Leal   Viola von Scarpatetti  
20 Years of Madness (2014)
Director: Jeremy Royce  
Actors: Jerry White Jr.   Joe Hornacek   John Ryan  
2101 (2014)
Director: Kyle Misak  
Actors: Revon Yousif   Karan Beaty   Don j Chase  
21 chathrapathi shivaji marg (2014)
Actors: Sharat Saxena   Kiran Kumar  
21 Days (2014)

Three filmmakers embark on a paranormal challenge by barricading themselves in a house so haunted, no family has been ab...

Director: Kathleen Behun  
Actors: Max Hambleton   Whitney Rose Pynn   Mickey River  
21 Dni (2014)
Director: Damian Kocur  
21st Century Romance (2014)
Director: Ralph Tropf  
Actors: Michael Aho   Frank Elmore   Charles Fredricks  
.22 (2014)
Director: Nicolas Wendl  
Actors: Matt McVay   Amanda MacLachlan  
22 Jump Street (2014)

After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko...

Director: Phil Lord   Christopher Miller  
Actors: Jonah Hill   Channing Tatum   Peter Stormare  
24 Hours Away (2014)
Director: Aaron Thomas  
25 (2014)

IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT... "25" will confirm your suspicions; The President, his Cabinet, Members of Con...

Director: Kendal Sinn  
Actors: Sean Carmichael   Martin Klebba   Alexander Merrill  
27, Memory Lane (2014)

Set over the lifetime of divorced general practitioner August Pennyworth, whose life has been under a gray cloud since a...

Director: Luke Hupton  
Actors: John Allwork   Mario Babic   John Chambers  
28 (2014)

Abasiri's wife Suddhi abandoned him and the village a long time ago. Now, Abasiri and his young friend Mani are summoned...

Director: Prasanna Jayakody  
Actors: Sarath Kothalawala   Rukmal Nirosh   Mahendra Perera  
28 Minute Epic (2014)

28 Minute Epic is about two aimless Jersey boy best friends, who are fired from their cushy porn-shop jobs and decide to...

Director: GianCarlo Fernandez  
Actors: Steve Boghossian   Steve Boghossian   Patrick Lithgow  
2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)
Director: Stanley Yung  
Actors: Lucas Boffin   Al Bravo   Jack Donner  
2 Birds and a Wrench (2014)
Director: Tom Edmunds  
Actors: Adz Hunter   Kyle Hunter   Simon-Anthony Rhoden  
2 Br/1 Ba (2014)
Director: Rob Margolies  
Actors: Alexa PenaVega   Spencer Grammer   Kathryn Morris  
2Late (2014)

2Late is a New Excting GA Productions film. 2Late is about a young teenage boy 'Sam Hunter' who gets Bullied for being d...

Director: Philip McAleavey   Gary Wales  
Actors: Adam McCaffrey   Gary Wales   Beth Reader  
2 States (2014)
Director: Abhishek Varman  
Actors: Arjun Kapoor   Ronit Roy   Aru Krishansh Verma  
2 temps, 3 mouvements (2014)
Director: Christophe Cousin  
Actors: Aure Atika   Zacharie Chasseriaud  
2 & Twenty-Six *Reprise* (2014)
Director: Edward St. Joseph  
Actors: Sarah Clark   Bobby Bracamontez   Natalie Wilemon  
30,000 Fate (2014)
Director: Vincenzo Fehring  
300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

After its victory over Leonidas' 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches towards the major Greek city-...

Director: Noam Murro  
Actors: Asen Asenov   Ashraf Barhom   Christopher Boyer  
300 Sunny Days (2014)
Director: Jaden Alexander  
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