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Redemption (2010)
Director: Richard Robertson  
Actors: Chris Bylsma   Nick Bylsma   Tyler Messner  
Regen (2010)
Director: Michael Chaves  
Actors: Greg Benson   Will Kohlschreiber   Derek Lux  
Reibaishi (2010)
Director: Naoki Matsumura  
Actors: Junichi Ishizuka   Masaya Muromachi   Chika Nagasaka  
Reign of Terror (2010)
Director: David Uloth  
Actors: Shawn Baichoo   Phil Harrison   James Milvain  
Release (2010)
Director: Serkan Nihat  
Actors: Serkan Nihat  
Repeaters (2010)

In Mission City, Kyle Halsted, Sonia Logan and Michael "Mike" Weeks are interned in a rehabilitation facility run by Bob...

Director: Carl Bessai  
Actors: Dustin Milligan   Amanda Crew   Richard de Klerk  
Repercussions (2010)

Amidst a violent transition in the Japanese mafia, Ken must finally face the mistakes of his past. He can trust no one a...

Director: Michael Shu  
Actors: Alvin Lam   Rhiann Woodyard   Sonny Saito  
Repo Men (2010)

In the future humans have extended and improved our lives through highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs c...

Director: Miguel Sapochnik  
Actors: Jude Law   Forest Whitaker   Alice Braga  
Represent (2010)
Director: Mike Wilson  
Actors: Aaron Takahashi   Kenzo Lee   Tim Chiou  
Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice (Jovovich), continues on her journey...

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson  
Actors: Milla Jovovich   Ali Larter   Kim Coates  
Resonance (2010)

A: The quality or state of being B: n physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with larger amplitude ...

Director: Karen Johannesen  
Respiración (2010)
Director: Brandon Roots  
Actors: Yvette Yates  
Resurrection of Serious Rogers (2010)

A cold-blooded assassin turns reckless and inadvertently rescues a potential victim from termination, inciting the wrath...

Director: Angelo Bell  
Actors: Cooper Harris   Mercedes Manning   Jamie Fishback  
Retribution (2010)

James and Rebbecca Perish are brutally murdered in their home by a local street gang. One year passes by and the street ...

Director: Walter Garcia  
Actors: Bryan Andino   Micheal Blouin   Prince Cruickshank  
Retribution (2010)

After his friend Max is mysteriously murdered, Ryan Mitchell wants to find out who was responsible. He targets two gangs...

Director: Mike Lordi  
Actors: Mike Lordi   Stephen R. Cafone   Patricia Torres  
Revamp (2010)
Director: Claudio Belluz  
Actors: Trey Moore   Angela Mitchell   Simon Kornblit  
Revved Up (2010)
Director: Lara Del Arte  
Actors: Gus Anderson   Greg Caine   Fabrizio Omodei  
Rhapsody (2010)

Jake and Alyssa are a young couple, deeply in love. In a twist of fate, Alyssa is killed on her way home from work one n...

Director: Rebecca Kiszkiel  
Actors: Ashley Moyer   Thomas Moyer   Thomas Moyer  
Rialto Twirlers (2010)
Director: Anne Maree Barry  
Richard Ma: Actionmaker (2010)

RICHARD MA ACTIONMAKER is an improvised, cinema verite-style film about a real person obsessed with transforming himself...

Director: Ian Kenji Barbour   Darren Heroux  
Actors: M. Chow   Darren Heroux   Jonathan Kuo  
Ricochet (2010)
Director: Basel Owies  
Actors: Mark Arnold   Wil Daniels   Jason E. Kelley  
Rien à perdre (2010)

Carl is a mafia agent and a tremendous fighter. He has a weird fantasy : fighting a man who would have nothing to loose....

Director: Gauthier Lamothe  
Actors: Frédéric Chau   Gregoire Marechal   Baccara de Paris  
Rikshawalar Chele (2010)
Director: Montazur Rahman Akbar  
Actors: Monwar Hossain Dipjol   Sirajul Islam Kiron  
Rivals (2010)
Director: Logan Cross  
Actors: Logan Cross   Peter Jang  
River Haven (2010)

Kathleen and Eric travel to the mysterious abandoned park called River Haven to take photographs. During their explorati...

Director: Barry Worthington  
Actors: Claudius Gray   Scott Kelly   Alex Tercero  
Road Less Traveled (2010)

After learning to live to the fullest from their father, James & Steven take on the adventure of a lifetime as they ride...

Director: James Beatty  
Actors: James Beatty   Steven Beatty   Michael Murray  
Road Rage (2010)
Director: Barbara Stepansky  
Actors: Keiko Agena  
Roadway for Strays (2010)

In 1930s America two brothers, having fallen into the ruthless lifestyle of gangsters, hide out in the woods while on th...

Director: Danny Donahue  
Actors: Dolan Personke   Rory Schulte   Lou Morris  
Rob Roar (2010)
Director: Matt Hilferty  
Actors: Anthony Horton   Stephen Hyams   Mike Moran  
Robin Hood (2010)

Birth of a legend. Following King Richard's death in France, archer Robin Longstride, along with Will Scarlett, Alan-a-D...

Director: Ridley Scott  
Actors: Russell Crowe   Cate Blanchett   Max von Sydow  
Robots (2010)
Director: Rajesh Pai  
Rock Bottom (2010)

Inspired by a true story, 'Rock Bottom' is a short film that was shot, produced and directed locally in the Detroit Metr...

Director: Wissam Bazzi  
Actors: Ahmad Ayoub   Hassan Bazzoun   Houda Fawaz  
Rock vs Rai (2010)
Director: Kamaal Brown  
Actors: Kamaal Brown   Justin Nataadiningrat  
Rock vs Rai 2 the Next Level (2010)
Director: Kamaal Brown  
Actors: André Broomfield   Kamaal Brown   Justin Nataadiningrat  
Rocksteady (2010)
Director: Mustapha Khan  
Actors: Cedric Sanders   Natalie Knepp   Jonny Orsini  
Rogues Gallery (2010)

A dry action-comedy about two teams of government assassins working out of a top-secret underground facility using code ...

Director: Fouad Mikati  
Actors: Joe Anderson   Rob Corddry   Ellen Barkin  
Rollers (2010)

Four lifelong friends while in college get seduced into a world of dealing drugs, they struggle between the morality of ...

Director: Romeo Antonio  
Actors: Joseph Dixon   Ronnie Marmo   Mitch Eakins  
Roof of Africa: The Kiwi Domination (2010)

A long time ago, in a land far away, the Roof of Africa was born. Over the past 40 years, this event has transformed its...

Actors: Chris Birch   Darryl Curtis   Erik Gamborg  
Rooftop Wars (2010)
Director: Miguel Silveira  
Actors: Arturo Linares   Jose Angel Torres   Charin Alvarez  
Room Service (2010)
Director: Colin Korbelas  
Actors: Corey Sorenson   Melina Lizette   Chance Dean  
Roshambo Apocalypse (2010)
Director: Samir Salem  
Actors: Sterling Price   Tom Proctor   Jess Allen  
Rotten Luck (2010)
Director: Joseph Meli  
Actors: Mario Bokara   Kiani Celis   James Ciccone  
Round 2 (2010)
Director: Dave Coyne   Keith Jodoin  
Actors: Dave Coyne   Devon Pipars  
Route Irish (2010)
Director: Ken Loach  
Actors: Mark Womack   Andrea Lowe   John Bishop  
Routine - News that kill (2010)
Director: Jan Sebastian Kayser  
Actors: Alexander Johnston   Marian Kulow   Chris Wartig  
Rua Mão Única (2010)
Director: André Gevaerd   Danilo Komniski  
Actors: André Ceccato   Black Gero   André Luís Patrício  
Run (2010)
Director: Seng Chen  
Actors: Chris Levesque   Lindsay Stegeman-Levesque  
Run Away Train (2010)
Director: Ruiqing Ma  
Run Granny Run! (2010)

The famous Ben Hur chariot race - but this time it's two elderly ladies at their zimmerframes! A darkly funny comedy tha...

Director: Nikolaus von Uthmann  
Actors: Klaus Sost   Rocco Stark   Christiane Blumhoff  
Run Little Rabbit (2010)
Director: John Bourque   Jeremy White  
Actors: Dana Bourque   Jeremy White  
Run Lola Runza (2010)
Director: Ian Snyder  
Actors: Derek Wietjes   Sonny Gonzalez   Trent Busboom  
Runner (2010)

"Who's the cowboy in the muscle car?" That's what the local sheriff wants to know in this modern day western thriller. T...

Director: Nicholas Reader  
Actors: Nick Torrens   Nigel Auguste   Mikayla Harrington  
Running Buddies (2010)
Director: Ira Rosensweig  
Actors: Loren Dunn   Evan Jacobs   Laurie Klugman  
Rush (2010)
Director: Annie Silverstein  
S.A.U. (2010)

Dex and Andrew enter into the little understood world of soccer hooliganism in Austin, TX. They soon learn that the pric...

Director: Jennifer Saenz  
Actors: Matthew Grathwol   Ted Haynie   Philip Kreyche  
SIXophrenia (2010)

A man awakes in a cuboid rock space. He is uncertain how he came to be there. He searches for his way home. He ventures ...

Director: Boris Gazibarich  
Actors: Boris Gazibarich  
Sa (2010)
Director: Jonah Aimz   Reed Kaufman  
Actors: Jonah Aimz   Ross Kaufman  
Safe by My Side (2010)

Surviving on the edge of poverty in the pristine jungles of the upper Amazon, Sergio and his younger brother Micos scrou...

Director: David Williams Lamb   Joshua Lamb  
Actors: Ben Andrews   Mauricio Cruz   Lenin Ushinia  
Salesman Pete and the Amazing Stone from Outer Space! (2010)

Pete is a nice and clumsy salesman. But he's also a deadly super secret agent with a microprocessor implanted into his b...

Director: Marc Bouyer   Max Loubaresse   Anthony Vivien  
Actors: Matthew Géczy  
Salt (2010)

Evelyn Salt is a CIA agent and highly respected by all, including her boss, Ted Winter. Out of the blue, a Russian spy w...

Director: Phillip Noyce  
Actors: Angelina Jolie   Liev Schreiber   Chiwetel Ejiofor  
Salvage (2010)
Director: Joey Wong  
Actors: Steven Hooper   Danielle Phillips   Paul Ellener  
Salvation Road (2010)

David (Kazy Tauginas) is a hit-man with a crisis of conscience. The final words of his most latest mark linger in his mi...

Director: Kazy Tauginas  
Actors: Lawrence Ballard   Julio Ferreira   Dion Green  
Sambo Siva Sambho (2010)
Director: Samuthirakani  
Actors: Ravi Teja   Allari Naresh   Siva Balaji  
Samurai Ayothaya (2010)

Based on a true historic figure during Ayothaya Era, the film depicts the life of Yamada Nagamasa, a Japanese adventurer...

Director: Nopporn Watin  
Actors: Seigi Ozeki   Kanokkorn Jaicheun   Sorapong Chatree  
Samurai sentai Shinkenjâ tai Gôonjâ Ginmakuban! (2010)
Director: Shôjirô Nakazawa  
Actors: Tôri Matsuzaka   Tôri Matsuzaka   Hiroki Aiba  
Sanchez (2010)

Sonny Sanchez is a seedy man out for one thing and one thing only, Cocaine. When Diego de Grassa finds out that Sonny is...

Director: Jeremy Brenner   Chris Haines  
Actors: Jeremy Brenner   Chris Haines   Alex Contreras  
Santa Holocaust (2010)

Santa's been keeping a close eye on the world, but when everyday immorality keeps getting worse, he decides it's time to...

Director: Matthew Castro  
Actors: Nick Afanasiev   Matthew Castro   Daunte Cordova  
Satsujin Douga Site 2 (2010)
Director: Yôhei Fukuda  
Actors: Akiyama Ao   Akihiro Kawatsura   Takuya Motono  
Sauce (Verb): To Make Agreeable or Less Harsh (2010)

Here at Reliable Insurance, each day is the same. Each hour drags on until released for the evening, to come back and do...

Director: Jerry Digby  
Actors: Paul Howard   Corey Joseph   Adam Kluger  
Scape (2010)

Based on the short story 'The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes' by Rudyard Kipling, Scape takes place in the early 1800s ...

Director: Taegen Carter  
Actors: Ben Furmaniak   Ludwig Manukian   Bree Condon  
Scapegoat (2010)

Darkness falls across the streets of Miami. The sounds of guns and drugs overshadow one man's revenge to make his nightm...

Director: Geovanni Molina  
Actors: Geovanni Molina   Melissa Jayne   Nate Brown  
Scar Tissue (2010)
Director: Rosemary Talavera  
Actors: Mike Oganyan  
Scarfoot 2 (2010)

John 'Scarfoot' Koslov has been tracked down by the boss who betrayed him and now he has a new job to complete. But what...

Director: Robert Popiel  
Actors: Fabian Peters   Robert Popiel  
Scorned (2010)
Director: Waheed AlQawasmi  
Actors: Jon Marie Stanley   Hailey Giles   Christian Walker  
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim plays in a band which aspires to success. He dates Knives Chau, a high-school girl five years younger, and...

Director: Edgar Wright  
Actors: Michael Cera   Alison Pill   Mark Webber  
Screenplay (2010)
Director: Nicholas Acosta  
Actors: Rhett Swanson   Savannah Schoenecker   Chris Mock  
Scruples (2010)

Two 'cleaners' for a criminal organisation have the job to threaten, silence and dispose of anyone who interferes in the...

Director: Adrian Powers  
Actors: James Shepherd   Johan Earl   Jack O'Rourke  
Seance (2010)
Director: Ken Feinberg  
Actors: Joshua Drew  
Sebastians Verden (2010)
Director: Knut Møller-Lien  
Actors: Andreas Wilson   Christian Strand   Charles Wojnicki  
Second World: Blood, Fire and Smoke (2010)

Taking place four years after the events of Second World; Blood, Fire and Smoke follows the estranged McCann siblings an...

Director: Otis Lowe  
Actors: Ace Malik   Altorro Prince Black   Amanda Zielsdorf  
Secret Lover (2010)
Director: Nicholas Gianforti  
Actors: Nicholas Gianforti   Ingrid Seid   Nick Masciangelo  
See piu fung wan (2010)
Director: Kwok-Man Keung  
Actors: Simon Yam   Kiu Wai Miu   Fala Chen  
Seeking Death (2010)
Director: Ray Hebert   Ryan Murchison  
Actors: Mark Krutov   Doug Lee  
Seetharamula Kalyanam Lankalo (2010)

Chandrashekhar Mathur is a Kabaddi Champion, studies in Guru Nanak Institute, where the Principal is an expect in martia...

Director: Y. Eshwara Reddy  
Actors: Hansika Motwani   Hansika Motwani   Nitin  
Segurança Nacional (2010)
Director: Roberto Carminati  
Actors: Thiago Lacerda   Ângela Vieira   Milton Gonçalves  
Seize (2010)
Director: Bill Cornelius   Luke Dye  
Actors: Katie Groshong   Scott Moreno   J.D. Hart  
Sekso (2010)
Director: Carlos Florez  
Actors: Eduardo Castillo  
Sentido obligatorio (2010)

Ernesto is one of the elements of a complex and dangerous plan that is about to fail, what leads him and his companions ...

Director: Juan Carlos Guerra  
Actors: Carlos Cabra   Óscar Corrales   Fernando Miró  
Seres: Genesis (2010)
Director: Angel M. Huerta  
Actors: Gonzalo Vega   Manuel Balbi   Alejandra Barros  
Served Cold (2010)
Director: Stefón L.C.  
Actors: Jermaine Broady   Matt Dotson   Stephen Inghram  
Session 2601 (2010)

Session 2601 tells the story of Robert Nelson and his visit with Dr. Lanner, a woman capable of opening his mind, and fo...

Director: Brian Maurer  
Actors: Steven Buehler   Daniel Jordan   Ray Shea  
Sexy Mortal (2010)
Actors: Carlos de Leon   Jowi López   Lorenzo Orozco  
Señora Maestra (2010)
Director: Ricardo Perez-Roulet  
Actors: Mariana Seoane   Eric del Castillo   Sophia Arias  
Sganarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold (2010)
Director: Michel Duran   Jay Lewyn  
Actors: Michel Duran   Lawrence Green   Jay Lewyn  
Shaapit: The Cursed (2010)

Wealthy Aman Bhargav and Kaaya Shekhawat are in love and would like to get married. While driving the duo meet with an a...

Director: Vikram Bhatt  
Actors: Aditya Narayan   Shweta Agarwal   Shubh Joshi  
Shades of Grey (2010)

Shades of Grey is a documentary on the shades of Grey in human life, on heroism and powerlessness, moreover on what happ...

Director: Saskia van Den Heuvel  
Shades of a Killer (2010)

"Some things are worth fighting for" Once upon a time there was a man named Jaan, A son to a murdered hitman, A protege ...

Director: Kemal Yildirim  
Actors: Kemal Yildirim   Saima Yildirim   Mohammad Amar  
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