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3015 (2014)
Actors: Chris Ivan Cevic   Jordan Engle   Crystal Stone  
301 Troop: Arawn Rising (2014)

Childhood friends and top military recruits, Joe Campbell and Matthew Mason, fail the finals of their commando selection...

Actors: Spencer Austin   Lee Bennett   Alan Calton  
30 Barrels (2014)
Director: Isabel McComish  
Actors: Joe Karam   Daniel Lupa-Chazan   Isabel McComish  
30 Below (2014)
Director: James Seale  
30-Love (2014)
Director: Robert Cannon  
Actors: Brenda Vaccaro   Robert Cannon   Justin Lee  
30 Milligram (2014)
Director: Melvin Simons  
Actors: William Spaaij   Dieter Jansen   Joep Onderdelinden  
30 Minutes (2014)
Director: Shaun Mark Burrell  
Actors: Ken Dusek Jr.   Alyssa Thordarson   Jason Smither  
3 1/2 Years Without a Toothbrush (2014)

Walter was 13 years old when he and his Grandmother were taken by freight car from Berlin to the Riga Ghetto in Latvia. ...

Director: Ren Blood  
3:13 Three Thirteen (2014)

From living a normal life to surviving homelessness in the city of Miami, Peter is a victim of the turbulent US recessio...

Director: David Jaure  
Actors: Paul Alexandro   Marina Vidal  
3.14... (2014)
Director: G. Gotham Smith  
Actors: G. Gotham Smith   G. Gotham Smith   G. Gotham Smith  
321 días en Michigan (2014)
Director: Enrique García  
Actors: Chico García   Virginia de Morata   Hector Medina  
32 Seconds (2014)
Director: Michael Hernandez  
Actors: Olivia Fox   Angie Simms   Guy Nardulli  
35 Days of Kevin Eastman (2014)
Director: Digger Mesch  
Actors: Kevin Eastman  
365 Dates (2014)
Director: Michelle Paster  
36 Minutes (2014)
Director: Chauncey Gardner  
Actors: Zab Judah   Jack Mosley   Sugar Shane Mosley  
37 (2014)

37 is a sensual intense journey into the life of a young man. After many strokes of fate he dreams of turning back time....

Director: Chris Brügge  
Actors: Alexander Milo   Pero Radicic   Markus Wentlandt  
38th Parallel (2014)
Director: Susan Jacobson  
3 Brothers (2014)

3 Brothers is a story that follows several years of the lives of a separated trio of brothers. They are sons of illitera...

Director: Katalin Bársony  
Actors: Nazmia Hasani   Sedat Hasani   Vedat Hasani  
3 Days to Kill (2014)

A dangerous international spy is determined to give up his high stakes life to finally build a closer relationship with ...

Director: McG  
Actors: Marc Andréoni   Scott Burn   Kevin Costner  
3 Histoires d'Indiens (2014)
Director: Robert Morin  
3 Mile Limit (2014)

It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not in New Zealand. Richard Davis a 23 year old journalist is deter...

Director: Craig Newland  
Actors: Robert Tripe  
3 Nights in the Desert (2014)
Director: Gabriel Cowan  
Actors: Wes Bentley   Vincent Piazza   Amber Tamblyn  
3 People I've Never Heard Of (2014)
Director: David Rosfeld  
Actors: Christopher J. Domig   Hans Longo   Tamela D'Amico  
3's a Couple (2014)

Jimmy and Steven are best friends. They are complete opposites. They share everything, a house, bills, friends, and even...

Director: Shedrack Anderson III  
Actors: Robin Andre   Dante Basco   Dion Basco  
3 Seconds 'til Glory (2014)

3 Seconds 'til Glory is the stories of several wrestlers and their coach's trials, as they struggle to find their place....

Director: Jonathan Moch  
3 Solitude (2014)
Director: Michael Flores  
Actors: Peter Greene   Noel Gugliemi   Jesse Kozel  
3 Thumbs Up (2014)
Director: Ryan Hartsell   Justin D. Hilliard   Arianne Martin  
Actors: Justin D. Hilliard   Arianne Martin   Ryan Hartsell  
3 Tickets to Paradise (2014)
Director: Isaac Piche  
Actors: Aaron Johnson Araza   Joseph Bell   Jeffrey Bentley  
3 Wicked Witches (2014)
Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Eric Diedrich   Casey Faddis   Dominic Lufrano  
4 (2014)

An experiment in storytelling - four alternate realities follow one young man as he faces various conflicts in which som...

Director: Mike Chantaj   Sydney Cowper   Rj Kemp   Cameron Veitch  
Actors: Nick Grimshaw   Scott Law   Polly Phokeev  
400 (2014)

400 is a film centered around an inner city, young college student,who runs track. Through his triumphs & success, he ca...

Director: Sean Johnson   Lamarcus Tinker  
Actors: Sean Johnson  
400 Will Kill You! :) (2014)

RICHARD WARREN, a greedy, ruthless middle-aged mortgage broker, has a nerve-wreaking dilemma: his mistress has died with...

Director: Rashad Humphrey  
Actors: Arely Araniva-Cross   Jeffery Davis   Jose De Jesus Martinez  
40 Sundays (2014)

Chloé, a beautiful young French actress, moves to Los Angeles to further her acting career and escape her troubled past...

Director: Geoffrey de Valois  
Actors: Chloé Domange   Amy Lyndon   Michael Laurie  
419 (2014)
Director: Eric Bartonio  
Actors: Arben Bajraktaraj   Adel Bencherif   Richard Bohringer  
4.29 a Gallon (2014)
Director: Seth Andrew Miller  
Actors: David Lind   Tucker Ford Stringer   Constantine Tsoucalas  
42nd Street Memories: The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Street (2014)
Director: Calum Waddell  
Actors: Matt Cimber   Joe Dante   Roy Frumkes  
444 (2014)

A heartfelt story of a respected professional dancer sidelined by a brain aneurysm. After multiple surgeries and enormou...

Director: Sheldon Robins  
Actors: Richard Steelo Vasquez  
4:48 (2014)
Director: Jacky Katu  
Actors: Jean-Marie Galey   Matt Gras   Manuel Lambinet  
46, xx (2014)
Director: Guido De Craene  
Actors: Marcos Adamantiadis   François Beukelaers   Olivier Bisback  
476 A.D. (2014)
Director: Ivan Pavletic  
Actors: Luckson Bonhomme   Anthony Cubba   Jason Delancy  
476 A.D. Chapter One: The Last Light of Aries (2014)
Director: Ivan Pavletic  
Actors: Carter Baird   J.W. Bar   Corey Blair  
476 A.D. Chapter Two: The Dawning of the Age of Pisces (2014)
Director: Ivan Pavletic  
Actors: Luckson Bonhomme   Anthony Cubba   Jason Delancy  
47 Minutes (2014)

Three perfect strangers, a selfless flight attendant, an overworked lawyer, and a down and out paramedic go about a norm...

Director: Austin H. Wilson  
Actors: Corbin Allred   Andrew Diaz   Joshua Michael French  
482-Love (2014)
Director: Jacob David Stein  
Actors: Jason Haagensen   Jeffrey Murias   Mani Nasry  
487 (2014)
Director: Connor Hair  
Actors: Jonah Beres   Stefan Hajek   David S. Hogan  
4Gosh (2014)

[4G]osh tells the story of a homeless teenage boy lost in the bleak and hopeless routine of life in a shelter. He feels ...

Director: Clay Riley Hassler  
Actors: Michael McDowell   Julie Dunagan   Lance Megginson  
4 ½ Minutes (2014)
Director: Renée Zellweger  
Actors: Ed Harris   Johnny Knoxville   Renée Zellweger  
4Play (2014)

Todd is at the pinnacle of his game; a great job, great friends and more women than he knows what to do with. He owns a ...

Director: Paul D. Hannah  
Actors: Wesley Jonathan   Paula Jai Parker   Jaleel White  
4th Floor of Singapore (2014)
Director: Jim Peakman  
Actors: George McCluskey   Kenton Hall   Carsum Din  
5 (2014)
Director: Riccardo Gabrielli R.  
Actors: Carolina Guerra  
500 Miles (2014)
Director: Ashlee Jensen  
Actors: Ebony Nave   Pete Valley   Rosie Keogh  
500 Miles North (2014)
Director: Luke Massey  
Actors: Scott Ainslie   Leon Davies   Kevin McNally  
$50K and a Call Girl: A Love Story (2014)

When Ross is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given six weeks to live, his newly engaged older brother Seth offe...

Director: Seth Grossman  
Actors: Ross Patterson   Jessie Wiseman   Seth Grossman  
50 Kisses (2014)
Director: Shaun Bond   Djonny Chen   Deanna Dewey   Deanna Dewey   Simon Foster   Andromeda Godfrey   Sherice Griffiths   Maureen Hascoet   Baz Hodson   Kingsley Hoskins   Chris Jones   Diana Juhr-De Benedetti   Danny Matier   Darren Newton   Luis Nieto   Anil Rao   Matthew Real   Simon Reglar   Mehul Shah   Melody Smith  
Actors: Stefan Dennis   Stefania Bellini   Cristina Sanchez  
50% or More (2014)
Director: J. Mark Teminsky  
Actors: Lucas Lehmann   J. Mark Teminsky  
50 to 1 (2014)

A misfit group of New Mexico cowboys find themselves on the journey of a lifetime when their crooked-footed racehorse qu...

Director: Jim Wilson  
Actors: Skeet Ulrich   Christian Kane   William Devane  
51 Degrees (2014)

When Damon Miller (Moritz von Zeddelmann), a talented, young London filmmaker becomes involved in the disturbing researc...

Director: Grigorij Richters  
Actors: Moritz von Zeddelmann   Dolly-Ann Osterloh   Steven Cree  
51 the Movie (2014)

In the winter of 2009, 5 college students from Las Vegas set out to film a UFO documentary as a class project. They trav...

Director: Giovanni Sticco   James Taylor  
Actors: Mark Anthony Justice   Gil Rivas Perez   Daisy De La Hoya  
59 Seconds (2014)

ZayVian, a teenager, guilty over the death of his twin brother, commits negative acts in order to gain the attention of ...

Director: Benedict Dorsey  
Actors: Julius Caba   Qasim Clarke   Doc Dougherty  
5 Bravo (2014)
Director: Kuno Becker  
Actors: Kuno Becker   Dan Rovzar   Catherine Papile  
5 Minutes (2014)
Director: Gabriel Schmidt  
Actors: Keith J. Balderston   Eliana Silva   Priscilla Schmidt  
5 Pointz: An Historical Journey (2014)
Director: Dwayne Buckle  
Actors: Meres  
5 Stages (2014)
Director: Lee Amir-Cohen  
Actors: Lee Amir-Cohen   Lindsey Morgan  
5 to 7 (2014)
Director: Victor Levin  
Actors: Francesco D'Onofrio   Joe D'Onofrio   Frank Langella  
60 Days of Honesty (2014)

What would happen if you stopped lying to anyone... about anything... for two months? Romer and Daniel have just become ...

Director: Jordan Linesworth  
Actors: Chandru Bhojwani   Jonathan Dykes   Jordan Linesworth  
61 Bullets (2014)

September 8, 1935. Bullets ricochet through the marble corridors of the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. When the...

Director: David Modigliani  
Actors: Huey Long  
6:38: The Death of Ronni Chasen (2014)
Director: Ryan Katzenbach  
Actors: Ronni Chasen   Lili Fini Zanuck  
63 Boycott (2014)

63 Boycott chronicles the Chicago School boycott of 1963 when more than 200,000 Chicagoans, mostly CPS students, marched...

Director: Gordon Quinn  
6-6-66: The Unknown (2014)
Director: Hilton Ariel Ruiz  
Actors: Robert Galinsky   Kirk Goodall   Sarah Johnson  
666: Devilish Charm (2014)
Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Courtney B Turk   Ryan Walker   Jason-Shane Scott  
666: Kreepy Kerry (2014)
Director: David DeCoteau  
Actors: Chase Clarke   Kyle Dondlinger   Justin Johnson  
68 Square Miles (2014)
Director: Edward Stewart  
Actors: Chuck Brown   De La Soul   DJ Kool  
6 Bullets from Now (2014)
Director: Stephen Kay  
6 Days Dark (2014)

The story of Tanja, a young woman who has an affair with a rich man, only for his vengeful wife to put a gypsy curse on ...

Director: Miona Bogovic  
Actors: Svetlana D. Petkovic   Lorena Rincon   Peter J. Chaffey  
6 Days Watching (2014)

Beautiful, young actress/waitress, Zoey, is having a rough month...until the offer to temporarily live a posh existence ...

6 Figures (2014)
Director: Barbara Stepansky  
Actors: William Mapother   Joanna Going   Alexa PenaVega  
6 Kilos (2014)
Director: Robert J. Johnson  
Actors: Carlos Hernandez   Ricardo Jauregui   Marcos Ovalle  
6 Seconds (2014)
Director: Capella Fahoome   Lindsay Wozniak  
701 (2014)

The 701 - The number the government doesn't want you to know about. A gripping factual feature docudrama, which speaks s...

Director: Tony Cataldo  
Actors: Tony Cataldo   James Fox   Tracy Tormé  
#707 (2014)

Armed with Gandhi quotes, flashcards, and enough snacks to feed a hundred, Sarah readies herself to host her first Volun...

Director: Emily Jira  
Actors: Ruth Jonasson   Emily Jira  
71 (2014)
Director: Yann Demange  
Actors: Chris Patrick-Simpson  
72 Hours (2014)
Director: Christopher Nolen  
Actors: Harry Lennix   Christopher Nolen  
7500 (2014)

On May 12th, Vista Pacific Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. The take-off is routin...

Director: Takashi Shimizu  
Actors: Ryan Kwanten   Amy Smart   Leslie Bibb  
7 Days (2014)
Director: George Blumetti   Maurice Kelly  
Actors: Stephan Bosch  
7 Days as a Kingpin (2014)
Director: Paul Bunch  
Actors: Joel David Moore  
7 Faces of Jack the Ripper (2014)
Director: John Kearns Jr.   Timothy Woodward Jr.  
Actors: Timothy Woodward Jr.   Jeremy London   Said Faraj  
7 Winters Alone (2014)
Director: David Paul Irons  
Actors: Michael Hayes Jr.   Lucy Drive   Chloe Farnworth  
8 (2014)
Director: Jean Claude Billmaier  
Actors: Max Van Bel   Lola Guerrero  
8.0 (2014)
Director: Michelle Chen  
Actors: Beibi Gong   Zhi-Hua Zhang  
803 (2014)
Director: Jacob Joyner  
Actors: Levi Erik   Dillion Maurer  
80 Proof (2014)
Director: Jarvis Alston  
Actors: Trevor Alston   Michael Thomson   James Raymond Thomas  
83 Days: The Murder of George Stinney Jr (2014)

In 1944 in Alcolu, South Carolina, a 14 year old boy named George Stinney Junior was sentence to death for murder. Accus...

Director: Charles Burnett  
Actors: Lucius Baston   Niara Robinson  
8.4 (2014)
Director: Nat Zarneki  
Actors: Danny Baptista   Gino Loshi   Vanessa Reseland  
88 (2014)
Director: Adrian Russell Wills  
8 Days (2014)
Director: Jaco Booyens  
Actors: Cameron Bedford   Taylor James Brandt   James Burleson  
8 hlav sílenství (2014)
Director: Marta Nováková  
Actors: Aneta Langerová  
8 Minuten (2014)
Director: Werner Bohnen  
Actors: Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl  
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