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1893: L'Inchiesta (2014)
Director: Nella Condorelli  
Actors: Federico Price Bruno  
A Day of Havoc (2014)

A Day of Havoc is a Drama/Comedy short film that combines live-action and animation to tell the story about a guy with a...

Director: Clarence Ma  
Actors: Albert Kong   François Chau   Tom McLaren  
A Hiker's Journal: Eagle Cap Wilderness (2014)
Director: Deborah Ristic  
Actors: Dave Fish   Deborah Fox   Steve Fox  
A Winter Tale (2014)

Grandparent shows his grandchild where he was raised. tells of his experience growing up in the wilderness especially wi...

Director: Vincent Potuto  
Actors: Vincent Potuto  
Actor? A Documentary (2014)
Director: David Rich  
Actors: Edward Asner   Robert Loggia   Doris Roberts  
Adama (2014)
Director: Simon Rouby  
Alice & the Giant Emptiness (2014)
Director: Danny Lachevre  
All the Winters I Haven't Seen (2014)

In New York City, a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy discovers through a long series of tests that there is a h...

Director: Omid Khoshnazar  
Almost Heroes 3D (2014)
Director: Wonjae Lee  
Actors: Tom Green   Jon Heder   Taylor Kitsch  
Amazon: Crossroad to Survival (2014)
Director: Peter Rodger  
Actors: Eric Fleishman   Jeanene Fox  
Ana (2014)
Director: Carlos Carrera  
Actors: Damián Alcázar   Héctor Bonilla   Daniel Eduvijes Carrera  
Anahit (2014)

The King of Ancient Armenia Vachagan fell in love with a simple girl Anahit. And to gain her love he must become somethi...

Director: David Sahakyants  
Ancha es Castilla/N'importe quoi (2014)
Director: Sergio Caballero  
Actors: Rita Caballero   Rita Caballero  
And Yet It Moves (2014)
Director: James W. Hawk  
Actors: James W. Hawk  
Aoki uru (2014)
Director: Hiroyuki Yamaga  
Apocalipse Animation (2014)
Director: Telmo Martins  
Actors: Carlos Machado   Telmo Martins   Fernanda Branco  
Apocalipse: Animação (2014)
Director: Telmo Martins  
Actors: Carlos Machado   Telmo Martins   Gina Henriques  
Atomik Mike (2014)

Based on the on going comic series Atomik Mike from Frozen Beach Studios. A space hauler gets turned into a monkey by an...

Director: Zack Keller   Ed Skudder  
Até que a Sbórnia nos Separe (2014)
Director: Otto Guerra   Ennio Torresan  
Actors: André Abujamra   Hique Gomez   Otto Guerra  
Baba Yaga (2014)
Director: Dan Kreter   Vadim Sveshnikov  
Bamse och tjuvstaden (2014)

Sweden's most popular comic book character - the bear Bamse - will now get his first own feature film. In "Bamse and the...

Director: Christian Ryltenius  
Actors: Peter Haber   Morgan Alling   Steve Kratz  
Banking on Mr. Toad (2014)
Director: Luis Mandoki  
Actors: Brian Blessed   Adrien Brody  
Battle of Surabaya (2014)

BATTLE OF SURABAYA recounts to you the adventure of Musa, a spontaneous, brave, thirteen-year-old shoe shiner, who makes...

Director: Aryanto Yuniawan  
Actors: Vanhoebrouck Patrick Bernard   Dominic   Alejandro Esteban  
BiBee (2014)

BiBee The Mosco - Synopsis (Act 1) When the last remaining mosquito borough of Mount Muddle is wiped out by Evil (i) the...

Director: Russell Calabrese   David Seuss  
Big Hero 6 (2014)

Brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-...

Director: Don Hall   Chris Williams  
Bike and Weed (2014)
Director: Saumitra Mathur  
Black Hat (2014)
Director: Robbie Bryan  
Actors: Daniel Margotta   Tim Miller   Jennifer Estlin  
Black Sunrise (2014)
Director: Nick Cross  
Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story (2014)
Director: Mike Ambs   Paul Foyder   Gino Roy   Whitfield Scheidegger   Greg Shewchuk  
Born to Be Wild (2014)
Director: Cameron Hood  
Broken Branches (2014)
Director: Ayala Sharot  
Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache (2014)
Director: Matt Orefice  
Actors: Tom Mulica   Andrew Orefice   John Orefice  
Buddha 2 (2014)
Director: Toshiaki Komura  
Actors: Kiyokazu Kanze   Ken'ichi Matsuyama   Tetsuo Nakanishi  
Bull Brothers (2014)
Director: Jonathan Hua Lang Lim  
Actors: Wu Jiang   Wilber Pan   Dawei Tong  
Bunny Hospital Z (2014)
Director: Norm Fassbender  
But You Are a Dog (2014)
Director: Malin Erixon  
Cacophony (2014)
Director: Craig Clark   Mariana Flores   Matthew Kohnen  
Actors: Paul Thomas Arnold   Jaeden Bettencourt   Reece Caddell  
Carter's Place (2014)

A thirteen year-old boy and his talking dog are on a quest to save the family business. They venture out in a dangerous ...

Director: Michael Parks  
Cats (2014)
Director: Jeff Chiba Stearns  
Chance (2014)
Director: Jeffery Thompson  
Actors: Mike Hall   Marcus Mullen   Jeffery Thompson  
Cheddar Island (2014)
Director: Neil Burns  
Command Performance (2014)
Director: Lee Bicker  
Cosmico (2014)
Director: C.J. Lazaretti  
Actors: C.J. Lazaretti  
Crow's Nests (2014)
Director: Elisa Chee  
Crumbled (2014)
Director: Malik.Gillani  
Cupidon (2014)
Director: Simon Bau   Clémentine Choplain   Marie Ecarlat   Benoît Huguet   Julien Soulage  
Cykelmyggen og Minibillen (2014)

The mini beetle Mini appears in a flea circus together with Egon and Dagmar. The flea-girl Miranda bullies Mini and tric...

Director: Jannik Hastrup   Flemming Quist Møller  
Das ovale Porträt (2014)
Director: Lukas Väth  
Actors: Paul Schlösser   Lukas Väth  
Deadly (2014)
Director: Aidan McAteer  
Actors: Brenda Fricker  
Deadstar the Movie (2014)

Set in a distant universe, the main character, Harrison was a soldier in a rebellion against a galactic organization cal...

Director: Brandon Wright  
Actors: Andrew Armstrong   Andrew Armstrong   Chris Fescine  
Death of Place (2014)

The subject of Death of Place is 16mm film's direct on film techniques, migrated into the digital realm. Its story catch...

Director: Dirk de Bruyn  
Del Rio (2014)
Director: Brett Celestre   Matthew Celestre  
Actors: Corey Duffel   Jesse Gale   Joel Jutagir  
Der 7bte Zwerg (2014)
Director: Boris Aljinovic   Harald Siepermann  
Actors: Boris Aljinovic   Norbert Heisterkamp   Mirco Nontschew  
Deva Zan (2014)
Director: Yoshitaka Amano  
Diaries of the Invasion (2014)
Director: Jeffery Thompson  
Donna Maria (2014)
Director: Alessandro Rak  
Dreaming of Spinoza or Getting from How to Why Without Going Straight to Hell (2014)

The desire to find meaning and a sense of purpose from the hodge-podge of daily experience. Sound, narration, image and ...

Director: David Bemis  
Dub Cats: The Movie (2014)
Director: Shem Johnson  
Actors: Reace Blackberry   Shem Johnson   Kyle Knighten  
Dwegons (2014)
Director: Tom Walsh  
Actors: Melissa Leo   Melissa Leo   Melissa Leo  
Dysplasia (2014)

When cells change and start to grow in an out-of-controlled way, this often entails a catastrophe for the being it happe...

Director: Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim  
El Americano: The Movie (2014)

Cuco is a Mexican boy parrot that would rather imitate the crazy stunts of his TV super-parrot hero, El Americano, than ...

Director: Ricardo Arnaiz   Raul Garcia   Mike Kunkel  
Actors: Edward James Olmos   Rico Rodriguez   Cheech Marin  
El Color de mis Alas (2014)
Actors: Francisco Bibriesca  
Espresso Manifesto (2014)

Espresso Manifesto is a seven minute animated film that reconsiders the origin of coffee through a colorful world of fan...

Director: Shaun Pitz  
FailSafe (2014)
Director: Will Robertson  
Actors: Christine Nyland   Jason Marnocha   Alan Foreman  
Fathoms (2014)
Director: Joe Russ  
Actors: Rebecca Shorrocks   Ben Tillett  
Fellows in the Wood (2014)
Director: Laura Carton  
Fire and Ice (2014)
Director: Tristan Strange  
Flying Paper (2014)
Director: Roger Hill   Nitin Sawhney  
Found Found Found (2014)
Director: Dirk de Bruyn  
Fractured (2014)
Director: Peter Lacalamita  
Freak Out (2014)

Long-haired, barefoot people. Free love! Veganism! Experiments with drugs... The sixties, right? Not quite. In 1900 a gr...

Director: Carl Javér  
Actors: Iben Hjejle  
Frontera: Revolt and Rebellion on the Rio Grande (2014)

The Pueblo Revolt had to happen. Life was out of balance. Drought, hunger, colonial violence and religious persecution b...

Director: John Jota Leanos  
Ghost Aliens (2014)

DANIEL is confronted by an Indian of spiritual warnings, followed by a retired US General proclaiming Biblical facts of ...

Director: Joe Guinan  
Actors: Joe Guinan   Tara Rice   Jenny Mchugh  
Giovanni's Island (2014)

In the aftermath of the most devastating conflict mankind had ever experienced, the tiny island of Shikotan became part ...

Director: Mizuho Nishikubo  
Actors: Masachika Ichimura   Hiroshi Inuzuka   Saburô Kitajima  
Gloria Jesus (2014)
Director: Xavier Nellens  
Actors: Randy Roberts   Bruno Barroso   Jesse Vint  
Great Daena: A Fateful Encounter (2014)
Director: Robert Jabbaz  
Guardians of Luna (2014)
Actors: Kyle Hebert   David Naughton   John Noble  
Hamlet A.D.D. (2014)

Hamlet is an easily distracted prince who is not quite ready to do the task at hand. Challenged to kill his uncle Claudi...

Director: Bobby Ciraldo   Andrew Swant  
Actors: Bobby Ciraldo   Robert Richard Jorge   Andrew Swant  
Heart Goes Out Volume 1 (2014)
Director: Eddie Augustin  
Actors: Jenny Yueran Zhang   Lili Tee   Andy Chanhmala  
Heavenly Sword (2014)
Director: Gun Ho Jang  
Actors: Thomas Jane   Alfred Molina   Anna Torv  
Hell & Back (2014)
Director: Tom Gianas   Ross Shuman  
Actors: Lance Bass   John Farley   Jay Johnston  
Henry & Me (2014)

A young boy, Jack, is battling and undergoing treatment for cancer. A young girl helps Jack find his own unique, Yankee-...

Director: Barrett Esposito  
Actors: Danny Aiello   Yogi Berra   Scott Clark  
Heriberto y Demetrio (2014)
Director: Álvaro Curiel  
Actors: Joaquín Cosio   Armando Hernández   Mónica Huarte  
Home (2014)

In Happy Smekday! a friendly alien race invades Earth and uses it as a hideout from their mortal enemy. When one lowly a...

Director: Tim Johnson  
Actors: Matt Jones   Steve Martin   Jim Parsons  
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

It's been five years since Hiccup and Toothless successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk. While Ast...

Director: Dean DeBlois  
Actors: Jay Baruchel   Gerard Butler   Craig Ferguson  
Husk (2014)
Director: Paul Howell  
I Hear My Name (2014)
Director: Stephen Quay   Timothy Quay  
I Morgentåkedalen (2014)
Director: Aleksander Nordaas  
Icky: An American Dog Story (2014)
Director: Barry Kneller  
Actors: Michael Scott Allen   Ray Chavez Jr.   David DeSantos  
In Saturn's Rings (2014)
Director: Stephen van Vuuren  
Insolation (2014)
Director: Morgane Le Péchon  
Actors: Marine Blin   Morten Riisberg  
Ivete Stellar e a Pedra da Luz (2014)
Director: Renato Barreto  
Actors: Ivete Sangalo  
Kamakura (2014)
Director: Yoriko Mizushiri  
Kill Your Killer: Halloween Hootenanny (2014)
Director: Joshua Hannah  
Actors: Joshua Hannah   Joshua Hannah  
L'espace d'un instant (2014)
Director: Alexandre Athané  
L'Île Noire (2014)
Director: Nino Christen  
L'étrange disparition de M. Walter Werner (2014)
Director: Caroline Murrell  
Actors: Yves Barbaut   Frederique Guichard  
Lajka (2014)
Director: Aurel Klimt  
Last Days of Coney Island (2014)
Director: Ralph Bakshi  
Actors: Matthew Modine   Richard Singer   Ron Thompson  
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