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A Larger Life (2014)

James Golden is a small town, middle aged lawyer. He has raised his family and spent his entire life in Harper, Alabama....

Director: Bill Lundy  
Actors: Michael Alan   Steve Baldwin   Garrison Barchett  
A Lasting Impression (2014)
Director: Jack Heller  
Actors: Tanna Frederick   Jack Heller   Ralph Guzzo  
Albatross (2014)

With a B.Sc. in software engineering and a lust for adventure, big city boy Tommi has made solid plans for the future wi...

Director: Snævar Sölvason  
Actors: Hansel Eagle   Pálmi Gestsson   Finnbogi Dagur Sigurðsson  
Alberi che camminano (2014)
Director: Mattia Colombo  
Albion (2014)
Director: Barry Bliss  
Aldabra (2014)
Director: Steve Lichtag  
A l'envers (2014)

Sunday in Paris. Laura is having a party all by herself. She laughs, she smokes, she drifts far away from her sofa. A su...

Director: Leon Griseri  
Actors: Benjamin Castaneda   Sylvain Chevet   Thierry Ragueneau  
A Letter (2014)
Director: Marcelle Aleid  
Actors: Sajjad Delafrooz  
Alex (2014)
Director: Jeremiah Kipp  
Actors: Bob Celli   Susan Adriensen   Celine Bassman  
Alex & Ali (2014)

The story of a gay American Peace Corp volunteer who moved to Iran in 1968 and fell in love with an Iranian man. Ten yea...

Director: Malachi Leopold  
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014)
Director: Miguel Arteta  
Actors: Ed Oxenbould   Dylan Minnette   Kerris Dorsey  
Alexander Jamieson (2014)

Against the odds of survival WW1 flyer's in the Lafayette Esquadrille risk everything for honor and conquest. The advent...

Director: Brad Batchelor  
Actors: Baharum Abdu   David Abrams   Edgar Baker  
Alexander's Bridge (2014)

A team of elite US Army Delta Operators are tasked with a simple mission: to test a new prototype device. Easy day for t...

Director: Fernando T. Coelho  
Actors: J.D. Potynsky   Scot Spooner   Tom Spooner  
Alex Grant (2014)
Actors: J.D. Driskill   Reece Kirk   Michael Perl  
Alex in the Afternoons (2014)
Director: Markus Innocenti  
Actors: John Rhys-Davies   Hannah Cowley   Kirsten Lea  
Alex & Marissa: Chapitre Final (2014)
Director: Ethan Atwood  
Alex & Marissa: Le commencement (2014)

Alex and Marissa are the greatest thieves in the World. They've known each other since childhood and throughout the year...

Director: Ethan Atwood  
Actors: Ethan Atwood   Mickaël Ballot   Gislain Tamani  
Alex & Marissa: Vol Express (2014)
Director: Ethan Atwood  
Actors: Marie Serrano  
Alex the Vampire (2014)
Director: Christopher Nicholson  
Actors: Canice Bannon   Dan March   Alessandro De Marco  
Algerie pour toujours (2014)

A supporter of the OAS, the French paramilitary organization that sought to keep Algeria under French rule instead of al...

Director: Jean-Marc Minéo  
Actors: Smaïn   Lorie   Zakaria Ramdhan  
Algo por mi (2014)
Director: William Olsson  
Algorithm (2014)
Director: Jonathan Schiefer  
Actors: Raphael Barker   Keith Barletta   Julie Ceballos  
Algren (2014)

Algren will spotlight the hard-knock life and authentic creative legacy of one of the most underrated writers of the twe...

Director: Michael Caplan  
Actors: Russell Banks   Billy Corgan   Andrew Davis  
Alias Grace (2014)

Based on the true story of Grace Marks, a housemaid and immigrant from Ireland who was imprisoned in 1843, perhaps wrong...

Director: Sarah Polley  
Alibi Nation (2014)
Director: Jonathan Wysocki  
Actors: Nick Chandler   Brian Silverman  
Alice and Friends (2014)
Director: John Placencia  
Actors: James Richard Brown   Jesse Carlson   John Placencia  
Alice D. (2014)

In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed h...

Director: Jessica Sonneborn  
Actors: Kane Hodder   Juan Riedinger   Al Snow  
Alice in the Attic (2014)
Director: Jordan Anthony Greer  
Actors: Levi Meaden   Sabrina Campilii   Karine Dashney  
Alice & the Giant Emptiness (2014)
Director: Danny Lachevre  
Alienate (2014)

At the end of his marriage, David leaves on a business trip to give his wife much-needed space. When airplanes start mys...

Director: Michael Shumway  
Actors: Blake Webb   Tatum Langton   Jaclyn Hales  
Alien Encounters: Superior Fan Power Since 1979 (2014)

This entirely new ALIEN documentary is a tribute to the cast and crews of the Alien films by the audience themselves - t...

Director: Andrew David Clark  
Actors: John Hurt   Tom Skerritt   Lance Henriksen  
Alien Fight Club (2014)

Callous and arrogant pop superstar Sweet Birmy is abducted by the evil alien Zane Xenoth, and brought to the Planet Aust...

Director: Ryan Birmingham   Zachary George Najarian-Najafi   Chaya Rich Sophon  
Actors: Ryan Birmingham   Zachary George Najarian-Najafi   Chaya Rich Sophon  
Alien Life (2014)

From new space missions identifying alien life-possible om exo-planets, to exotic extremeophiles on Earth as indicators ...

Director: Peter I. Horton   Philip Jackson  
Actors: Michael Ironside  
Aliens of the West (2014)
Director: Gregory Flitsanov  
Actors: Val Beleniuc   Gregory Flitsanov   Dmitriy Karpov  
Alien Theory (2014)
Director: Michael Ryan Hahn  
Actors: David McElroy   Elisabeth Meurer   Elisabeth Meurer  
A Life in the Death of Joe Meek (2014)
Director: Howard S. Berger   Susan Stahman  
Actors: Jake Arnott   Mike Berry   Charles Blackwell  
A Life Not to Follow (2014)

A Neo-Noir film told in three interlacing chapters: Eric is a dead man and he knows it. Death is imminent and he must ma...

Director: Christopher Di Nunzio  
Actors: Michael Capozzi   Fiore Leo   Molly Kay  
A Life Outside (2014)

This is a story of passion and obsession. Its the story of the relationships of six New Jersey surfers who got on a surf...

Director: Catherine Brabec  
Actors: Corky Carroll   Kevin Casey   Mike Doyle  
A Life, Taken (2014)

The film centers around Natalie Bacci, a New York City Police Detective. Natalie's life is coming apart at the seams. An...

Director: George Pitsironis  
Actors: DawnMarie Ferrara   Libby West   Billy Gillespie  
Aline & Wolfe (2014)

The timeless, sexually charged love story of iconic American writer Thomas Wolfe and his tumultuous, doomed affair with ...

Alison in Wonderland (2014)

Alison (Kendahl Light) is an overburdened and depressed teenage girl living a monotonous suburban existence. After sever...

Director: J.L. Carrozza  
Actors: Kendahl Light   Jacob Schwartz   Jacob Schwartz  
Alison Undone (2014)
Director: Jason Armstrong  
Actors: Emily Alatalo   Justin Tully   Jenna Jade Rain  
Ali's Wedding (2014)
Director: Wayne Blair  
Actors: Osamah Sami  
A Little Bit of Holding Back and a Lot of Letting Go (2014)

Ralph 'Soul' Jackson, a charismatic soul musician from Phoenix City, Alabama, finished recording his first studio album ...

Director: Eryn Walanka  
A Little Chaos (2014)

A female landscape-gardener is awarded the esteemed assignment to construct the grand gardens at Versaillers, a gilt-edg...

Director: Alan Rickman  
Actors: Richard Smith   Jennifer Ehle  
A Little Problem (2014)

A Single Mom's 9 Year old daughter (Chantal Stevens) and 15 year old son (Kenneth Stevens) are rebellious against the id...

Director: Richard Givens  
Actors: Darnell J. Cates   Alysah Pizarro   Charyse Monet  
A Little Scar (2014)
Director: Jahanara Saleh  
Actors: Sophia Jarque   Milo Mozaffari   Shane Mozaffari  
Alive: An Undead Survival Series (2014)

Surviving in an Undead Apocalypse; a small group of survivors just outside of Buffalo must enter the city in search for ...

Director: Tyler Cheman   Norman Queeno   Kevin Schmitz  
Actors: Phill Beith   Tyler Cheman   Bradley Lock  
Alke (2014)
Director: Miroslav Kosanovic   Milan Rukavina  
Actors: Vicko Bilandzic   Vid Rebernak   Olga Pakalovic  
Allacciate le cinture (2014)
Director: Ferzan Ozpetek  
Actors: Kasia Smutniak   Francesco Arca   Filippo Scicchitano  
All American Comedy Trek (2014)
Director: Dan Knabb  
Actors: Dan Knabb   Matthew Ryan Lewis  
All American Horror (2014)
Director: John Swider  
Actors: Rex Badeaux   Dan Daigle   Alex Iturbe  
All Beef (2014)
Director: Gabrielle Henderson   Marki Henderson  
Actors: Latherio Boyd   Robert Crayton   Marki Henderson  
Alleluia (2014)

Manipulated by a loving and jealous husband, Gloria has run away with her two children and started a new life far away f...

Director: Fabrice Du Welz  
Actors: Laurent Lucas   David Murgia   Renaud Rutten  
Alle sier jeg elsker deg (2014)
Director: Marius Sørvik  
Actors: Mathias Augestad Ambjør   Aurora Nossen   Axel Bøyum  
Alles Inklusive (2014)
Director: Doris Dörrie  
Actors: Fabian Hinrichs   Axel Prahl   Hinnerk Schönemann  
Alles Ist Liebe (2014)
Director: Markus Goller  
Actors: Wotan Wilke Möhring   Heike Makatsch  
Alles still (2014)

A young man is extremely drug-addicted. In the circle of jag he loses the cognition of what is real and what's just imag...

Director: Filip Gonschorek   Johannes Ott   Moritz Schuchmann  
Actors: Filip Gonschorek   Johannes Ott   Moritz Schuchmann  
Alleycat (2014)

ALLEYCAT is an 85 minute live-action film that takes place in San Francisco and California's Central Valley. In addition...

Director: Greg Runnels   Mark Runnels  
Actors: David Agranov   Katie Parker  
All Eyes and Ears (2014)
Director: Vanessa Hope  
Actors: Jon Huntsman   Gracie Mei Huntsman   Jerome A. Cohen  
All for the Card (2014)
Director: Bru Muller  
All Hallows Eve (2014)
Director: Guy Bodart  
Actors: Donna Hamblin   Lorelei Lanford  
Allies (2014)
Director: Dominic Burns  
Actors: Julian Ovenden   Chris Reilly   Matt Willis  
All In (2014)
Director: Craig E. Serling  
All I Need (2014)
Director: Dylan K. Narang  
Actors: Melanie Avalon   Christina Cannon   Sorel Carradine  
All in the Delivery (2014)
Director: Mike Clarke  
Actors: Phil Gwilliam  
Allison Barron's Demon Memories (2014)
Actors: Allison Barron  
All Lit Up (2014)

A dark and somber drama, intertwined with bright and colorful animated drug trip and party scenes, combining the real wo...

Director: Olivier Loranger Gagnon   Kryzz Gautier  
Actors: Felix Santos   Emma Barrett  
All Night Gaming (2014)

A teenage slacker has only one night to finish a major English assignment, his grades depends on it. He is forced to fin...

Director: Michael Cusack  
Actors: Jack Michel   Teigan Mccarty   James Ferguson  
All of Her (2014)

A man tracks down and becomes friends with all the donors who got his wife's organs. Everything goes smoothly until he f...

Director: Vitaliy Versace  
Actors: Brian Abruzzi   Pierre Alati   Brian Briggs  
All of Her (2014)
Actors: Capri Anderson   Annie Cruz   Ela Darling  
All Saints Eve (2014)

A sinister preacher in the 1800's leads an angry church mob to murder a farmer and his family, all to gain the coveted M...

Director: Gerry Lively  
Actors: Marc Macaulay   Bingo O'Malley   Mere Davis  
All That Glitters (2014)
Director: Saro Varjabedian  
Actors: Sean Stonecipher Bennett   Terren Wooten Clarke   Alfredo Diaz  
All That Remains (2014)
Director: Dominic Higgins   Ian Higgins  
Actors: Leo Ashizawa   Yuna Shin   Meg Kubota  
All That You Can't Leave Behind (2014)

Russell Anderson, a man married more to his job than his wife and family, finds his life spinning out of control when hi...

Director: William A. Butland  
Actors: Richard Sosa   Carlie Schelhorn   Kelly Halluch  
All the Beautiful Things (2014)

John only believed in two things: it was always wrong to hit women, no matter what they do; he would always protect his ...

Director: John D. Harkrider  
Actors: John D. Harkrider   Barron Claiborne   Lynn Hill  
All the Birds Have Flown South (2014)
Director: Joshua H. Miller   Miles B. Miller  
Actors: Paul Sparks   Joey Lauren Adams  
All the Bright Shiny Dreams (2014)
Director: Melody Furry  
Actors: Rich Furry   David L. Peters   Christa Bella  
All the Brilliant Ones Are (2014)

The offices of a popular magazine in the late 1970s sets the tone for this unique look at how one woman succumbs to what...

Director: Nate Lyles  
Actors: Samantha Elmer  
All the Marbles (2014)

Jamison, a timid ten year-old boy, rides his bike to an old towering warehouse. A weathered sign reads, 'Wolf Marble Co....

Director: Michael Swingler  
Actors: Carl Anderson   Cooper Bombadil   Gregoer Boru  
All the Winters I Haven't Seen (2014)

In New York City, a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy discovers through a long series of tests that there is a h...

Director: Omid Khoshnazar  
All the World's a Stage (2014)
Director: Chris Bylsma  
Actors: Alyssa McKee   Brian Paulette   Joicie Appell  
All Things Beautiful (2014)
Director: Ava Torres   Helmann Wilhelm  
All Things Must Pass; the Rise and Fall of Tower Records (2014)

Established in 1960, Tower Records was once a retail powerhouse with two hundred stores, in thirty countries, on five co...

Director: Colin Hanks  
Actors: Chris Cornell   Chuck D.   Rudy Danzinger  
All This Mayhem (2014)

All This Mayhem is a searing account of what happens when raw talent and extreme personalities collide. In this unflinch...

Director: Eddie Martin  
Actors: Tas Pappas   Ben Pappas  
All Tomorrow's Children (2014)

The world ends in 1999 for three high school misfits yearning to escape a Midwestern city of absentee parents, failed in...

Director: Jon-Carlos Evans  
Actors: Kristian Bernard   Forrest Boston   Tommy Chamberlain  
All Tricked Out (2014)

'All Tricked Out' is the sequel to the award winning short film, ADDICTED, Ever so the trouper, Jose continues his adven...

Director: Jesús Galindo  
Actors: Jose L. Mendoza Jr.   Maria Isabel Aguilera   Denise Noble  
All You Need Is Love (2014)

All You Need Is Love focuses on the many thousands of children that exist in and around the Thai-Burma border and specif...

Director: Stuart Cameron  
All You Need Is Myth: The Beatles and the Gods of Rock (2014)

We all think we know the story of the Beatles - when it happened, where it happened, how it happened. But why does their...

Director: Dennis Willis  
Actors: Steve Wagner   Jade Sylvan  
Ally Was Screaming (2014)

Ally Was Screaming is about two nice guys - Seth and Nole. Their longtime friend (Ally) has died, and while they are goi...

Director: Jeremy Thomas  
Actors: Giacomo Baessato   Charlie Carrick   Camille Sullivan  
Almost. (2014)

Andy, A 20-something slacker, is torn between doing what his heart wants - pursuing the girl of his dreams, Cassie - and...

Director: Sam Allmon  
Actors: Nick Behrens   David Bernard Houck  
Almost Broadway (2014)
Director: Antony J. Bowman  
Actors: Dov Davidoff   Diane Farr   Cameron Daddo  
Almost Crimes (2014)
Director: Diego Vega Jenkins  
Actors: Jon Cook   Will Harris   Katie Miles  
Almost Failures: The Movie (2014)
Director: C. Stephen Mitchell  
Actors: C. Stephen Mitchell   Michael Richartz  
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