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The Last Game (2016)
Director: Gabriel Schmidt  
Actors: Christian Goodwin   Walker Haynes   Mark Alexander Herz  
The Last Men of Space (2016)
Director: Ansel Faraj  
Actors: Nathan Wilson   Kelly Erin Decker   Kathryn Leigh Scott  
The Magic Season (2016)
Actors: Wyatt Turner  
The Networking Club (2016)
Director: Shawn Doucette  
Actors: Reno Anastasio   Dan Casey   Dave Dedam  
The Pod (2016)
Actors: Teenager Sperm Whale  
The Psycho: Reloaded (2016)
Director: Jack Skyyler   Alex Zinzopoulos  
The Retribution (2016)
Director: Michael Giannantonio  
The Ritwik Ghatak Experience (2016)
Director: Arin Paul  
The Search for the Jersey Devil (2016)
Director: Chris Chaos  
The Wild Bunch (2016)
Director: Gaëtan Brizzi   Paul Brizzi  
Actors: Willem Dafoe   Robert Donnelly   Keegan-Michael Key  
The Young Rasputin (2016)
Director: Lazzaro  
Actors: Evgeniy Lazarev   Mikhail Tank  
This Is Our England (2016)
Director: Lauren Mackenzie  
Three Bad Men (2016)
Director: Danny Torres  
Actors: Chelese Belmont  
Throat (2016)
Director: Gabriel Schmidt  
Toymageddon (2016)
Director: Justin Lin  
Trolls (2016)
Director: Mike Mitchell  
Trouble Down Under (2016)

Written by Tony Findlay and Howard Jackson, "Trouble Down Under" is based on an original story by Findlay. Plot has peac...

Director: Steve Trenbirth  
Actors: Tony Bonner   Christian Clark   Andrew Daddo  
Turmoil (2016)
Director: Will Hess  
Twist of Fate (2016)

Living separate lives in separate worlds, Max and Talaya have both suffered similar tragedies. When Talaya leaves Jerusa...

Director: KaMeek Lucas Taitt  
Actors: Nathalie Bryant   Jeannine Guzzone   Wendy Marquez  
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2016)

A descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake, a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake believes he has learned the whereabouts...

Unity: Rise of the Corruption (2016)

A Millennium of peace ends as a spiral shaped portal between our dimension and the Deadzone opens releasing countless wa...

Director: Zack Akerman  
Actors: Zack Akerman   Zack Akerman   Zack Akerman  
Unknown Power (2016)

Unknown Power A scientist from Russia found out that someone sold a part of an alien spacecraft to the Russian Mafia, an...

Untitled Big Bopper Project (2016)
Director: Sohrab Mirmont  
Untitled Illumination Project 2 (2016)
Director: Garth Jennings  
Untitled Loch Ness Monster Project (2016)
Director: Randal Atamaniuk  
Untitled Pets Movie (2016)
Director: Yarrow Cheney   Chris Renaud  
Actors: Louis C.K.   Kevin Hart   Eric Stonestreet  
Untitled Steigert Project (2016)
Director: Adam R. Steigert  
Vengeance II (2016)
Director: Gil Medina  
Virus (2016)
Director: Cato Manuel Ekrene   Jørgen Langhelle  
Actors: Enrique Ekrene   Jørgen Langhelle   Silje Reinåmo  
Vision (2016)
Director: Zane Casablanca   Svenja Quazzani   Zane Quazzani   Steven M. Smith  
Actors: Mark Behar   Zane Casablanca   Jon-Paul Gates  
Warcraft (2016)
Director: Duncan Jones  
Actors: Clancy Brown   Dominic Cooper   Travis Fimmel  
Watershed (2016)
Director: Paul Lynch  
Actors: Graham Earley   Mirjana Rendulic  
WayPoint (2016)
Director: Ryan Unicomb  
Actors: Conrad Coleby   Josh Lawson   Matt Lucas  
When the City Sleeps (2016)

Kevin Hannigan (MMA Pro Shane 'InYaFace' Chojnacki) has been a top MMA fighter for many years, but after causing the acc...

Director: Alan Lee  
Actors: Nicholas Balzer   Shane Chojnacki   Sydney Samery  
Who the Hell Are Our Untold Story!? (2016)

Follow Stockholm based rock band Our Untold Story during their first 2 years as a band. Watch them fight their way up th...

Director: Sebastian Søgård   Alexander Wagenius  
Actors: Xander Turian   Johan Weidenhaijn   Oscar Magnuson  
Why (2016)
Director: John Kaylin  
X-Force (2016)
Director: Jeff Wadlow  
X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
Director: Bryan Singer  
Zero Tolerance (2016)
Director: Rick McLeod  
Zootopia (2016)

In the animal city of Zootopia, a fast-talking fox who's trying to make it big goes on the run when he's framed for a cr...

Director: Byron Howard  
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