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1978 (2016)
Actors: Ashleigh Hubbard  
5 Blocks (2016)

All over North America, city centers are decaying. In San Francisco, an unusual coalition of artists, city officials, pr...

Director: Robert Cortlandt   Dan Goldes  
Acrotalk (2016)
Director: Craig Jacobson   Cassandra Sechler  
Actors: Cassandra Sechler  
A Heart of Mother (2016)
Director: John Knapus  
Alice in Wonderland 2 (2016)
Director: James Bobin  
Actors: Sacha Baron Cohen   Johnny Depp   Mia Wasikowska  
Allegiant (2016)
Actors: Theo James   Shailene Woodley  
All Her Geese Were Swans (2016)
Director: Kevin Kiely Jnr  
Actors: John Anthony Murphy  
Almost Dead (2016)
Director: Jack Skyyler   Alex Zinzopoulos  
A Long Ways from Home (2016)
Director: Shea Reid   Jerry A. Ziler  
Alpha Numeric (2016)

Inspired by a true story, Alpha Numeric is a suspense thriller and love story, taking you on journey from the criminal u...

Director: Fiona Mackenzie  
Anarchangels (2016)
Director: Angus Bell Young  
Angry Birds (2016)
Director: Clay Kaytis   Fergal Reilly  
Armenia Commedia (2016)
Director: Anna Condo  
Actors: Alexandra Stewart   Antony Langdon   Liana Avetisyan  
Army of Darkness 2 (2016)
Actors: Bruce Campbell  
Astronomy Walkers (2016)

Taylor Murdoch (BronweN), a thirty-something Broadway actress, has struggled throughout her career. With the help of her...

Director: Reno Anastasio  
Actors: Aaron Smolinski   Debbie Rochon   Shawn Doucette  
Australie (2016)
Director: Laurent Boulanger  
Avatar 2 (2016)
Director: James Cameron  
Actors: Stephen Lang   Sam Worthington   Zoe Saldana  
A World Without Boundaries (2016)
Director: Chris Chaos  
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (2016)

In the 1980s, Rayona, 15, half-black, half-Native American, struggles to fit in after her alcoholic mother, Christine, d...

Director: Sarah Knight  
Actors: Q'orianka Kilcher   Misty Upham  
Back to the Saddle (2016)

A teenager has been planning to rob the engraving and printing but gets side tracked but the chief of polices daughter a...

Director: Jaylen Davis  
Actors: Jaylen Davis  
Bakers Dozen (2016)
Director: Betsan Morris Evans  
Batman vs. Superman (2016)
Director: Zack Snyder  
Actors: Ben Affleck   Ben Affleck   Henry Cavill  
Beaute' Dangereuse (2016)
Director: Tifarah Naava  
Actors: Christopher McDowell   Rozina Yaekob  
Black Taj (2016)
Director: Kevin Dalvi  
Blood of Art (2016)
Actors: Patrick Hampton  
BlueEyez (2016)

Its been 3 years since Sam Johnson lost Jessica and the events of Alicias house party. Sam has battled a long bout of de...

Director: Jay Cosme   Charly Mae Nelson  
Actors: Jay Cosme   Ruby Connor-Dickinson   Michael O'Gilvie  
Bosch (2016)
Director: Peter Greenaway  
Bourgeois Pigs (2016)
Director: David Pope  
Brazilian Town (2016)
Director: Thomas Edward Hale  
Actors: Guile Branco   Marcio Rosario  
Broken Wing (2016)
Director: Michael D. Walters  
Buddha: The Inner Warrior (2016)
Director: Pan Nalin  
Carry On (2016)
Director: Elizabeth Bradley  
Chagrin (2016)
Director: Butch Maier  
Actors: Jonathan Bennett   Stephen Bishop   Jesse Garcia  
Charlie Rainone (2016)

Set in Los Angeles circa 1977 WITH A BULLET chronicles the rise of two fast-talking hustlers from the streets of South P...

Director: Steven Feder  
City of God (2016)
Director: Rick Pamplin  
Come Sing Jimmy Jo (2016)

The Johnsons are becoming country music stars, and it's all because of James. His voice and his guitar playing have the ...

Common Sky (2016)

A feature documentary which explores the sensory experience of a soldier at war; memories of how combat tastes, how it s...

Director: Yovel Schwartz  
Actors: William C. Armstrong   John Beletsis   Alan D. Cutter  
Community Service's Bloody Island (2016)

The world now knows the story of this small town massacre, seven Community Service workers and many others, on one horre...

Actors: Stephen Cena   Joseph P. Kelly   William Meyer  
Cranium Intel (2016)

The President wants a military/scientist named Micheal W. Logan dead, after he discovers the Gateway Arch in St. Louis i...

Director: Aeneas Middleton  
Actors: Christopher 'FreeSol' Anderson   Jayson Koko Bridges   Jayson Koko Bridges  
Dante's Paradise Documented (2016)
Director: Boris Acosta  
Actors: Vittorio Matteucci   Serena Lorien   Veronica De Laurentiis  
Dawgtown (2016)
Director: Justin Murphy  
Actors: Joshua Bond   Adonis Boyd   Matthew Johnson  
Dead Noon (2016)
Director: Jeff Desom  
Dead Trust 2 (2016)
Director: Rick McLeod  
Deep Dynasty (2016)

At the peak of the chaos of the 1970's, one family rises with the creation of the most controversial and profitable adul...

De Fördömda Döttrar som Döttrar (2016)
Director: Anders Ekedahl  
Destiny's Children (2016)
Director: Rick McLeod  
Dia de Los Muertos (2016)
Director: Fernanda de Teresa   Jon La Grace  
Doctor Mabuse 3 (2016)
Director: Ansel Faraj  
Dont Talk to Strangers (2016)
Director: Corey Grant  
Dorothea: The Life of Dorothea Lange (2016)

When a talented photographer chooses her social conscience over family during the economic and political upheavals of th...

Drug Lord (2016)

Based on the Pulitzer Prize nominated book "Drug Lord: The Life & Death of a Mexican Kingpin - A True Story" by Terrence...

Ellen (2016)
Director: John Kaylin  
Elvis Vegas (2016)

Gerd Groeninger alias Elvis Vegas is a popular Elvis-imitator of Las Vegas. When his mother falls ill, he travels back t...

Elysion (2016)
Director: Darien Harte  
Enemy Aliens (2016)

Two brothers leave Ukraine in 1913 for a better life and an amazing adventure in Canada, only to be swept up in the poli...

Enemy in the Valley (2016)
Director: Jason Momoa  
Actors: Jason Momoa  
Entrapment (2016)

John Stanton was no different to a lot of young men his age; he left home to travel the world looking for new experience...

Actors: Anthony Theil  
Eugene Part 4 (2016)
Director: Michael Pointer  
Actors: Geno Cuddy   Matt Payne   Michael Pointer  
E.W.T.F. (2016)
Director: Ileana D. Vasquez  
Exemplum - Dante Alighieri's Life (2016)
Director: Lorenzo Raveggi  
Fallen Brother (2016)
Director: Luis A. Colon  
Actors: Ira Berkowitz   Gabriel Hamilton   Ernesto Nodal  
Falling for Grace (2016)
Director: Patrick Creamer  
Actors: Joey Kingman  
Finding Dory (2016)
Director: Andrew Stanton  
Actors: Ellen DeGeneres   Albert Brooks   Diane Keaton  
Fridgeport (2016)

A young bottle of Mustard, finds himself off the shelf to wake up in the exciting world of Fridgeport. We meet and follo...

Actors: Tanner Beard   Paul Khoury  
Giants (2016)
Director: Nathan Greno  
Give Me Back My Mountains! (2016)
Actors: Emil Zoltán Kállay   Claudiu Manea   István Mihály  
Godfathers of London (2016)

In modern day London two rival gangs battle for supremacy, but with no clear victor a chance encounter with one gangs gr...

Director: Spencer Hawken  
Actors: Marc Bannerman   Jarod De Maertelaere   Holly Boeva  
Gods of Egypt (2016)
Director: Alex Proyas  
Actors: Gerard Butler   Nikolaj Coster-Waldau   Geoffrey Rush  
Gory Graduation (2016)
Director: Joseph Henson   Nathan Johnson  
Guns, Hookers & a Pound of Coke (2016)
Actors: Ford Austin   Marc Wasserman  
Hamlet (A Modern Adaptation) (2016)
Director: Patrick Hampton  
Henry Starr (2016)
Director: Tanner Beard  
Actors: Tanner Beard   Russell Quinn Cummings  
History of Pandemonium (2016)
Director: Karina Ferland  
Actors: Juan Sencor   Make Silvani   Alex White  
Horizontal Flowers (2016)
Director: Roberto Jabor  
Actors: Gui Inacio   Marco Neves   Thea Gill  
How Joe Got His Pimp Grip (2016)

Straight ace Joe Littlefield, an honor roll high school senior, is anxious about sealing his college acceptance to the U...

Director: Joaquin Perea  
How to Train Your Dragon 3 (2016)
Director: Dean DeBlois  
Actors: Jay Baruchel  
Hunt (2016)
Director: Daniel Smales  
Ice Age 5 (2016)
Actors: Denis Leary   John Leguizamo   Ray Romano  
ID Forever Part I (2016)
Director: Roland Emmerich  
If You Want (2016)
Director: Antonio Saillant  
Actors: Driton 'Tony' Dovolani   Peter Papageorgiou   Antonio Saillant  
Illuisions (2016)

Have you ever believed it was a certain day only to find out it wasn't? Nathan Myers seems to be an everyday normal guy....

Imperfect Gentleman (2016)

Robert Gallo arrives in Warsaw and has his world turned upside down when he meets Kasia, a desirable, ex-synchronized sw...

Director: Miguel Gaudêncio  
Actors: Michalina Olszanska  
Incident at Bridgewater High (2016)
Director: Corey Grant  
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