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Diamonds (2014)
Director: Hari Kapoor  
Actors: Richard Bird   Matt Gibbons   Martin Pfefferkorn  
Die Enormous (2014)
Director: Ka'ramuu Kush  
Die Mamba (2014)
Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi  
Actors: Michael Niavarani   Michael Niavarani   Christoph Maria Herbst  
Die, Die My Darling (2014)

Mel (Javier Sáez) is planing to ask his girlfriend Pat (Tanya Quesada) for marriage during the sun eclipse deep in the ...

Director: Ivan Mulero  
Actors: Jaume Borràs   Oliver Novelles   Javier Sáez  
Dirty (2014)
Director: Justin Harris  
Actors: Justin Bouchard   Ryan De Freitas   Justin Harris  
Dirty Shield (2014)
Director: Edgar Jimz  
Actors: Nate Teron   Otoja Abit   Annaliese Kirby  
Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami (2014)

Deep underwater in the Marianas Trench an accident results in a devastating Tsunami that destroys the Hawaiian Islands a...

Director: David Palmieri  
Actors: Reggie Bannister   Priscilla Barnes   Joe Estevez  
Dispatched (2014)
Director: Jarrod Crooks  
Actors: Jonathan Aldrich   Kevin Croak   Jarrod Crooks  
Divergent (2014)

Set in a futuristic dystopia where society is divided into five factions that each represent a different virtue, teenage...

Director: Neil Burger  
Actors: Marc Abbink   Ken Adams   Michael T. Black  
Divine Intervention (2014)
Director: Colin Floom  
Actors: Rich Beall   Andy Hankins   Michael Haskins  
Django Lives! (2014)
Director: Joe D'Augustine  
Actors: Mark Boone Junior   Tomas Milian   Franco Nero  
Do Cheahre (2014)
Director: Ashok Gaekwad  
Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat (2014)

In the highland forest, Captain Ryan (Liam Cunningham) and his Special Forces Unit, which includes Sergeant Walker, are ...

Dominion (2014)

In just FIVE days the world we know will change forever with devastating results. Jaelen an observer from another planet...

Director: Richard Lowry  
Actors: Barry Lynch   Travis Hammer   Christine Joëlle  
Domino Falling (2014)
Director: Siavash Farahani  
Actors: Christopher Backus   Alexander DiPersia   Kyle Koromaldi  
Doomed Planet (2014)
Director: Michael J. Sarna  
Actors: Kamar de los Reyes   Christopher Judge   Peter Katona  
Double Face (2014)
Actors: Jappe Claes   Koen De Bouw   Werner De Smedt  
Downsizer (2014)
Director: Joe Pavlo  
Actors: Ed Coleman   Dan March   Claire Garvey  
Dracula Untold (2014)
Director: Gary Shore  
Actors: Luke Evans   Diarmaid Murtagh   Dominic Cooper  
Dracula's War (2014)
Director: Lewis Leslie   Jonathan Moody  
Actors: Ryan Adcock   Billy Blair   Robert Bozek  
Dragon Lady (2014)
Director: Pearry Reginald Teo  
Actors: Bai Ling   Jade Xu   Jade Xu  
Dragon Twins (2014)

Chinese adventurer Jesse Chang doesn't believe in the stories her father Jian tells her of dragons, until they discover ...

Dream Wagon (2014)

Two people see a green covered wagon that looks oddly out of place in Palmdale. They follow the wagon in their car and w...

Director: Asad Farr  
Actors: Sam Garcia   Ziegler Juerg   Robert Miano  
Drive Hard (2014)

A former race car driver turned driver's training instructor (Jane) is abducted by a mysterious thief (Cusack) and force...

Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith  
Actors: Damien Garvey   Christopher Morris   Jesse Spence  
Drive-Through: The Story Movie (2014)

"Drive-Through" weaves together several eclectic story lines to embrace the beauty and power of storytelling as a medium...

Director: Ben Goldenberg  
Actors: Allen Adam   Neal Adams   Brendon Alleyne  
Dust of War (2014)

The Plot In a post-apocalyptic American Frontier, a lone soldier fends off a brutal warmonger to rescue a girl fated as ...

Director: Andrew Kightlinger  
Actors: Tristan Barnard   Aaron Courteau   Paul Cram  
Død Snø 2 (2014)

If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm o...

Director: Tommy Wirkola  
Actors: Carl-Magnus Adner   Kristian Figenschow   Ørjan Gamst  
Eagle and Hawk (2014)

Crime action-drama 'Eagle and Hawk' marks the directing debut of Mikio Osawa of legendary Japanese pop band Hikaru Genji...

Director: Mikio Ohsawa  
Actors: Kazumi Morohoshi   Mikio Ohsawa   Shun Sugata  
Eastside Irish (2014)
Actors: Austin Pendleton  
Echoes of a Ronin (2014)
Director: Shaky González  
Actors: David Sakurai   Thomas Chaanhing   Katinka Elmin Danielsen  
Eden (2014)

Eden follows two young gay lovers, Adam and Everett, as they try to escape from an institution whose purpose is to cure ...

Director: Sean Willis  
Actors: Devon Graye   Derek Stusynski   Mary Mackey  
Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
Director: Doug Liman  
Actors: Emmanuel Akintunde   Usman Akram   Jonas Armstrong  
El Americano: The Movie (2014)

Cuco is a Mexican boy parrot that would rather imitate the crazy stunts of his TV super-parrot hero, El Americano, than ...

Director: Ricardo Arnaiz   Raul Garcia   Mike Kunkel  
Actors: Edward James Olmos   Rico Rodriguez   Cheech Marin  
El Guitarrista - Salvador de Guitarras (2014)
Director: Michael Valentin  
Actors: Daniel Flügger   Manuel Francescon   Thilo Gosejohann  
El Güey (2014)

On trial for the death of her children, Lilith Manes contests her innocence as her case draws Casey Anthony-style covera...

Director: Eduardo A. Tobias  
Actors: Jesse Campos   Larry Jack Dotson   Steve Jimenez  
El Sueño (2014)
Director: César Pujol   Bryan G. Thompson  
Actors: Humberto Castro   Diajesma Orozco   Bryan G. Thompson  
El charro misterioso (2014)
Director: José Manuel Cravioto  
Actors: Tenoch Huerta   Tenoch Huerta   Emilio Merritt  
El cielo es azul (2014)
Director: Andrew Fierberg  
Actors: Miguel Rodarte   Osvaldo Benavides   Stephanie Sigman  
El futuro de ellas (2014)

Half of XXI Century. Europe is in turmoil and the Spanish presidential candidate seems to be the one to get attached to ...

Director: Rubén Arnaiz  
Actors: Jesús Sard   Aranzazu Diez  
El vuelo de los Cuervos (2014)
Director: Cristian Toledo  
Actors: Miguel Krstulovic   Felipe Ríos   Gastón Salgado  
Electric Cherry (2014)
Director: Christopher Broughton  
Actors: Lewis Tan  
Electric Slide (2014)

It's 1983 Los Angeles - beautiful girls, luxurious mansions, glamorous parties and Eddie Dodson, a very hip, very charis...

Director: Tristan Patterson  
Actors: Allel Aimiche   Charan Andreas   Martin Andris  
Elephant Stomp (2014)
Director: Brent S. Duncan   Sonny Syonesa  
Actors: Charles Hubbell   Edwin Olson   Sonny Syonesa  
Emma's Revenge (2014)
Director: Mike Ascher  
Actors: Krisha Saxon   Renu Berg   Kourtnee James  
Endeavor (2014)
Director: Robert Burke  
Actors: Tristan Erwin   Alexa McConville   Ryan St. Martin  
Enter the Diamond (2014)
Director: Bob Bharatwal  
Actors: Bob Bharatwal   Jay Britt   Ronald J. Burkard  
Equilibria (2014)
Director: Norman Siopis  
Actors: Jeanne Joe Perrone   Josh Fallon  
Esas Minas (2014)
Director: Esteban Carbajal-Victor Viola  
Actors: Matias Abarca   Federico Coniglione   Salvador Crisafulli  
Escape (2014)
Director: John Wynn  
Actors: Chris Dinh   Jason Alan Smith   Bonnie Bower  
Ethyrea: Code of the Brethren (2014)

Ethyrea is home to a brave and courageous race of mystic elemental warriors known for their unmatched mastery of sorcery...

Director: Andy Armstrong   Vic Armstrong  
Euphorium: Genesis (2014)
Director: Cory Rowe  
Actors: Ruben Angelo   Kevin Wathey   Melissa Farley  
Ever After: Resurrection (2014)
Director: Fernando A. Mico  
Everly (2014)
Director: Joe Lynch  
Actors: Matija Matovic Mondi   Hiroyuki Watanabe  
Evil Nature (2014)

For years PUMPKINS have lain dormant... Forced to endure endless suffering as they've been carved into jack-o'-lanterns,...

Director: Darin Beckstead  
Actors: Jay Baruchel   Clancy Brown   Gary Busey  
Exclusion (2014)
Director: Aku Hietikko  
Actors: Aku Hietikko  
Exile (2014)
Director: Tom Provost  
Exodus 21:24 (2014)
Director: Marcus Harben  
Actors: Dom Watters  
Expatriate (2014)
Director: Renato Lucas  
Actors: Eric L. da Silva   Mafalda Matos   Ana Lopes  
Expiration (2014)
Actors: Bruce Willis  
Extinction (2014)

When a mission goes bad and "Red King Force" Captain Steve Colossus is forced to leave his team inside a computerized wo...

Director: Ty Curtis King  
Actors: Matt Beckham   Richard Brake   Jack Brunacini Jr.  
Extreme Pinocchio (2014)
Director: Pascal Chind  
Actors: Jean-François Dérec   Chris Egloff   Christophe Fluder  
Eye for an Eye (2014)
Director: Khijir Hayat Khan  
Actors: Shaan Rahman   Momona Komagata   Kristopher Nielsen  
Face the Thunder (2014)
Actors: Anthony Hornus   Tyler Mane   DJ Perry  
Fail/Safe (2014)

A beautiful and mysterious woman infiltrates a notorious clan of gangsters to steal a priceless relic. Their fail safe s...

Director: James Huang  
Actors: Teddy Chen Culver   James Huang   Kelvin Han Yee  
Falconman (2014)

The superhero Falconman leads the Falcon Force a group of beauties and combat falcons to protect a secretly corruptive A...

Director: Anthony Hickox  
Actors: Michel Adam   Norbert Blecha   Gérard Depardieu  
Fallen Cross (2014)

Tim Cole, a Russian mafia killer will testify in a trade off for a fresh start with his family. During his transfer, the...

Fallen Eagle: Broken Wings (2014)
Director: Ilyas Kaduji  
Actors: Tom Ripley  
Falling (2014)
Director: Eric Edwards Abud  
Actors: Eric Edwards Abud   Shannon Brown   Brandon Galatz  
Famous Last Words (2014)
Director: Ian Page  
Actors: Nick Fleming   Stanley Shunkamolah   Fawn Hanson  
FartZilla (2014)
Director: Charlie Brady   Joe Meils  
Actors: Joe Farrer   Bob May  
Fatal Instinct (2014)
Director: Luciano Saber  
Actors: Giovanni Adams   Richard Burgi   Peter Dobson  
Favela (2014)

FAVELA, the first installment in the CODENAME: FALCON franchise, introduces former marine John "Falcon" Chapman, a dark ...

Director: Ernie Barbarash  
Actors: Daniel Cardona   Robert Colon   Lateef Crowder  
Fearless: The Documentary (2014)

Fearless is a daring and thought provoking documentary about a group of urban teens from Los Angeles who attempt to do t...

Director: Amilcar Monterroso  
Actors: Louis Barajas   Will Carranza Jr.   Enrique G. Legaspi  
Fight to the Finish (2014)

Sean McGill is a young man who loves the art of fighting and what it means. He's ready to move out on his own after livi...

Director: Warren Sheppard  
Actors: Joel Clark Ackerman   Fariborz Azhakh   William Barrantes Jr.  
Final Girl (2014)

A psychological thriller about a beautiful teen girl new to town who is lured out to the woods by a group of senior boys...

Director: Tyler Shields  
Actors: Brett London  
Find Rou (2014)

Destined to carry out a family's oath during vilest of times, a naive rebel and whimsical sorcerer, embark on an odyssey...

Actors: Ian Whyte   Kaiva Rose   Sylvia Ward  
Fire Ripples (2014)
Director: Mark Roeder  
Actors: Mark Roeder   Meggie Maddock   Andy Hankins  
Fire Twister (2014)
Director: George Erschbamer  
Actors: Jeff Clarke   Benjamin Easterday   Johnny Hawkes  
Fist of the Dragon (2014)
Director: Antony Szeto  
Actors: Josh Thomson   Ellary Porterfield   Juju Chan  
Flexx (2014)

It is the year 2014. The CIA's most elite task force, R.O.S.A. (Recon Operations Surveillance Agency), has been tracking...

Actors: Phil Austin   Gerry Bednob   Brian Brummitt  
For the Dogs (2014)

While on vacation overseas, college freshman Ella Hatto's innocent world is torn apart when she learns her entire family...

Director: Jonathan Mostow  
Actors: Sam Worthington   Emma Roberts  
Forced to Fight (2014)
Director: Edward Gusts  
Actors: Edward Gusts   Arielle Brachfeld   Tanya Gorlow  
Forgotten Kingdom: The Divide (2014)
Director: Jamal Blair  
Actors: Jamal Blair   Martin Boersma   Denny Desmarais  
Free Agents (2014)
Director: Deon Taylor  
Actors: Tyrese Gibson   Tyrin Turner  
Freedom Flight (2014)
Director: Endre Hules  
Freezer (2014)

Robert is an ordinary man who is faced with extraordinary circumstances. He is locked in a meat freezer by Russian thugs...

Director: Mikael Salomon  
Actors: Peter Facinelli   Andrey Ivchenko   Milan Malisic  
Friends from the Neighborhood (2014)
Director: Jeff Profitt  
Actors: Chris Barrett   Jason Boyle   Gerard Bynon  
From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl (2014)
Director: Daniel Armstrong  
Actors: Elke Osadnik   Mick Preston   Jenna Dwyer  
Fuerza (2014)
Director: Ralph Henriquez  
Actors: Emilio Pantero   Roy James Wilson   Liza Galletti-Ramirez  
Full English Breakfast (2014)

Through flashbacks, Full English Breakfast follows the violent career of Dave Bishop (Dave Courtney) a small-time London...

Director: Manish Patel  
Actors: Jamie Bannerman   Lucy Drive   Dave Courtney  
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