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Slow Dance (2014)
Director: Darius G Rodrigues  
Actors: Belinda Rodrigues   Darius G Rodrigues  
Slow Video (2014)
Director: Young-Tak Kim  
Actors: Tae-hyun Cha   Go Chang-seok   Jin Gyeong  
Slow West (2014)

'Slow West' follows a 17-year-old boy on a journey across 19th Century frontier America in search of the woman he loves,...

Director: John Maclean  
Actors: Kalani Queypo  
Sludd (2014)

A priest is found crucified upside down in a church, and Detective Gabriel is put on the case. As Gabriel investigates, ...

Director: Qaiser Shah  
Actors: Kjell Billing   Audun Meling   Kyrre Haugen Sydness  
Slugger (2014)
Director: Danielle Lurie  
Slug Street Scrappers: Goodbye Goddess (2014)
Director: Micah Brock  
Actors: Micah Brock   Shaun Charney   Rocky Chavez  
Slutet (2014)
Director: Olof Spaak  
Actors: Alexander Karim   Alma Andersson Santiago   Anna Lundholm  
Small Claims (2014)

"Small Claims" is a comedy that offers a good many laughs while making an important statement about the impact of today'...

Director: Cherie Kerr  
Actors: Craig Nelson   Dave Osborn  
Small Things, Big Things (2014)

While participating in the everyday learning adventures of a small primary school in rural India, 'Small Things, Big Thi...

Director: Saumyananda Sahi  
Actors: Jane Sahi  
Small Time (2014)
Director: Joel Surnow  
Actors: Christopher Meloni   Devon Bostick   Bridget Moynahan  
Smalltown (2014)
Director: Mark Fogarty  
Actors: Dan Dawson   Darya Zabinski   Colleen McCaul Leary  
Smalltown (2014)

Small Town is a story that follows a young man, David. He is a recent college graduate who, like many of us, has no clue...

Director: Edward Dublin  
Actors: Nathan Ross Murphy   Tori Keeling   Edward Dublin  
Small Town, Big Story (2014)

For 88 years, a small Oklahoman town has pantomimed a passion play on a bizarre reproduction of Jerusalem built into the...

Director: Billie Mintz   Julian T. Pinder  
Small Town Big Story (2014)
Director: Billie Mintz   Julian T. Pinder  
Smash (2014)
Director: Lubomir Levitski  
Actors: Burym Andrey   Lunchenko Eugeniy   Pavel Piskun  
Smeared Lipstick (2014)
Director: Max Cole  
Actors: Rachel Alig   Raven Elise  
Smetto quando voglio (2014)
Director: Sydney Sibilia  
Actors: Valerio Aprea   Paolo Calabresi   Libero De Rienzo  
Smile (2014)
Director: Norman Siopis  
Smiles at 10,000 Feet (2014)

A pair of well traveled humanitarian surgeons, Dr. Sumeet Teotia & Dr. Bardia Amirlak who set out for the remote Andean ...

Director: Alin Bijan  
Smith (2014)

A sci-fi, horror, comedy about a secret agency dedicated to responding to crank calls. While on a routine investigation,...

Director: Chris R. Notarile  
Actors: Roberto Lombardi   Andrea-Nichole Olivas  
Smoked (2014)
Director: Frankie Hopkins  
Actors: Adam Harper   Ellen Lutter  
Smoke N Love (2014)

Max and Taylor are two guys living the small town life. Max comes from a middle class family and is pretty level headed ...

Director: Matthew Garth II  
Actors: Clint Bass   Donny Boaz   Matthew Garth II  
Smoke Over Paloma (2014)

"Heartbroken and uninspired, teen-aged Lorna lands a summer job with all-female pot delivery service to kill some time b...

Smoke the Vote (2014)

The United States Government has reached a cross-roads on "The War on Drugs". Feeling they have no choice but to remove ...

Director: Shaun O'Donnell  
Actors: Carl Clemons   Aaron Kleiber   Shaun O'Donnell  
Smoking (2014)
Director: Alex Guéry  
Actors: Dominique Maingot   Ilona Bachelier  
Smokings (2014)
Director: Michele Fornasero  
Smote (2014)
Actors: Tracy Toth  
Smothered (2014)
Director: John Schneider  
Actors: Kane Hodder   R.A. Mihailoff   Bill Moseley  
Sms (2014)
Director: Gabriel Julien-Laferrière  
Actors: Guillaume de Tonquedec   Anne Marivin   Franck Dubosc  
Smuggler (2014)
Director: R.L. Scott  
Actors: Kevin Lukata   Alexis Miranda   Sam Puefua  
Snake Pit (2014)
Director: Henry Blake  
Actors: Richard Abttrum   Paul Andrews   Anthony Barton  
Snap (2014)
Director: Brad Michael Elmore  
Snap Shot (2014)
Director: Frankie Latina  
Actors: Danny Trejo  
Snapshot (2014)

Christie is a teenage girl whose passion for photography is becoming a problem. The same mysterious figure keeps appeari...

Director: Michael Kelly  
Actors: Rebecca Louise Hanssen   Diane Brooks   Lee Anthony  
Snatchback (2014)
Director: Ross Katz  
Sneakerheadz (2014)
Director: David T. Friendly   Mick Partridge  
Sneezing Baby Panda - The Movie (2014)
Director: Lesley Hammond   Jenny Walsh  
Actors: Jane Ubrien   Amber Clayton   Nick Stribakos  
Snegurochka (2014)

All that Alexei Nechaev - a highly placed state official, a prize-winning professor, member of state commissions, founda...

Director: Dmitriy Svetozarov  
Actors: Valeriy Degtyar   Anna Khilkevich   Irina Polyanskaya  
Sniff (2014)
Director: Gabriel Loza  
Actors: Aldo Guillen   Nicolas Mendoza  
Snitch (2014)
Director: Dave Fraunces  
Actors: Richard Hatch   Terrence Moriarty   Darrin Reed  
Snitch Jacket (2014)
Director: Mikael Håfström  
Snow (2014)

Struggling with writers block following the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, world-renowned thriller writer Harry...

Director: Richard John Taylor  
Actors: Ashley-Curtis Correya   Mouloud Kachemad   Chris Levens  
Snowbirds (2014)

The hero of the story is a teenager, Eli, who survives the seedy underbellies of Detroit in the metal scrapping business...

Director: Frank Capra III  
Actors: Dwight Henry   Manuel Rodriguez   Rob Zabrecky  
Snow in Paradise (2014)
Director: Andrew Hulme  
Actors: Frederick Schmidt   Martin Askew   David Spinx  
Snow Owl Slaughter (2014)
Director: Thomy Kessler  
Actors: Martin Kloss   Sandra Quadflieg   Michelle Yao-Hua Ling  
Snow White (2014)

After wavering on her end of a suicide pact, Snow White, a young woman who appears to be the fairest of them all, finds ...

Director: A.D. Calvo  
Actors: Chad Lindberg  
Snowyville (2014)
Director: Brian Henson  
Snuff (2014)

An aging porn star hopes to go out with a bang - by having sex with 600 men in one session. As her prospective partners ...

Director: Fabien Martorell  
Sny (2014)
Director: Michal Chadima  
Actors: Ondrej Svec  
Soaked in Bleach (2014)
Director: Benjamin Statler  
Actors: Tor Brown   Tyler Bryan   Kale Clauson  
Soap Opera (2014)
Director: Alessandro Genovesi  
Actors: Diego Abatantuono   Ale   Fabio De Luigi  
Soar (2014)
Director: Ryan Butler  
Sobre la marxa: The Creator of the Jungle (2014)
Director: Jordi Morató  
Actors: Josep Pijiula Alias Garrell  
Sobrevivo (2014)

Sobrevivo chronicles the struggles of a woman in a post-apocalyptic world in which she must overcome her fears in order ...

Director: Matt Sullivan  
Actors: Philippe Bowgen   Andrew Broussard   Nick Fondulis  
Social Control (2014)
Director: Maksim Chervinsky  
Actors: Andrey Brilevich   Konstantin Dyug   Evgeny Kolishevsky  
Social Homicide (2014)
Director: Mac Haviland  
Actors: Sydney Smalls   Sam Dodd   Gabrielle Lui  
Social Learning Theory (2014)
Director: Pouria Heidary Oureh  
Actors: Adrian Ahmadi   Ario Alivandi   Amir Elhamifar  
Socially Inept (2014)

This off-beat documentary follows two brothers, Matt and Aaron Sedeen who were born at home and were never issued hospit...

Director: Tim Estep  
Actors: Aaron L. Sedeen   Matt Sedeen  
Sock Job (2014)
Director: Mark Allen  
Actors: Matthew Camp  
Socks (2014)
Director: Bibo Bergeron   Francois Morel  
Socotra. The hidden land. (2014)

"Somewhere in the Arabian Sea there is a forgotten island. A place lost in time built upon ancient traditions. A fascina...

Director: Carles Cardelús  
Sodomaniac (2014)
Director: Anthony Catanese  
Actors: Craig Kelly   Allan Sconza  
So Far, So Good (2014)
Director: Tomás Masín  
Soft Bullets (2014)

Boris Bakalov - The Joker is a crime boss, behind the murder of one of the most influential men in Bulgaria. Four young ...

Director: Dimitar Kolev  
Actors: Asya Ivanova   Darina Stoyanova   Boyana Stoilova  
Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa (2014)

Soft Vengeance is a film about Albie Sachs, a lawyer, writer, art lover and freedom fighter, set against the dramatic ev...

Director: Abby Ginzberg  
Actors: Sol Carvalho   Arthur Chaskalson   Dennis Goldberg  
Soft Voice (2014)
Director: Afshin Hashemi  
Actors: Georgia Warner  
Softwaring Hard (2014)

What is software? How is it produced? How do users see software makers and what do software makers think about regular u...

Director: Alex Pop  
Actors: Vanda Ciuban Serban   Aliona Munteanu   Sebastian Deery  
Sogni di gloria (2014)
Director: Patrizio Gioffredi   John Snellinberg  
Actors: Gabriele Pini   Xiuzhong Zhang   Carlo Monni  
Soho (2014)
Director: Martin J. Thomas  
Actors: Rachel Warren  
So in Love (2014)

So in Love is a story of a sixteen year old High School student named Sara who comes from an upper middle class family. ...

Director: Christopher Nation  
Actors: Stephen Dixon   Joe Ford   Michael Monteiro  
Sokolov (2014)
Director: Murat Dalmis  
Actors: Chris Bieber   Jakob Galloway   Art Kirichuk  
Soko nomi nite Hikari Kagayaku (2014)
Director: Mipo Oh  
Actors: Gô Ayano   Masaki Suda   Chizuru Ikewaki  
Solace (2014)
Director: Ava Santana Cassano  
Solace (2014)
Director: Tchaiko Omawale  
Actors: Hope Olaide Wilson  
Solace (2014)
Director: Afonso Poyart  
Actors: David Alessi   Xander Berkeley   Adam Boyer  
Solar (2014)

Steven and his co-students invent a revolutionary solar cell. He chooses fame over friendship and sells it to a Canadian...

Solar Storm Project (2014)

A massive eruption of magnetic, radio and radiation waves are on the way to Earth from the Sun and are about to create m...

Director: Joe Rabl  
Actors: Werner Daehn   Massi Furlan   Wolfgang Pampel  
Sol Brothers (2014)
Director: Daniel Walker  
Actors: Anthony Allen Jr.   Anthony Allen Sr.   Mikel Berry  
Sold (2014)
Director: David Green  
Actors: Angelique Marion Berry   Kathy Garver   Rose Marie  
Sold (2014)
Director: Jeffrey D. Brown  
Actors: David Arquette   Parambrata Chatterjee   Tanaji Dasgupta  
Soldier Girl (2014)

A fast-paced and action-packed suspense drama, Soldier Girl follows the implosion of a mid-level drug gang after the bos...

Director: Paul Young  
Actors: Suzanne Ziad   Kasim Aslam   Jeremy Andorfer  
Soldier's Heart (2014)

After having deserted the Confederate Army in the final months of the American Civil War, John and Nathan find themselve...

Director: Emma Davis  
Actors: Kevin Leslie   Dominic Graville   Jamie Benedict Savage  
Soldiers of Earth (2014)
Director: Michael Antonakos  
Actors: Justin Anthony   Raymond Chan   Massimo Frau  
Soldiers of Fire (2014)
Director: Ty Curtis King  
Actors: Rick Ravanello   Areana Cirina   Simon Cecelia  
Soldiers of the Damned (2014)

It's the Eastern Front, 1944. The Russians are pushing the German Army back through Romania. Major Kurt Fleischer, war-w...

Director: Mark Nuttall  
Actors: Gil Darnell   Patrick Durham  
Sole Custody (2014)
Director: Brenton Spencer  
Actors: Matthew Kevin Anderson   Maxwell Kovach   Christopher Jordan Lee  
Soledad (2014)
Director: Esteban Lopez  
Actors: Mariana Arellano  
Soleil Rouge (2014)
Director: Rached M'Dini  
Solely (2014)
Director: Jason Cochard   Alexis Dickey  
Actors: Claire Dellamar   Billy Flynn  
Soliloquy of Chaos (2014)
Director: Albert Fautré  
Actors: Affif Ben Badra   Ludovic Berthillot   Sylvain Clama  
Solitarios (2014)
Director: Rubén Montero  
Actors: Oliver Albert   Sergio Alfonso   Pep Ambrós  
Solitary (2014)

When party-girl Nora is forced to move back home with her aging father, it seems life can't get any worse. But inside he...

Director: Sasha Krane  
Actors: Joe Calzaghe   Jana Dowling   Jack Lowe  
Solitary (2014)
Director: Danny Lamego  
Actors: Sarah Alexander   John Groody  
So Little Time (2014)
Director: Chuck Gloman  
Actors: Ally Borgstrom   Shawn Gies  
Solitude (2014)

An isolated man living deep in the woods, finds his solitude in jeopardy when he mistakes another man for an animal and ...

Director: Dawson Doupé   Todd Tapper  
Actors: Russell Hodgkinson   Darren Keefe  
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