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Bud/s (2014)

Charlie is hell-bent on becoming a Navy SEAL in order to gain the respect of his overbearing military father.

Director: Micah Lyons  
Actors: Dan Davies   Micah Lyons   Trey Munden  
Buds (2014)
Actors: Tim Burd   Edward Furlong   Ron Jeremy  
Bug Out (2014)
Director: Rob Walker  
Actors: Daniel Samonas   Daniel Curtis Lee   Olga Safari  
Bullet (2014)
Director: Nick Lyon  
Actors: Danny Trejo   Torsten Voges   Jonathan Banks  
Bunny the Killer Thing (2014)

At the dark winter woods of Finland, a group of Finnish and British people get stuck to a cabin when a creature which is...

Director: Joonas Makkonen  
Actors: Orwi Imanuel Ameh   Juha-Matti Halonen   Raimo Hytti  
Bunyip (2014)
Director: Miri Stone   Denby Weller  
Actors: Kristiano Carroll   Sam Lyndon   Andy Marsh  
Burden of Freedom (2014)
Director: Gary Hubb  
Actors: Pete Freeland   Kyle Hester   Peter Murnik  
Burial Ground (2014)
Director: Adam J. Dunn  
Actors: Warren Anderson   Aaron Aoki   Bill Borea  
Burning Hearts (2014)

The naive and somewhat criminal Jimmy from Malmö dream of a new life abroad, but for that he needs a large amount of mo...

Director: Jonas Overton  
Actors: Linus Nilsson   Josefine Ekman   Dragomir Mrsic  
Burning Sun (2014)

While traveling in Rio de Janeiro, a CIA operative falls in love with a beautiful woman. When she's suddenly kidnapped i...

Director: William Kaufman  
Actors: Cole Hauser   Anderson Silva   Krzysztof Soszynski  
By the Devil's Watch 2 (2014)
Director: Justin Evangelista  
Actors: Chad Bianco   John Creson   Matt Darst  
Børning (2014)
Director: Hallvard Bræin  
Actors: Lars Arentz-Hansen   Anders Baasmo Christiansen   Marcelo Galván  
C.O.O.L.I.O Time Travel Gangster (2014)

The recession effects everyone, even gangsters, especially when they want to go straight. The Charles gang didn't want t...

Director: Paul J. Lane  
Actors: Geoff Bell   Vicki Michelle   Paul J. Lane  
Call Me King (2014)

In the international world of gun running... loyalty, honor and discretion are valuable commodities, but nothing is more...

Director: R.L. Scott  
Actors: Amin Joseph   Bai Ling   Chris Mulkey  
Call of Duty Undead (2014)
Director: James Clark III   Aleksandar Ivicic  
Actors: Luke Aitchison   Phill Beith   Joshua Bornhoeft  
Cane & Boyd (2014)
Director: Damien Bray  
Actors: Christoph Sanders   K.C. Clyde  
Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours (2014)

The Dark Knight returns for a fan-film that does Batman justice. "Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours" is a film that delves ...

Director: Ramsey Eassa  
Actors: Marc Bode   Frankie Capobianco   David Cook  
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
Director: Anthony Russo   Joe Russo  
Actors: Dan Anders   Dan Anders   Cullum Andrews  
Careers: A Martial Arts Love Story (2014)
Director: Colin Stewart  
Actors: Paul Big Bear   Nik Catello   Marten Eckerstrom  
Cat Run 2 (2014)
Director: John Stockwell  
Actors: Luke Sexton  
Cat Sitting (2014)
Director: Wollie Boehm  
Actors: Victoria Ashford   Lara Jane   Sonja Wirwohl  
Category 5 (2014)
Director: Rob King  
Actors: Burt Reynolds   C. Thomas Howell   Lisa Sheridan  
Charlie Mantle (2014)
Director: Fred Carpenter  
Actors: Robert Funaro   Armand Assante   Sean Young  
Chav (2014)

14 years old and ignorant to the real world, Lewis Roberts lives in the Medway Towns, His mum Melissa is a drunk, his br...

Director: Jay Cosme  
Actors: Jay Cosme  
Checkpost (2014)

Three lives that will never be the same again. Three lives wounded by one bullet. On a remote highway in Pakistan, the s...

Director: Aneel Ahmad  
Actors: Manjinder Virk   Phil Gwilliam   Elisabeth Shahlavi  
Chick Flick (2014)

Hollywood hopefuls SYD and JOEY are just two gals awaiting their lucky break, serving drinks at a posh Beverly Hills hot...

Director: Tamela D'Amico  
Actors: Brett Ratner   Tristan Carrasco   Tamela D'Amico  
Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins (2014)

A turf war has been raging in Oldtown for generations. On one side, The Syndicate - an evil gang of crank-head misfits, ...

Director: Jonathan Keevil  
Actors: Tyler Dawson   Jonathan Keevil   Evan Glodell  
Cicak Man 3 (2014)
Actors: Zizan Raja Lawak   Lisa Surihani  
Cigarette Soup (2014)
Director: Damian Voerg  
Actors: Joshua Wills   Dina Shihabi  
Cinderella Li (2014)
Director: Victor Hobson  
City Boys (2014)
Director: Mandy Csc  
Actors: Sachin Aggarwal   Navdeep Bohria   Mandy Csc  
Clan of the Vein (2014)

The world has been rid of all vampires by a mysterious assassin named Ian MacBane. Or has it? MacBane, a vampire himself...

Clank's Nemesis (2014)
Director: Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Actors: David Anghel   Emilio Janhunen Calderón   Emilio Janhunen Calderón  
Clara (2014)
Director: Gregory Breen  
Actors: Sofia Stefou   Daniel Wyse   Aieron Munro  
Cleanland (2014)

Born of French Creole parents, Renee Arceneux invested her entire life into her struggling security software company, Ar...

Director: Jefferson Jones  
Actors: Heidi Lewandowski   Richard Cannon   Raphael Robinson  
Cleric (2014)
Director: Sean-Michael Argo   David R. Williams  
Actors: Seregon O'Dassey   Aaron Krygier   Bryan Patrick Stoyle  
Clock Out (2014)
Director: Brad Hodge  
Actors: Joshua Mark Robinson   Shaun Gerardo  
Coast Mafia (2014)

Shin, a good family friend and business partner of the DeLeon family has become bitter from being cut out of a handful o...

Director: Samedy Khun  
Actors: Richard Koyasu Park   Lane Townsend   Tonia Marie Rosée  
Cobra 405 (2014)

Based on the novel 'Cobra 405' by Damien Lewis and what is still regarded as the world's largest unsolved bank heist, in...

Cockroaches (2014)
Director: Christoffer Aldell  
Actors: Clive Ashborn   Seth Bacon   Ronald J. Burkard  
Code 0044 (2014)
Director: Dionysios Nikolaos Lountzis  
Actors: Anthony Barrow   Ty Gulliver   Dionysios Nikolaos Lountzis  
Codename Barracuda (2014)

A super secret division of the intelligence community targets, recruits, and trains women who are not likely to be misse...

Director: Marc Walton  
Cold Dark Mirror (2014)

Cold Dark Mirror follows a young Witch-Hunter, Lydia, who stumbles upon the dark secret of the Unseen World; a shadow wo...

Director: David T. Krupicz  
Actors: Ry Barrett   Christopher Lee Grant   Christopher Lee Grant  
Cold: Choices (2014)
Director: Nick Jones Jr.  
Actors: Neil Brown Jr.   Tyler Griffin   Nick Jones Jr.  
Colt 45 (2014)
Director: Fabrice Du Welz  
Actors: Gérard Lanvin   Ymanol Perset   Alice Taglioni  
Combat Wounds (2014)
Director: Joseph Hofer  
Actors: Austin Burmeister   Joseph Hofer   Jordan Miller  
Comics Are My Rock 'n' Roll (2014)

This film tells the story of a scatty comic-book loving duo attempting to put together the UKs first international self-...

Director: Daniel Baldwin  
Containment (2014)
Director: Tony Tompkins  
Actors: Scott Brownlee   Ian Estey   Josh Gaudet  
Contract Killers (2014)
Director: Mathew John Pearson  
Actors: Richard S Alexander   Dallas Barnett   Renee Cataldo  
Convict (2014)

Set in the dark and old Parramatta prison built by the original convicts our lead character Ray a war veteran finds hims...

Director: David Field and George Basha   George Basha  
Actors: Alex Acosta   Stephen Anderton   David Field and George Basha  
Corbin's List (2014)
Director: Ben Jagger  
Corpsemen (2014)
Director: Brett Simmons  
Cosmic-Man (2014)
Director: Mitesh Kumar Patel  
Countless (2014)
Director: Jack Adams   Harry Bennett  
Actors: Jack Adams   Harry Bennett  
Cowboys vs. Zombies (2014)
Director: Carmelo Follo  
Cowgirl Romance (2014)
Director: Colin Stewart  
Actors: Mike Mitchell   Kathy Krantz   Sharon Agina  
Creed of Gold (2014)
Director: Daniel Knudsen  
Actors: Taylor Lindsey   Taylor Lindsey   Ellen Lawrence  
Criminal (2014)

After a brutal home invasion claim his wife and unborn child, officer Marcus Taylor becomes a vigilante assassin by nigh...

Director: Denzel Whitaker  
Actors: Kevin Phillips   Kevin Phillips   Jen Yeager  
Crisis Function (2014)
Director: Nathyn Masters  
Actors: Anita Nicole Brown   Shavar D. Clark   Shannon Lee  
Crossover (2014)
Director: James Sterling  
Crossroads (2014)

The story of Leo Staggs Diego and his fight with self destruction. An Action Drama about the life of an ex military, ex ...

Director: Rydell Danzie  
Actors: Rydell Danzie   Shannan Leigh Reeve   Matt Jayson  
Crossroads (2014)
Director: Edris Ne  
Actors: Dibyendu Bhattacharya   Richard Guppy   Masood Khan  
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny (2014)
Director: Woo-ping Yuen  
Actors: Donnie Yen   Michelle Yeoh  
Crows Explode (2014)
Director: Toshiaki Toyoda  
Actors: Elly   Masahiro Higashide   Takanori Iwata  
Cuffs & Shield (2014)
Director: Mauricio Ovalle  
Actors: Blake Carrington   David Church   Brian Distance  
D Company (2014)

A Trilogy of 3 independent short movies and a complete story. The filming of the three short films are only completed ti...

Director: Deepan   Joshi   Shaji Kailas   M. Padmakumar   Vinod Vijayan  
Actors: Jayasurya   Prithviraj Sukumaran   Asif Ali  
DC: A New Spy Is Born (2014)
Actors: Roger Acraman  
Da nao tian gong (2014)

Sun Wukong, (The Monkey King) is a monkey born from a heavenly stone who acquires supernatural powers. After rebelling a...

Director: Pou-Soi Cheang  
Actors: Donnie Yen   Donnie Yen   Yun-Fat Chow  
Dahlias: Wild Card (2014)
Director: Sonalii Castillo   Sam Puefua  
Actors: Sonalii Castillo   April Rawlings   Alyssa M. Jones  
Damn Cold (2014)
Director: Gregory Mackenzie  
Actors: Giovanni Cirfiera   Giovanni Cirfiera  
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

A growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is threatened by a band of human survivors of the devastating...

Director: Matt Reeves  
Actors: Kirk Acevedo   John L. Armijo   Jon Arthur  
Day of the Beast (2014)
Director: John Woo  
Daylight's End (2014)

Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rog...

Director: William Kaufman  
Actors: Johnny Strong   Lance Henriksen   Louis Mandylor  
De Schoonmaakster (2014)
Director: Marc Raps   Evelien van Raaij  
Actors: Don Alphonso   Torsten Colijn   Nisse Eimers  
Dead End (2014)

Scorpion head is WANTED for leading the abduction of various 13 year old girls from around the world. The girls are trai...

Director: Tazito Garcia  
Actors: Joe Barbosa   Vlad Boskovic   Jile Cai  
Dead Sea (2014)
Director: Brandon Slagle  
Actors: Brandon Slagle   Jonathan Williams   Paul Amoy  
Dead Weight (2014)
Director: Tony Pauletto  
Dead Wrong (2014)

This adrenaline pumping "who done it" has a twist for people that feel they have lost the courage to stand up to life. I...

Director: Damon Britain  
Actors: Grayson Berry  
Death Bank (2014)
Director: Rowen McDowell  
Actors: Emmanuel Carter   Chad Davis   Clarence Gilyard Jr.  
Death House Dolls (2014)
Actors: Robert Bozek   Jason Cavalier   Melantha Blackthorne  
Death Machine (2014)
Director: Neil Johnson  
Actors: Alain Terzoli   Amy Pemberton   Darren Jacobs  
Death Spreading (2014)
Director: Marc Indelicato  
Actors: Andre Crews   Stacey Ann Shevlin  
Death-Match 2 (2014)
Director: Chance Woods  
Actors: Tyler Ward   Tyler Ward  
Deep Water (2014)

A plane flying from Beijing to Sydney crashes into the Pacific Ocean. The surviving passengers and crew soon realize tha...

Defenders (2014)
Director: Harvey Lowry  
Defenders (2014)
Director: Julia Jay Pierrepont III  
Dekiru: The Three Stones (2014)

Ryan McFall, an orphaned young man, discovers that he has special abilities. One day a mysterious warrior in a red cloak...

Director: Fred Grant  
Actors: Ike Chi   Will Dove   Sheldon Faure  
Den perfekta stöten (2014)
Director: Alain Darborg  
Actors: Simon J. Berger   Cedomir Djordjevic   Niklas Falk  
Desalmados (2014)
Director: Raphael Borghi   Armando Fonseca  
Actors: Canisso   Igor Cavalera   Kapel Furman  
Desert Storm (2014)
Actors: Sevier Crespo   Mike Falkow   David Paladino  
Despondent (2014)

A killer deals with a mind and a soul without rest after years of living a death-oriented lifestyle - do the consequence...

Director: Joe Falcione   Israel David Groveman  
Actors: Kyle Bosmans   Joe Giove   Israel David Groveman  
Devashard (2014)

Every one hundred years, a dark continent, imprisoned by the sea, endeavors to rise again, and on the eve of that night,...

Actors: Kevin Grevioux  
Devil's Door (2014)

Devil's Door is a hero origin story set in modern day Los Angeles. When his father is murdered by a vicious street gang,...

Director: Elias Matar  
Actors: Aldo Gonzalez   Booboo Stewart   Nicholas Turturro  
Devil's Mile (2014)

A relentlessly-paced hybrid of gritty crime thriller and Lovecraftian supernatural horror, The Devil's Mile follows a tr...

Director: Joseph O'Brien  
Actors: David Hayter   Frank Moore   Craig Porritt  
Diamond Dog (2014)
Director: Robert Rice  
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