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8 Minutes Ahead (2014)
Director: Ben Hoskyn  
Actors: Benedict Yuen   Raugi Yu   Theresa Wong  
9 (2014)

Standing on the threshold between innocence and experience, a young ballerina glimpses a hidden truth about her future a...

Director: Kimberly Warner  
Actors: Emily Bartha   Nancy Warner   Willa Clare Truby  
9,125 Nights (2014)

Nine Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Five Nights tells the story of a tormented, primitive human being who has lived, yo...

Director: Maan B.  
Actors: Brent Christensen   Jenny Olkus   Dean Rossiter  
96 heures (2014)
Director: Frédéric Schoendoerffer  
Actors: Niels Arestrup   Gérard Lanvin  
99 Homes (2014)
Director: Ramin Bahrani  
Actors: Jayson Warner Smith   Randy Austin  
99 North (2014)
Director: Damon Jamal  
Actors: Quincy Brooks   Sleepy D   Shake da Mayor  
9 Hari 9 Malam (2014)
Director: Djonny Chen  
Actors: Neneng Andriyan   Rifka Farhani  
9-Man (2014)

'9-Man' is an independent feature documentary about an isolated and exceptionally athletic Chinese-American sport that's...

Director: Ursula Liang  
9 Months (2014)
Director: Gareth Fient  
Actors: Robert Coble   Grace Blackman  
9Realms: An Evident Ambush (2014)
Director: Ty Yachaina  
Actors: Jeffery Allen Evans   Jeffery Allen Evans   Sean Gilmore  
A 100 Pounds and a Hemorrhoid (2014)

This documentary explores the 50+ years of friendship between Dickie Popp and Phil Goodenough. They discuss their meetin...

Director: Lou Smith  
Actors: Phil Goodenough   Dickie Popp   Lou Smith  
Aagadu (2014)
Director: Sreenu Vaitla  
Actors: Mahesh Babu   Tamannaah Bhatia  
Aaha Kalyanam (2014)
Director: Gokul Krishna  
Actors: Nani   Vaani Kapoor   Sriram  
A Aldeia (2014)
Director: Telmo Martins  
Actors: Telmo Martins  
Aaron Palermo's Game On: Time to Pull the Strings (2014)
Director: Aaron Palermo  
Actors: Jay Neville   Billy Buck   Jai Day  
Aasma (2014)

Routine serenity of Kashmir village life is matched by routine gunshots that punctuate the calm embrace of the mountains...

Director: Sudipto Sen  
Actors: Subrat Dutta   Ameet Gaurr   Sunny Hinduja  
Abaddon (2014)
Director: Michael J. Sarna  
Actors: Grant Jordan   Josh Kopell   Charlie Lubeck  
A Bad Summer for Tomatoes (2014)

"My Little Tomatoes" seems a cute nickname from a father to his motherless children, but after the death of the househol...

Director: Ibba Armancas  
Actors: Simone Beres   Jonah Beres   Brittany Cox  
Abandoned in the Dark (2014)

An anthology film comprised of four horror/thriller/suspense stories seamlessly connected, "Abandoned in the Dark" explo...

Director: Mike Lordi  
Abattoir (2014)
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman  
ABCs of Death 2 (2014)
Director: Rodney Ascher   Kristina Buozyte   Alexandre Bustillo   Larry Fessenden   Julian Gilbey   Spencer Hawken   Jim Hosking   Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen   E.L. Katz   Aharon Keshales   Steven Kostanski   Marvin Kren   Erik Matti   Julien Maury   Robert Morgan   Vincenzo Natali   Navot Papushado   Bill Plympton   Dennison Ramalho   Jerome Sable  
Actors: Tawfeek Barhom   Francisco Barreiro   Rafferty Blumberg  
Abderrahman (2014)
Director: Elias Sfaxi  
Actors: Abderrahman Sfaxi   Larbi Baouab   Françoise Sfaxi  
Abducted (2014)

In an attempt to rebuild his marriage after the death of his son, Matt Hollis decides to take his wife and six year old ...

Director: Mark Harris  
Actors: Mark Harris   Anna Nightingale   Honor Kneafsey  
A Bear Lands on Earth (2014)
Director: Hiroo Takaoka   Rob Yang  
Actors: Michael O'Toole  
A Beautiful Life (2014)
Director: Rick Pamplin  
A Bela América (2014)

Lucas a 30 year old butcher, lives in a poor neighbourhood of the city with his blind mother, who falls for America, per...

Director: António Ferreira  
Actors: Silvio Guindane  
Abel's Promise (2014)
Director: Anthony Crossen  
Actors: Brendan Hulbert   Brendan Hulbert   Denise Dorado  
Abe Makes a Movie (2014)
Director: Ryan Turri  
Actors: Matt Peterson   Lauren Myers   Alaina Warren Zachary  
Aberdeen (2014)
Director: Ho-Cheung Pang  
Actors: Louis Koo   Eric Tsang   Gigi Leung  
A berni követ (2014)
Director: Attila Szász  
Actors: János Kulka   József Kádas   Tamás Szabó Kimmel  
A Bet's a Bet (2014)

A Bet's A Bet tells the story of Vince, New England's most successful divorce attorney. To Vince, life is one big compet...

Director: Jennifer Finnigan   Jonathan Silverman  
Actors: Saintura Badeau   Darren O'Brien  
A Better You (2014)
Director: Matt Walsh  
Actors: Zach Black   Owen Burke   Parvesh Cheena  
Abgewiesen (2014)

The border zone of divided Germany, 1989. A Polish-German mother travels with her two children from East into West Germa...

Director: David Seffer  
Actors: Hannes Jaenicke   Hugh O'Conor  
A Blank Slate (2014)
Director: Sara Eliassen  
Actors: Katrine Bølstad   Joe Egender   Justin Hoover  
Ablations (2014)
Director: Arnold de Parscau  
Actors: Denis Ménochet   Virginie Ledoyen   Florence Thomassin  
A Blood Story (2014)
Director: Joe Hollow  
Actors: Camden Toy   Camden Toy   Mindy Robinson  
AB Negative (2014)
Director: Neil Horner  
Actors: Vincent Regan   Seb Castang   Roger Ashton-Griffiths  
A Bold Peace (2014)

Over 60 years ago, Costa Rica became one of the only nations in the world to disband their military and to redirect nati...

Director: Michael Dreiling   Matthew Eddy  
A Book of Common Prayer (2014)
Director: Campbell Scott  
Actors: Hart Bochner   Campbell Scott   Christina Hendricks  
Abou Al Oureef (2014)
Director: Mohamad Magdy   Ayman Saqar   Nihad Shalabi  
Actors: Soleiman Eid   Magdy Kamel   Sabry Abdel Moniem  
About (2014)

Fifteen true life stories from people struggling with love, loss, homelessness, alcoholism, betrayal and suicidal tenden...

Director: V.W. Scheich  
Actors: Jon Eiswerth  
About Alex (2014)

'About Alex' is the story of seven college friends who reunite over a three-day weekend, after one of them attempts suic...

Director: Jesse Zwick  
Actors: Devon   Max Greenfield   Rey Lucas  
About Last Night (2014)
Director: Steve Pink  
Actors: Kevin Hart   Michael Ealy   Regina Hall  
About Me (2014)
Director: Patrick Gibbs   Paul Gibbs  
Actors: Patrick Gibbs   Deven Skye   Arianne Benson  
About Mom and Dad... (2014)

About Mom and Dad... is an ensemble dramedy about Teri and Eddie, a couple who've been married for over 25 years. About ...

Director: Rachel Shepherd  
Actors: Brent Anderson   Sawyer Bell   Chad Halbrook  
About Sarah (2014)
Director: Elisa Miller  
Actors: Rodolfo Cervantes Diaz   Paul Harte   Rungwe Kingdon  
Above the Clouds (2014)

After losing his parents to a flood, 15-year-old Andy embarks on a journey with his estranged grandfather. They hike up ...

Director: Pepe Diokno  
Actors: Ruru Madrid   Pepe Smith  
Above the Law (2014)
Director: Jason Connery  
A Brand New You (2014)

Thirty-year old Santiago Morales doesn't deal well with mess. And nothing could be messier than the unexpected death of ...

Director: Kathryn Palmateer   Shawn Whitney  
Actors: Charles Burton   William Christopher Ellis   Scott McCullouch  
A Brush Soaked in Carmine (2014)
Director: Teodor Todorov  
Actors: Jordan Opitz   Marin Markovski   Elijah Tsotsin  
Absence of War (2014)
Director: David Raymond  
Absent (2014)

Images of abandoned, crumbling cemeteries and haunted, deserted villages compelled filmmaker Matthew Mishory (A PORTRAIT...

Director: Matthew Mishory  
Absolute... (2014)
Director: Parris Reaves  
Absolute Madness (2014)
Director: Kevin J. Hynes  
Actors: Bethany Brooke Anderson   Zack Silva   Cassidy Boyd  
Absolute Time (2014)
Director: Jeffrey Ashkin  
Actors: Alan Kaiser   Jay Lawrence Kiman   Dave Kirkpatrick  
Absolution (2014)
Director: Werner Schumann  
Actors: Tomas Spencer   Denis Lyons   Nora Huetz  
Absolution (2014)

Two recovering alcoholics, Dan; a failed musician and Dean, a Gulf War veteran, check themselves out of rehab when they ...

Absolution (2014)
Director: Jad Haber  
Actors: Igor Breakenback   Daniel Cordeaux   Goran D. Kleut  
Ab Tak Chhappan 2 (2014)
Director: Ejaz Gulab  
Actors: Vikram Gokhale   Govind Namdeo   Nana Patekar  
Abu Mohammad (2014)
Director: Heba S. Abu Musaed  
Actors: Abdul Menem Amaireh   Jamil Awwad   Juliette Awwad  
A Burial Hymn (2014)
Director: Shaun Dozier  
Actors: Lauren Fales   Lauren Buglioli   J. Alphonse Nicholson  
A Business Affair (2014)
Director: Pete Ivanecky  
Actors: Phil Chiaraluce   Adam Wolf Mayerson   Kate Jurdi  
Abusing Protocol (2014)

After the death of his brother (Tommy), RJ moves in with Gang Leader (Cane) and quickly finds himself wrapped up in a wo...

Director: Luke C. Harper   Darren Kent  
Actors: Paul Andrews   Simon Bitensky   Luke C. Harper  
Abyss (2014)
Director: Nicole Ayers  
Actors: Rodney Benson   Carlo Campbell   Michael Gaudioso  
A cambio de nada (2014)
Director: Daniel Guzmán  
Actors: Antonio Bachiller   Miguel Herrán   Miguel Rellán  
A Cambodian Winter (2014)
Director: Forest Wise  
Actors: Pim   Chamron   Kith  
A Camp Life (2014)
Director: Mick Merivel  
Actors: Mick Merivel   Shemori BoShae  
Acapulco La vida va (2014)
Director: Alfonso Serrano Maturino  
Actors: Patricio Castillo   Alejandro Suárez   Sergio Bustamante  
Acapulco Sunset (2014)
Director: Lino Georg von Saenger  
A Casa dos Outros (2014)
Director: Leticia De Bortoli  
Actors: Bruno Cavalcanti   Murilo Meola   Raul Scarabusci  
Acaso (2014)
Director: Stephan Rich  
Accept (2014)

Three people, three conversations, one connection. Accept follows the path of a mysterious Man as he proceeds to convers...

Director: James Phillips   Tom Pickard  
Actors: Michael Gabe   Daniel Jarvis   Adam Lannon  
Accept Not (2014)

A story of two professional hired killers who are face with a moral dilemma when executing a job. They are two brothers ...

Director: Rick Canino   Keith Romine  
Actors: Rick Canino   Lee Armstrong   Amanda Ayres  
Accident (2014)
Director: Dan Tondowski  
Actors: Thomas Mann  
Accidental Incest (2014)
Director: Richard Griffin  
Actors: Aaron Andrade   Sean Carufel   Ryan Hanley  
According to Her (2014)
Director: Estelle Artus  
Actors: Irina Abraham   Pascal Yen-Pfister   Eloise Eonnet  
Ace on Fire (2014)

Embracing his nouveau riche status, Ace reunites with his childhood mentor Roach, who brings him in on a high-tech weapo...

Director: Kristian Messere  
Actors: Kristian Messere   Rowland Pidlubny   Amanda McEwan  
A Certain Justice (2014)

After returning home from a traumatic tour of duty in Iraq, John finds himself struggling with PTSD. What little peace h...

Director: James Coyne   Giorgio Serafini  
Actors: Dolph Lundgren   Cung Le   Vinnie Jones  
A Chamada (2014)
Director: Rui Constantino  
A Chance of Rain (2014)
Director: Cindy Gustafson  
Actors: Matt Lanter   Eric Tiede   Hallee Hirsh  
A Change Is in the Wind (2014)
Director: Lindy Lee  
Actors: Simon Holmes a Court   Scott Kinnear   Charles McGlashan  
A Change of Heart (2014)
Director: Kenny Ortega  
Actors: Harvey Atkin   James Belushi   Larry Joe Campell  
A Child: Autistic Challenge for China (2014)

Through close observation of autistic children and young adults (ranging from 3 to 24 years old), the film reveals the c...

Director: Joanne Cheng  
A Child in These Hills (2014)
Director: Nick Buggey  
Actors: Callum Battersby   John Watts   Rachel Marquez  
A Choice to Yield (2014)

Angela develops a life in Atlanta. She seeks acceptance and searches for male companions. During Angela's search, her be...

Director: Bobby Peoples   Renee S. Warren Peoples  
Actors: Mary W. Cecil   Jennifer Van Leigh   Andrea Kantargis  
A Chronicle of Tahrir Square (2014)
Director: Nour Zaki  
Actors: Abbey Aziz  
Acid Girls (2014)
Director: Taylor Cohen  
Actors: Josh Zuckerman   Sarah Dumont   Caitlin Harris  
A City Dreaming (2014)
Director: Mark McCauley  
A City of Shoulders and Noses (2014)
Director: Ralph Hemecker  
Actors: Miko Hughes   Emmett Lee Stang   Neil Vipond  
A City to Make Me (2014)

The City is the world, a world filled with NOISE--a virtual ocean, a digital jungle, and war has been declared against N...

Director: Ryan Miller  
Actors: Jason Chapman   Lance Lee Davis   Kevin Lucero Less  
A Clique (2014)

When Curtis Long, a Los Angeles reality show director, reunites with his old college buddy turned producer, East Coaster...

Director: Chris Moss  
Actors: Chris Moss   Ethan Revivo   Michelle Ranelli  
A consommer avant fin... (2014)
Director: Nicolas Fogliarini  
Actors: François Hatt   Patrick Poivey   Régis Romele  
A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island (2014)
Director: Aram Rappaport  
Actors: Andrew James Allen   Brian Barber   Randy Bernales  
A Convenient Truth (2014)
Director: Dominick Bagnato  
Actors: Kelsey Schepise   Kelsey Lynn Schepise  
A Conversation: Anne Frank Meets God (2014)
Director: Kimberly Jentzen  
Actors: Aubrey Peeples   Robin Eisenman   Brianne La Flair  
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