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Assassin (2014)
Director: J.K. Amalou  
Actors: Gabriel Cameron   Robert Cavanah   Chris Chappell  
Asylum (2014)

Directed, Written, Produced by Uzair Sipra. Co-Producer-Kashif Akhtar. Feature film focuses on Asylum Seekers in Hong Ko...

Director: Uzair Sipra  
Actors: Kashif Akhtar   Chris   Andrew Dasz  
Atomic Eden (2014)
Director: Nico Sentner  
Actors: Fred Williamson   Mike Möller   Hazuki Kato  
Audax (2014)

Kit Taylor, a disgraced ex-space captain gets his shot at redemption when he is asked to become a test pilot for a dange...

Director: Andrew St Maur  
Aura (2014)

A science team led by a man who can see people's auras finds they are humanity's only defense against an evil spreading ...

Autobahn (2014)
Director: Eran Creevy  
Actors: Nicholas Hoult   Amber Heard  
Autonagar Surya (2014)
Director: Katta Deva  
Actors: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni   Samantha Ruth Prabhu   Sai Kumar  
Avery & Pete: Superseeds (2014)
Director: Kholi Hicks  
Actors: Ricky Faust   Keye Chen   Justin Cone  
Awesome Like Albert (2014)

More than a decade has passed since film director Nick Price has won his last Oscar Award. He has been through a dry pat...

Director: Wilbur Eddings  
Actors: Stephen Preston   Jena Waldron  
Awful Sexy (2014)

Two and Eddie are life-long best friends and small time hustlers. When a sure thing business venture goes horribly wrong...

Director: Jeremy Profe  
Aztec Warrior (2014)
Director: Scott Sanders  
Actors: Kelly Connolly  
BB4: Fall Reykjavíkur (2014)

The film Brenndir Bananar:Fall Reykjavíkur is the fourth film in the exciting series of short films that briefly discus...

Director: Jökull Bergsveinsson  
Actors: Brynjar Snær Arnarsson   Viktor Helgi Benediktsson   Jökull Bergsveinsson  
Babylon (2014)

A 12 year-old Jamaican boy from the ghettos of Kingston("CASPAR"), a Rasta from the isolated hills of Jamaica ("JEREMIAH...

Director: Kenny Leon  
Babyshower (2014)

When uninvited guests show up at a babyshower, the party turns into an ordeal for the four women held captive at gunpoin...

Director: Philip Robinson  
Actors: Katherine Ramdeen   Christy Manuel   Joy Castro  
Bach from the Dead (2014)
Director: Andy Sexton  
Actors: Josh Kay   Blake Lindsey   Andy Sexton  
Bad Asses (2014)
Director: Craig Moss  
Actors: Danny Trejo   Danny Glover   Andrew Divoff  
Bad Country (2014)

Inspired by real events, BAD COUNTRY is a gritty Louisiana set crime drama. Detective Bud Carter's investigations lead t...

Director: Chris Brinker  
Actors: Don Yesso   Alex Solowitz  
Bad Guys (2014)
Director: Vincent McLean  
Actors: Vincent McLean   Tommy Nash   James Nasimi  
Bad Influence (2014)
Actors: Daniil Strakhov   Anna Gorshkova   Elena Korikova  
Bad Seeds of Loving Spring (2014)

"Bad Seeds of Loving Spring" is an 1887 period Western/Thriller about a bounty hunting drifter's struggle to overcome an...

Badlands (2014)

After centuries of peace, an ancient war is brewing. Using the Human Realm, Earth, as a theatre of war; supernatural for...

Bakumatsu Kôkôsei (2014)
Director: Toshio Lee  
Actors: Hiroshi Tamaki   Satomi Ishihara  
Balala the Fairies: The Magic Trial (2014)
Actors: Daisy Cakes   Jin Mai Jaho  
Balistik (2014)
Director: Silver  
Actors: Jack Lim   Rosyam Nor   Ady Putra  
Bandido 2: Thief of the Heart (2014)
Director: Chee Keong Cheung  
Actors: Carlos Gallardo  
Bang Bang (2014)
Director: Siddharth Anand  
Actors: Parth Akerkar   Steven Clarke   Danny Denzongpa  
Baptism (2014)

A tube train is taken hostage in a tunnel on the London Underground. The train is slowly filled with water from an under...

Director: Phil Hawkins  
Barely Lethal (2014)
Director: Kyle Newman  
Actors: Gabriel Basso   Thom Bishops   Demetrius Bridges  
Bargain (2014)

An urban thriller about one man's journey from asylum seeker with a troubled past to urban hero. Zoran finds himself on ...

Director: Chris Fretwell   Calum Rhys  
Actors: Greg Hobbs   Dragos Bucur   Tommy O'Neill  
Batman: Arkham Knight (2014)

One year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, Gotham City has found itself in a state of complete disarray. While ...

Director: Osokwe Tychicus Vasquez  
Actors: Cody Vaughan   Cody Vaughan   Darrell Womack  
Batter (2014)

A serial killer shooting innocent people with foreign appearance in Malmoe, Sweden. One of the shots will change the two...

Director: Manuel Concha  
Actors: Daniel Cvetkovic   Mikael Cvetkovic   Miodrag Stojanovic  
Battle (2014)

The story begins with Johnny, a loving husband and father. After losing his young daughter and his own parents in a deva...

Director: John Jillard Sr.  
Actors: John Jillard Sr.   Brian Anthony Wilson   Kimberly Bada  
Battle B-Boy (2014)

A group of talented but financially struggling B-Boys join an underground fighting ring in Downtown Los Angeles that use...

Director: Frank Lin  
Actors: Jae Phan   Alison Dahlstrom   Ricky Cole  
Beach Cougar Gigolo (2014)

A fun-loving yet trouble prone Iraq/Afghanistan war vet comes home to Santa Barbara after his service, only to find a fa...

Actors: Shamus Murphy   Sewell Whitney   Brett Butler  
Beautiful Destroyer (2014)

In this sequel to the award winning film Interludes (2012), JAKE MORRISON (Christopher Dorrah)is a dedicated and respect...

Director: Christopher Dorrah   Tracy Wren  
Actors: Numa Perrier   Tahiry Jose   Christopher Dorrah  
Becoming Mr. Buyer (2014)
Director: James Kingstone  
Actors: Lillie Claire   Raresh DiMofte  
Beyond (2014)
Actors: Michael Dane   Aidan Flynn   Jolene Kay  
Beyond Justice (2014)

A young criminal defense attorney struggles with a homicide case that is not as cut and dry as it appears while battling...

Director: Wes Miller   Timothy Woodward Jr.  
Actors: Timothy Woodward Jr.   Mischa Barton   Vinnie Jones  
Beyond the Mask (2014)
Director: Chad Burns  
Actors: Andrew Cheney   John Rhys-Davies   Kara Killmer  
Bhaiyyaji Superhitt (2014)
Director: Neeraj Pathak  
Actors: Sunny Deol   Preity Zinta   Simran Kaur Mundi  
Big Game (2014)

When Air Force One is shot down by terrorists leaving the President of the United States stranded in the wilderness, the...

Director: Jalmari Helander  
Actors: Jaymes Butler  
Big Hero 6 (2014)

Brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-...

Director: Don Hall   Chris Williams  
Billy Trigger (2014)

Irish mobster Billy Trigger (John Fallon) has been Pops (Fred Williamson) number one enforcer for three years now. And f...

Director: Christian Viel  
Actors: John Fallon   Fred Williamson   Pia El Metni  
Bing Feng Xia (2014)

A Ming Dynasty palace guard - wrongly accused of a murder - is being hunted by his three sworn brothers and all four get...

Director: Wing-cheong Law  
Actors: Donnie Yen   Baoqiang Wang   Shengyi Huang  
Bing Feng Xia II (2014)
Director: Wing-cheong Law  
Actors: Donnie Yen   Baoqiang Wang   Shengyi Huang  
Bingo Night (2014)
Director: Jordan Liebowitz  
Actors: Lynne Marie Stewart   Mindy Sterling   Brenda Pickleman  
Bitter (2014)

Beth and Nicole are two very different women thrown together one night when each of them commits a crime of passion. The...

Director: Jason Armstrong  
Actors: Chris Carnel   Kane Hodder   Don Money  
Black Bishop (2014)
Director: Nico Toffoli  
Actors: Franco Nero   Nico Toffoli  
Black Rose (2014)
Director: Alexander Nevsky  
Actors: Alexander Nevsky   Kristanna Loken   Adrian Paul  
Black Salt (2014)

With only four days left the clock ticks down towards a new world holocaust. The only thing standing in its path is Inte...

Director: Ben Ramsey  
Actors: Arnold Chon   Umar Khan   James Lew  
Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted (2014)

Based on the Beyond Time property, 'Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted' chronicles the eponymous martial arts super-heroine just...

Director: Patricio Ginelsa Jr.  
Actors: Rico E. Anderson   Bora Celebi   Nicholas Corralez  
Black/Out (2014)
Director: Stanley J. Orzel  
BlackJacks (2014)
Director: Nicolas Aaron Mezzanatto  
Actors: James C. Burns   Jose Luis Cordovez   Roark Critchlow  
Blackhats (2014)

A reformed, hot-tempered bounty hunter, finds his new harmonious life as a Fugitive Recovery Agent threatened. He must t...

Director: LaRon Austin  
Actors: Errol Sadler   Doris Morgado   Ted Huckabee  
Blackline: The Beirut Contract (2014)

LOG LINE Blackline:The Beirut contract is based actual events from never before seen military case files. Three soldiers...

Director: Christian Johnson   Christian Johnston  
Actors: Max Ryan   Grant Masters   Lewis Alsamari  
Blacklits (2014)

There has been a world disaster and the surviving cities' buildings have been merged together creating an enclosed city ...

Director: Timothy Fielding  
Actors: Adrian Annis   Julian Boote   Timothy Cullingworth Hudson  
Blacksite (2014)
Director: Sidney England  
Actors: Lucas James   Set Shuter  
Bleeding Sunshine (2014)
Director: Yaa Boaa Aning  
Actors: Chris Attoh  
Bliksem (2014)
Director: George Max Trummler  
Actors: Goku Saiyan Drago   Hameed Elsayed  
Blonde Squad (2014)

They're beautiful, they're brilliant, and they can kick your butt. The captivating crime-fighting four who are the maste...

Director: Benny Tjandra  
Actors: Paula Thebert   Summer Cummings   Elizabeth Starr  
Blood Heist (2014)
Director: Giorgio Serafini  
Blood Mercury (2014)

A renegade federal agent confiscates a deadly chemical warfare virus and attempts to make it to a safe house where a sci...

Director: Len Kabasinski  
Actors: Brian Anthony   Luc Bernier   Steve Brown  
Blood in the Streets (2014)
Director: Michael Adante  
Blowback (2014)

Blowback follows ex-Special Forces Op, David Craig, as he takes his 15 year old daughter Marcy to Sydney to show her whe...

Director: Kimble Rendall  
Blue Eyed Samurai (2014)
Director: Marcel Langenegger  
Blue Suede (2014)
Director: J.R. Hepburn  
Actors: Saintura Badeau   Marshall Berenson   Stewart Berg  
Blunt Force (2014)

BLUNT FORCE follows the downward spiral of war-hero Russell Warrington who is released stateside from Afghanistan after ...

Director: Daniel Zirilli  
Actors: Adam Von Rothfelder   Dan Henderson   Saye Yabandeh  
Boom Bar (2014)
Director: Mell Schaer  
Actors: Arturo Adame   Mitch Alcala   Brian Allen  
Boone: The Bounty Hunter (2014)
Director: David Winning  
Actors: John Hennigan  
Booted (2014)

Booted is a comedy with heart about Will Kelinsky, a charming deadbeat who meets his inevitable fate when his car gets b...

Director: Shaun Paul Costello  
Actors: Greg Bell   Alan Ruck   Shaun Paul Costello  
Born to Race: Fast Track (2014)

Danny Krueger is a twenty-year old drag racer who plays by his own rules. After winning a scholarship to the prestigious...

Director: Alex Ranarivelo  
Actors: Brett Davern   Beau Mirchoff   Bill Sage  
Bounty Hunter (2014)
Director: Po-Chih Leong  
Boxed (2014)
Director: John T. Connor  
Actors: Mark Hulsey   Chadwick Pelletier   Pete Punito  
Boyka: Undisputed IV (2014)
Director: Isaac Florentine  
Actors: Scott Adkins  
Brad Pitt/David Ayer Untitled (2014)

April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy...

Director: David Ayer  
Actors: Michael Peña  
Brass Knuckles (2014)

Finch and Rabbit are two small time crooks trying to make it big. When Rabbit jumps at an opportunity for them to get a ...

Director: Erick Geisler  
Actors: Kevin Brown   Rashad Evans   Said Faraj  
Bravo 1 (2014)

In the near future, a television corporation has developed the software to create an alternate universe. A man by the na...

Director: Billy Surges  
Actors: Billy Surges   Katie Meyers   Audelynn S. Crespo  
Breakdown (2014)
Actors: Remo Vinzens  
Breakdown Forest 2 (2014)
Director: Patrick Roy Beckert  
Actors: Patrick Roy Beckert   Maximilian Friedmann   Hubertus Geller  
Breaking Good (2014)
Director: Ryan Strandjord  
Breaking Tradition (2014)
Director: Felix  
Actors: Michael Irby   Niyanta Acharya   Leonidas Gulaptis  
Breakout (2014)

Here we step into the world of MAX, the leader of a street mob called THE BISHOPS. Max is driven to great lengths by his...

Director: Kurt E. Soderling  
Actors: Kody Corduan   Garland Spencer   Jonathan Stanton  
Brick Mansions (2014)
Director: Camille Delamarre  
Actors: Paul Walker   David Belle   Catalina Denis  
Bridge to Redemption (2014)
Director: Bobby Sargent  
Broken (2014)

John Tossel's parents have surrounded him with everything that money can buy, but his life seems empty. As he searches f...

Director: Damian X. Fulton  
Actors: Soren Fulton   Felix Ryan   Whitney Goin  
Broken Angels (2014)
Director: Tony Clomax  
Actors: Jacob Berger   Richard Bird   John Borras  
Broken Nation: Severed Nations (2014)
Director: Noel J. Rainford  
Actors: Alan Andrews   Gavin Jackson   Rick McLeod  
Brothers (2014)

Two brothers from a background of crime, murder and drugs. Grown up not knowing right from wrong born in a suburban coun...

Director: Darren Lynch  
Actors: Darren Lynch   Conner Lynch   Indigo Palmer-Miller  
Brothers and Enemies (2014)
Director: Isabel Cueva  
Actors: Isabel Cueva  
Brugato (2014)
Director: Rahul Verma  
Brush with Danger (2014)
Director: Livi Zheng  
Actors: Ken Zheng   Livi Zheng   Nikita Breznikov  
Brutal (2014)
Director: Donald Lawrence Flaherty  
Actors: Morgan Benoit   Jeff Hatch   David Mattey  
Brütål Mürk (2014)
Director: Bjarni Gautur  
Actors: The Amazing Stebbi   Andri Björn Birgisson   Ari Björn  
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