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Innocence in a Garden of Lies (2016)
Director: Danny Torres  
Invidia (2016)
Actors: Johnny Bautista   Maynard James Keenan   Mindy Robinson  
Jemiyah Jones & the Vampyre Ghost Ship (2016)

15-year old English girl, Jemiyah Jones, continues the adventures this time in the realm of the Vampyre. The very elegan...

Director: Tba  
Katana of Blood (2016)
Actors: John Lee  
Khan (2016)
Director: NJ Silva  
Actors: Taya De La Cruz  
Kickstart My Heart (2016)
Director: Andrea Fellers  
Kingdom of Cossacks (2016)
Director: Valeri Davidiouk  
Actors: Valeri Davidiouk   Taras Kostyuk   Louis Wrightman  
L.A. Atlantis (2016)
Director: Brendan Moriarty  
Letchworth Villiage (2016)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Lethal Exposure (2016)

Lethal Exposure is a Political, Action, Thriller about an outsider running for a United States Senate seat. Suffering th...

Director: Joël Colburn  
L'élite des ombres (2016)
Director: Albert Fautré  
Actors: Ludovic Berthillot  
Lost Angels United (2016)
Director: Renn Reed  
Actors: Mark Barth   Nick Bly   Scott Coen  
Lost Transmission (2016)

A galactic civil war breaks out between the Free Traders and the New Federal Terran Alliance, in an order to control the...

Director: Rick McLeod  
Lurking (2016)
Director: Zachary Markley  
Magik (2016)
Director: Stephen Wallis  
Actors: Jim Broadbent   Jimmy Carr   Enzo Cilenti  
Mais Uma Dose (2016)
Actors: Rodrigo Dorta   Alex Sander Silva   Giovanne Taffuri  
Mamonas Assassinas (2016)
Director: Cláudio Kahns  
Actors: Rodrigo Faro   Leonardo William  
Manicurist Murderer (2016)
Director: Kristen Quitmeyer  
Marathon (2016)

Marathon is a movie based on the real events of the 2004 Olympic Men's Marathon in Athens, Greece, when the leading Braz...

Director: Aluizio Abranches  
Meaner Than Hell (2016)
Director: Kelvin Beer  
Men of Violence (2016)
Director: John A. Gallagher  
Methanol Memoir (2016)
Director: Christoffer Aldell  
Mile 232 (2016)

It is 1928 and a young, honeymooning couple seek their fame and fortune by making the bride the first woman to shoot the...

Mirror Syndrome (2016)
Director: Christoffer Aldell  
Mot Resans Slut (2016)
Director: Per-Anders Nilsson  
Mumbai Musical (2016)
Director: Kevin Lima  
Actors: Rohan Chand  
My Heart Dies with You: Part 2 (2016)
Director: Michael D. Walters  
Actors: Eddie Bauer Jr.   George Cisneros   Major Dodson  
Myth of the Devil (2016)

Myth of the Devil looks into how much the devil influences us on a day to day basis, does he really exist? Or is he a fi...

Actors: Suzanne Sadler  
Napoleon (2016)
Director: Rupert Sanders  
Nation Awakes (2016)
Director: Umair Nasir Ali  
Actors: Aamir Sajjad   Aamir Sajjad  
Nearer, My God, to Thee (2016)

Jakob Shmarkovitz, a childlike mentally disabled man, finds love with a ballerina in the middle of the Red Army's captur...

Director: Cristhian Andrews  
Actors: Adrian Foley   Ruya Koman  
Neuro Ora (2016)
Director: Alvaro Barragan   Carlo Serran  
Nicholas Jingle (2016)
Director: David Winters  
Noche Buena (2016)
Actors: Christopher Diaz   Andy Pita  
No Fear (2016)
Director: Oliver Theess  
Actors: Oliver Theess  
No Princess in the Castle (2016)
Director: Dave Danzara  
Actors: Cat DeSpira   Jeri Ellsworth   Isaiah Johnson  
Ocean Planet 3D (2016)
Director: Greg MacGillivray  
Offbeat (2016)
Director: Richard Bazley  
One Day I Too Go Fly (2016)

A coming of age documentary about 5 African youths on a quest for knowledge at an elite American university, MIT. Shooti...

Director: Arthur Musah  
O Sentido da Vida (2016)
Director: Miguel Gonçalves Mendes  
Actors: Julian Assange   John Cleese   Alain de Botton  
Patricius (2016)
Director: Matt Russell  
Pierrot le fou (2016)
Director: Jean-Marc Vincent  
Actors: Jean-Hugues Anglade   Antoine Basler   Dominique Bettenfeld  
Pilgrims of War (2016)

Struck by reckless paranoia and a disregard for Constitutional law, the United States government in the early l940s arre...

Director: Pam Bouvier  
Actors: Grace Johnston  
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2016)
Director: Joachim Rønning   Espen Sandberg  
Actors: Lee Arenberg   Paul Bazely   Mackenzie Crook  
Pony! (2016)
Director: Marie Mortensen  
Princess of Thieves (2016)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Julie Bretones   Gordon Fan   Erika Driscoll  
Pushing Life (2016)

Pushing Life is an inspirational story of purpose, determination and never giving up. Based on the life and experiences ...

Director: Tim VandeSteeg  
Red Army Rising (2016)
Director: Will Hess  
Reptilians (2016)
Director: Larry Wade Carrell   Scott B. Hansen   Karen Lam  
Requiem for the Ripper (2016)
Actors: Mischa Barton   Isabella Jantz  
Resurrection (2016)
Director: Kristof Hoornaert  
Rites to Silence (2016)
Director: Rick McLeod  
Room with a Guest (2016)
Director: Henric Brandt  
R.U.R. (2016)
Director: James Kerwin  
Actors: Kipleigh Brown   Chase Masterson  
Salaligan (2016)
Director: Per Hanefjord  
Secret Smile (2016)

Jack is an ex-CIA who is on the run. He is on the run due to a conflict of interest on an assignment that he is forced t...

Director: Josh L. Davis  
Actors: Michael Emery  
Secrets of Elsinore (2016)
Director: Julie Bretones  
Actors: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Silvertown (2016)
Director: Andrew Morahan  
Actors: Craig Fairbrass  
Sly Cooper (2016)
Director: Kevin Munroe  
Actors: Ian James Corlett   Chris Murphy   Matt Olsen  
Small Town Hero (2016)
Director: Alex Sander Silva  
Actors: Leonardo Alcântara   Leandro Andrade   Marcos A. Leme  
Snow Hill (2016)
Director: Gabriel Schultz   Oscar Frederick Welsh  
Actors: Nicolas Fobes   Neil Hunt   Robroy Robinz  
Stalker's, Inc. (2016)
Actors: Tracy Howe   Sabrina Gennarino  
St. Benedict, the Man of God (2016)
Director: Lorenzo Raveggi  
Sunday Town Music Project (2016)

The Sunday Town Music Project is a documentary about the history of Oklahoma Music and its continued influence on the In...

Director: Elvis Ripley  
Actors: Wayne Coyne   Megan Mullally  
Teacher's Pet (2016)
Director: Crystal Nicole Marcano  
Tears of God (2016)
Director: Robert Hillyer Barnett  
Actors: Michael Crabtree   Samuel Herring   Frank Mosley  
The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun (2016)
Director: Peter Jackson  
Actors: Jamie Bell   Andy Serkis  
The Beast Within (2016)
Director: Tom Holland  
The Big Picture (2016)
Director: Joe Radzicki  
Actors: Anthony Sabino   David Jack  
The Boy (2016)

In a time some 25,000 years ago, a small tribe located in a primal valley attempts to survive the many threats from the ...

The Broker (2016)
Director: Everett Hall-McNeill  
The Brontes (2016)

After moving to Haworth in 1820 and following the premature death of their mother, the young Bronte siblings Charlotte, ...

Director: David Anthony Thomas  
Actors: Rachel Teate  
The Danish Girl (2016)

Inspired by the true story of Danish painter Einar Wegener and his California-born wife, this tender portrait of a marri...

The Dreamstage (2016)
Director: Amit Ashraf   Zubuyer Kaolin  
The Event (2016)
Director: Luke Launer  
Actors: Luke Launer  
The Führer (2016)
Director: Joe Wheeler  
Actors: Joe Wheeler  
The Flash (2016)

While working in his lab during a storm one night, a bolt of lightning strikes a tray of chemicals soaking police scient...

The Flickering Light (2016)
Director: J. Michael Straczynski  
The Imagineering Story (2016)
Director: Leslie Iwerks  
Actors: Tony Baxter   Roland F. Crump   Walt Disney  
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