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Acorda Brasil (2014)
Director: Sérgio Machado  
Actors: Lázaro Ramos   Taís Araújo   Sandra Corveloni  
A Court d'Enfants (2014)
Director: Marie Roux  
Across Bank Street - Portal to Neverland (2014)

Eleanor T. Bell has followed Peter Pan to the Clockworld to protect him and his family from the imminent visit of the ne...

Director: Nancy Hanks  
Actors: C.O. Bergem   Christian Carlson   Jeremiah Carlson  
Across the Ice: The Greenland Victory March (2014)
Director: Sebastian Copeland  
Actors: Sebastian Copeland   Eric McNair Landry  
Acting 101 (2014)
Director: Rene Rhi  
Actors: J. Francisco Rodriguez   Agnes Olech   Rob Lindo  
Action Jackson (2014)
Director: Prabhudheva  
Actors: Ajay Devgn   Sunil Shetty   Rocky Verma  
Activism 2.0: A Rising Tide (2014)
Director: Emily Hunter  
Act Like Nobody's in Trouble (2014)

When rebellious theater students experience an artistic awakening, the university bans their work and threatens the perf...

Director: Aaron Sawyer  
Act of Contrition (2014)
Actors: Gregory Patrick Agnew   Silvio Wolf Busch   Bob Elkins  
Act/Or (2014)
Director: Janka Berentz   Kitty Mészáros  
Actors: Kumud Pant  
Actor? A Documentary (2014)
Director: David Rich  
Actors: Edward Asner   Robert Loggia   Doris Roberts  
Actor's Apocalypse (2014)
Director: Dan Eady  
Actors: David Albury   Tony Brockman   Leon Cain  
Actress (2014)

When Brandy decides to reclaim her life as an actor, the domestic world she's carefully created crumbles around her. Act...

Director: Robert Greene  
Actors: Brandy Burre  
Acts of God (2014)
Director: Shane Sooter  
Actors: Esperanza Catubig   Constance Brenneman   Ryan King  
Adaline's Last Message (2014)
Director: Bidisha Chowdhury  
Actors: Jesse Woodrow   Abby Wathen   Christina Ferraro  
Üç Adam (2014)
Director: Burak Çakar  
Actors: Ibrahim Akpolat   Teoman Gök   Burak Çakar  
Adama (2014)
Director: Simon Rouby  
Adam and Joel (2014)
Director: Theodore Collatos  
Adam Beach (2014)
Director: Jesse Green   Shannon Kaplun  
Actors: Adam Beach  
Adam K (2014)
Director: Joston Theney  
Actors: Dylan Hobbs   Arielle Brachfeld   Kristin Wheatley  
A Dangerous Cure (2014)
Director: Kevin Jarvis  
Actors: Alexander Elisa   Sean Pritchard   Susan Yung  
A Dark Place Inside (2014)
Director: Mike O'Mahony  
Actors: Jason Boyle   Kieran Boyle   James Costa  
A Dark Reflection (2014)
Director: Tristan Loraine  
Actors: Hameed Ali Al Nawafleh   Khaled Al-Hasanat   Mohammed Al-Mahasneh  
A Day at the Office (2014)
Director: Michael Daeley  
Actors: Patrick Gwaltney  
A Day in Paradise (2014)
Director: I-Chia Chiang  
Actors: Paul Chiang  
A Day in the Life of a SuperHero: Part I (2014)
Director: Bavand Karim  
Actors: Al Alexander   Chris Bishop   Chris Bishop  
A Day in the Life of Pepe Amador (2014)
Actors: Jack Bank   Cassius   Serafin Falcon  
A Day of Havoc (2014)

A Day of Havoc is a Drama/Comedy short film that combines live-action and animation to tell the story about a guy with a...

Director: Clarence Ma  
Actors: Albert Kong   François Chau   Tom McLaren  
Addicted (2014)
Director: Bille Woodruff  
Actors: Sharon Leal   Boris Kodjoe  
Addict in Me (2014)
Director: David Paul  
Addicts (2014)
Director: Tonie Marshall  
Actors: Patrick Bruel   Nicolas Carpentier   Eric Larcin  
A Deal's a Deal (2014)

When Jamie loses a bet, her best friend makes her go on a date with a male escort. Things take an interesting turn when ...

Director: Melisa D. Monts  
Actors: Janice Lee   Brody Hessin   Angelica Amor  
A Decade with an Unsigned Rock Band (2014)

This is the story of the hardest working rock band you've never heard of, gigging non-stop from 1999-2012. They are call...

Director: Criss Cheatham  
Actors: Corey Boise   Criss Cheatham   Joel Edwards  
Adele (2014)

Told through two stories that shift back and forth between past and present, Thomas, a Helsinki doctor, and his young lo...

Director: Sakari Kirjavainen  
Ad esempio (2014)
Director: Silvio Governi  
Actors: Dolente Andrea   Simone Benussi   Vinicio Marchioni  
Ad Eternum (2014)
Director: Xavier Cruzado  
Actors: Victor Martinez   Francesc Pagès   Xavier Serrat  
A Different Direction (2014)
Director: Colleen Ann Brah  
Actors: Dave Alspach   Brandon Bailey   Joseph Channell  
A Different Kind of Evil (2014)

"A Different Kind of Evil" is the story of two gangsters vying for control of one million dollars. It begins with a gang...

Director: Addyson Medley  
Actors: Addyson Medley   Omar Rajpute   Romina Carabelli  
Adios Vaya Con Dios (2014)

Inspired by real events, Adios Vaya Con Dios is the authentic story of two friends within the world of a Chicago Latino ...

Director: La Raza  
Actors: Nathan Ayala   John Campanile   Vito Carbonara  
Adirondack (2014)
Director: Colby Jensen  
Actors: DeVere Jehl  
A Distant Shot (2014)
Director: James Paul  
Actors: Pavol Greco   Sárka Ullrichová  
Adjust-A-Dream (2014)
Director: Jonathan Wysocki  
Actors: Tom DeTrinis   Doug Tompos  
A DocumenTree (2014)

"A DocumenTree" is the story of the Treeman of Venice Beach, a plantlike amphibious celestial being sent by his mother (...

Director: Michael Angelo  
Actors: Lionel Powell   Krystle Powell   Myriam Enith Ibarra Veloza  
A Dog Named True (2014)

A heroic military dog, grieving the loss of his fallen partner, is united with the soldier's family, forming a unique bo...

Director: Rick Bieber  
Adolescence (2014)

A young teenager from an abusive household falls in love with a free-spirited runaway that leads him into the fast-lane ...

Actors: Cal Barnes   James C. Burns   Brett Colbeth  
A Doll's House (2014)
Director: Charles Huddleston  
Actors: Princeton Dudley   Matthew Wolf   Michele Martín  
Adopting Trouble (2014)
Director: Lee Gardner  
Actors: Ryan Templeman   Heather Murdock   Ariana Escalante  
A Dream of Flying (2014)
Director: Georgina Chapman  
Actors: José Báez   Cameron Colley   Alexander Jameson  
Adrenaline (2014)
Director: Alex Chatfield   Joseph Quinn Simpkins  
Actors: Matt Amick   Shane Callahan   Richard Carr  
Adrenaline III (2014)
Director: Edwin Adlam Herod   Linette Lucas  
Actors: Micheal Adolphus   Brad Cassini   Dominic Chianese Jr.  
Adrift (2014)
Director: Barbara Sundstrom  
Actors: Cylk Cozart   Torry Martin   Eloise Warren  
Adrift in Soho (2014)
Director: Pablo Behrens  
Actors: Ben Barraclough   Jordan Greenhough  
Adult Children (2014)
Director: Emily Carragher  
Actors: Jessica Barry   Richard Malvey   Rosalyn Cherry  
Adult Supervision Required (2014)
Director: William Stead  
Actors: Taylor Beck   Courtney Jones   William Kimble  
A Dungeon Master's Guide to Life (2014)

About a group of adult friends who play Dungeons and Dragons together. When a romantic relationship sparks between two m...

Director: Chris Bruemmer  
Actors: Jason Breummer   Chris Bruemmer   Aaron Halbower  
Advanced Home Security (2014)

James and Richard read the news to find that rates of burglary have increased. James being the science fiction fan, drea...

Director: Vincent Chan  
Actors: Jamie Chan   Vincent Chan  
Advancing Man (2014)
Director: Mark Stouffer  
Advantageous (2014)
Director: Jennifer Phang  
Actors: Jacqueline Kim   James Urbaniak   Jennifer Ehle  
Advent (2014)
Director: Chance Muehleck  
Actors: Tyler Bunch   Samuel Hoeksema   Luke O'Sullivan  
Advent (2014)
Director: John Bickerstaff  
Actors: Harry Aspinwall   Nicholas de la Canal   Henry Maclean  
Adventure Island 3: The Return of Florida (2014)
Actors: Yannick Joseph Boulanger   Patrick Boulanger   Sylvain b Boulanger  
Adventure on Gamka Mountain (2014)

Henry Omaha, son of a famous archaeologist, is coerced by Nazi Helmut Weiss to search for ancient African treasure using...

Director: Wilbur Eddings  
Actors: Stephen Preston   Clement Rakgakole   Jena Waldron  
Adventures in France: From Castles to Crepes (2014)
Director: Jared Bendis  
Actors: Jared Bendis  
Adventures of Sweet Yellow (2014)
Director: Ash Christian  
Actors: Max Bornstein   Michael Emery   Brock Harris  
Aegis (2014)
Director: Alden Miller  
Actors: Roger Denesha   Kevin Fox   Miles Schateen  
Aemorraghe (2014)

Trapped in a world where emotions are all but outlawed, one average citizen tries to find beauty, feeling, and companion...

Director: Patrick Devaney  
Actors: Reggie Allen   James Gallagher   Rick Martinez  
Aerosol (2014)
Director: Mauricio De Aguinaco  
Actors: Paco Ayala   Christopher DeGress   Giovanni Florido  
A escondidas (2014)

At the age of 14 the world around you changes at a dizzying speed. But what if actually it's you that changing? What if ...

Director: Mikel Rueda  
Actors: Ramón Agirre   Germán Alcarazu   Álex Angulo  
A Esperança é a Última que Morre (2014)
Director: Calvito Leal  
Actors: Dani Calabresa   Danton Mello   Rodrigo Sant'anna  
A Estrada 47 (2014)

During World War II, looking up the Mountain, in Italy, a Brazilian Expeditionary Force - FEB - mines weeping platoon is...

Director: Vicente Ferraz  
A Faithful Son (2014)
Director: Tyler Dane Sutton  
Actors: Jarad Hooge   David Royal   Dalton Sutton  
A Fall from Grace (2014)

Detective Michael Tabb knows the city of St. Louis inside and out. He has felt its true heart, as much as its dark under...

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch  
Actors: Cedric the Entertainer   Vincent D'Onofrio   Balthazar Getty  
A Far Cry From (2014)
Director: Leo Aguirre  
Actors: Madison Cassaday   Daniel Fieber  
A Farewell Party (2014)
Director: Sam McKeith   Tom McKeith  
Actors: Anthea Hewett   Christian Manon   Martin Ruscic  
A Fatal Friend (2014)

When personal tragedy sets his life spinning out of control, Detective Walker finds himself being pulled back to reality...

Director: Eric Darnell Redding  
Actors: Mingo Brown   Eduardo Carvajal   Luis Carvajal  
A Fatal Obsession (2014)

A mother and teen daughter believe they have at last found safe refuge from their abusive husband and father Michael. Mi...

Director: James Camali  
Actors: Colin Chase   Mike DiGiacinto   Eric Roberts  
Afflict (2014)

A stunning example of a chance meeting at a book signing, evolving into a set of events leading to murder - after murder...

Affluenza (2014)
Director: Kevin Asch  
Actors: Ben Rosenfield   Gregg Sulkin   Nicola Peltz  
A Fighting Chance (2014)

In order to get his family back, Frank must transform internally and overcome his fear instilled in him by his father si...

Director: Shaun T. Benjamin  
Actors: Richard Antonio   Shaun T. Benjamin   Mike Coleman  
A Fighting Man (2014)
Director: Damian Lee  
Actors: Gord Apolloni   Adam Beach   Greg Steven Brown  
A Film About Coffee (2014)
Director: Brandon Loper  
A Fine Step (2014)
Director: Jonathan Meyers  
Actors: Luke Perry   Armand Assante  
Afinn (The Grandad) (2014)
Director: Bjarni Thorsson  
Actors: Þorsteinn Bachmann   Sigurður Sigurjónsson   Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir  
A Fish Tale (2014)
Director: Lynn Pulsifer  
Actors: Jade Fernandez   Ana Clare Natal   Jordan Blair Mangold Brown  
A Forgotten Innocence (2014)

Based in the suburban conclave of Alameda, California, high school junior Monika Channing and basketball jock Andrew Dur...

Director: Sinohui Hinojosa  
Actors: Andre Boyer   Michael Copon   Esperanza Catubig  
A Fortunate Son (2014)

A father and son go on a journey to discover the mysterious circumstances of a grandfather's tragic death in rural town ...

Director: Robert Trench  
Actors: Corey Trench  
Afra (2014)
Director: Alper Altug  
Actors: Selim Unal   Ozge Gurel   Mihriban Temizler  
A Free Bird (2014)
Director: Gregg Russell  
Actors: Russell Durham Comegys   Karen-Eileen Gordon   George Faughnan  
Africa (2014)
Director: A.D. Freese  
Actors: Gregory Linington   Andrew Perez   Dillon Porter  
African Gothic (2014)

A couple, isolated on a farm in South Africa, cut off from the world both physically and emotionally, pass their time re...

Director: Gabriel Bologna  
Actors: Damon Shalit   Chella Ferrow   Jonny Coyne  
African Time (2014)

"African Time" is a phrase used to describe the relaxed attitude that many Africans exhibit towards time. It seems to ha...

Director: Chijindu Kelechi Eke  
Actors: Chijindu Kelechi Eke   Tembi Eryk   Ike Eziefule  
A Friend of Ours (2014)
Director: Joey Jameson  
Actors: Clive Allwright   Steve Jameson   Joe Pharoah  
Afronauts (2014)
Director: Frances Bodomo  
Actors: Diandra Forrest   Yolonda Ross   Hoji Fortuna  
Afro Sheen (2014)
Director: Bill Duke  
Afscheid van de Maan (2014)

It's the hot summer of 1972. On the 9th floor of a tower block on the outskirts of a Dutch provincial town the sixties f...

Director: Dick Tuinder  
Actors: David Eilander   Marcel Faber   Marcel Hensema  
Afslag 89 (2014)
Director: Robert-Jan Karremann  
Actors: Karsten De Vreugd   Tim van het Hof   Sam Hoogmoed  
After (2014)
Director: Sean F. Branigan  
Actors: Paul Reid   Amy De Bhrún  
After Dark: Black Hollow (2014)
Actors: Patrick Bergin   Eoghan Kavanagh   Pete Morgan  
AfterDeath (2014)

Five young people wake up dead. Washed up by the tide they scramble to an abandoned beach house, soon realising that the...

Director: Gez Medinger   Robin Schmidt  
Actors: Miranda Raison   Sam Keeley   Daniella Kertesz  
Afterglow (2014)

1961, Texas. It's Jet's 18th birthday and his girlfriend, Kitty, has thrown him a surprise party. However, Jet ends up l...

Director: Eli Russell Linnetz  
Actors: Sawyer Spielberg   Mary Neely   Tracy Dillon  
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