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Afterimages (2014)
Director: Tony Kern  
Actors: Sheena Chan   Daniel Jenkins   Keagan Kang  
After Love (2014)
Director: Justin Todd  
Actors: Matthew J. Stroh   Marla Seidell   Warren Feagins  
Aftermath (2014)
Director: Gene Fallaize  
Actors: Tony Cook  
After Midnight (2014)
Director: Fred Olen Ray  
Actors: Christine Nguyen  
Afternoon Closure (2014)
Director: Lauren Merage  
Actors: Jeremy Batiste   Aaron Valenzuela   Far Davis  
After School (2014)

A gun shot is heard after school , minutes later, Jacky, a twelve year old is discovered alone holding a gun, with an un...

Director: Carlos Melendez   Mauricio Mendoza  
Actors: Mauricio Mendoza   Yeniffer Behrens   Adrian Moreira-Behrens  
After the Bombs (2014)

A glimpse at the personal consequences of nuclear war and the results of a woman's decision to save one man's life. Juli...

Director: Barry Stringer  
Actors: Jenny Johns   David William Oakes  
After the Chase (2014)
Director: Pedro Pérez Nuñez  
Actors: Tyler Gallant   J.J. Beasley   Henry Ibarra  
After the Fall (2014)
Director: Tyler Jackson  
Actors: Tyler Jackson   Joshua Fuhrman  
After the Father Has Chosen (2014)
Director: Joseph Boys  
Actors: Lauren Stone   Lawrence Werber  
After the Infection (2014)

What remains of humanity has finally found a foothold several years after the infection that led to the zombie apocalyps...

Director: Francisco Escobar  
Actors: Sandy Zwier   Bette Cassatt   Francisco Escobar  
After the Shipwreck (2014)

It is in the nature of man to search for God. But, is there a God on Earth? Does God care about us or not? And who has t...

Director: Roberto Prestia  
Actors: Karsten Huttenhain   Olegar Fedoro   Richard Ritchie  
After the Sweat Dries (2014)
Director: Thomas Cznarty  
Actors: Shaheen Holloway   Jonathan Holtzman   Billy Raven  
After the Tone (2014)

We hear voice-mail messages, recorded on the mobile phone of a certain Onno. We see images of different places, varying ...

Director: Digna Sinke  
Actors: Dragan Bakema   Olga Zuiderhoek   Rifka Lodeizen  
After the Wedding (2014)

Diego Diaz is feeling a little lost. Newly married, and desperate to become a published novelist before his type-A wife,...

Director: Claudia Cifuentes  
Actors: Kandis Erickson  
After the World Ended (2014)

A multi-faceted story that takes place on an alternate future time line of Earth. A mysterious astronaut crash lands in ...

Director: Tony Sebastian Ukpo  
Actors: Eke Chukwu   Junichi Kajioka   Lucien Maine  
After-work Meeting (2014)
Director: Senny Rapoport  
Actors: Uwe Meinelt   Bjoern Radler   Marcel Romeijn  
Afuas Diary (2014)

The life of Alan, a broken man, as he falls in love with Afua, who coincidentally, is on the verge of being deported bac...

Director: Ben Owusu  
Actors: Fabio Abraham   Alexander Arthur   Jani Borkor  
Agaat (2014)
Director: Kasi Lemmons  
Again (2014)
Director: Sumio Ohmori  
Actors: Kiichi Nakai   Tokuma Nishioka   Toshirô Yanagiba  
Against the Grain (2014)
Director: Elias Mael  
Actors: Vaughn Wilkinson   Amaris Davidson   Sewell Whitney  
Against the Jab (2014)

Radio Personality, Michael Washington, known as "DJ Mike" makes fun of people's lives with prank phone calls on his radi...

Director: Patrick Jerome  
Actors: Scott Neufville   Clara Lago   Lonette McKee  
Against the Ropes (2014)
Director: Vishnu Perumal  
Actors: Bill Bingham   Sarunas Jackson   Jack Sochet  
Against the Wild (2014)

Two kids and their Alaskan Malamute must survive in the wilderness after a plane crash.

Director: Richard Boddington  
Actors: CJ Adams   Greg Campbell   Rainbow Francks  
A Garden of Thorns (2014)

The true story of Roger de Anfrasio, during World War II, a boy of ten years old, supplied information against the Nazi'...

Director: James Arcuri  
Actors: Roger de Anfrasio  
Agares (2014)
Director: Tom Burke  
Actors: Skyler McIntosh   Jordan Jiminez   Alex Patterson  
Agent 2000 (2014)
Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt  
Actors: Paul Loots   Izel Bezuidenhout   Ruan Wessels  
Agent: Century 21 (2014)
Director: Adam Hashemi  
Actors: Benicio Del Toro   Cameron Diaz  
Agente Sicre, el amigo americano (2014)

During the Spanish Civil War Ricardo fought on the Loyalist side going in to exile at the end of the war. After escaping...

Director: Pablo Azorin   Marta Hierro  
Agent Killer: Origins (2014)

It is the 23rd Century. After the Leviathan War, humanity has fallen against the Colosius, a humanitarian xenophobic ali...

Director: Cesar Encalada  
Actors: Bryan Encalada   Raul Nolivos   Carlos Ycaza  
Agent Ripley (2014)
Director: Cory Green  
Actors: Douglas Barry   Matt Casale   Louie Salazar  
Age of Consent (2014)
Director: Charles Lum   Todd Verow  
Actors: Kilker Alcaraz   Marc Angelo   Gary Burgess  
Aggravated Assault (2014)
Actors: Danilo Mancinelli  
A Ghost in the Machine (2014)

Three secret agents decide to join forces against their own nations to experiment and sell a $50 million classified mili...

Director: Richard Paraiso  
Actors: Liam Gremm   Jerry Kwarteng   Felix Von Ackern  
A Gift from God (2014)
Director: James Anthony Cotton  
Aging in Exile (2014)
Director: Babak Parham  
A Girl and a Gun (2014)

A modern, Los Angeles grifter story steeped in the city's pulp fiction tradition. It centers on Ian, a wayward errand bo...

Director: Filip Jan Rymsza  
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are bei...

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour  
Actors: Sheila Vand   Arash Marandi   Marshall Manesh  
A Glass Darkly (2014)
Director: Mark Young  
A Glimpse of GOD'S Hand at Work (2014)
Director: Kacee DeMasi  
Actors: Julia Grosso   Kacee DeMasi   Alexa Gardner  
Agni (2014)

Tanisha (Played by Mahiya Mahi) is a incognito serial killer in Thailand, She is known as the "Killer Queen", While She ...

Director: Iftakar Chowdhury  
Actors: Aliraj   Kabila   Misa Sawdagar  
A Goat for a Vote (2014)
Director: Jeroen Van Velzen  
A Good Book Has No Ending (2014)
Director: Luke Graham  
Actors: Lucy Fazey   Kevin Findlay   Maia Gibbons  
A Good Deed (2014)
Director: Dennis Jeantet  
Actors: Dennis Jeantet   Luke Martin   Lianda Swain  
A Good Match (2014)

The story revolves around an Indian-American housewife struggling to cope with an unhappy marriage. She is frustrated wi...

Director: Suneeta Misra  
A Good Place to Die (2014)
Director: Reamonn Joshee  
Actors: Mark Krysko   Margherita Donato   Sevinn Joshee  
A Grim Becoming (2014)

A Grim Becoming follows Raphael, a young and bitter executive who is on the verge of losing a multimillion dollar archit...

Director: Adam R. Steigert  
Actors: Kellen Pembleton   Kellen Pembleton   Kellen Pembleton  
A Gringo Honeymoon (2014)

James Wallace is a young American. To him Mexico was just another adventure in a life lived without any grand plans. A p...

Director: Alexandra Debricon  
Actors: Conde Bartock   Mercer Boffey   Raymond Cruz  
Agrizoophobia (2014)
Director: Sean Donohue  
Actors: Chris Cavalier   Morgan Middlebrook   Lexi Balestrieri  
Aguabella (2014)
Director: Orestes Matacena   Orna Rachovitsky  
A Gun's Life (2014)
Director: John F. Uranday  
Actors: Noel Gugliemi   Rolando Molina  
A Halfway Decent Girl (2014)

Jeannie knows nothing will change. Her mother Daisy will pass hot checks, pick up men, and change identities in the hope...

Director: Susan Johnson  
A Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday: A Short Film with a Long Name (2014)
Director: George David Reagh  
Actors: Don McLeod   Zak Sayer   Tristan Shire  
A Happy Time (2014)
Director: Jordan Goldnadel  
Actors: Jordan Goldnadel   Vladimir Perrin   Léa Moszkowicz  
A Haunted House 2 (2014)

After losing his beloved Kisha in a car accident, Malcolm starts anew, by remarrying Megan, a mother of two. When things...

Director: Michael Tiddes  
Actors: Scott Burn   Cedric the Entertainer   Affion Crockett  
Ahead (2014)
Director: Jorge Xolalpa  
Actors: Jorge Xolalpa  
A Heart's Journey (2014)
Director: Kristina Garant  
Actors: Nicole Taylor   Debra Van Gaalen   Corey Chainey  
A Hidden Epidemic (2014)
Director: Linda Warden  
A Hiker's Journal: Eagle Cap Wilderness (2014)
Director: Deborah Ristic  
Actors: Dave Fish   Deborah Fox   Steve Fox  
A History of a Time to Come (2014)

A History of a Time To Come - the story of UK thrash, a documentary telling the tale of British thrash metal through the...

Director: Joshua Callis-Smith  
Actors: Mike Abel   Ben Allen   Ian Arkley  
A Home Out West (2014)

A Home Out West presents characters who speak to us out of the past in a dramatic and imaginative style, from the Great ...

Director: Steven Schechter  
Actors: Sherri Parker Lee  
A Hong Kong Opera (2014)
Director: Jimmy Hendrickx  
Actors: Kristian Van der Heyden   Steven Dasz   Frank Merkx  
A Hope Without Walls (2014)
Director: Paul Schneider  
Actors: Richard 'Rick' Bobier   Ryan-Iver Klann   Lawrence W. Leach  
A Horse for Summer (2014)
Director: Nancy Criss  
Actors: Ruben Angelo   Christopher Atkins   Joshua Ray Bell  
A Hot Meal: Blood Brothers (2014)

The war between man and elf has long been over, yet blood lust drives the warrior king of men to pursue the last of the ...

Director: Jamison P. Derfler   Bryce Larson  
Actors: Jamison P. Derfler   Nathan Ferrier   Bryce Larson  
A Hot Summer Chill (2014)
Director: Ben Wydeven  
Actors: Joey Broyles   Daniel Harris   Nathan Lowe  
Aibô: Gekijô-ban III (2014)
Director: Seiji Izumi  
Actors: Yutaka Mizutani   Hiroki Narimiya  
Aikuisten poika (2014)
Director: Juha Lehtola  
Actors: David Gelkin   Kari Hietalahti   Tommi Korpela  
A.I.M: Angry Insecure Men (2014)

This film deals with true event is a domestic violence situations. Mari fights to understand why she keeps falling for t...

Director: Angel Terron  
Actors: Quinton Aaron   Wallace Demarria   Trae Ireland  
Aimer, boire et chanter (2014)
Director: Alain Resnais  
Actors: André Dussollier   Hippolyte Girardot   Michel Vuillermoz  
Aim for the Roses (2014)
Director: John Bolton  
Actors: Mark Haney  
Ai no uzu (2014)
Director: Daisuke Miura  
Actors: Hirofumi Arai   Tokio Emoto   Sôsuke Ikematsu  
Air (2014)
Director: Ryan Geffert  
Actors: Tony Head   Brian McManus   Christopher Monaco  
Air (2014)
Director: Tijmen Veldhuizen  
Air Disturbance (2014)
Director: Jeremy Sklar  
Actors: George Katt   David Josh Lawrence   Tom Malloy  
Airless (2014)
Director: Devin Conroy  
Actors: Megan Branch  
Airlock (2014)
Director: Marc Furmie  
Airplane vs Volcano (2014)
Director: James Kondelik   Jon Kondelik  
Actors: Dean Cain   Vonn Harris   Zachary Haven  
Air Sex (2014)
Director: Jonathan Evans  
Actors: Chris Trew  
Airstrip - Aufbruch der Moderne, Teil III (2014)
Director: Heinz Emigholz  
Actors: Ueli Etter   Natja Brunckhorst  
Air the Film (2014)
Director: Nick Royer  
Actors: Colby Coash   D. Scott Glasser   Bill Grennan  
Airtight (2014)

Bradley and Connor are intellectual elitists who've secretly been planning to murder a former college classmate and clos...

Director: Derek Estlin Purvis  
Actors: Michael Engberg   James Patterson   Aija Terauda  
Ajoba (2014)
Director: Sujay Dahake  
Actors: Om Bhutkar   Chinmay Kulkarni   Yashpal Sharma  
A Journey Through Uncharted Russia (2014)
Director: Aleksey Poskochin  
Aka Dan (2014)
Director: Jon Maxwell  
Aka X Pinku (2014)
Director: Koichi Sakamoto  
Actors: Takahisa Maeyama   Hideo Sakaki   Hiroshi Shinagawa  
Akharin Bar (2014)
Director: Navíd Akhavan   Yasmine Ghassemi  
Actors: Ebi Hamedi  
Akhire Akhire (2014)
Director: Sushant Mani  
Actors: Babusan   Siddhant Mahapatra   Jhilik  
Akil (2014)
Director: Antonio Banderas  
Actors: Melanie Griffith  
A Killer Conversation (2014)
Director: David V.G. Davies  
Actors: Ryan Hunter   Melanie Denholme   Rudy Barrow  
A Kim Jong-Il Production! (2014)
Director: Paul Berczeller  
A Kind of Existence: The Gabrielles Wish Story (2014)

A look into the career of Gabrielles Wish, first signed by Rob Gretton in 1995, the bands musically diverse career is ex...

Director: Richard L. Davies  
Actors: Peter Hook   Alan Wise  
Akki, Vikki te Nikki (2014)
Director: Vipin Sharma  
Akuma (2014)
Director: Deon Taylor  
Actors: Emily Kaiho  
Akumu Chan the Movie (2014)
Director: Noriyoshi Sakuma  
Actors: Gackt   Manatsu Kimura   Fumiyo Kohinata  
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